Lulworth Castle Documentary Wedding Photographs in Dorset

So Kat and JP’s Lulworth Castle documentary wedding photographs have been kept a secret for too long! I mentioned in their Durdledoor engagement photo shoot at Durdle Door that if I told you their plans you wouldn’t believe me. Now you can see their fantastic wedding day in all it’s glory (and you probably still won’t believe me!). You can see more of our Lulworth Castle wedding photographs here or read our Lulworth Castle wedding photographers wedding venue review here.

Wedding Morning Bridal Preparation Photographs

I joined Kat and her beautiful bridesmaids on the wedding morning in Bishops Hotel (now Rudds Hotel) in Lulworth Cove.

yellow lemon bridesmaids dresses hanging in window

To say there was a buzz in the room would be an understatement. Most of the buzz was emanating from Kat herself. I had almost forgotten how infectious her fun-filled energy is.

As the girl’s hair and makeup were styled by Amazing Face (one of our recommended wedding suppliers) I noticed the bridesmaids’ dresses hanging in the window. Three different types of dress in three different shades of yellow.

Custom made white wedding dress hangs in window

The girls swirled about the room as the morning progressed. They were almost blurring around the bright orange and yellow wedding flowers.

Bright colourful wedding flower bouquet Wedding hair stylist adds bright colourful flowers to brides hair

With blue flowers in her hair, Kat surprised us all with her custom-made, one of a kind wedding dress with a cape to match. Supplied by the talent that is Faith Caton-Barber. If anyone could get away with wearing a wedding cape it was Kat  She looked simply stunning for her Lulworth Castle wedding.

Bright colourful small flowers in brides wedding hair Happy bridesmaids lemon yellow bridesmaids dresses wedding morning Happy bride puts on her wedding shoes on hotel room floor Chuffed looking beautiful bride portrait Happy bride fans out her weddign dress cape at bridal preparations

Wedding Morning Groom Preparation Photos

Meanwhile, Murray joined JP and the chaps over at The Limestone Hotel in West Lulworth. After his morning run by the sea, JP was looking particularly dapper.

Black and white documentary photograph of groom on wedding morning

The chaps all donned their matching yellow ties. After taking the obligatory selfies and filling up their hip flasks (a lovely gift from JP) with Glenmorangie headed to The Weld Arms for a well-deserved pint.

Groomsmen take delfies on wedding morning in Dorset

Again, even before the day had started there was such an incredibly happy buzz in the air. Wedding guests joined the chaps in the sun-drenched beer garden. Shortly they followed them on the short walk to St Andrews Church, sat in the shadow of Lulworth Castle itself.

Documentary wedding photograph of groomsmen walking to church Wedding guests walk through dorset countryside to church wedding Children play at Lulworth Castle Wedding wedding guests arrive at Lulworth Castle Wedding service

Lulworth Castle Church Wedding Ceremony Photographs

St Andrews church is a gorgeous stone built rural church designed by Thomas Hardy in the grounds of Lulworth Castle. It is surrounded by the green rolling hills of the Dorset countryside. Kat and JP (or Kitty and Fox as they were known to their friends) had organised a hand-drawn service program.

bride nervously enters church at Lulworth Castle Wedding Bride walks up the aisle at Lulworth Castle Wedding

Completely filled with wedding guests the church was home to Kat and JP’s wedding service. Hymns were sung from the bottom of the lungs and an acoustic guitar accompanying the signing of the register.

Bride and groom during Lulworth Castle Wedding service WEdding service at Lulworth Castle Wedding Walking down the aisle at Lulworth Castle Wedding

The ‘huggable vicar’ led the congregation through laughter and tears. I have to admit that it is the first time I have seen a couple literally ‘jump for joy’ on the way out of the church.

Wedding ceremony celebrations at Lulworth Castle Wedding Wedding confetti at Lulworth Castle

After emerging into a shower of multi coloured confetti a (surprise) Scottish piper loudly emerged as if from nowhere. He led the guests from the church garden across the way to the amazing wedding venue that is Lulworth Castle.

Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception at Dorset Castle Wedding Venue

Now Kat and JP must have spent a massive amount of time and energy not only planning but also implementing the plans for the wedding. All credit to Polly and her team from Blue Bay Events who put together not only the logistics but the hundreds of personal touches required to make Kat and JP’s wedding as truly unique as it was.

Lulworth Castle Wedding bagpipes Bagpipes at Lulworth Castle Wedding

Handmade signs greeted the guests on arrival, informing them not only of the occasion but also the running order of the festivities.

Lulworth Castle Wedding sign Wedding plan at Lulworth Castle Wedding

Out in the castle gardens the wedding guests were treated to a champagne reception. Beales Gourmet Catering served a tasty selection of canapés including slow-cooked belly of pork with rhubarb foam. In keeping with the kilted guests, Haggis and neeps on toast followed. For those who wished it, there was even an opportunity to have high tea overlooking the sea.

The gardens were decorated with huge, brightly coloured silk flags and massive balloons. This gave a ‘festival feel’ to the reception.

Wedding Guest Entertainment at Lulworth Castle

Kat and JP had made sure that there was never a moment in the day when their guests would not be entertained. As the happy chatter of the Lulworth Castle wedding reception drifted across the countryside guest’s indulged in games of hoops, croquet, swing ball and mini-golf. Bucking the tradition of a photo-booth and utilising the stunning venue, a camera with a picture frame had been set up for guests. They captured themselves sat upon deck chairs with the sea in the background as we captured Lulworth Castle Documentary Wedding photographs.

Lulworth Castle Wedding Flags view from Lulworth Castle wedding relaxing guests at Lulworth Castle Wedding Groomsmen pose with deckchairs for funny group photo Bride in white dress with cape and bright wedding flowers bouquet Bride and guest pose for photographs at Lulworth Castle Wedding Happy Bride and groom at Lulworth Castle Wedding Unusual throwing the bouquet photograph on stone steps

From a photographic point of view, I find it hard not to rave on and on about capturing Lulworth Castle documentary wedding photographs. Not only is the venue so full of character, light and detail but has been completely underutilised by its ‘usual’ wedding photographers in the past. Everywhere you look there are fascinating colours, textures, landscapes, light and architectural interplay. There is such a huge scope for rare images that would never be possible in other locations.

Lulworth Castle documentary Wedding photograph black and white Black and white wedding photograph at Lulwoth Castle

Lulworth Castle Bohemian Chique Wedding Decorations

Inside the main hall, the wedding breakfast tables were a sight to behold. The clean white linen in contrast with the rugged red and grey brick and stone. Each table sported a custom ink print of the animal-based table name, Kitty and Fox chocolate bars and personalised menus. The room was full of flowers. Everywhere you looked there was a watering can, retro fruit box or vase containing brightly coloured specimens.

Lulworth Castle Wedding Tables lay out Comfort of Cake wedding table name sign in wood on plastic grass Lulworth Castle Wedding breakfast set up Custom designed wedding menu and custom designed wedding chocolate memory painting board to entertain wedding guests

With personal touches everywhere we were still surprised to see that Kat and JP had taken the time to write a sentence about each of their guests in their “The one” scroll. This hung on the wall next to a ‘paint a memory for Kitty and Fox’ canvas. This faced a string of photographs from Kats past (including a cringing gratuitous soft-focus studio headshot!).

Lulworth Castle Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Guests were called in from the gardens for wedding breakfast. With champagne close to hand they were treated to some hilarious wedding speeches. Beales Gourmet Catering then served a huge paella and wedding breakfast BBQ. Each table had its own ‘colour a Kitty’ with coloured pens. There were comic book postcards for writing heart-felt messages to the bride and groom. The personal touches even went as far as ‘use what you need’ hamper in the toilets!

Wedding seating plan made from picture frame with ribbons Lulworth Castle Wedding Speeches Lulworth Castle Wedding speeches reaction Lulworth Castle Wedding best man's speech Wedding guest shocked face during wedding speeches Wedding guests cry during speeches at Lulworth Castle Wedding Bride with pictures coloured in by child wedding guests

Now even the grand castle, the amazing wedding breakfast set up or the flowers and candles could not distract from the wedding cake. Kat’s mother had outdone herself. I think she told me she had been baking constantly for about three months! Five different layers of sponges were covered in bright fruit and flowers.

Naked sponge wedding cake decorated with bright coloured flowers Happy Couple cutting their brightly coloured floral wedding cake

Evening Reception and First Dance Photographs

Once the cake was cut it was time for the cocktail bar to open. With mirrored menu’s we knew the guests were not going to go thirsty. Whilst waiting for their liquid creations guests were treated to a home movie from Kat and JP’s past.

Wedding Cocktail menu on detailed circular mirror

As the sunset outside the guests gathered around the dance floor. They watched Kat and JP spin about the room in their fun-filled energetic style for their first dance.

Lulworth Castle wedding first dance Lulworth castle first dance wedding photography

From this point on dancing was constant! The Arish Mel English Ceilidh Band had set up and then led a fantastically frenetic dance. With just enough time to catch their breath, the guests were treated to an incredible DJ set from Jesse Baines.

Lulworth Castle Wedding bride dancing Lulworth castle wedding evening dancing

I couldn’t help but notice that the DJ had set up behind a screen decorated with none other than a beautiful Kitty and Fox graphic painting. The happy couple and their guests cranked the dancing up a gear. There wasn’t a person in the castle without a huge grin on their face.

Lulworth Castle Wedding DJ Dancing at Lulworth Castle Wedding Lulworth castle wedding guests in evening Lulworth Castle wedding dancing photograph

We took the opportunity to steal Kat and JP away into the fresh air outside and capture the gorgeous up lit castle at night

Lulworth castle wedding photograph at night

As we were leaving I noticed a detail that summed the day up for me. Sat on the cocktail bar, surrounded by laughing, dancing and drinking guests were a set of napkins. These were completed with a Kitty and Fox emblem. Such a fun-filled personalised Lulworth Castle wedding day.

You can see what Kat and JP thought of our Dorset documentary wedding photography services in their review of Lulworth Wedding Photographers.


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