Pirate Themed Wedding Photographs at Lulworth Castle Wedding Venue in Dorset

We love working as Lulworth Castle wedding photographers, this pirate themed wedding has to be seen to be believed! After meeting for their Durlston Country Park engagement photos we were excited to be photographing their wedding. You can see more of our Lulworth Castle wedding photographs here.

We arrived at The Lindens, a manor house in Lulworth on the morning of this fun and rum filled, pirate themed wedding. The bride and groom’s party’s were in the house. The bride’s confined to the upstairs large bedroom and the groom’s downstairs.

Lulworth Castle Wedding Bridal Preparation Photographs

Zoya has to be one of the most enthusiastic brides we have ever worked with. If she was not laughing, hugging or dancing she was bouncing about the room in excitement for the day ahead.

Upstairs in the main bedroom Tara Sanger make-up artist busily styled wedding make-up. The six bridesmaids were almost as effervescent as Zoya and merrily got on with their morning preparations while Laura Mackenzie worked her magic with wedding hair.  The room was a buzz for the entire morning. JP scored some serious brownie points with floral gifts for the bridesmaids and a pile of presents for Zoya (it looked like Christmas!).

Bridesmaid has makeup done on morning in front of window
Bride writing down her vows during morning preparation
Framed photograph recreated on wedding morning
Bridesmaids in blue pyjamas look on as bride has hair styled
laughing bride during wedding morning preparation
Brides eyes in compact mirror on morning of Lulworth castle wedding
Sitting bridesmaid on morning of Lulworth castle wedding
Bridesmaids look on while bride has hair styled
Brides reaction as bridesmaid flashes her before Lulworth castle wedding
Bride with card from husband to be on morning of Lulworth castle wedding
Bride smells wedding gift tea on morning of Lulworth castle wedding

Downstairs Zoya’s sister had snuck out of the proceedings. We found her teaching wedding guests the dance moves required for a planned flash mob dance.

In the en suite bathroom hung a variety of dusty green bridesmaids dresses surrounding Zoya’s incredibly bridal gown. Zoya had chosen a gorgeous Charlotte Balbier Bridal 2017 sleeveless ball gown wedding dress (Untamed Love). This floral print work of art also included pockets!

Bridesmaids and Brides dresses hang in the bathroom
Colorful bride and bridesmaids bouquets in bathroom
Colorful bridal bouquet on morning of Lulworth castle wedding

To add into the mix Zoya also had an artist illustrate her white Converse trainers with scenes from the planned wedding.

With the bridesmaids now looking amazing in their green dresses they helped Zoya into her work of art. She emerged looking stunning. The colours of the dress and wedding flowers wonderfully reflecting the joy being felt by all.

Bride holds floral wedding dress with bridesmaids before Lulworth castle wedding
Bride with floral wedding dress on morning of Lulworth castle wedding
One bridesmaid helps helps another with her dress at Lulworth castle wedding
Bride in floral wedding dress in mirror on morning of Lulworth castle wedding
Bridesmaid in pale green dress receives wedding gift
Bride ascends stairs on morning of Lulworth castle wedding

Pirate Themed Wedding Groom Preparation Photographs

Quite soon after we arrived the Gents were quickly donning there kilts. Their look was completed with sporrans and traditional Jacobian shirts. JP also donned a long sword and Tartan sash. Once all the groomsmen were ready they all took the short walk to the Weld Arms Pub. They enjoyed a hearty breakfast, accompanied by Rum the Chow Chow. With bellies full and a quick toast to the groom they headed out on the final part of their journey another short walk up the drive to Lulworth Castle Wedding venue. A couple of the kilt wearing groomsmen couldn’t resist stopping for pictures in the stocks outside.

Kilt wearing groom and groomsmen prepare before lulworth castle wedding
The groom and members of his party in front of house
Kilt wearing groom and groomsman with dog walking down road
The groomsmen say hello to one of the younger guests before Lulworth castle wedding
The Weld Arms pub sign on brick wall near Lulworth castle
Groundsmen groomsmen enjoy a hearty breakfast before Lulworth castle wedding
Groom raises his glass with groomsmen on morning of Lulworth castle wedding
Groom leads his party up the driveway at Lulworth castle wedding

Lulworth Castle Wedding Venue Photographs

Inside the castle the final touches to the pirate themed wedding were being applied to this wonderful venue by Linen & Lace  and Clair Lythgoe wedding florist.  In the main hall way was a small pool of cork and paper sail ships. The ship’s sails had the names of the guests on and would tell them where they would be sitting later (via the custom illustrated pirate map).

Seating plan rules chalkboard at pirate theme wedding
Decorated ceremony room at Lulworth castle wedding
Chalkboard and confetti cones at Lulworth castle wedding
Order of the day cards from Lulworth castle wedding

Clair Lythgoe herself describes the floral arrangements better than we could ever:  “In the ceremony room every chair along the aisle had a painted mason jar packed full of coral blooms & wispy foliage. In the dining room floral centrepieces were packed with textured coastal foliage & floaty grasses. Plump white hydrangea, large coral peonies & peach roses were off set by blue thistles and wispy nigella heads. The finishing touches were trailing lime green amaranthus, mimicking sea weed, with lots more hanging driftwood with shells”.

Custom designed flag flies out side Lulworth castle wedding

Ruined castle hall wedding breakfast set up with orange and blues at Lulworth Castle wedding
Lulworth Castle wedding breakfast room with oranges and blues and Chinese lanterns and suit of armour
The Kraken spiced rum bottle candle holders at pirate themed wedding

JP and his groomsmen greeted guests as they arrived. JP met with the registrars, completed his interview and took his place at the front of the ceremony room. Surrounded by exposed stone and brick he waited accompanied by his trusty dog Rum who was also sporting a kilt!

The bridesmaids and Zoya arrived in Lucy a powder blue an ivory VW van from Dorset Dub Hire. Tom from Mills Films was ready to capture this moment with his drone. Zoya made her way up the stone staircase at the front of the castle greeting her bridesmaids in the hallway.

Five bridesmaids arrive at Lulworth castle wedding
Bride comes up the driveway in Volkswagen but at Lulworth castle wedding
Bride in floral print wedding dress is helped out of van
Bride in floral wedding dress climbs staircase at Lulworth castle wedding
Bride in floral wedding dress trough doorway at Lulworth castle wedding
Bride is greeted by bridesmaid in hallway at Lulworth castle wedding

Lulworth Castle Wedding Ceremony Photographs

The page boys and flower girl walked in carrying messages in front of them. The bridesmaids were next and were escorted down the aisle by the kilt wearing groomsmen. Finally Zoya made her own way down the aisle with the long train from her dress flowing behind her.

Bridesmaid in pale green dress enters the ceremony room at Lulworth castle wedding
Bridesmaid is escorted down the aisle at Lulworth castle wedding
Beautiful bridesmaid in dusty green bridesmaids dress carries blue orange and white wedding bouquet
Flower girl carries Here Comes The Bride sign at Lulworth Castle wedding ceremony
Bride enters wedding ceremony in ruined stone castle wedding venue in Dorset
First look photograph of teary groom in traditional Scottish wedding outfit at Lulworth Castle

We were treated a heartfelt civil ceremony full of laughter, smiles and tears during which the wedding rings were produced in small barrel ring boxes. The couple made there promises and literally danced back down the aisle accompanied by applause and cheers from the guests.

Bridesmaid laughs and wedding guests cry at civil wedding ceremony in ruined castle
Civil weddign ceremony photograph in Lulworth Castle wedding venue in Dorset
Happy bride in floral wedding dress at Lulworth Castle civil wedding ceremony

Bride and groom in kilt kiss at ruined castle wedding ceremony in Dorset photograph
Bride in floral wedding dress and groom in kilt embrace at Lulworth Castle wedding ceremony
Wedding party celebrate wedding ceremony with dancing at Lulworth Castle
Bride in floral dress and groom in kilt walk down the aisle at Lulworth Castle wedding venue

Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception Photographs

We gathered the guests on the stairs armed with confetti which was launched into the air as the happy couple descended. After a number of group photos everyone walked through the rose garden to the rear of the castle where lawn games were played. They were invited to ‘Pimp their Prosecco’ while enjoying canapés supplied by Beale’s Gourmet catering.

Waving wedding guests outside Lulworth Castle wedding venue in Dorset
Children play in the grounds of Lulworth Castle wedding venue in Dorset
Bride and groom with dog walk through the grounds of Lulworth Castle wedding venue
Bride and groom drink champagne with bubbles and bouncy castle in Dorset
Bridesmaid against ruined castle walls and staircase at Lulworth Castle wedding venue
Pimp your Prosecco cocktails with sparkles and balls as wedding drinks

Wedding guests kiss happy bride in front of Chinese lanterns at Lulworth Castle
Groomsman in Jacobian shirt, waistcoat and kilt at Lulworth Castle kilted wedding
Reflection portrait of child wedding guest in mirror topped table at Lulworth Castle
Groom in Jacobian shirt raises a bottle of beer at Lulworth Castle wedding in Dorset
Black and white wedding photograph of bride and groom with cocktails in old castle in Lulworth, Dorset

Lulworth Castle Wedding Speeches Photographs

The guests were then instructed on how to find their pirate ship and take their places for the wedding breakfast. With everyone in place the happy couple danced their way into the room to rapturous applause and much cheering. JP gave a speech thanking everyone for making the day possible and did not forget to mention his new wife!

Bride and groom make dramatic entrance to wedding breakfast at Lulworth Castle wedding
Bride reacts to groom's wedding speech in ruined castle wedding venue in Dorset
Groomsman in Jacobian shirt and waistcoat toasts wedding speeches at Lulworth Castle

He gave her yet another present…. a personal megaphone!!! This was used to both comment on and heckle his speech. Other speeches took place in a ad hoc style during the wedding breakfast. As wedding photographers we really needed to be on point ready to capture images of said speeches. The final one turned into a flash mob dance routine! The finale to the speeches was delivered by two of the youngest guests. They had a message for the newly-weds written on the back of their boxer shorts.  With a lift of their kilts were exposed to the bride and groom. At this point the entire room was in hysterics.

Wedding guest makes emotional wedding speech at Lulworth Castle wedding venue
Bridesmaid makes emotional wedding speech at Lulworth Castle wedding in Dorset
Groomsman in kilt makes wedding speech at Lulworth Castle wedding in Dorset
Groomsman and bridesmaid wedding speech at Lulworth Castle wedding breakfast
Bridesmaid in dusty pink bridesmaid dress makes speech at Lulworth Castle wedding photography
Surprise flash mob wedding party dance for bride and groom during wedding breakfast at Lulworth Castle in Dorset
Wedding party celebrates successful flash mob dance at Lulworth Castle wedding
Wedding guests at kilted wedding dance around wedding breakfast at Lulworth Castle
Bride and groom shock reactions to child wedding guests decorated underwear

Pirate Themed Wedding Ceremony with Captain Jack Sparrow

After the wedding breakfast guests were invited back out onto the lawn for after dinner Rum and Cokes and were joined by Captain Jack Sparrow! Melo Sparrow, the UK’s no1 Captain jack lookalike was amazing, always in character and utterly convincing. Guests were encouraged to don Pirate hats, swords and pistols while drinking rum and cokes. The Bride and groom re-appeared both wearing incredible pirate outfits of their own.

Jack Sparrow talks to child wedding guests at pirate themed wedding
Bridesmaid in pirate hat and pink parasol at surprise pirate themed wedding
Wedding guest at pirate themed wedding in floral dress with pirate fancy dress
Melo Sparrow as Captain Jack Sparrow at pirate themed wedding with fancy dress
Groomsman in kilt sword fights children at outdoor pirate themed wedding
Wedding guests pose for photograph under pink parasols at pirate themed wedding
Lulworth Castle wedding venue in Dorset with outdoor Pirate Themed Wedding
Bride and groom enter pirate themed wedding in amazing pirate fancy dress

After being paid with a huge gemstone Captain Jack conducted a Pirate ceremony under a driftwood archway on the lawns, overlooking the sea. Zoya and JP disarmed and read each other their pirate vows.

Bride removes pistol and knife from garter at pirate themed wedding
Outdoor pirate themed wedding ceremony under driftwood archway
Wedding guests in pirate fancy dress celebrate at pirate themed wedding ceremony

Jack Sparrow cries at outdoor pirate themed wedding ceremony in Dorset

After much rum was drunk and sword fights a plenty Captain Jack posed with many of the guests for photos before rounding everyone up to come inside to cut the cake. From one side the wedding cake had coral coloured flowers running down the tiers and from the back looked like the front view of Lulworth castle itself created by Cake Luxe - Wedding Cake Design.

Wedding cake with rear half plain wedding castle detail with bride and groom

Pirate Themed Wedding Photographs - Cutting the Cake and Evening Entertainment

The cake was cut with a sword… of course! Zoya and JP shared the first slice before the rest of it was taken away to be cut up. All this had been going on while Captain jack had been entertaining the guests and even serving them drinks (only rum). Click it’s Photo booth was being set up as The Cover Up band had been sound checking on the stage.

Pirate bride and groom kiss with cake at pirate themed wedding in Dorset
Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike Melo Sparrow with illuminated letters at pirate themed wedding

Zoya and JP slipped away to get out of their pirate outfits and into something more comfortable. That is more suited to performing their first dance. With the guests gathered around the dance floor they performed a rehearsed routine in front of a huge Mr & Mrs illuminated sign from Dorset Giant Letters.

Bride and groom first dance in front of Mr & Mrs light up letters at Lulworth Castle wedding

At the climax of the dance the new Mr and Mrs invited everyone to join them on the dance floor which almost everyone obliged. As the sun set over the Dorset countryside we left this amazing couple and guests dancing away to the sound of the wedding band.

Bride and groom dance with child wedding guest on Lulworth castle wedding dance floor
The Cover UP Band plays to dancing guests in great hall at Lulworth Castle wedding
Groomsman in Jacobite shirt, waistcoat and kilt dancing at Lulworth Castle wedding
The Cover UP Band wedding band at Lulworth Castle wedding in Dorset
Wedding guest dancing at wedding evening reception at Lulworth Castle, Dorset
Bride and bridesmaid dancing with flowing dresses at Lulworth Castle wedding in Dorset
Wedding guests pose for photograph outside Lulworth Castle wedding venue in Dorset
Bride in dusty silver dress enjoys the sunset at Lulworth Castle wedding

After a day like this we can’t wait for our next Lulworth Castle Wedding. You can see what Zoya and JP thought of our Lulworth Castle wedding photography services here.


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