The magic of Marshwood Manor unfolded on the wedding day of Vadia and Scott. Sunny skies bathed the venue in a warm glow. They perfectly complemented the love radiating from the couple. Murray and I were there to capture every heartfelt moment and infectious laugh.

A joyful bride and groom dressed in wedding attire, smiling and posing for photographs in a sunlit Dorset outdoor setting.

Getting Ready: Wedding Preparations at Marshwood Manor

While Murray explored the stunning wedding venue and grounds, I found a very happy Vadia. She was with her Lithuanian family in the Lodge at Marshwood. I could immediately sense the excited anticipation. Family members were greeted and joined in the morning preparations. Vadia’s hair and makeup were expertly styled. This was in the bright conservatory, overlooking the surrounding countryside.
A scenic pathway leading through a grassy lawns with trees to Marshwood Manor Dorset wedding venue under a clear blue sky with a visible daytime moon, perfect for capturing photographs.
Wooden footbridge leading to a small, triangular-shaped garden pavilion adorned with flowers in a lush forest setting, a perfect venue for Marshwood Manor weddings.

Vadia’s Preparations in the Lodge at Marshwood Manor

In true Vadia style, a splash of color was added to the occasion. She wore a pair of bright red wedding heels and had red roses in her bouquet and a cheeky red lace garter.
The bridal party enjoyed fresh air on the deck. They also liked the warmth the bright sun brought to the conservatory.
Finally, the moment arrived. Vadia was helped into her stunning dress. Her father arrived to walk her down the aisle. This was a rare event. The bride was early. As such Vadia enjoyed a little special time alone with her father.
Bride and mother embracing in a warm hug near an open doorway in the lodge at a Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset.
Bride has wedding makeup styled in a sunlit atrium with a reflective glass table, captured in photographs at their Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset.
Bride having hair styled hair being admired by sister as she enters a room at Marshwood Manor wedding morning.
Hairdresser applying hairspray to a woman in silhouette against a bright window, capturing beautiful photographs at a Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset.
Mother of bride watches makeup artist inside a sunlit room with large windows, surrounded by photographs.
Bridal party visible through the windows of a sunlit room, some sitting and one standing, with indoor plants and reflections on the glass, capturing a serene moment at a Marshwood Manor wedding in photographs.
A pair of red heels, captured in photographs at a Marshwood Manor wedding, hanging on hooks on a wooden rack.
A bride is being helped into her wedding dress by an older woman while another woman observes, as seen through a mirror's reflection in a photograph at a Marshwood Manor wedding.

Scott Gets Ready in The Tack Room

Meanwhile, calm surrounded Scott. He hung out with his brother and his brother’s dog in The Tack Room on the other side of the Manor buildings. This location had a different style than Vadia’s modern one. It had rustic beams and exposed brick.
Murray could tell that the anticipation for seeing his bride simmering just beneath the surface. The happy chaps used the large mirrors to aid in the preparation. It was the perfect situation for some unintrusive reflection photos.
A smiling groom wearing brown waistcoat adjusting his floral tie in front of a mirror on wedding morning.
A photo of groom in waistcoat and green trousers standing at the threshold of a dining room at Marshwood Manor wedding, looking down at a small white dog, with two people seated at a dining table.

Marshwood Manor Wedding Ceremony: A Celebration of Love

Guests gathered around the woodland bower. It was covered in flowers by Kate from Style and Wonder. Scott waited with his brother and the registrar. Vaida and her dad walked through the sunbeams, which provided patches of warming light on the woodland walk. Silence descended amongst the guests upon their log seats in the amphitheatre.

Group of well-dressed weddin guests walking outdoors at a formal event, captured in a photo at Marshwood Manor, Dorset.
Groom waiting at the altar in an outdoor woodland Dorset wedding setting with musicians playing and guests arriving.
Bride and father walking through a sunlit forest pathway for Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset.

A Woodland Wedding Ceremony

As the clock struck 1:00 PM, all eyes turned towards the Woodland Arbour. Vadia was escorted by her proud dad, walked down the aislek. Scott’s face beamed with such a huge smile that no words were needed to express his loive. Guests were treated to an outdoor woodland wedding ceremony that was a wonderful blend of tradition and intimacy. A testament to the deep connection between Vadia and Scott.

They stood beneath the arbour’s flowers and gazed into each other’s eyes. Vadia and Scott exchanged rings and vows and sealed their union with the first kiss. With a standing ovation and cries of celebration from the wedding party, Scott carried his wife across the wooden bridge.
A wedding ceremony taking place outdoors at Marshwood Manor in Dorset, with guests seated along a wooden aisle amidst lush greenery, perfect for stunning photographs.
A bride and groom facing each other during an outdoor wedding ceremony in Dorset, with an officiant and guests in the background.
Bride placing a wedding ring on the groom's finger during an outdoor woodland wedding ceremony in Dorset.
Groom carrying bride across a bridge in a whimsical outdoor setting at a Marshwood Manor wedding.
Bride and groom walking hand in hand on a wooden bridge in a sunlit forest setting..

Wedding Drinks Reception Photographs

After a woodland greeting line, we took the guests into the wildflower meadow. Out from the cover of the woods, we arranged the guests in a gauntlet. Vadia and Scott then emerged into a jubilant shower of confetti, their faces alight with pure joy.
For this time of year, we were so lucky with the weather. As the autumn sun started to dip the wedding enjoyed a drinks reception on the lawns. Garden games added to the fun. After formal family photos, we took Vadia and Scott away for some couple shots in the now low, orange sun coming through the trees.
Back at the drinks reception Vadia’s sister was entertaining all with some lovely live music. Guests gathered for the first Lithuanian wedding tradition of the day. The happy couple’s parents joined them for the consumption of vodka, bread, and salt. Each item symbolizing the three life elements they would now have together: joy, tears, and work.
One of the many advantages of hiring a wedding photography duo is that we can be at two places at once. Murray kept photographing the guests moving into the courtyard. I went back to the Victorian brick Haybarn to see how things were progressing inside.
A wooden sign pointing towards a marshwood manor wedding ceremony held outdoors under the trees.
Two varieties of fruit punch labeled "winter punch" and "red brick punch" served in glasses on a wooden table.
A black and white photo capturing an emotional hug between bride and groom and wedding guests at a Marshwood Manor wedding.
Four individuals dressed in formal attire posing for photographs at a Marshwood Manor wedding, with one man in a suit and bow tie, another in a green blazer, and two women in dresses.
Silhouette of live musicians guitarists performing outdoors against a bright sky, captured in photographs at a Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset.
Wedding couple embracing tenderly with the sunlight filtering through trees in Dorset's woodland background.
Bride and groom in wedding attire embracing amidst a scenic Dorset backdrop with sunlight filtering through trees.
Bride and groom holding hands and walking across a sunlit field at their Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset hay bales in background.
Wedding couple dressed in formal attire walks through a sunlit forest in Dorset, with the sunlight creating a soft glow around them.
A couple stands together under a rustic wooden archway in a Dorset forest setting, surrounded by vibrant floral arrangements at Marshwood Manor outdoor woodland wedding venue.

A Vegan Wedding Feast by Vegan Magda


Much to my delight I found that Kate had been working her magic indoors. Floral arrangements hung from the ceiling and walls. They were beautifully arranged with candles and wooden decorations on the tables. The room was a feat for the senses, and none more than the amazing smells coming from the kitchen.

I found Vegan Magda busy at work, like a cross between a chef and a magician. She whizzed about the small space, stirring pots of fresh foraged mushroom broth and mashing potatoes. She tended to pans and ovens, all while kindly guiding me through the evening’s menu. It has to be said that Magda produces the best vegan wedding catering we have ever smelled or tasted.

A wedding bouquet of assorted countryside flowers illuminated by natural light on a dining table.
Elegant place setting with a personalized name card on a napkin on a wedding dining table.
Majestic tree standing on a farm at sunset with Marshwood Manor wedding buildings in the background.

A Marshwood Manor Wedding Breakfast Feast for the Senses

With all the candles lit the guests were seated in the warmth of the Haybarn, standing to welcome the newlyweds into their wedding breakfast. As we always talk through the logistics of a big day with a couple beforehand we knew we were in for a spectacular evening of food and entertainment. Which was all kicked off with a heartwarming speech by Scott’s mother.
Guests dining by candlelight in a dimly lit, intimate restaurant setting at Marshwood Manor with blue flash lit shoutted bride and groom in doorway.

Masters Of Ceremony and Music

Simas and Arturas, the dynamic duo acting as MCs for the day, kept the energy high, introducing both family and friends to speak to the room. As the speeches unfolded, they were filled with heartfelt emotions and witty anecdotes. We ensured every tear and chuckle was preserved for the future. Vadia’s sister, Davia then presented Magda, who kindly talked the guests through the dining experience they were about to enjoy. The broth was used to warm succulent dumplings and vegetables. Then, a homemade roasted seitan and vegetable main sent tastebuds wild.
With bellies full of food and wine guests were ushered outside for the cutting of the cake. It’s not often we see a wedding cake out in the open air of the night but Angie from Mon Belle Amore had beautifully presented her three tier creation as such.
bride's sister and wedding chef giving a speech at a candlelit event in Dorset while attendees listen attentively.
A photo of a cozy dinner scene at Marshwood Manor in Dorset, with a steaming bowl of food, candlelight, and a person's arm resting on the table.
A joyful couple cutting their three tier wedding cake in a dimly lit reception venue, captured in a stunning photo.

Lithuanian Wedding Traditions at Marshwood Manor

Next, the surrounding guests were treated to the second Lithuanian tradition. The newlyweds’ parents pass on the šeimos židinys (literally ‘family’s fireside’). In this case a candle in a ceramic orchid holder. The fire represents the spirituality, coziness, and warmth of the family. They made a tear-filling speech about how life should be harmonic and that whatever happens, you have to tend the fire of your family.
bride adn groom's parents share a moment during Lithuanian fire ceremony as they pass lit candle together at a marshwood manor wedding in Dorset.

A Marshwood Manor Wedding Evening To Remember

Back inside guests enjoyed the comfort of the lounge bar whilst the Haybarn was turned around for the rest of the festivities. The Plus Ones wedding band set up on stage under disco and fairy lighting.
Again we were able to capture not only these ongoings but also Vadia and Scott rehersing their first dance. You could tell that Vadia was a trained dancer. Scott, despite his nerves, moved in true sync with her.
Groom lifts a bride in a dance move at a Marshwood Manor wedding with string lights and live music.
bride and groom practice correographed first dance dance at a marshwood manor wedding with a live band in the background and ambient lighting, capturing beautiful photographs.
Back in the bar Paddy, a guest with a competitive streak a mile wide, found himself locked in an epic chess battle with Scott. The globe guestbook, a unique touch, became a canvas for heartfelt messages and well wishes from loved ones across the globe. The rest of the guests took their seats in the haybarn for the evening entertainment.

Talented Wedding Songs, Speeches and Music

We seem to work with many creative couples (professional musicians writing songs for each other overlooking the Cornish sea springs to mind). Today was to be no exception.
Simas and Arturas introduced the acts with their own guide to Lithuanian traditions and plenty of jokes to boot. Vadia’s sister played guitar to a beautiful song sung by friends and children. Speeches filled the air with sentiment and hilarity, we could tell that the guests were thoroughly entertained.

A Correographed First Dance With a Professional Dancer

Vadia and her friends even showed off their flamenco dancing skills to rapturous applause. The Plus Ones then accompanied Vadia and Scott for their epic first dance routine. All cumulating in a very brave full-body lift!

Wedding MCs address guests audience in a dimly lit room adorned with string lights at aconverted haybarn wedding in Dorset.
String lights illuminate an wedding evening venue with MCs performing wedding speeches in the background.
bride adn groom first dance performs a dance lift on a dance floor illuminated by string lights at their Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset, with a live band in the background.
Bride and groom dance duo performing a complex horizontal lift on the floor with live musicians in the background, captured in a striking photo.

Wedding Dancing Photos In A Dorset Barn

Then, when we thought it was not possible, the party changed up another gear! Chairs were whisked away to make way for the dancing guests. Who, pretty much spent the rest of the evening fuelled by amazing food and the love and energy of the day having it large on the dancefloor. The plus ones were certainly loving the vibe. Vadia not only threw her bouquet but had her garter torn from her thigh by Scott’s teeth!

Night Time Wedding Couple Photographs

We decided that after all that dancing now would be a good time for 10 minutes of calm. And slipped the happy couple out of the back door to the flower meadow for some flash-lit couple shots under the epic starry sky.

Upon their return, a conga line formed and the dancing went even more wild! As Murray covered the dancefloor shenanigans. I followed Vadia and a friend outside. They practiced a bit of calming acro yoga in the cold night air!

A monochrome photograph of two people dancing on wedding dancefloor, highlighted by contrasting light and shadow.
Two people dancing at their marshwood manor wedding with a live band playing in the background, illuminated by blue stage lights.
A monochrome photograph capturing a group of people dancing and celebrating indoors in a conga line at a Marshwood Manor wedding, with string lights overhead, creating a festive atmosphere.
A person standing under a tree illuminated at night with a starry sky in the background.
Silhouetted bride adn groom with a light source behind them, creating a sparkling confetti effect around their profiles.
Bride dancing joyfully at a Marshwood Manor wedding with live music in the background.
Bride white wedding dress performing acroyoga move with a backlit outdoor restaurant creating a silhouette effect in a Dorset photo.
Bride performs a supported acroyoga backbend in a dimly lit event space at Marshwood Manor in Dorset, adorned with string lights and tables set for a wedding, ready for photographs.
bride and groom sharing a dance in a dimly lit room at Marshwood Manor, viewed from outside through a window.
A couple on the dance floor in elegant attire at Marshwood Manor wedding in Dorset, illuminated by dramatic backlighting for a photo.

Amber Dust Wedding Ceremony

The plus ones finished their set with some high-energy classics and as it was now midnight, it was time for the last Lithuanian tradition of the day.

Outside a fire pit crackled invitingly, casting a warm glow on a unique Lithuanian ritual – the amber dust blessing. For those of you not familiar with his tradition it is amazing, not just visually spectacular but utterly heartwarming. Guests would approach the fire one by one. They’d take a handful of amber dust, make a wish for the newlyweds, and throw the dust into the flames. This created a spectacular ball of fire. Guests, enveloped in the mystical smoke, showered the couple with good luck and prosperity. All accompanied by a captivating performance by a Diva playing guitar filling the air with gentle soulful melodies

A person playing guitar by a fire pit with flames leaping into the air, capturing photographs at a Marshwood Manor wedding.
Group of people enjoying a bonfire at a night-time outdoor gathering with string lights and live guitar music, with photographs capturing the memorable moments at Marshwood Manor Wedding.

Vadia & Scott’s Marshwood Manor Wedding: A Day to Remember

Vadia and Scott’s wedding day was a story of love, laughter, and a dash of Lithuanian tradition. From the heartwarming ceremony to the firelit revelry, every moment pulsed with joy.

As ever-present wedding photographers we, were honoured to capture the essence of this beautiful celebration. We wish Vadia and Scott a lifetime of happiness together, their love story forever etched in the memories we helped create.

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