Springfield Hotel Wedding Photographs

Michelle & Mike’s Springfield Hotel wedding day was one of the brightest, warmest days we have seen this year. Perfect for taking Swanage wedding photos.

Happy bride and groom couple photograph in Dorset countryside with glasses of champagne and wedding flower bouquet

Documentary Wedding Morning Photos

With fluffy clouds meandering about the bright blue sky we arrived at their family home. The girls were busy with their bridal preparations. Michelle and her bridesmaids calmly prepared themselves for the day ahead. All wearing matching silk dressing gowns.

Bridesmaid in mauve floral silk dressing gown on phone in kitchen on wedding morning

As family and friends came into and out of the house they conducted various wedding tasks. In the kitchen, Abby fletcher hairstylist, and Emma Tatchell makeup artist worked their magic.

Abby had a wonderful way about her, fully integrating as ‘one of the girls’. Emma seemed to be taking even more photographs than ourselves on her mobile!

Bridal Preparation Photographs

It’s important to us to get and handle on the ‘feel’ of the wedding morning. This helps us capture the story of bridal preparations and the emotions they involve. There was such a laid back lovely family vibe to the proceedings with everyone so happy to be a part of the big day.

Bride is sprayed with hair spray during wedding morning preparations

Documentary wedding photo of bride hugging family member on wedding morning outside family home

Mother of the bride in doorway of family home on wedding morning with flower bouquets

Documentary wedding photo of bridal wedding make up being applied

Wedding make up artist takes mobile phone photographs of bride on wedding morning

The bridesmaids took pride in applying each other’s nail varnish, as we worked around the bright light and dark shadowing. Upstairs we found Michelle’s stunning detailed A-line wedding dress hanging next to her diamante decorated white wedges.

Diamante wedding shoes sandals reflecting sun sparkle looks like stars

Outside Caroline from Buds of Mave arrived in her van. It was packed full of gorgeous pink, white and green wedding flowers and bouquets. This was the first time we have seen 29 buttonholes delivered. One for every guest allowed into the church under COVID restrictions. A small but heart-warming gesture.

Next to the house, Michelle’s father had some assistance attaching white ribbons to his Landrover. It was gleaming in the bright sunlight.

Reflection of bride's family adding white ribbons to wedding car with blue sky

Swanage family home bridal preparation venue with wedding ribbonned landrover and blue sky

After an impromptu visit from one of the family dogs from next door, the bridesmaids donned their pink/ mauve bridesmaids’ dresses. They were then ready to help Michelle into her own stunning wedding dress.

There was a joke made about it being so hot we should all take a dip in The Springfield Hotel wedding venue’s outdoor pool. You will see later why that was quite apt!

Laughing bride portrait photo taken as she is laced into her white wedding dress by bridesmaids

Documentary wedding photo of bride looking out of window at blue skies on wedding morning

Bride in white A line lace detail wedding dress in family home on wedding morning

Father of the bride in blue wedding suit looks up stairs to see the bride in her wedding dress

With time spare to add in a white veil everyone left in high spirits for the next chapter of the day.

Bride in white wedding dress and parents outside family home with white wedding car in Swanage, Dorset

Black and white documentary wedding photo of bride in wedding car with father and clouds reflected in window glass

Groom Preparation in Swanage, Dorset

Meanwhile, Mike and his groomsmen were to be found half a mile away, getting themselves ready. With much japery and checking in mirrors, the chaps donned their shirts and pink wedding ties. Three-piece blue wedding tail suits were the order of the day. Lacing their brown brogue wedding shoes required a much more serious attitude.

By the time their pink buttonholes were added they had transformed into a very dapper-looking group. Mike’s mum made sure that they were all ready before they departed on foot for St Mary’s church in Swanage.

Documentary groom preparation photo of chaps tying each others pink wedding ties

Black and white wedding photo of groomsmen lacing up brogue wedding shoes on wedding morning

The churchyard pooled with hot sunlight as the groomsmen welcomed the wedding guests. Heating up in their suits the chaps retreated to the relative cool of the Dorset stone church. Waiting for Michelle’s arrival the jokes petered out and Mike even looked a little nervous.

Colourful stained glass window glowing at St Marys Church wedding venue in Swanage, Dorset

Covid secure church wedding guests in face masks and visors

Nervous looking groom in blue suit waiting in church for bride

Swanage Church Wedding Ceremony Photos In Dorset

Michelle and her father were welcomed not only by the bridesmaids but by friends and family unable to enter the church. It is unusual for a bride to have such a large welcoming party at a church, but a lovely thing to witness.

Bride and father watch wedding guests outside Dorset stone church wedding venue in Swanage

Bride and father greeted outside St Mary's church doorway in Swanage by vicar before wedding ceremony

St Mary’s new Reverend Solveig conducted an uplifting wedding ceremony, full of smiles and laughter. Even COVID masks didn’t prevent us from seeing the grinning faces of the wedding guests underneath.

Expressive bride and groom first look photo in church wedding ceremony in Swanage, Dorset

Bride smiles at groom during Dorset church wedding ceremony

Parents and bridesmaids wearing COVID masks during church wedding ceremony

Bride laughs as groom wipes tears away at church wedding ceremony in Dorset

Best man in blue wedding suit and blue COVID facemask delivers wedding rings to vicar at church wedding ceremony

Bride's Aunty in floral print dress give reading from pulpit at church wedding ceremony

Bride and groom hold hands in front of stained glass window at Dorset church wedding ceremony

The happy couple exchanged rings and read their vows. Readings were listened to as were the chosen hymns on the organ. At the back of the church, we could make out a small crowd gathering outside, peeking their heads around the door to witness the proceedings.

Now a happily married couple, Michelle and mike left hand in hand. They circled the church and exited through a shower of confetti back into the bright heat of the day. We then organised a few group photographs using the stone walls of the church as a backdrop. The guests departed for the wedding reception venue.

Bride and groom exit St Mary's church in Swanage to wedding guests throwing confetti

St Mary's Church, Swanage wedding venue with bride and wedding guests

Bride and Groom Couple Photos In The Dorset Countryside

Michelle and Mike had asked for some couple photographs. So we zoomed away to her father’s farm, a stone’s throw from our office. Here we stopped in one of the fields, the green grass and blue skies providing a two coloured backdrop for a glass of champagne.

Further into the farm, we found some wooden shepherds’ huts surrounded by yellow countryside flowers and a view of the sea.

Laughing bride and groom couple photo in Dorset countryside with bright yellow flowers and blue sea and sky

Singing bride during couple photographs in Dorset countryside with shepherds hut, yellow flowers and blue sea

Bride and groom couple photograph taken in front of yellow countryside flowers

Mike and Michelle were definitely less conscious on their own, relaxing, laughing, and joking as we took their photographs. Leaving them to spend little time completely alone at the farm we headed onto the Springfield Hotel wedding reception venue.

The Springfield Hotel Wedding Reception Photographs

The Springfield Hotel wedding venue is a local family-owned modern hotel with a country house feel and 6 acres of gorgeous landscaped gardens. We found the wedding guests already happily settled into the drinks reception. The bright patio overlooked the millpond and flower gardens. Michelle and Mike arrived to applause and enjoyed a relaxed drink and nibbles in the sunshine. Garden games were dotted about.

Wooden welcome to our happily ever after wedding sign decoration

Bride and groom enter The Springfield Hotel wedding venue in Dorset

Wedding guests in blue suits laugh at bad COVID facemask placement

Once everyone had a chance to enjoy them we organised some group photos on the rear lawns. We even had an assistant in the form of an aminated wedding guest willing to jangle his room keys for the entertainment of the children (and the adults too).

Brides grandmother at front of wedding group photograph

Laughing groomsmen in blue three piece wedding tail suits during group photographs

Male wedding guest helps entertain children during group photographs by shaking room keys

Seeing the outdoor swimming pool empty we couldn’t help but take some funny-looking couple photographs. Mike and Michelle looked as though they were merrily running in the sky.

Bride and groom running in the air in empty blue swimming pool at The Springfield Hotel wedding venue

Black and white documentary wedding photograph of guests relaxing in Springfield Hotel bar

Springfield Hotel Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Inside the Mill View Suite, the room had been beautifully decorated by Debbie from White Willow Weddings. A sweet table, LED love signs and white trees surrounded the wedding breakfast tables. Photos of absent family members greeted the now entering guests. A three-tier wedding cake with sugar flowers sat on an engraved log slice, surrounded by wooden love hearts.

Tiered white wedding cake with custom engraved log slice, wooden love hearts and pink sugar flowers

Personalised wedding favour sweet jar with wooden engraved love heart

The wedding speeches by the father of the bride, groom, and best men had emotions moving from belly laughter to tears.

Top table at Springfield Hotel wedding venue reflected in gold gilded mirror

Father of the bride raises a glass for toasts during wedding speech from top table

Groom's wedding speech from top table at Dorset Hotel Wedding

Top table raises glasses for grooms speech toasts at Springfield Hotel wedding

Best man in waistcoat raises glass at Springfield Hotel wedding breakfast speeches

Top table laughing faces reactions during wedding speeches

Funny best man's wedding speech with long roll of paper

Emotional groom cries during wedding speeches, comforted by bride at top table

The noises of celebration then died down as a delicious five-course meal was served. In-between two of the courses we saw an opportunity to steal the bride and groom away for a couple photo. We had found an interesting circular window when exploring the venue for opportunities.

Bridesmaids and best men laughing at wedding breakfast table at Springfield hotel wedding venue

Wedding guest's animated conversation at Springfield Hotel wedding breakfast room

Happy child wedding guest laughing with mother of the groom at top table

Groom laughing with best men at wedding reception in black and white documentary wedding photograph

Bride and groom silhouettes with blue circular window at The Springfield Hotel wedding venue

Bride and groom's long shadows on stone floor at wedding

Documentary wedding photo of best men hugging wearing blue patterned waistcoats

Male wedding guest laughing at wedding breakfast conversation in Springfield hotel wedding venue

Black and white documentary wedding photo of best man being attacked by jelly snakes

Black and white phot of bride waving in mirror in Springfield hotel wedding venue

Outdoor wedding dancing Photographs

It was now the time to take the happy, well-fed wedding party back out into the gardens for more group photos. As the sun dipped behind countryside hedges the gathering evolved into an outdoor first dance. Watched from afar by elder wedding guests. The bridesmaids, family members, and enthusiastic guests joined the happy couple on the lawns for a socially distanced boogey.

Wedding guests laughing and taking photos of outdoor first dance in gardens

Outdoor first dance at Springfield hotel wedding venue in Dorset

Outdoor first dance by bride and groom in hotel gardens with low sun

Female wedding guests in summer dresses dance outside in hotel gardens

Bridesmaids in pink purple dresses laughing at outdoor dancing in hotel gardens

Groom and mother of the groom dance outside in hotel gardens

Wedding party dancing outdoors in hotel wedding venue gardens in Dorset

Bridesmaids and wedding guests dancing outside in hotel gardens at sunset

Bride and groom kissing during outdoor wedding dancing in hotel gardens

Bridesmaid and wedding guest dance routine in hotel wedding gardens

Elderly wedding guests laughing in hotel gardens sat next to swimming pool

After an amazing day with amazing weather and amazing photographs (probably too many amazings!) we left the guests relaxing in the hotel bar, exchanging stories from years gone by.

Would you like to see what Michelle & Mike think of their wedding photographs? You can see their review of our wedding photography services here.

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