Secret Proposal Photographs In Swanage, Dorset

When it comes to our proposal photo shoots we are known for our quality advice, guidance, and local knowledge. Back in June Tom got in touch to plan a proposal to his lovely partner Leanne on the Dorset Coast. Their summer plans to go to Majorca had been side-lined by travel restrictions. These were then lifted, then, re-instated. So after a month of planning, we only had two day’s warning that we were a go for their secret proposal photographs in Swanage.

Proposal photographs of silhouetted couple at Peveril Point in Swanage

Planning Sea Side Proposal Photos

Fortunately, Tom had chosen Peveril Point in Swanage as a proposal location (that they both loved). We had been practicing new camera techniques the evening before so were very familiar with it. Peveril Point is home to Swanage Coast Watch, above the most South Easterly point of the land. It affords stunning views back over the bay, the surrounding coastline, and sea.

Hannah and I arrived early so that we could set up ‘basecamp’ on a viewpoint bench next to the coast watch station. Dressed and posing as tourists taking photos of the view and each other we had great angles. Both on both the edge of the viewpoint and the path Tom & Leanne would be coming from.

Marriage Proposal At Peveril Point, Swanage

Tom sent through a warning text to let us know they were going to be early. Sure enough, they soon strolled around us heading for the viewpoint. We had suggested that Tom point out some details to look at in the distance. Be that Harry’s rocks, Bournemouth, or any of the huge ships floating about we will never know.

Couple walking to Peveril Point in Swanage with Harry's Rocks and Bournemouth in Background over the blue sea

Proposal photo shoot couple standing looking at the view over the sea from Peveril Point in Swanage

Once Leanne was distracted Tom scratched his head to let us know that now was the time. Even if we weren’t certain, his hand disappearing into his back pocket for the ring confirmed this.

couple admiring the scenery from Peveril Point view point overlooking Swanage Bay

Boyfriend reaches into his back pocket for engagement ring with sea views

Boyfriend goes down on one knee to propose as girlfriend looks out over the sea

Tom was on one knee for what seemed like forever ( actually only a couple of seconds) before Leanne noticed. There followed an unsure moment of time. As we continued to shoot the proposal photographs in Swanage you could have cut the tension in the air with a knife. Leanne was working out what was going on.

down on one knee on the edge of swanage bay

Girlfriend cant beleive what is going on during seaside proposal photographs in dorset

Girlfriend with hands on hips works out that her partner is proposing to her

Girlfriend sees boyfriend down on one knee for first time at sea side marriage proposal

Nervous fiancé reacts to wedding proposal in Swanage

Her entire posture and expression completely changed the moment she twigged… Even from the distance, we were both shooting from we could tell she had said a definite yes. We captured shock, awe, relief, happiness, hugging, and kissing, all within a small time scale.

Shocked girlfriend covers her face during Peveril point proposal photo shoot in Swanage

Peveril Point Swanage proposal photographs with man down on one knee next to the sea

Shock grilfriends covers her mouth at wedding proposal photo by the sea

Happy smiling girlfriend says yes to marriage proposal at Peveril Point overlooking the sea in Swanage

Girlfriend raises her eyebrows at diamond engagement ring held by boyfriend proposing down on one knee

Shocked fiancé examines engagement ring at Dorset seaside marriage proposal

Fiance laughing by the sea as she plays with her new diamond engagement ring

Couple kissign and embracing in the summer sun at Peveril Point in Swanage

Kissing proposal photographs in Swanage Bay, Dorset

close up proposal phot of couple embracign adn kissign with diamond engagement ring glistening in the sun

Proposal photo shoot couple hugging next to the blue sea in Swanage

Peveril Point Swanage engaged couple hugging with sea views

fiance examins diamond engagment ring by the sea at Swanage proposal photographs

Boyfriend looks super relieved after marriage proposal by the sea

After giving the happy couple a moment to celebrate together we introduced ourselves. We proposed (sic!) that we take a stroll around the nearby area taking some couple photographs.

The low light of the setting sun, the view, and the fact that Tom & Leanne were clearly in a state of euphoria made for some wonderful proposal photographs in Swanage.

Couple embracing by the sea photo from Swanage proposal photo shoot

Cheesy couple photograph taken during swanage proposal photographs

Newly engaged couple kissing by the sea at Swanage proposal photographs

Swanage bay pnoramic photograph with newly engaged couple by the sea

Newly engaged couple in semi silhouette embrace under the blue sky at Swanage proposal photo shoot

Silhouette photo of couple kissing at Swanage proposal photographs

Proposal photographs of couple overlooking Swanage Bay at sunset

Proposal photographs couple kissing at sunset over Swanage Bay, Dorset

Dorset coast photography of couple holding hands by the sea in Swanage

Newly engaged couple embrace each other by the sea as their shadows are kissing

Silhouette photograph of engaged couple with dorset coastal footpath wooden sign

Dorset coat path to Durlston stone sign post with proposal photo shoot couple

Coast path Swanage wooden sign pointing to kissing proposal photo shoot couple

Peveril Point, Swanage, Dorset proposal photographs

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