Secret Proposal Photos At Durdledoor

Jan 30, 2024 | Marriage Proposal Photographs

Wild and Windy Secret Proposal Photos at Durledoor

The story of Sid and Abbi’s proposal photos at Durdledoor started months ago. Sid got in touch to ask for advice about a secret proposal shoot. When I say secret I mean really secret – so secret that Abbi would not know Sid (and her family) would even be there!

newly engaged couple walk along durdledoor beach hand in hand during winter sunset with sea arch in background

Planning a Durdledoor Proposal

We had months of planning the proposal photos at durdledoor. There were phone calls, emails, text messages, and a WhatsApp group. As well as applying for the legal license to shoot on the Lulworth Estate. I knew this would not be a normal proposal photo shoot. There was much more careful planning and logistics than is typical.

Normally, I try to keep a secret proposal shoot simple. This reduces the chances of errors. After the planning, on the day itself, the couple arrives at the location. They find the best place for a proposal. One partner gets down on one knee – job done.

For this proposal, Abbi didn’t know that Sid was even in the same county!

The Logistics of a Secret Proposal Photo Shoot

We made a plan. I would meet Sid at Lulworth Cove and drive him to Durdledoor car park. This way, no familiar cars would give us away. Next, we would then wait in disguise as hill-walking tourists. Finally, Abbi arrives with her brother and sister, who position her in the correct place.

Next, a ruse happens. The siblings pretend to take Abbi’s picture by the door, looking out to sea. As they do this, Sid removes his disguise and approaches. This had to be timed around both Abbi and Sid’s families. Both were driving from Lulworth Cove to Durdledoor. They would (fingers crossed) arrive after Abbi. They would then be able to see the proposal photos at Durdledoor from the beach overlook. Of course, Abbi wouldn’t know any of this.

Leading up to the date I kept an eye on the forecast. I was concerned about the wind. But, we had done all of the planning and the elements were in play. So, we decided to go for it. Sid was on good form and even had a selection of coats and a bunch of flowersfor the occasion! The wind and swell created spectacular white waves. We saw them coming in from the sea at Durdledoor car park. The white horses on the beach provided a stunning contrast. They stood out from the tones of the cliffs, rocks, and stones.

durdledoor sea arch beach photo shoot location at sunset on the lulworth estate on a winter's evening

Waiting For Proposal Photos at Durdledoor

It was a cold and windy day on the Purbeck Coast. We started the proposal photos at Durdledoor in good spirits. But, Abbi and her siblings arrived late. This had us trying to keep our spirits up longer than expected. So, Sid settled into his windproof disguise. On occasion, he dared to peer out from behind his wind blown OS map.

proposal boyfriend disguised as tourist iunder large red waterproof coat with map at secret proposal photos durdledoor beach

Adapting to the Situation – Plans Change

We could WhatsApp the siblings with directions. But, I could see they struggled to get Abbi into the space between Sid and I and the stone archway. After 10 minutes, we decided to take a big risk. So next I ran along the beach with my camera kit hidden under my jacket as Sid approached from behind. I had to run fast ignoring the stones in my shoes to place Abbi between myself and the sea arch. I then arrived just in time to catch the moment Sid reached his future fiancé.

girlfriend quizzical disbelief shocked reaction to boyfriend approaching on durdledoor beach with rough sea backdrop
happy shocked reaction to seeing boyfriend from secret proposal photos at durdledoor with rough seas
newly engaged couple marriage proposal under rock sea arch
wedding marriage proposal couple wearing long coats hug under Durdledoor sea arch on the beach
man on one knee for secret proposal photos at durdledoor sea arch in dorset at winters sunset

Reaction to Marriage Proposal at Durdldoor

As you can see from the proposal photos at Durdledoor, Abbi was shocked. She had no idea that Sid would be there, let alone propose. Shock turned into surprise and joy as Sid snuck to one knee with the engagement ring in hand. A resounding ‘Yes’ was heard and the couple stood hugging in joy in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I was completely focused on the scene in front of me. As a result, I didn’t realize how many others on the beach had witnessed the occasion. I only noticed when applause and whoops echoed around the cove.

engagement ring goes onto hand during marriage proposal with white sea backdrop
fiance points to family members at proposal photoshoot with wild white sea backdrop
family members watch secret proposal photos at durdledoor from clifftop
newly engaged fiance waves to family members watching dorset beach proposal from above
fiance's emotional sad face during secret proposal photos with wild white sea backdrop
secret proposal photos durdledoor sea arch stony beach on winters evening

Photos of a Family Celebration

Abbi proudly showed off her new jewelry and fiancé to her siblings. I approached to congratulate them all. I praised them not just for the proposal but for managing the complex logistics involved.

newly engaged fiance shows of diamond engagement ring to family members on beach all dressed in winter coats
The day, as I said had been very windy, with grey clouds reducing the light to a soft grey glow. As if fated a gap in the clouds appeared with the sun dipping into the horizon. I knew we wouldn’t have the light for long. It would get much colder once the sun dipped further. So, I had to politely hurry things along.
newly engaged couple enjoy dorset coastal views at sunset portrait photo from proposal shoot
tears of joy with family members from dorset marriage proposal photo shoot

Newly Engaged Couple Photos at Durdledoor

We took some couple shots with the Archway and on the almost empty beach. Family members who could tackle the steep steps down joined us.

happy laughing proposal couple photograph under durdledoor sea arch during rough seas and winters sunset
close up photo of newly engaged couple happy and hugging under durdledoor sea arch
newly engaged couple happy smiles are hugging under durdledoor sea arch on stony beach
fiance shows off her diamond engagement ring with durdledoor sea arch and sea in background
Dorset coastal winter sunset with newly engaged couple on the beach walking hand in hand away from camera
sunset view with engaged couple walking along durdledoor beach on the lulworth estate
happy smiling newly engaged couple holding hands under durdledoor sea arch on the lulworth estate beach in dorset
newly engaged couple kissing under dorset sea arch
secret proposal photos at durdledoor sea arch at sunset kissing couple in silhouette

With some group shots in the bag, we headed back up to the viewing platform atop the cliff. Stopping to embrace the stunning views over Man O’ War bay on the way. Back at the top of the cliff the rest of the family were full of congratulations and hugs.

newly engaged couple in winter coats smiling at sunset golden hour with man o war bay bin the background
fiances' dads watch marriage proposal from dorset clifftop at sunset
fiance hugs new father in law at dorset coastal proposal photo shoot in the winter
fiance hugs father at winter evening's dorset coastal proposal photo shoot
secret proposal photos at durdledoor of hugging couple enjoying winter sunset views
newly engaged couple pause on walk along coastal path with views over durdledoor sea arch at dorset sunset
panoramic photograph of durdledoor sea arch at sunset from proposal photo shoot
fiance gently removes hair from face during sunset couple photographs
secret proposal photos at durdledoor of couple kissing against low orange sunset

The happy couple wandered up the coastal path together. The sun set beautifully on one of the biggest days in their life story and their proposal photos at durdledoor.

proposal photos of couple walking hand in hand along coastal footpath on the lulworth estate at sunset
proposal photos of couple walking hand in hand along coastal footpath near durdledoor at sunset

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