Lizzie and Ben’s engagement photoshoot in the Dorset countryside was full of happiness and laughter. Their wedding at Hethfelton House was on the next level.

Wedding at Hethfelton House venue in the Dorset countryside

Hethfelton House Wedding Morning Photographs

We arrived at this stunning Dorset Manor house to find Lizzie and the girls already busy with the bridal preparations. The ever-talented Tara Sanger had set up next to a corner window, styling the wedding makeup.

Joined by the chaps from Bride and Zoom we quickly scoped locations, light, and details. All would feature in this wedding at Hethfelton House

Within the stately rooms, bridal accessories were found everywhere. Helium balloons, custom facemasks, bags, pink silk dressing gowns, coat hangers, and the girl’s dresses (from Minster Bridal) hanging in the bridal suite.

Dusty pink bridesmaids dresses hanging with wedding dress in window

Laughing bride on wedding morning with gifts and mother crying

Rim lit reflection of bride on wedding morning with champagne glass

Laughing bridesmaid reflection photo of wedding hair styling in mirror

Rim lit bridal makeup styling makeup wedding photograph

Bride's mother watches wedding morning preparations at Hethfelton House

Lizzie was full of nervous energy. This soon transferred to the girls as they whizzed about the place. All the time under the watchful, if not tear-filled eyes of Lizzie’s mother.

As hair and makeup progressed Lizzie and her mum took some time to check out the extensive wedding details and floral decorations. The wedding bouquets had been delivered by Floral Couture by Jay. He had outdone himself with these white and green creations, now sitting next to a reminder of Hethfelton’s links to Monkey World. A statue of an orangutan’s head!

Wedding flower bouquets with orangutan head statue at Monkey World wedding venue

Father of the bride relaxing on stately home sofa at Hethfelton House wedding morning

Exasperated mother with laughing bride at wedding venue morning inspection

Beautiful blonde bridesmaid on bed on phone eats popcorn during wedding morning preparations

Bride's hair is styled as she is watched by hair dresser on wedding morning

Black and white bridesmaid portrait photo shoot through photo

Bridesmaids in pink silk pyjamas chatting on covered four poster bed on wedding morning

Blonde bride laughing in mirror reflection during wedding hair styling

bridesmaid smile portrait photo in reflection of makeup mirror

Happy bride is surrounded by bridesmaids touching her wedding hair

Bride's Grandfather wedding ready at Hethfelton House wedding morning

Bride's grandfather exposes himself to the bride adn her mother on wedding morning at Dorset country house

Before they knew it the bridesmaids were helping each other into their dusty pink dresses. With wedding guests now arriving across the grounds, they could ‘spy’ on them from the second-floor windows.

Still joking and laughing Lizzie and her mother disappeared into the bridal suite to put on her wedding dress. Now wedding-ready, with extra hairspray and perfume, she looked stunning.

Bridesmaids put on dusty pink bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaid spies on wedding guests from Dorset country house window

Bride reaches for dusty pink white lace detail wedding dress

Bride is laced into wedding dress as black and white photo taken through door gap

Laughing bride buttoned into wedding dress reflection in mirror photo

Bridal diamante wedding shoe is fitted, documentary wedding photo

Black and white wedding photo of bride with chandelier crown at Hethfelton House

Documentary black and white bridal preparation wedding photo of bridal hair spray

Her bridesmaids thought the same as they gasped, cried, and shook upon seeing her in her dress for the first time. Just when we thought things could not get any more emotional, alone with his daughter Lizzie’s father joined in with the tears and hugs.

Bridesmaids emotional reactions to bride in wedding dress on wedding morning

Emotional father of the bride covers his faces and peeks through hand on wedding morning as he sees bride for first time

Groom Preparation Photographs

No wedding at Hethfelton House would be complete without groom preparation photographs. Ben and the chaps were to be found getting ready in The Hideaway, one of Hethfelton’s lovely estate cottages. A bottle of Talisker was somehow magically emptying itself as braces, buttonholes, and bowties were donned. Now looking extremely dapper in their dark blue wedding suits the chaps gathered around the kitchen island to finish the bottle. Still cool as a cucumber, Ben opened his wedding morning gifts from Lizzie. These included an exploding confetti card and a classy analog wristwatch.

Groomsman checks his bow tie in oven reflection during groom preparations

Groom and groomsmen in blue wedding suits with exploding confetti card on wedding morning

With time spare the chaps headed down into the ceremony marquee on the side of Hethfelton House. They greeted the arriving guests, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of Keysworth String Quartet.

Hethfelton House Wedding Ceremony Photographs

One of the page boys and the six beautiful bridesmaids led the wedding party from the house. They walked around the gardens and into the wedding marquee. The sight of Lizzie in her wedding dress turned Ben to tears as she was led up the aisle by her father. The crying and laughter from all guests continued throughout the ceremony. All present enjoyed watching the exchange of vows, a couple of readings, and, of course, the first kiss. The newlyweds left to a standing ovation for a walk around the gardens after their wedding at Hethfelton House.

Bridal party walk through gardens at Hethfelton House wedding venue

Bride and father walk hand in hand to outdoor wedding ceremony at Hethfelton House in Dorset

Groom cries into tissue as he sees his bride for the first time at marquee wedding ceremony

Bride and father walk up the aisle at marquee wedding at Hethfelton House venue

Happy smiling blonde bride faces groom during civil wedding ceremony in marquee

Bride and groom's mother hold hands during emotional wedding ceremony in Dorset

Beautiful blonde bride laughing with registrar at Hethfelton House wedding ceremony

Exchange of vows at marquee wedding ceremony

Groomsman and father in blue wedding suits laughing during marquee wedding ceremony

Bride takes a deep controlled breaths during civil wedding ceremony in Dorset

Groom wipes away tears during bride's wedding vows at marquee ceremony

Bride and Groom wave at wedding guests as they walk away at their stately home wedding venue in Dorset

Bride and Groom walk through gardens at wedding at Hethfelton House in Dorset

Countryside Manor House Wedding Drinks Reception

By now the weather had started to turn with some moisture blowing in, something we had not yet experienced at a wedding at Hethfelton House. The wedding guests enjoying the sun on the patio moved into the marque, again entertained by the string quartet. The chatting, music and laughter could be heard from across the grounds.

Custom design script of wedding welcome sign photo

Documentary wedding photo of guests animated laughter whilst telling jokes

All emotions displayed by wedding guests with hands in handbag at marquee drinks reception with bridesmaids

Bridesmaid and wedding guest have funny conversation during drinks reception

Female wedding guests laughing at stories during marquee drinks reception

Wedding Confetti Photographs

With the call for wedding breakfast due it was now time for Lizzie and Ben to ‘walk the gauntlet’ of guests armed with confetti. This, however, was no ordinary wedding confetti. Every single petal had some sentimental meaning. Some were from guest’s gardens and ponds, some from gifts, some from meaningful locations and some from other meaningful bouquets.

Home made pink wedding confetti cones in wicker basket photo

Wedding Confetti photograph at Hethfelton House wedding venue in Dorset

Hethfelton House Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Inside the dining room, the tables were decorated with yet more white flowers and green foliage. White balloons, tethered with ivy hovered as centerpieces. Guests filled the room, guided by a mirrored table plan. They welcomed the happy couple with another standing ovation. It was at this point that we realised that Ben’s face had been lit up with a smile since the very start of the day.

Custom neon wedding surname sign glowing in floral hanging frame

Smiling wedding guests find themselves on the wedding breakfast seating plan

Bride and Groom enter Hethfelton House wedding breakfast to standing ovation

The guests enjoyed a scrumptious meal from The Salt Pig before it was time for speeches. Lizzie’s father led proceedings with stories of the past and jokes. He struggled to keep his tears at bay, whilst Lizzie was in floods. Next up, Ben’s best man had the guests in stitches and ben’s speech reduced Lizzie’s father to a pool of tears.

Bride wipes away tears during fathers wedding speech

Faher of the bride in pink bow tie delivers his wedding speech

Bridesmaid in pink dress crying at wedding speeches with balloons on ivy strings

Best man in pink bow tie and braces raises glass during wedding toasts

Groom touches his best man during wedding speeches next to window

Father of the bride crying into hand fanned during wedding speeches

Groom wearing braces touches the bride as he talks about her in wedding speeches

Groom portrait photo illuminated by custom script of surname neon sign

With the final champagne toast called we moved everyone outside for group photographs. Fortunately, the wet weather has subsided enough to allow us some time outside. The bridesmaids may have dropped Ben on his face and there may have been a photo-bombing competition between the chaps and the girls during.

Sentimental jewellery detail photo of pearl initial letter with blue gem heart tied to wedding bouquet

Hilarious wedding guest pretends to be trapped in Stately Home doors during group photos

Bridesmaids in pink dresses drop groom in blue suit during group funny wedding photos

White and green wedding bouquets on Hethfelton House lawns during bridesmaids group photos

Funny wedding photo of groomsmen photobombing bride and bridesmaids during group photos

Bridesmaids hold bouquets over their faces during wedding group photographs

Bridesmaids photobomb groomsmen during group photos with bouquets

The rain was still holding off. So we took the opportunity to take a walk around Hethfelton’s stunning gardens with Lizzie and Ben for some couple photographs. With 150 acres of gardens, woodland, and grounds a wedding at Hethfelton House should always include stunning bride and groom images. After their engagement session, they knew exactly what to expect and were so very relaxed in front of the lens.

Bride and Groom walk through gardens at wedding at Hethfelton House in Dorset

Bride in flower crown kissing her groom in blue wedding suit

Bride and groom hugging couple photo at Hethfelton House gardens

Bride and Groom on mowed lawns black adn white wedding couple photograph

Bride and groom laughing in pink rose archway at Dorset house gardens

Bride's look of love at groom in green foliage couple photograph

Wedding Evening Photographs

Back inside the house wedding guests were enjoying an evening drinks reception. A Polaroid camera was used to take ‘selfies’ in a balloon arch, which were promptly displayed in a frame. Milk and Two acoustic duo entertained in the marquee as the evening guests arrived.

Beautiful, happy wedding guest pegs polaroid photo to frame

Black and white photo of male wedding guests embracing at wedding reception

Milk and Two wedding musicians entertainment guitar singing at wedding

Happy bridesmaid in Dusty pink wedding dress with wings

The bar opened and one of the bridesmaids decided shots of ‘firewater’ would be a good idea before the evening’s festivities. The amazing wedding DJ Carlie from Luvwed was set up and ready to go.

Over excited gorgeous wedding guest photo bombs polaroid selfie photo booth balloon arch

Wedding guest laughs at bridesmaids reaction to strong alcohol shots at the bar

Cute page boy in braces and shorts carries ivy string balloon across wedding dancefloor

Custom printed glass screw top jar mug candles with wedding names and dates

Ben and Lizzies stunning five-tier wedding cake was then gently moved into the middle of the dancefloor by Hethfelton’s amazing wedding organiser Shelly and her team. After cutting the cake several times Lizzie and ben took to the dancefloor. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest they gently swirled around the boards to their first dance. A couple of surprise confetti cannons later and the room was filled with dancing guests.

Next, the DJ kept tune after tune coming, with the dancing becoming ever more extravagant throughout the evening. Outside some guests took a breather as the sunset and an evening BBQ filled the air with the smells of burgers.

Iced rose flowers on wedding cake topper with couple's initials

Bride and Groom laughing during cutting the cake with five tier wedding cake

Silhouette of wedding cake topper with graphic of bride and groom's initials

Rim lit bride and groom during first dance

Confetti cannon goes off during the first dance whilst wedding guest struggles with another

Bride's grandfather sings and dances with bridesmaid

Groom in blue wedding suit dances with bridesmaid in dusty pink dress

Wedding dancefloor reacts to DJ'd music selection on the dancefloor

Cute pageboy in braces and shorts in bow tie throw confetti on wedding dancefloor

Laughing bridesmaid with drink in pink dress dancing at wedding disco

Wild dancing father of the bride in pink bow tie with pint of beer

Bridesmaids in dusty pink dresses dancing to wedding disco

Wedding guest and bridesmaids drinking whilst dancing to wedding music

Best man is licked in the face by his girlfriend during wedding evening drinks reception

Blonde bride in flower crown singing to wedding music on the dancefloor

Female wedding guest in red dress pulls out dance moves at wedding disco

Documentary wedding Photo At Hethfelton House Of Bridesmaids Dancing

Bride and Groom Silhouette in coloured windows at wedding at Hethfelton House in Dorset

Hethfelton House wedding disco dancing coloured lights in windows

Wedding Sparkler Photographs

With the dark of night now upon us the Hethfelton Team helped organise a ‘sparkler exit’. This again involved Lizzie and Ben running the gauntlet of their guests armed with something different. The only exit they actually performed was from the gardens back to the dancefloor.

Wedding sparklers photograph of happy bride and groom sparkler exit photo

Bride and groom rin lit flash photo with wedding marquee lights and candles

Rim lit bride and groom during first dance

After two more couple shots, we left Hethfelton still grinning ourselves. Lizzie and Bens’s happy enthusiasm for everything was catching. The venue glowed with the disco lights in time to the music being played to the packed dancefloor. You can tell from the photographs that we simply loved this uplifting wedding at Hethfelton House.

Would you like to read what Lizzie & Ben think of their wedding photographs? You can see their review of our Dorset wedding photography services here.

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