Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Wedding Morning Photographs

We started this Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding day at Beautifully Gorgeous Hair Salon in Poole. This welcoming and cosy salon had wonderful isolating lighting and mirrors everywhere. It was not uncommon for me to take a photograph of a reflection of a reflection!

Bride's car and daughter outside Beautifully Gorgeous Hair Salon in Bournemouth Bride's daughter examines her wedding hair style in mirror on wedding morning

The ever talented Ed from KE Wedding Films (one of our recommended wedding videography suppliers) joined me. Together we captured the morning’s proceedings unfolding around us. Louise and the girls were generally on good form, calm and collected. In between cups of tea Louise’s mum couldn’t stop the emotion of the day getting too much for her and crying.

Louise’s daughters helped organise the bridesmaid’s hair styling. They added to the jovial atmosphere with their own supply of jokes. Mid styling Louise was surprised with a gift from her husband to be. Lee scored some serious husband points with a holiday to Venice, again causing Louise’s mother to cry.

Bride receives wedding morning present at hairdressers during bridal preparation Mother of the bride cries in hairdressers as bride receives wedding morning present from groom Daughter of bride closely watches wedding morning hairdressing during bridal prep Bride's daughter makes a joke at hairdressers on wedding morning Bride has hair styled in hairdressers mirror on wedding morning preparations

Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Wedding Bridal Preparation Photographs

Back to the happy couple’s new home we were greeted by an enthusiastic dog and the cries of a new tiny kitten. As the girls prepared glasses of Prosecco Louise’s mother emerged triumphant in multi-coloured outfit.

Mother of the bride laughing during wedding morning bridal preparations

Louise’s dancing around the kitchen was interrupted by yet another gift. Her bridesmaids had created album of photographs from the hen do with some slightly risqué pictures.

Bride and bridesmaids look at album of from hen do photos on wedding morning

Hillview Flowers had been working their wedding magic again. A Bridal bouquet of pink roses with white flowers and green foliage perfectly complimented the pink bridesmaid’s dresses and their stunning white rose bouquets.

White and pink wedding bridal bouquet with green foliage and pink roses White rose bridesmaids wedding bouquets with green foliage and diamanté pins

Make-up was styled by a friend in the natural light of the kitchen. Having a wonder around noticed the stunning trumpet strapless white wedding dress hung in bedroom doorway upstairs.

White trumpet skirt strapless wedding dress with lace detail hangs in doorway Beautiful wedding make up artist wears stylish head towel on wedding morning Mother of the bride in multi coloured outfit checks her wedding make-up in a hand mirror Bridesmaids laughing during wedding morning bridal preparations in Bournemouth Bride in veil applies wedding make-up in mirror during bridal preparations

Before she knew it Louise joined her dress in the bedroom and was applying her veil and said dress. The bridesmaids, now with hair and make-up styled had donned their pink dresses. They helped lace Louise in.

Bride looks in mirror as she is laced into white wedding dress by bridesmaids on wedding morning

Louise, now looking incredible descended the staircase, bringing a tear to her father’s eye. With final touches to hair and make-up the bridesmaids departed for the church.  Louise was left to enjoy a few moments of calm (and a glass of fizz) with her father.

Beautiful blonde bride in white veil and tiara holds kitten on wedding morning Bride has emotional moment with father of the bride before leaving for wedding Beautiful blonde bride adds hairspray in unusual mirror on wedding morning in Dorset

A Silver Rolls Royce Phantom from RR Elite Wedding Car Hire (one of our recommended wedding suppliers) glistened in the hot sun outside the house. Louise and her father glided in limousine luxury through Bournemouth traffic to St Peter’s church in Bournemouth town center. They were greeted by bridesmaids in the warm August sun outside the church.

Father of the bride in grey tail suit practices wedding speech outside family home Happy bride looks through window of Bentley wedding car on way to church

Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Wedding Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile Murray had found Lee and the groomsmen. They were busy preparing themselves in their rooms at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding venue. He had never met such a fun-loving group of gents. With much machismo gusto were joking away all morning. They were looking dapper in grey tail suits, silver waistcoats and matching pink cravats and pocket squares.

Gray wedding tail suit with silver waistcoat and pink cravat hanging on wedding morning groom in grey wedding tail suit adjusts pink cravat in mirror on wedding morning Well groomed groomsman in grey suit with pink tie and handkerchief with sunglassesGrooms party in grey tail suits and sunglasses walk through Highcliff Marriott car park

With final adjustments to hair and alcohol levels they departed into the hot sun to head for the Mary Shelly pub opposite the church. Here they enjoyed a well-deserved pint and headed across the road to welcome the wedding guests to St Peter’s church.

Groomsmen enjoy beer in The Mary Shelley in Bournemouth on wedding morning

Lee was so incredibly happy and calm. He even took it upon himself to calm down some of the more excited guests arriving!

Groom in grey suit calms wedding guests down outside Bournemouth church wedding

Bournemouth Church Wedding Photographs

Now stood at the front of the aisle lee waited alone for Louise’s arrival. Led up the aisle by her bridesmaids Louise walked arm in arm with her father.

Groomsmen pour whiskey from hip flask in church on wedding morning in Bournemouth Best man in grey suit laughing in church before wedding service commences Bridesmaids in pink dresses with white rose bouquets outside Bournemouth church St Peter's church in Bournemouth wedding venue with bridesmaids in pink waiting outside Bride exits grey Bentley wedding car outside St Peter's church in Bournemouth Groom in grey suit waits for bride to walk up aisle at St Peter's church wedding in Bournemouth Bride and father walk up the aisle at St Peter's church wedding in Bournemouth

Set against the huge stone arches, incredible gold detailing and stained glass windows the guests were treated to a traditional Christian church wedding. With a couple of readings from friends the happy couple couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. They exchanged vows and rings, signed the register and were proclaimed man and wife.

bridesmaids in pink laughing during wedding service at St Peter's Church Bournemouth Groomsmen laughing during wedding service at St Peter's Church Bournemouth Wedding ceremony with stained glass windows and stone arches at St Peter's Bournemouth Bride and groom hold hands and exchange rings at St Peter's church in Bournemouth Vicar blesses couple at St Peter's church wedding ceremony in Bournemouth Bride and groom look over wedding ceremony congregation at St Peter's church in Bournemouth Groom looks at bride during wedding service at St Peter's church in Bournemouth Bride and groom walk down the aisle at St Peter's Church in Bournemouth

Outside in the sunshine there was enough time to meet and greet guests in the hot summer’s sun of the church yard before heading off to Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding venue.

Bride and groom greet guests outside Bournemouth Church wedding Venue Child wedding guest is tickled by parents outside Bournemouth Church wedding Bride's face in mirror of Bentley wedding car driving through Bournemouth

Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Wedding Reception Photographs

Once at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding venue guests were still arriving. So we took the opportunity to have a quick stroll. A viewpoint overlooking Bournemouth Beach and the sea was the perfect place for some couple shots.

Bride and groom look at Bournemouth beach looking crowded on summers day Bride and groom photograph overlooking Bournemouth beach and pier in Summer sun Bride and groom laughing portrait with Bournemouth Beach and Pier in background

Louise and Lee entered their drinks reception to a round of applause. The wedding party were busy enjoying glasses of Pimms with canapés on the lawns with sea views.

Wedding drinks reception on lawns overlooking Bournemouth Pier and beach at Highcliffe Marriott Smart wedding guests shelter from the summer sun at Bournemouth Hotel drinks reception Groomsman in aviator sunglasses and grey suit at Bournemouth hotel wedding drinks reception Wedding guest watches bridesmaid closely as she is pinned into broken dress Wedding guests drinks reception overlooking Bournemouth pier at Highcliffe Marriott Happy wedding guests enjoy drinks reception overlooking Bournemouth in the sun Beautiful wedding guest enjoys drinks reception in the sun with sunglasses on Bridesmaids in pink dresses shelter from sun next to brick wall and compare wedding shoes

After a few group photographs it was time for the happy chatter and laughter to die down as guests moved into the hotel for a greeting line.

Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Wedding Breakfast Photographs

The Dorchester Suite at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding venue had undergone an incredible transformation. Simply Flower had wonderfully decorated the room with drapes and LED lights as far as the eye could see. Grey and pink Chinese lanterns adorned the ceiling. Silver chair sashes and ribboned name place signs perfectly complimented the colour scheme. Sprays of pink and white roses intersected with green foliage and the most beautiful orchids stood proud on every table.

The Dorchester suite at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel wedding venue Pink and grey themed bride's name place sign with diamanté heart and pink ribbon 5 tier grey wedding cake with white detail, caricatures and MR and Mrs wooden sign Pink roses in amongst white roses and orchids as top table wedding spray Grey and pink themed Top Table wedding sign with diamanté love heart and ribbon Spectacular orchid wedding flowers in glowing flower flue at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding

Bournemouth Balloon Company had also done themselves proud with masses of pink and silver balloons, including a huge entrance archway.

The guests formed a queue to be greeted by the wedding party. The best men nervously practiced reading through their speeches outside. Louise’s daughter was doing a great job of deciphering the huge table plan and showing guests to their seats.

Wedding guest in blue suit with red and silver paisley tie greets line up at wedding Wedding guests are greeted by father of the groom during wedding line up Best men in grey tail suits practice wedding speeches outside Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel Brunette wedding guest with freckles and sunglasses on head drinks during wedding line up Mother of the groom hugs wedding guests during line up at Highcliffe Marriott wedding Wedding guest laughing during wedding line up at Bournemouth Hotel wedding Pink and grey themed wedding table plan with diamantés and pink ribbons Wedding guests walk under pink and grey balloon archway at Bournemouth Hotel wedding

As the guests filled the room a wedding signing book was doing the doing rounds. The happy couple entered to a standing ovation. Wedding Breakfast was served. Judging by the almost silence that descended we would say that the food at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding was exceptional.

Guest makes silly face at partner during Bournemouth Marriott wedding breakfast Best men laugh at jokes during wedding breakfast in Bournemouth Hotel Beautiful guest reads wedding guest book during wedding breakfast at Bournemouth Marriott wedding venue Best man and wedding guest laughing at jokes during wedding breakfast at Bournemouth Hotel

With plates cleared and champagne glasses filled it was time for the speeches. Louise’s father started the ball rolling and the guests found themselves between laughter and tears for the next forty minutes.

Master of ceremonies announces speeches at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding Father of the bride laughs during his wedding speech against LED backdrop Father of the bride speech in Dorchester suite with balloons at Bournemouth Marriott Mother of the groom in black and white dress and fascinator makes wedding speech Groom makes wedding speech with microphone at Bournemouth Hotel Wedding Mother of the groom wipes her tears away with tissue during wedding speeches Platinum blonde wedding guest smiles during wedding speeches at Bournemouth Hotel Tattooed man with tattoo machine salutes groom during wedding speech Wedding guests applaud groom's speech in Dorchester suite at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding Best man in light grey waistcoat scratches his head as he makes wedding speech Groom nearly falls of his chair with laughter at best man's speech against LED backdrop Black and white photo of Groom's father clapping during wedding speeches Best man tells joke during wedding speech against led curtain backdrop Best man makes wedding speech in Dorchester Suite at Highcliff Marriott wedding Groom pulls face reacting to best man's speech at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding Groom and Best men hug after wedding speeches at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding

Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Wedding Evening Reception Photographs

The bar opened as the sun set outside. We took Lee and Louise out in the cool evening air to another viewpoint, retuning in time to cut their wedding cake.

Bride and groom walk on pavement past Marriott hotel to Bournemouth Beach Bride and groom portrait photograph overlooking Bournemouth beach sunset

Alan Mather wedding DJ started the evening’s entertainment. The happy couple took to the dance floor for their first dance. Twirling about under the disco lights and lazers Louise and Lee were watched by their surrounding family and friends. Above the dance floor a giant balloon was popped releasing tiny balloons and confetti onto the couple.

First dance with disco lights at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding venue Bride and groom dance under balloon release confetti and balloons at Highcliffe Marriott

It wasn’t long before they were joined by hordes of dancing guests throwing shapes well into the night. As we left the smells of the evening buffet mixed with the sounds of music and laughter.

Wedding guests dance under Chinese lanterns at Bournemouth Marriot wedding venue Wedding gust dances with lazers and disco lights at Bournemouth Hotel wedding Wedding guests dance under blue lights at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding venue Groom pulls shapes dancing at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding photos Mother of the groom dances on Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding dance floor Wedding guests dance under disco lights at Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding Father of the bride dances at Bournemouth Hotel wedding venue photograph Bridesmaid and wedding guests throw shapes on wedding dance floor

You can see what Louise thought in her Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott wedding photography review.


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