Village Hall Wedding Photographs – A Week Early

So there we were with two weeks to go. Excited about capturing Pippa and Christopher’s village hall wedding photographs.

Then the Government threw yet another spanner in the works. This wonderful couple replanned their wedding excluding a huge number of their nearest and dearest. Therefore, they had to half their numbers again. Our hearts hurt for them. From a hundred to thirty and now to fifteen wedding guests!

We later found out that Pippa’s mum had said it– “why don’t you bring it forward a week and continue with thirty?” From that moment on things were a changing and with many phone calls. So an entire wedding was then moved, last-minute by a week, venue, ceremony, suppliers, guests and all! And what a wonderful wedding it was.

As it turns out they had also swapped heavy rain and winds for beautiful warm sunshine.

Bride and groom walk through long grass to wooden henge in Dorset countryside

Dorest Bridal Morning Photographs

I arrived at Pippa’s family home in Lytchett Matravers, Dorset to find the girls merrily getting ready. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen quite so much laughter on a wedding morning. I soon realised that this was not unusual- it carried on all day.

Pippa was beaming. As we said in their Harry’s Rocks Engagement Shoot post these guys are true love birds. They are always in such a positive mood.

In the kitchen, Pippa mum was perfecting her mothering. There was not a dry mouth or empty stomach as the bridesmaids and flower girls styled their hair and makeup.

Mother of the bride ironing custom dressing gown on wedding morning

In the bright garden room, I then found the ever-talented Mel from Bournemouth Bridal Hair & Makeup. She always brings an extra upbeat vibe to a wedding morning. Pippas stunning, detailed Maggie Soterro wedding dress hung in the background. Fortunately, on a day with movement restrictions, mirrors were abundant.

Laughing bride reaches for her drink in wedding morning preparation room Little Miss Lucky Is Getting Married book at wedding morning preparations Detailed wedding dress hangs between curtains glowing in window light White glitter trainers to be used as wedding shoes

As Pippa had her hair and makeup styled her BMs swapped their green dressing gowns for soft mint bridesmaids dresses and dusty pink shawls. The colour combination works so well in village hall wedding photographs.

Bridesmaid in green dressing gown laughs as she has her hair curled on wedding morning Reflection of the bride in a long mirror laughing at bridesmaid in a doorway during wedding morning preparation Laughing bridesmaid in mint green dress laughing whilst texting on wedding morning Bridesmaid in blue COVID face mask with daisy print on wedding morning Brides two reflections in mirrors during wedding morning preparations

Her cheeky flower girl next showed off her magical talents and donned her little white number.

Outside Pippa father had been prepping his stunning Type 2 Landrover with ribbons. It was then shortly joined by Lulu, the 1960 split screen VW camper from Dorset Dubhire. What a stunning pair they made at the front of the house.

Classic split screen VW campervan and Type 2 Landrover wedding car transport Intimate moment of closeness between father and mother of the bride

Before she knew it Pippa was into her dress, her flowers arrived and it was time to descend the stairs to leave.

Bride in white veil and dress laughing on wedding morning portrait photo Bride portrait photograph captured under white wedding veil Pink rose wedding flowers arrive during bridal wedding morning Wedding portrait photo of bride standing in corridor at top of stairs Funny bridesmaid in green dress drinking from huge champagne bottle Bride hugs her mother durign weddign dress reveal watched by bridesmaids

Documentary Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile, over in Blandford, Murray met up with Christopher and the groomsmen.

Again the positive mood was infectious. Christopher very rarely stops smiling. The chaps went from casual loungewear to ultra-smart three-piece tails in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Documentary wedding photograph of groom preparing for his wedding day Grooms watch, penguin socks, cuff links and aftershave Groom checks his reflection in mirrored wardrobe during wedding morning preparations Custom engraved I Love You metal cuff links

Penguin socks were the order of the day. Christopher was even sporting some custom engraved metal cufflinks and looked incredibly dapper in his suit.

Groomsmen in random poses fit grey top hats in garden Groomsmen in grey top hats and tails walk towards church with orders of service and confetti

After that, there was time for a jaunt to the local before heading on to St Mary’s church in Lytchett to welcome the arriving guests.

A COVID safe Church Wedding Ceremony

St Mary’s Church is a gorgeous 11th century stone church built in the Dorset countryside. It’s such a wonderful venue to precede any rural village hall wedding photographs. It was still a little odd to see people wearing facemasks in the church (due to the COVID restrictions). More, because we knew they were all smiling and joking but we couldn’t see it.

Groom in top hat and tails arrives at English countryside village stone church Wedding guests in church kiss through COVID face masks Black and white wedding photo of groom waiting for wedding guests in church Grandma in a face mask at Covid secure church wedding ceremony

With everyone seated the Vicar welcomed the bridesmaids in Lulu.

Vicar in white robes awaits bridal arrival in church yard

Pippa’s father had driven her in his Landrover and they arrived in the last of the summer sun with the top down.

Classic wedding car landrover driving through countryside lanes Bride is helped out of classic Landrover wedding car by her father Bride in white trumpet wedding dress arrives at countryside village church

Inside the church, Christopher did not have to wear a mask. This was the only time we have ever seen him not smiling. After the chatting finished he took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves.

Groom covering his face with hand during covid secure church wedding Newrvous looking groom shuts his eyes and takes deep breaths at covid secure church wedding

Documentary Wedding Photographs In Church

The Vicar was lovely and allowed Murray and I to position ourselves at either end of the church. We could then capture the ceremony from multiple angles without moving.

Led by her flower girl and bridesmaids Pippa and her father walked down the aisle. Christopher was now, again beaming from ear to ear.

Flower girl and bridesmaids wait outside church door with no entry sign Happy bride enters church wedding ceremony with father in face mask and top hat Grooms first look at bride walking down church aisle Bride arrives at top of the church aisle at covid secure wedding Wedding guests wear face masks at COVID secure church wedding Groom takes a cheeky look at his bride laughing during church wedding vows

The happy couple were smiling and laughing together again, and we don’t think they will ever stop. Despite the restrictions, everyone enjoyed an uplifting church wedding ceremony.

Pippa’s mum and the bridesmaids entertained with a clap-along poem and friends gave readings.

Mother of the bride and bridesmaids perform clapping poem at church wedding ceremony

After which, Pippa and Christopher exchanged vows, rings and kisses. They were now married. To celebrate the vicar then picked up an acoustic guitar and we enjoyed the first live music we had heard in months.

Bride and groom sit during church wedding ceremony in Dorset Father gives bride's hand to groom during church wedding ceremony Flower girl and wedding guests wearing face masks watch marriage vows in church Bride holds groom's face as they have first kiss in church wedding ceremony Bride and groom hug and squish faces in church wedding ceremony Vicar plays the guitar to wedding guests wearing face masks during COVID secure wedding Vicar blesses the newlyweds at church wedding ceremony

The newlyweds then walked back down the aisle to the sound of their guests clapping and whooping.

Laughing bride and groom walk down church aisle hand in hand

Outside they then stole a minute alone together before running a gauntlet of confetti.

Bride and groom have a passionate kiss outside church doorway Wedding confetti is thrown outside stone village church

Their lovely little dog had arrived and even he was grinning from ear to ear.

Brown dog wedding guest photograph

The other guests then departed into the sunny countryside. We took some group shots of the wedding party against the stone walls of the church. Grandma had an eye for a photo. She decided to show the professionals how it should be done (once we showed her how to focus her phone!)

Bridesmaids in mint green dresses look at smiling flower girl Elderly wedding guests in blue printed dresses take photographs outside the church Female wedding party have photographs taken by grandmother on phone Bride stood in church doorway photo taken through bows of large yew tree

Wedding Couple Photographs With Woodhenge

En route to their next venue, Murray and I had a perfect location in mind for couple photographs. A few years back one of our friends had built a wooden henge in his field overlooking the Dorset coast. He had kindly given us permission to use it as a backdrop. It is so stunning that Murray had his wedding couple photographs here and is certainly in keeping with village hall wedding photographs.

Bride and groom walk along Dorset countryside road

One of the great things about Pippa and Christopher is that they need no direction for couple photos. They are naturals together. Hugging, smiling and kissing under the bright blue sky and wooden posts.

Newlyweds in wood henge in Dorset countryside Bride and groom embrace in wood henge as wind blows the veil Bride and groom in silhouette photograph at wood henge Dorset

Village Hall Wedding Photographs Of Drinks Reception

Down the road, we arrived at Harman’s Cross Village Hall. We love this rural village hall wedding venue. Murray and I are proud to be their recommended wedding photographers. We advise anyone thinking of village halls whilst looking at Dorset wedding venues to check it out.

Bride and groom are welcomed to their village hall wedding photographs

The wedding guests enjoyed a drinks reception in the sun. Courtesy of the wonderful Crab Apple Catering.

Father of the bride in sunglasses laughing in the sun at countryside drinks reception Harmans Cross Village Hall wedding photographs venue

I’m not sure we were the only people to see the comic irony in Christopher’s beer of choice – bottles of Corona.

Village Hall wedding photographs corona drinks reception Female wedding guest smiling in the sun shine outside a Village Hall wedding reception

Outdoor games were dotted about for guests to play including rope hoopla with empty beer bottles. We assume Christopher had the difficult task of emptying the bottles!

Village hall wedding photographs hoopla with beer bottles photograph taken from above

Inside Debbie from White Willow Weddings transformed the Village Hall wedding venue into something special. Rustic wooden decorations mixed with multi-coloured Chinese lanterns. Coloured up-lighters and LED trees glowed in the background. Perfect styling for village hall wedding photographs.

Rustic wooden love sign against crate with two caterpillar wedding cakes Village hall wedding photographs flowers center piece in glass jars on wooden sliceVillage hall wedding photographs This is the day I marry my best friend sign table decoration

The tables had sky blue runners and held wooden slice centrepieces. These were topped with tea lights and glass jars containing mixed flowers.

Harmans Cross Village Hall Wedding Breakfast

A map of the Isle Of Purbeck table plan greeted guests. Due to COVID regulations, Murry and I even had our own table, which felt a little like a very strange date night.

Isle Of Purbeck wedding map seating table plan with flowers Happy female wedding guest smiles as wedding guest in top hat points at table plan

Guests enjoyed a tasty wedding breakfast as the newlyweds’ positive happiness spread. Merry chatter, laughing and joking continued throughout the wedding speeches.

Father of the bride DJing a wedding on his Apple laptop Cold platter mezze wedding food on square wooden board Seated wedding guests laughing at Village Hall wedding photographs of breakfast Village hall wedding breakfast guest portrait photograph Village hall wedding photographs of bridesmaid lit with reflection of blue sky and boat at village hall wedding Bride in white shoulder strap dress stands talking to wedding guests Bride's grandmother in blue jacket laughs at jokes during village hall wedding breakfast Father of the bride pulls funny face during wedding speech Bridesmaid is affectionately touched by groomsman during wedding speeches Mother of the bride laughing during wedding speeches Laughing groom in white waistcoat gives wedding speech Bridemaid in dusty pink shawl looks at bride as she raises a glass to wedding speeches Black and white village hall wedding photographs of groom kissing bride on the head after wedding speeches in the village hall Wedding guest portrait photograph in shaft of sunlight Close up detail photograph of wedding dress train lace patterns in low sun Black and white wedding photograph of bride haloed by sun Newlyweds brown dog lies under wedding breakfast table

Afterwards, the sun was setting outside. So we arranged the last of the group and couple photographs. Pippa and Christopher were even allowed to sit in the Landrover together.

Bride and bridesmaid play together during wedding group photographs Bride and groom pose at sunset with light shafting through trees Bride and groom kissing as sunset shafts though countryside trees Laughing bride and groom at sunset at Village Hall wedding photographs Bridesmaid in mint dress catches wedding bouquet as bride claps in background Bride and groom in classic Landrover wedding car Bride and groom run over their bridesmaids in wedding car

Village Hall Wedding Photographs Of Evening Reception

The flower girl was now in charge of proceedings as she announced the wedding quiz. Wedding tables were to do battle for points awarded by Pippa’s father. A gruelling competition of general knowledge then ensued.

Village Hall wedding with groom dancing in cloud of bubbles Groomsman lit by low evening light wedding portrait photograph vintage cream Landrover classic wedding car at sunset from Dorset village hall wedding photographs Grandmother in blue jacket at wedding sweet barYoung flower girl announces wedding quiz with microphone from village hall wedding photographs Father of the bride listens to answers at wedding quiz Bride and groom look unsure about wedding quiz answers Female wedding guest celebrates at village hall wedding photographs

As the dark night crept in the up-lighters and glowing trees came into their own. The gin and doughnut bars opened.

Wedding gin bar bottles with fairy lights Just married wooden doughnut bar

Outside Pippa had snuck off for a quick go on the zip line in the village hall playground.

Black and white wedding photograph of bride on a zip line from village hall wedding photographs

Meanwhile, in the warm the cheeky flower girl entertained with her stand up set of jokes.

Flower girl in white dress tells jokes on Village Hall wedding photographs evening

Next, the unusual caterpillar wedding cakes were cut in a traditional family-style to the guests applauds.

Village hall wedding photographs. Bride and groom laugh excitedly as they cut their wedding cakes Wedding guests laughing at bride and groom cutting the cake Black and white village hall wedding photographs in evening

As this was a COVID safe wedding in a COVID safe venue loud music was not played. Next, Pippa and Christopher took a ‘socially distanced’ first dance. Guests then danced in their appropriate household bubbles.

Bride and groom take first dance under coloured disco lights as guests aim confetti cannons Village hall wedding photographs of first dance under gold confetti Wedding guest couple dancing at village hall wedding photographs by one thousand words Groomsman in top hat dancing from village hall wedding photographs Flower girl dances at village hall wedding photographs of evening disco wearing top hat

We then left the village hall wedding venue glowing multicolours. The sound of laughter in the night air. A truly uplifting day for such a happy and positive couple.

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