Oakley Hall Wedding Photos

Thanks to a recent global event (that shall not be named) we have been talking to Chantelle and Jess about their Oakley Hall wedding photos for over two years. With postponement, delays, and the general uncertainty surrounding restrictions, our hearts went out for their exciting plans.

Black and white rim lit brides at same sex wedding kissing photograph

When traveling up the winding driveway to their chosen wedding venue of Oakley Hall you can see why. This luxury country house hotel wedding venue is situated in some jaw-dropping Hampshire countryside. The manor house, complete with beautiful 18th-century architecture sits proudly in 315 acres of stunning grounds and gardens. It is a wedding photographer’s dream.

Their big day came around at the end of July. Unusually for my birthday, the weather forecast was looking variable. We packed the car early in the morning. Suntan lotion, sunglasses, waterproofs, wellies, and umbrellas making it into the boot.

Bridal Preparation Photos At Oakley Hall

Jess was busy getting ready in one of Oakley Hall’s gorgeous courtyard rooms. Complete with interesting equine artwork. Upon the balcony, one of the team from Beauty Infinity was working her magic with one of the bridesmaids. The others whizzed about preparing drinks, jewellry, and clothing.

We could tell what sort of day it would be from the first knock at the door. Chantelle’s father entered straight into an emotional hug with Jess. Bringing tears to everyone’s eyes.

Documentary wedding photo of father hugging bride on wedding morning

Dotted about the space were the bridesmaids’ bright blue dresses. Jess’s A-Line detailed white wedding dress hung from the rafters. The girls all wore silk dressing gowns matching these colours.

Documentary Wedding Morning Photos

Jess and the girls were able to ‘watch the world go by’ between light rain showers. Passing family and friends stopped to send their love. They peeked in on the bridal preparation progress.

After some debate, the girls decided the right time to open the prosecco was now. Any nervous feelings soon floated away. With music and bubbles the general mood increased in joviality, laughter was now the order of the day.

Bridesmaid portrait photo of reflection in make up mirror in front of red brick wall

Black and white documentary wedding photography at Oakley Hall on wedding morning

Mother of bride checks in on the bridal suite wedding morning through a sash window

A Line wedding dress hanging in rafters with lace floral detail

Bridesmaids in blue silk dressing gowns whilst drinking champagne

Wedding bouquets from Buds Floristry, who impressed even these hardened wedding professionals. The purple, yellow and white flowers arranged within green foliage were beautifully punctuated with bright blue Delphiniums.

It was great to be able to work with the ‘like-minded’ videographer from Ed Southwell videography. We bounced creative ideas, opportunities, and angles between us.

Jess’ bridesmaids took it, in turn, to use the bathroom or disappear. They re-entered the room sporting gorgeous bright blue dresses and huge smiles. Even the cheeky flower girl had transformed and was looking like butter wouldn’t melt!

In an excited group, the bridesmaids and flower girl huddled around the sofa. Jess’ mother helped her into her wedding dress on the balcony above. Descending to gaps of amazement and a round of applause Jess (and her girls) were now ready to go.

Bride sees wedding flowers for the first time on wedding morning during bridal preparation

Bride drinking champagne during wedding make up

Documentary bridal preparation photo of laughing bride

Beautiful bride has makeup applied with brush on wedding morning portrait photo

Blue, purple and wedding flowers bouquets photo

Mother of the bride watchign wedding morning preparations at Oakley Hall wedding venue

Bridesmaid adjusts wedding makeup in sash window with wedding bouquet flowers

Happy bride's face reflected in wedding makeup mirror in front of blue bridesmaids dress

Bride in white silk dressing gown looking through window on wedding morning

Beautiful ginger haired bridesmaid in blue dress portrait reflection photo in bathroom mirror

Bridesmaid in blue sash window with flower bouquets during bridal preparation photos

Cute flower girl in white wedding dress wearing cow girl hat on wedding morning at Oakley Hall

Bride has white wedding dress adjustments at Oakley Hall courtyard balcony

Bride sprays perfume in bathroom mirror on wedding morning

More Bridal Preparation Photos

Meanwhile, Chantelle and her girls were readying in a room inside oakley Hall, overlooking the gardens.

With time to kill, Chantelle and her bridesmaids checked Oakley Hall’s Garden Suite ceremony room. They had a keen eye on the developing weather.

Bride and bridesmaid look out of Oakley Hall wedding ceremony room in the morning

Upstairs the Beauty Infinity team were hard at it alternating between hair and makeup styling. They utilised the natural light, beaming in through the huge windows.

From this level, the views over the gardens and grounds were even more incredible. As with the girls in the courtyard, the prosecco flowed. Chantelle sat to have her hair styled the stunning bouquets arrived.

Happy bride on wedding morning at oakley Hall reflected in mirror with chandelier

Black and white portrait photo of laughing bride on wedding morning

Serious faces on bride and bridal party during weddign mronign preparations at Oakley Hall wedding venue

Laughing bride and bridesmaids at Oakley Hall windows during bridal preparations

Bridal Preparation Drinks

There was, however, a major problem developing. Chantelle is not a huge fan of prosecco and it was not helping with her headache. The solution, as with so many things in life was a cool pint of beer. Nowadays it’s rare we can say we have seen s first at a wedding. I can’t remember shooting a team of bridesmaids toasting the day with pints of beer. This was much more Chantelle’s style and we loved it.

Bride drinks wedding morning beer and gives thumbs up during wedding hair styling in mirror

From the first floor, the girls could spy down over the balcony at guests arriving below. Waving and cheering at those that were fortunate enough to look up. Chantelle’s best man and childhood friend Ben arrived. Providing some reassurance, jokes, and to be generally fussed over by the girls!

Chantelle was next in line for her wedding makeup. So her bridesmaids took the opportunity for selfies in the grandeur of the room. They disappeared to don their bright blue dresses. The sounds of wedding guests chattering and laughing in the bar below drifted into the room.

Bride's eye reflected in make up compact mirror

Beautiful bride photo taken during wedding make up styling

Now in her dress, Chantelle, looked stunning. She was able to peek down on her wedding day from above and descended the stairs behind her father. The library at Oakley Hall couldn’t have been a more wonderful room to wait in before a wedding ceremony. Surrounded by books and ornately carved wood with views of the gardens.

Bridesmaid in blue dress running along Oakley Hall wedding venue blacony

Bride in white lace detailed wedding dress laughing with bridesmaids in Oakley Hall library

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony Photographs

The bar had emptied and happy family and friends now lined the aisle in the Garden Suite ceremony room. Dropped jaws turned to smiles and the sound of clapping filled the air. Chantelle’s bridesmaids led her and her father up the aisle. Jess’ flower girls and bridesmaids then made the same majestic walk, leading jess and her mother.

Wedding guests laughing before Oakley Hall wedding ceremony in Hampshire

Wedding guests at Oakley Hall wedding ceremony laughing

Bridesmaids walk down wedding aisle at Oakley Hall

Bride and father enter wedding ceremony aisle at Oakley Hall wedding

Bride's mother in blue dress walks down aisle at Oakley Hall civil wedding ceremony

It’s so lovely to be able to work with such a good humoured registrar. He seemed just as upbeat as the girls at their same sex wedding ceremony. “Laughter and tears” should have been the theme of this ceremony. Guests made readings and the girls exchanged their vows. Even Ben made everyone laugh. He checked the wrong pocket (panic on face) for the wedding rings.

Same sex wedding brides laughing at registrar at Oakley Hall wedding venue ceremony in Hampshire

Best man check wedding rings during same sex wedding ceremony

Laughing brides in white dresses hold hands during civil wedding ceremony

Bride's first kiss at same sex wedding ceremony at Oakley Hall wedding photos

Laughing brides in white wedding dresses at Oakley Hall wedding ceremony photo

Emotional clapping parents of the bride during wedding ceremony

The ceremony would not have been complete without granny. Positioned in her wheelchair, she could keep a watchful eye on everyone. Including ourselves!

Bride's grandmother in wheelchair with carer positioned to watch wedding ceremony

Jess and Chantelle left hand in hand with celebratory arms in the air to a standing ovation.

Brides hold hands high at Oakley Hall same sex wedding ceremony exit

Oakley Hall Wedding Photos Of The Drinks Reception

In the main bar, everyone enjoyed a drinks reception. Entertainment was in the guise of the amazing skills of Alex Clifton, AKA the steel pan man. We took the opportunity to photograph the proceedings from two different angles.

Crying emotional father of the bride at wedding drinks reception

Oakley Hall wedding photos of drinks reception in foyer bar with chandelier

Alex Clifton steel pan man plays music at wedding drinks reception

Two brides show emotional grandmother in wheelchair their wedding flower bouquets

With enough time to greet their guests and have a drink or two, we organised confetti exit photos for the newlyweds. The weather was now playing ball and they exited the hall into showers of white petals.

Oakley Hall wedding photos of confetti with two brides

After some hilarious group photographs, we stole Jess and Chantelle away for 10 minutes. A quick walk around the grounds allowed for some couple photos.

Laughing bridesmaids and bridesmen group photo

Laughing brides and bridesmaids group photograph

Oakley Hall wedding venue photographs

Laughing brides in white dresses hold hands in Oakley Hall Gardens

Brides in white wedding dresses kissing in Oakley Hall gardens

Oakley Hall wedding venue in Hampshire photographs of brides kissign in gardens with topiary

An intimate moment between two brides in topiary gardens at Oakley Hall wedding venue photographs

Bride in white wedding dresses in large trees at Oakley Hall grounds


Back at the hall guests enjoyed drinks out on the terrace. They were merrily playing with confetti and the nearby tree swing.

Oakley Hall wedding photos of bridal party choking and joking with confetti

Flower girl in white dress blowing white confetti petals on grass lawns

Mother of the bride wearing blue dress and hat smiles in tree swing on Oakley Hall gardens

This was the first time in the day that the girls had spoken to each other (outside of the ceremony) and spent alone time together. We let them meander back to their drinks reception hand in hand merrily chatting all the while.

Oakley Hall wedding photos with two brides walking hand in hand through green lawns with blue sky

Wedding Breakfast In Oakley Hall’s Garden Pavilion

The call went out for wedding breakfast and the guests filtered into the garden pavilion.

Now to call the Garden Pavilion at Oakley Hall a marque would be an injustice. The stunning space has its own high-tech lighting, sound system, bar, and terrace. It has also been wonderfully decorated. It now included impressive sprays of flowers and white trees on each table. This setup made for some particularly spectacular Oakley Hall wedding photos.

Garden pavillion wedding reception space at Oakley Hall wedding venue in Hampshire

Jess and Chantelle were announced in, hand in hand with beaming smiles. They received yet another standing ovation from their guests.

Brides enter wedding pavillion marquee to guests standing ovation at Oakley Hall

Brides walk hand in hand entering wedding breakfast marquee

We tend to concentrate on the visual and emotional aspects of a wedding day. In Oakley Hall’s Garden Pavilion, the multi-coloured lighting seemed to reflect the mood of the guests. Especially the feeling evoked by over 100 people having a bloody good time. We didn’t realise how much we had missed the assault on the senses that is a large room of people chatting, laughter, whooping, and clapping.

Laughing wedding guest with space buns hairstyle at wedding marquee breakfast

Calm bride portrait photo behind top table at wedding breakfast

Black and white wedding photo of guests laughing at jokes during wedding breakfast

Oakley Hall served a mouth-watering wedding breakfast, which led into the wedding speeches.

Photographs Of Wedding Speeches

From behind the top table, both brides led the proceedings with the microphone. Jess’ mother then took the mantle, which passed to Ben. We’re still not quite sure how he did what he did. Somehow he managed to relay Chantelle’s slightly criminal childhood in a hilarious, light-hearted manner. If the guests weren’t crying with emotion from the first two speeches they were now wiping away tears from laughing so much.

Same sex brides make wedding speeches with microphone and chandelier reflection

Wedding guest in red dress enthusiastically claps above her head to wedding speeches

Oakley Hall wedding photos in marquee of brides speeches toasting with champagne

Best man cringing with hands over his face during wedding speeches

Black and white photo of mother of the bride making speech with two brides at top table

Mother of the bride in blue dress and fascinator gives wedding speech with microphone and ipad

Best man in tartan blue grey stiped three piece suit gives speech in wedding marquee

Father of the bride's laughing reaction to wedding speeches at marquee wedding

Laughing elderly wedding guests in marquee react to wedding speeches

Shocked bridesmaid wearing blue dress laughing at speeches in a wedding marquee

Talking of tears, next was Jess’ best man’s speech. The bets were on for him crying. Not that he s a stranger to public speaking He did have a reputation for letting his emotions get the better of him. To be fair he didn’t do himself any favours with a rather fun, loving, and emotional speech. There was barely a dry eye in the room.

Wedding top table in marquee with two brides laughing and applauding best man's speech

Emotional best man's wedding speech black and white photograph by documentary wedding photographers in Hampshire

Elderly wedding guest gut laughing at wedding seeches

Best man makes wedding speech surrounded by flowers under glowing chandelier at marquee wedding reception

Brides laughing at best man's speech in wedding marquee

Emotional best man recovers from crying speech whilst wife wipes away tears in the background

Chantelle’s father made certain that everyone was laughing by the end of his speech. The clincher was one of Ronnie Barker’s spoonerism stories. “This is the story of Rindercella and her sugly isters”. This he delivered with such comic timing that we had trouble keeping our cameras steady.

Father of the bride in blue checked suit gives wedding speech behind top table with microphone

Animated father of the bride speech at top table in wedding marquee

Oakley Hall wedding pavillion marquee guests laughing at speeches with white trees on tables

Oakley Hall Wedding Photos In The Evening

With a little time to recover the wedding guests then explored the grounds. They visited the bar and moved about the Pavilion and its outdoor terrace. The photo booth from Absolute Entertainment opened. The DJ from Moonraker Disco was set up and ready to party. Iain Bailey, wedding magician extraordinaire moved between tables and the bar. Wowing groups of guests as he went.

Wedding magician Iain Bailey wows bride and guests at Oakley Hall wedding venue in Hampshire

Hilarious laughing guests in tree swing at Oakley Hall gardens

Bridesmaids in blue dresses try some serious posing in wedding marquee

Two brides in a wedding photo booth in a marquee

The First Dance With Two Brides

Chantelle and Jess had little time to relax before greeting their wedding guests. Next, it was straight into cutting the cake and their first dance. As they both swirled about the dancefloor in their white dresses time seemed to slow down. They looked like they would explode with happiness. Their guests looked like they might pop too.

Same sex wedding brides in white dresses first dance at Oakley Hall marquee pavillion guests watching and cheering

From then on in it was like someone had flicked a switch. Anyone on the dancefloor exhibited relentless energetic dancing. They also (much to the DJ’s delight) seemed to be taking it in shifts. Very rarely was the dancefloor unoccupied.

Mother of bride in blue dress and hat dancing at marquee wedding

Best man dancing and laughing at marquee wedding evening reception disco

Flower girl with dummy in mouth in wedding marquee with wooden dancefloor

Sat on the terrace, outside in the warm evening air guests enjoyed the evening. Iain’s magic, cocktails, and an evening barbeque. Oakley Hall’s Garden Pavilion glowed with multi-coloured lights under the stars. The sounds of dancing and the disco echoed about. We snuck Jess and Chantelle away for one last photo together before we departed.

Iain Bailey wedding magician wows female wedding guests

Bride in white wedding dress dancing with wedding guests under coloured disco lighting

Best man laughing at wedding magician's tape measure trick

Oakley Hall wedding photos of pavillion marquee glowing at night with starry sky and tree silhouettes

Black and white photo of intimate moment between brides

This was truly a spectacular wedding day for a spectacular couple and their lovely wedding guests

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