The Green House Hotel Wedding Photographs

This is the story of a Green House Hotel wedding in Bournemouth. No, this is the story of Anja & Andreas’ beautiful fairy tale wedding. We say a fairy tale wedding, but it was not planned that way.

Bride and groom kissing silhouette photo against patterned wallpaper at The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth

The fantasy references were subtle but they were there. All set against the adversity of COVID restrictions this day full of love and tears also had dragons, unicorns, and fairies… it’s just… well… no one else really noticed them!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin.

We first met Anja and Andreas at a wedding at The Old Vicarage, where they saw how we worked, saw our wedding photos, and booked us straight away. That was a different story from a different time, this tale is theirs.

Documentary Bridal Preparation Photos

It all started not so long ago in a town not so far away.

We arrived at Anja’s family home on her wedding morning to find her incredibly relaxed. A knock at the door and her bride’s man swooped in with coattails a flutter in the wind and a mane of purple hair on his head.

Around the house we found dresses hanging, jewelry ready to be worn, and diamante shoes. Our friends Zach and Grace wedding videographers arrived to film the day unfolding.

Mirror reflection of hanging wedding dress with bride walking past illuminated door Black and white photo of lace detail on glowing hanging wedding dress Brides man paints wedding nails with Binky purple varnish Black and white docu photo of bride styling wedding hair in mirror during bridal preparationsBride to be printed t-shirt wedding detail photographLace and diamante detailed wedding shoes photograph with wooden pattern

Wedding Morning At A Family Home

We love shooting preparations in a family home as you can get a real sense of the people that live there. The artwork, family photographs, books, and fantasy artwork all add to the story of the wedding day. This in turn contributes to the larger chronicle of their life.

Anja’s mother was on hand to keep an eye on proceedings and receive emotional hugs when needed. Meanwhile, purple nail varnish was matched to purple hair and many a cup of tea made. The bride’s man did an amazing job of relaxing everyone with added bouts of hilarity. He even went as far as to help with the application of eyelashes.

Detail wedding photograph of wedding invite on family mantle piece on wedding morning
Emotional moment captured between bride and her mother on wedding morning by one thousand words documentary wedding photographers
Bride is helped with false eye lashes with wedding dress reflection photograph Close up documentary wedding preparation photo of brides eye in make up mirror during bridal preparations Brides man with purple hair and purple nails with with wedding dress and veil during bridal preparation Bride portrait photo taken at family home on wedding morning with red dragon artwork

Stunning bouquets of pastel wedding flowers from Hillview Flowers arrived (one of our recommended wedding suppliers). The house then filled with their summery scents.

Happy bride to be sees her wedding flower bouquet for first time at home on wedding morning Yellow, green and pink wedding flowers bouquet close up photograph

Next arrived the two bridesmaids and the flower girl. It’s rarely we see a retro gun’s & roses t-shirt (I used to have in the early 90s) on a wedding morning. It’s even rarer to meet a cuddly unicorn.

Within the blink of an eye, they had donned their mauve bridesmaid’s dresses. The mirror, mirror on the wall utilised by Anja for final touches to her wedding makeup.

Outside the carriages had arrived from Austin-Beauford Wedding Cars ready for the trip to The Green House Hotel wedding venue. A Vanden Plas Princess and Austin Chalfort drew every eye in the street.

Funny bridesman with purple hair pretends to claw at mauve bridesmaid dress and white wedding dress Black and white documentary wedding photo of happy bridesmaid in Guns & Roses t shirt Brides man with purple hair and purple nails with with wedding dress and veil during bridal preparation Black and white documentary wedding photograph of bride applying wedding makeup in mirror Classic wedding car photo with drivers outside bride's family home in Bournemouth Reflection of brides family home in polished rear of Princess classic wedding car

In the front room, Anja donned her dress, the joking and laughter turning infectious. Anja’s mother was the first family member to see her wearing her bridal outfit, tears welling in her eyes. Her father couldn’t have looked prouder.

A quick application of a white veil and it was time to leave.

Mirror reflection of brides man buttoning bride into wedding dress at home on wedding morning Laughter as bride is helped into her white wedding dress Black and white documentary wedding photo of flower girl watching bride being buttoned into wedding dress Silhouette photograph of bride being buttoned into her wedding dress during bridal preparations at home Black and white photo of bride's man watching bride and bridesmaid in mirror on wedding morning Mother of the bride sees her daughter in white weddign dress fo the first time on weddign morning Detail wedding photograph of lace wedding shoe with wedding dress train Father of the bride's happy reaction to seeing bride in her wedding dress for the first time at family home on wedding morning Bridesmaid puts veil onto bride whilst flower girl pulls her dress on wedding morning Black and white phot of bride in detailed with wedding dress and veil

Groom Preparation photos at The Green House Hotel

Meanwhile, At the Greenhouse hotel wedding venue in Bournemouth, another story was unfolding. Andreas and his groomsmen were busying themselves. They had the task of figuring out waistcoats, cravats, and traveling with rings. Their dapper wedding suits were supplied by All Aspects Wedding Services.

Generally, the chaps tend to go from zero to ready much, much faster than the ladies. Andreas’s team were the fastest in the land. Their final adjustments and precious ring checks in under 20 minutes.

The Green House Hotel wedding venue in Bournemouth photo by one thousand words wedding photographers Happy best man in Green House Hotel Bournemouth preparation room Black and white wedding preparation photo of groomsman tying tie in mirror Grooms party funny wedding preparation photo grey blue wedding suits

The Green House Hotel Wedding Venue in Bournemouth

We would be remiss not to mention just how unique The Greenhouse Hotel is as a Dorset wedding venue. Many of their values align with our own. This luxury boutique venue is about as green as it gets when it comes to environmental impact. From EV charging points to local traceable suppliers, upcycled furniture, and a vegan menu. Throw into the mix spacious, designer rooms and you have something very special.

The Green House Hotel wedding venue logo on green stone and wooden desk

Back to the wedding. Outside the sky started to look more threatening, as the chaps applied buttonholes and greeted guests.

Inside the Green House Hotel wedding ceremony room did not disappoint. The floral patterned wallpaper offset leaf-patterned metal artwork over the windows. In the corner of the room ‘A Touch Of Class’ string quartet struck up under a huge tree sculpture made from wood slices.

As the wedding cars arrived the groom’s party entertained the masked guests. Following the bridesmaids and flower girl, Anja’s father walked her down the aisle. Only the registrars and I could see the happiness and relief on his face seeing his love for the first time that day.

Groom in grey and cream wedding suit waits for bride at Green House Hotel wedding ceremony Bride is walked down the aisle by her father at The Green House Hotel Bournemouth wedding photo

Bournemouth Hotel Civil Wedding Ceremony Photographs

Bournemouth registrars conducted a happy, uplifting civil ceremony. Anja and Andreas grinning from ear to ear throughout. Readings, vows, laughter, and tears all occurred observed by the flower girl and her flower wand. She looked as if the only thing missing was a small set of fairy wings.

Following the declaration of marriage came the kissing. The first kiss, kissing over the register and kissing before walking back down the aisle to rapturous applause. For a small wedding party, they could make a lot of happy noise.

Bride smiles at groom during Bournemouth Hotel civil wedding ceremony Mother of the bride finishes reading during hotel wedding ceremony Emotional bride wipes tear from her eye during The Green House Hotel wedding ceremony in Bournemouth, Dorset Cute flower girl stands in window light with flower wand during Bournemouth hotel wedding ceremony Mother of the groom in polka dot dress and fascinator makes wedding ceremony reading Black and white documentary wedding photo of first kiss during wedding ceremony at Bournemouth Hotel venue by one thousand words wedding photography

Confetti was thrown and we took some time with the guys outside the hotel, alone with their cars. Back in the warmth of the bar, everyone enjoyed the drinks reception with canapes. The sound of the string quartet adding an ethereal soundtrack to proceedings.

Detail wedding photograph of cream and blue petal wedding confetti cones
Wedding confetti is thrown over bride and groom exiting The Green House wedding venue in Bournemouth The Green House Hotel wedding venue in Bournemouth with bride and groom and classic wedding cars Bride and groom nuzzle next to classic wedding car outside Bournemouth Hotel venue Black and white documentary wedding photo of bride's reflection in classic wedding car window Reflection photo of bride at The Green House Hotel wedding venue in classic wedding car chrome headlightBlack and white photo of laughing bride eating canapes Emotional wedding guest photo at seated wedding drinks reception Bournemouth wedding string quartet violinist in white suit jacket Mother and father of the bride share intimate moment in Bournemouth Hotel Foyer Groomsman in three piece grey suit has animated expression during wedding drinks reception

Keeping an eye on the scary-looking weather forecast we whipped through their group photographs. Rain called off play at the start of our couple photos so we retreated back to the drinks reception.

Bride walks through The Green House Hotel gardens wearing long coat with red silk lining Laughing bride and groom couple photo at The Green House Hotel wedding venue in Bournemouth Black and white documentary wedding photo of wedding guests relaxing at The Green House wedding venue in Bournemouth

Wedding Breakfast Photos At The Green House Hotel Wedding

Anja and Andreas entered the now-transformed ceremony room to a standing ovation. The mixture of warm ambient lighting and cold storm light provided a unique feel.

Speeches then came from Anja’s father, Andreas, and his best man. Who was clearly a gentleman as Andreas seemed to have got off lightly. The newlyweds then cut their cake from Helen Jane Cake Design (not with a lightsabre). The weather turned wild outside.

Flower girl portrait photograph at wedding breakfast taken through wine glasses Father of the bride photographed during wedding speeches at The Green House Hotel wedding Grooms speech to top table at The Green House Hotel wedding in Bournemouth Top table reactions to wedding speeches with wedding speakers shadow projection Happy best man makes wedding speech with illuminated bride cake topper Best man makes wedding speech to top table at Greenhouse Hotel in BournemouthBride and groom edible cartoon like personalised cake toppers with light sabre

Wedding Evening Reception Photographs

We wanted a few more couple photos and by now the wind was whipping the rain against the windows. We decided to head back into the bar and use the patterned wallpaper for some silhouette images.

Bride portrait photo on green chair with reflection of green sprouting plant artwork Black and white photo of bride's silhouette against patterned wallpaper at The Green House Hotel wedding venue

Meanwhile, the DJ from Coastal Discos had set up in the basement rooms. Guests filtered down underneath fairy lights. Settling onto their tables they were treated to an emotional first dance. In a loving embrace, Anja and Andreas slowly swirled about the dancefloor.

Bournemouth Hotel wedding first dance photo under fairy lights with projected love hearts Black and white photo of bride and groom's first dance under fairy lights Documentary wedding photograph of bride and groom's first dance under fairy lights

Animated, emotional discussions and fond stories of the past were then exchanged. The flower girl soon decided the music had to be danced to by a unicorn. There may have even been a quick shuffle on the dancefloor by the bride and bridesmaid.

Groomsman cries as he talks to the groom at wedding evening reception Bride and flower girl with soft toy hold hands on Hotel dancefloor Wedding guests hugging at Bournemouth Hotel seated wedding evening Bridesmaid dances to seated wedding guests under fairy lights at Bournemouth Hotel wedding evening reception Bride and friends rim lit wedding dancing photograph Socially distanced wedding dancing photograph Documentary wedding photo of rim lit bride and bridesmaid dancing at hotel wedding

At the end of such a wonderful day of Green House Hotel wedding photos, emotional goodbyes were said to family and friends. Until recently they had not been able to connect with each other at such a wonderful celebration.

Black and white wedding portrait photograph of bride's grandmother laughing And they lived happily ever after printed wedding sign photo

Springfield Hotel Wedding Photos with Anja & Andreas

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