Studland Beach Proposal Photographs In Dorset With Kat & Ant

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Planning A Secret Proposal on Studland Beach

This is the story of Kat and Ant’s wonderful secret Studland Beach proposal photographs. It all started about a month ago. Ant got in touch about our proposal photoshoot services. He had read our article “What is a Proposal Photo Shoot and Why do You Need Proposal Photographs?” and thought the idea was perfect for him and his partner.

Getting to know Ant during the planning stages of the shoot was a pleasure. He (like his partner Kat) is so very full of love and fun – a cracking combination. After a little discussion, we decided that Studland Beach would be the perfect place for a proposal. They both love the beach and spend lots of time there together. However, Ant and Kat had been talking about getting married for some time now. So she may be expecting a proposal on the horizon. Ant and I would have to do our best to throw her off the trail and maintain the element of surprise.

Man and woman on a wet sandy beach at Studland Beach, Dorset; one person appears to be making a marriage proposal while kneeling as the other stands nearby.

Planning the Perfect Proposal: Setting the Scene at Studland Beach

Ant and I met one afternoon down on Studland beach, to any observer we would have looked like a couple of friends taking a stroll along the shores. In fact we were planning and scheming, shoring up the little details. Where was the best place for the Studland Beach proposal photographs? We wanted some shelter nearby in case of rain, with Old Harry Rocks in the background and a sandy beach to propose on. All of this needed to be done looking out to sea. As that would be where – fingers crossed the sun would be rising from. Ant had even gone as far as to book the wonderful wood-fired beach sauna to use post-proposal.

A Near Miss: Keeping the Surprise Alive at the Wedding Fair

Then a huge spanner was almost thrown into the workings. I was busy enjoying a wedding fair at Highcliffe Castle wedding venue Talking to couples who had booked the venue for their big day. When a couple approached me talking about their forthcoming wedding at Corfe Castle. I started merrily chatting away (as I do) about their wedding plans and our photography services. I suddenly realised that this particular lady’s partner was in fact Ant! Which would of course make her Kat. As I was putting two and two together I had to physically stop myself from using his name. I hoped that outwardly I hadn’t given the game away. As inwardly I think my brain stalled, reversed, and then jump-started again! As the couple left the castle I made a mental note for myself. I would now need a cunning disguise for the proposal shoot.

A photography display booth with wedding photos, a monitor slideshow, and an album on a table against a brick wall background.

Capturing the Magic: Proposal Photography By one thousand words

Fast forward six days and Murray and I are arriving at Studland beach. In the dark and cold wee hours of the morning, with excited anticipation, we strolled along the beach. We opened a hot thermos of coffee as we set the cameras up for the Studland Beach proposal photographs.

As we had taken into account large amounts of time for being sleepy in the morning we were quite early. This was pretty fortunate as so too were our lovely couple. The excitement had obviously got the better of Ant. The happy couple had appeared hand in hand on the beach, with barely any light in the sky. Now the forecast for this morning had not been good. It wasn’t so much a case of whether or not we would get a spectacular sunset. More a case of whether or not we would get rained on! But, with the Sauna booked and a lack of other opportunities, this was to be the day no matter what.

Posing as landscape photographers (with my face covered) we captured the couple’s antics on the beach together. Aware of the early timing (and hopefully the lack of light) Ant was clearly stretching this out as long as his nerves would let him. They walked up and down the beach, hugging and kissing, even merrily chasing each other.
Two people walking along a serene Dorset beach on an overcast day
Two people running on Dorset Beach early in the morning
Couple cuddling on a sandy beach facing the sea with Old Harry Rocks and cliffs in the background on an overcast day.

Pre-dawn Excitement: Capturing Studland Beach Proposal Photographs on Camera

I managed to ping a couple of messages to ask if everything was OK and this seemed to spur him into action. I think that neither of them tend to stand still for very long so Ant took advantage of a static Kat, looking out to sea.

Very slowly he edged back away from her as if to not disturb her focus on the horizon and lowered himself to one knee. Not only did Kat’s shocked reaction look amazing, but her cries echoed along the shoreline! Murray shot the scene with a wide lens, incorporating Old Harry’s rocks and the beach into the image. Meanwhile, I sniped the couple from a sand dune with a longer lens. Focusing on facial expressions and body language, getting as near as I could get without being noticed.

One person down on one knee suring a marriage proposal on a large, sandy beach in Dorset with calm waters and an overcast sky
A person kneeling on the wet sand of Studland Beach in Dorset, with engagment ring in hand as other person turns around and slowly reacts
A person kneeling on the wet sands of Studland Beach with an engagement ring box, capturing the moment of a secret marriage proposal as a woman stands a short distance away, coverinng her shocked expression

Laughter, Tears, and Haribo Rings: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Moment

For full comedy effect Ant had covered the diamond engagement ring with it’s Haribo counterpart. So we weren’t sure which Kat was most excited about! Excited noises, hugs, and kisses followed what we presumed must have been a resounding yes. We let the happy couple have a few moments together before we introduced ourselves.

A person on one knee proposing to a surprised partner on Studland Beach in Dorset.
Two people enjoying a moment on Studland Beach, with one person offering the other a haribo engagment ring during a secret marriage proposal.
Two people standing on Studland Beach with cliffs in the background
Two people standing on a wet Studland Beach in Dorset, with one placing engagement ring on the others hand during a marriage proposal.
Two people embracing and kissing on a sandy beach at Studland Beach in Dorset.
Two people embracing on a beach with wet sand during a secret proposal in Dorset.
Two people embracing on Studland Beach with cliffs in the distance, following a secret marriage proposal.
A couple walking closely together on a Dorset beach, smiling and enjoying each other's company.

With my cunning buff disguise removed Kat immediately recognised me and we joked about our previous encounter.  As we walked along the beach we all chatted about their exciting plans for their big day together. It was immediately obvious that Kat shared Ant’s zany sense of humour and bouncy energy levels. They really are the perfect match.

Two people embracing on a beach during a marriage proposal, with gentle waves in the background at Studland Beach, Dorset.
New fiances walking on a sandy trail at Studland Beach, surrounded by tall grasses.
newly engaged couple walking on Beach in Dorset with dunes in the background.
Happy newly engaged couple kissing on Studland Beach with dunes in the background
Two people walking on a sandy Dorset beach with seaweed strewn about and beach huts in the background, after secret wedding proposal photo shoot.
A couple walks hand in hand along deserted Studland Beach on an overcast day, after a secret marriage proposal.
Groom to be carried bride to be whils running on a beach with cliffs in the background on an overcast day

Post Proposal – A Newly Engaged Couple Photo Shoot On Studland Beach

It turned out that we really didn’t need to work a camera into the scene gently. Both Kat and Ant were naturals in front of the lens. With very basic direction we were able to capture the energy and emotion of the guys together after their Studland Beach proposal photographs.

Engaged Couple Photos In The Sand Dunes

We diverted into the sand dunes, taking shots between trees and from within the bomb hole. Both Kat and Ant demonstrating their silly, fun sides, completely at ease in front of the camera
Both Murray and I really enjoyed working with these guys. They would go from moments of high energy zaniness to calm emotional moments, clearly expressing their love for each other
Newly engaged couple embracing outdoors at Studland Beach, seen between the trunks of trees during a secret proposal.
Happy couple embracing in a natural setting at Studland Beach, Dorset, with yellow flowers and bare branches in the foreground.
Two silhouetted figures of newly engaged couple holding hands against a sunset sky at Studland Beach.
Newly engaged couple running on a sandy dune in Dorset under a cloudy sky, after a secret marriage proposal.
Newly engaged couple enjoying themselves on Studland Beach with one person leaping off the edge of a sandy dune while the other watches.
A couple embracing on a sandy path in Dorset, with dunes and overcast skies, during a secret marriage proposal.
engaged couple walking on a sandy path amidst dunes with sparse vegetation at Studland Beach, after a secret marriage proposal photoshoot.
A couple embracing on Studland Beach with Old Harry Rocks and cliffs in the background.
Newly engaged couple embrace standing amidst dunes with shrubbery at Studland Beach, over looking sea with cliffs in the distance.
Old Harry rocks cliffs in focus, engaged couple walking along studland sand dunes after marriage proposal out of focus.

Studland Beach Wood Fired Sauna & A Splash In The Sea

Back down the beach, next to the beach huts we were sheltering behind earlier, the sauna awaited. Yes, you read that right, Studland beach had a wood-fired sauna. Which, let me tell you is one hell of an exhilarating experience.
Two people holding hands in a secret proposal on Studland Beach, Dorset.
A close-up of a hand showcasing a ring with a diamond, set against a soft-focus background in Dorset.
Newly engaged couple showcasing their commitment with an elegant engagement ring after a secret proposal.

The wood axe caught Kat’s eye, someone suggested it would be fun to have a picture of her cutting Ant’s head off, and much hilarity ensued. This was not something we had worked into our plan for these Studland Beach proposal photographs!

Comedy engagement photograph of a smiling woman holding a wooden axe above a laughing man lying on Studland Beach, Dorset.
A couple kissing in the background beside a signpost with directional arrows to various global destinations, moments after a secret proposal at Studland Beach.

Beach Sauna Photographs

Now stripped off the newly engaged couple warmed their cockles in the sauna. From further down the beach I could hear their laughter echoing about. At some point they could no longer bear the heat. Looking considerably redder than earlier they exited the sauna. It was then that I think Ant dragged Kat into the sea and started splashing her with cold water. For a moment I thought this might be the shortest engagement ever! But then Kat smiled and gave back as good as she was getting.

Recently engaged couple sitting inside a small wooden sauna hut at Studland Beach, Dorset
Newly engaged couple relaxing inside a wooden sauna hut at Studland Beach, Dorset suring secret proposal photo shoot.
Reflection of a beach scene on a glass door, showing the interior details od wood fire in Studland Sauna and directional signs
A small wooden suna beach hut by a sandy area at Studland Beach with newly engaged couple at the entrance and a flag flying above.
Nely engaged couple running barefoot from sauna to sea along a sandy Dorset beach with beach huts in the background.
Proposal shoot couple holding hands and running along Studland Beach with waves gently lapping at the shore.
Proposal shoot couple wading through the shallow ocean water at Studland Beach, Dorset.
Laughing newly engaged couple embrace on Studland Beach at sunset during a marriage proposal photo shoot

As you can tell from the photographs, we loved making Ant and Kat’s secret Studland Beach proposal photographs. They are such a fun-loving, wonderful couple. We can’t wait to see how their big wedding day in Corfe Castle evolves.

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