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Introduction To Highcliffe Castle Wedding Venue

Highcliffe Castle wedding venue in Dorset is an architectural gem on the South coast of England. It consistently enchants wedding couples with its rich history, breath-taking architecture, and a commitment to creating magical wedding experiences.

The first time we shot a wedding at Highcliffe Castle we were taken aback. Its beauty, stunning architecture, views, and grounds particularly had us in awe. Over a decade and hundreds of weddings later the gorgeous venue still impresses us today.

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A Brief History Of Highcliffe Castle

Highcliffe Castle was built in the early 19th century. It is an architectural masterpiece blending Romantic and Gothic styles. With its Renaissance caved stone features it is a grade 1 listed building. The castle’s design features intricate stonework, turrets, and battlements. They certainly all help give it a majestic appearance.

Once the residence of Lord Stuart de Rothesay, the castle has been home to several royal and famous guests over the years. It has withstood two fires in the 1960s and has since been restored to its former glory.

The stunning wedding venue has weathered the sands of time,consequently witnessing centuries of history and love stories. Its allure lies not only in its architecture but also in the deep resonance of its past.

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A Wedding Venue By The Dorset Sea

On the outskirts of Highcliffe village the Highcliffe Castle is a popular wedding venue. It lies close to the Dorset and Hampshire border. Nestled along the picturesque coastline, Highcliffe Castle’s proximity to the sea undeniably adds a poetic touch to a wedding day.

From its position above the cliffs at Highcliffe it affords stunning views over Christchurch Bay and the Isle of Wight. Its location is both peaceful and picturesque, making it an ideal spot for weddings.
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Highcliffe Castle is a beautiful and timeless venue. It provides incredible photographic opportunities with high ceilings, glass windows, immaculate grounds, and sea views.

My role as a professional toastmaster works perfectly at Highcliffe Castle adding grandeur, tradition, and organisation to weddings and events.

Alana – Mrs Toastmaster

The Grounds Of Highcliffe Castle Wedding Venue

As wedding photographers in Dorset, it is part of our job to explore a venue and all its possibilities when it comes to stunning locations. Highcliffe has them by the droves in its fourteen acres of beautiful castle grounds. It’s not altogether surprising when you learn that their design was first inspired by the work of the renowned Capability Brown.

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The green lawns meander from the manicured ornamental flower beds down to the tree-lined clifftop views. Winding woodland walkways provide spectacular changes throughout the seasons.

Over the years we have many found backdrops that work perfectly in every season and for every occasion. All enhancing the most beautiful wedding photography possible on the grounds.

Local Beaches for Added Charm

The breathtaking beaches surrounding Highcliffe Castle provide an enchanting and diverse backdrop for couples seeking captivating wedding photography options. Let the awe-inspiring coastal landscapes near Highcliffe Castle be the canvas for your love story.

The picturesque scenery of Highcliffe Castle and beaches captures the essence of a couple’s special day, with its tree-lined cliffs and sandy shores serving as diverse and stunning backdrops. These natural elements provide an array of captivating images that tell the complete story of the wedding, ensuring memories that will be cherished forever.

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One of Dorset’s Top Wedding Venues

We would rate Highcliffe Castle as one of the top wedding venues in Dorset. This is because of its stunning coastal location, unique history, and beautiful grounds. Where else in Dorset can a bride and groom marry in a stunning castle and take a walk on a sand beach?

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Simply Flower began decorating Highcliffe Castle following the 2008 restoration when its doors opened for weddings in its current form. Millions have been spent on the refurbishment which has provided the ultimate backdrop for so many of our statement floral design pieces.

We just love decorating the huge architectural doorways, arches, and stained glass windows. The castle has a light and airy feel complimented with so many design features in natural stone and brick which allow just about any colour theme to work!

Maria – Simply Flower

Exceptional Service by Highcliffe Castle Wedding Venue Team

Highcliffe’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by its wedding team. The team ensures that every wedding is a seamless, wonderful experience. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, they leave no stone unturned.
They craft wedding days as perfect as the love they celebrate. From personal experience, we can tell you of their infectious enthusiasm for weddings and the venue itself.

Wedding Venue Spaces At Highcliffe Castle

The wedding venue offers exclusive use of its gorgeous rooms and access to the surrounding grounds and gardens.

The Wintergarden

The Wintergarden at Dorset Wedding Photographers is a truly exquisite space nestled within the castle, offering a beautiful setting for your special day. With the capacity to accommodate up to 110 guests, this versatile venue provides a perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Adorned with two stunning floral arrangements displayed on elegant pedestals, the Wintergarden exudes a sense of natural beauty and romance. Enhance the ambiance with the option of hurricane lanterns, adding a touch of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere. Personalized wedding signs can also be incorporated, adding a unique and personalised touch to your celebration. 

The baby grand piano, available for entrance, exit, and entertainment music, adds a touch of classical elegance to ceremonies.
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the great hall stained glass window highcliffe castle

The Great Hall

For a truly magical wedding experience, look no further than the Great Hall at Dorset Wedding Photographers. This exquisite venue not only offers a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding breakfast but also exudes timeless character.

As you step into the hall, you’ll be captivated by the majestic 30-foot high stained glass Jesse window, adding an air of grandeur to your special day. 

Step into history and immerse yourself in a truly extraordinary atmosphere for your special day. The Great Hall at Highcliffe Castle sets the stage for unforgettable moments, blending grandeur and intimacy flawlessly. With a capacity for up to 100 guests, this remarkable space captures every cherished memory with exquisite precision. 

The State Dining Room

An additional option for the wedding breakfast is our exquisite State Dining Room at Highcliffe Castle. This captivating venue showcases its character through exposed brickwork and full-length windows, offering breathtaking views of the beautiful grounds and the serene sea beyond. With ample seating for up to 80 cherished guests, this remarkable space effortlessly combines the allure of rustic charm with the grace of coastal elegance, creating an unforgettable ambiance for your special day.

The State Dining Room at Highcliffe Castle wedding serves as an elegant venue for dining. It also effortlessly transforms into a captivating lounge space during celebrations. This seamless transition from dinner to evening creates a truly enchanting atmosphere, allowing guests to relax and revel in the joyous occasion. Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and merriment as the State Dining Room sets the stage for unforgettable wedding moments.

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The Drawing Room

While the sun sets, the Drawing Room at Highcliffe Castle undergoes a stunning transformation, creating an enchanting setting for unforgettable evening receptions. Customisation options include the addition of graceful fairy lighting, a captivating central disco ball. There is ample space for a spacious dancefloor that beckons guests to dance the night away. Experience a truly magical ambiance that perfectly complements your special occasion.

Within a short distance from The Drawing Room, the castle’s own bar is conveniently stocked. A wide array of refreshing drinks are readily available to cater to the needs of your esteemed guests.

We loved playing at Highcliffe. It is a very accessible venue with a really helpful events team that did go out of their way to make sure we had easy access to the designated area.

The castle itself is beautiful, with a great amount of space for a full band and plenty of room for dancing! Loved the room size, again a good amount of space but still felt intimate which is fantastic for a wedding.

B-Town Soul Cats

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Wedding Suppliers At Highcliffe Castle

As a sought-after and prestigious wedding venue, Highcliffe often sees the best local wedding suppliers in attendance. Over two decades we have basically worked with hundreds of different wedding suppliers from florists to caterers and entertainment. At Highcliffe, we are generally guaranteed to be impressed by their professionalism and service.

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Recommended Wedding Photographers At Highcliffe

As Highcliffe Castle’s recommended wedding photographers we are proud to capture beautiful moments at the undoubtedly spectacular venue. We particularly find the events team and other recommended suppliers a dream to work with. We are therefore excited about the possibility of returning to the gorgeous venue.

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Over the years we have previously photographed a great range of beautiful weddings at Highcliffe Castle. From local intimate weddings to international high-key affairs.

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Highcliffe Castle, with its historic charm, coastal allure, and versatile venues, is a unique and beautiful wedding venue. It certainly offers a stunning coastal location and a rich history. This haven by the sea provides a stunning backdrop for especially gorgeous wedding photographs.

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The castle weaves together the threads of love, history, and commitment into an enchanting tapestry that lasts a lifetime. From the grandeur of the Great Hall to the intimate charm of the Wintergarden, Highcliffe Castle is a canvas for love stories to unfold in elegance.

Highcliffe Castle is a location certainly worth considering when looking for a wedding venue in Dorset.


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