A Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding

We can’t that couples we talk to have never heard of Beaulieu Treehouse wedding venue. It is truly a unique hidden gem in the New Forest in Hampshire.

You may have noticed from our social that Muray and I have been busy with weddings (and our little growing families). Our blog has been a little sparse. If anything was going to tempt us back to blogging it would be to share Skye and Rich’s Beaulieu Treehouse wedding photographs from last year. The Anglo-Australian celebrations and wedding photographs started off in the finery of Careys Manor Hotel and then continued into a whimsical wooded wonderland.

Morning Wedding Photographs at Careys Manor Hotel

Skye and the girls we all on such great form. Jokes and laughter were the order of the day. The world’s happiest wedding hair stylist Kat fit in perfectly with the jovial vibes. Laughing away we worked around a crazy mixed bag of lighting within each room of the suite. After an initial lul the ladies were whizzing about the place with the morning’s wedding preparations.

Bride's relection in bathroom mirror and doorway black and white wedding morning photo at careys manor preparation photo

Bridesmaid entertains bridal party on wedding morning wearing spa dressing gowns

Wedding morning documentary wedding photograph of bride preparation at careys manor

bridesmaid laughing at careys manor mirror reflection hair styling

Flash lit flower girl's wedding hair styling black and white photo

Bridesmaid hair styling during wedding morning preparation photographs

Reflection photo of bridesmaid having makeup checked by mua

White silk wedding shoes with diamante and peal detailing photograph


Wedding Makeup Photographs With The Girls

Joanne Clare worked her makeup magic in the bedroom. Meanwhile, Chris & Kate, the wedding videographers from Spice Films arrived. We helped them find a suitable spot to film Skye’s gorgeous lace-detailed Sophia Tolli wedding dress. From the laughter that ensued knew we would be getting on like a house on fire.

Skye had chosen a wonderful mix of multicoloured countryside meadow flowers for her wedding day. The bouquet and corsage that arrived from Oh Flora looked stunning and filled the room with sweet floral scents.

happy bride in a black white wedding photo of makeup

Black and white documentary wedding photo of flower girl preparations

Careys manor hotel mirror reflecting white wedding dress hanging on carved woodwork

Bridesmaid's surprised face photographed on wedding morning

laughing bride reflection in hotel mirror wedding morning

Flash lit bride hairspray photo during wedding morning preparations

Bride emotionally hugs bridesmaid with gift on wedding morning at careys manor

Wedding preparation make up reflection of happy bride in hotel artwork

Bride's face reflected in makeup compact documentary wedding photo

Bridesmaid's happy face in mirror portrait photo wedding preparation

Bride smells multicoloured wedding flower bouquet

Black and white mirror reflection of flower girl putting in ear rings documentary photo

multicoloured flower wedding bouquet at careys manor hotel bridal preparation

Bridesmaid's multicoloured corsage is tied onto her wrist on wedding morning


On Goes The Wedding Dress

With time to spare the bridal preparations were almost over. Every bride we have ever worked with has commented that the morning seems to fly by. This was no exception. All that was left was for Skye to put on her stunning dress and leave the hotel in the luxury that was the wedding car provided by Superwed Cars.

[Want to know more about bridal morning preparations? Planning your own wedding morning? – see our Guide To The Perfect Wedding Morning]

Bride in white wedding dress reflection in full length mirror at careys manor hotel in hampshire

White lace detailed wedding dress laced up on wedding morning

Bride in white wedding dress leaves careys manor hotel new forest wedding venue

Happy bride and flower girl photographed in the back of a wedding car

Bride reflected in mirror in wedding car with chauffer in the new forest hampshire 1

Black and white wedding photo of contemplative bride in her wedding car


Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile, in Fordingbridge on the other side of the New Forest Rich and the chaps (and the giant, mega cats) were getting themselves wedding ready.

groom on the wedding morning holding huge ginger cat

Wedding morning pocket watch skeleton design held by groom

Bride and groom's names in magnet letters on fridge door

Two colours brown and grey of grooms brogue wedding shoes being done up on wedding morning

Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding Venue

If we were, to sum up Beaulieu Treehouse wedding venue in just one sentence it would be WOW! We know that is just one word, but no others are needed. Seeing the wooden structures jutting out of the woodland canopy evokes all sorts of emotions and childlike excitement. Bear in mind that today’s wedding guests had no idea they were heading to treehouses. You can imagine their surprise upon arrival.

Dapper Groomsmen Photos

Rich and his groomsmen arrived to check through the wedding setup and greet any arriving guests. They donned their suits and were helped out by family members and Treehouse staff with their ties and buttonholes. The sun was by now starting to break through the leafy shade and seriously warm things up. This was going to be a very hot day and in a three-piece suit, Rich was beginning to feel the heat.

Beaulieu tree house wedding venue in the new forest photograph

Bee on time wedding day schedule with clocks and chalk boards on pallet

Father of the groom has his wedding buttonhole adjusted at a treehouse wedding morning in the new forest

Groom crouches to have his tie tied at a treehouse wedding morning

Dapper groom wears grey tailcoat suit with top hat and cane arrives at Beaulieu treehouse wedding

Groom in grey wedding suit checks pocket watch in a sunbeam at his treehouse wedding

groom overheating in a three piece wedding suit at a treehouse wedding venue

Groom cooling his face with a metal hip flask at beaulieu tree house wedding photo


Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding Ceremony With Owl Ring Bearer

Skye and the ladies arrived in style. They crossed the ramps, platforms, and rope bridges to get to the ceremony room. Inside the virtual guests from Australia had also joined via Wessex Live’s wedding streaming service and their many cameras.

Inside the ceremony room the wooden structure looked almost as verdant as the forest outside. Our friends at The House Of Styling showed off their skills. The space beautifully decorated with green foliage, white drapes, fairy lights, log slices and wedding flowers.

In keeping with the theme Da Vinci, a gorgeous barn owl from Fab Falconry delivered the bespoke wedding rings (from Fanci) to the best man. The stunned guests were then treated to a heartwarming wedding ceremony with Skye and Rich reading their vows to each other and sealing the deal with an emotional kiss.

From here on in the celebrations started to grow and grow. The Royal T’s high-energy acoustic music played them back down the aisle and out into the blazing sun. Further, around the treehouses, the guests filtered out to lie in wait for the happy couple armed with confetti.

Bride wearing white wedding dress arrives at beaulieu treehouse wedding

Flower girl wearing a sage green dress walks up the aisle at beaulieu tree house wedding ceremony

First look wedding photograph at beaulieu treehouse wedding ceremony in hampshire

happy bride groom at treehouse wedding ceremony

Barn owl ring bearer landing at tree house wedding in the new forest

Barn owl ring bearer spreads it's wings at beaulieu tree house wedding ceremony

Barn owl wedding ring bearer in flight at beaulieu tree house

Smiling bride during exchange of wedding rings at treehouse wedding

best man and groomsman wearing grey wedding suits watch treehouse wedding ceremony

Laughing bride and groom hold hands at beaulieu treehouse during wedding ceremony vows

Beautiful blonde bride looking into husbands eyes during a treehouse wedding ceremony

Bride and groom's first kiss photograph at beaulieu wedding ceremony in hampshire

Live acoustic musicians wedding band play at treehouse wedding

Bride and groom leave beaulieu tree house wedding ceremony holding hands

Wedding confetti laughter bride adn groom in the new forest


Drinks Reception at Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding

Celebration drinks were flowing and we stole Skye and Rich away from their friends for couple photographs. Next, they proceeded to lead their guests through a secret door in the forest (thanks to Purple Door Props) and along a shaded woodland path. As the trees started to open out into a field we were all greeted by Da Vinci and his feathered friends. For a moment we all stood still, on a forest path, in silence, surrounded by stunning birds of prey. What an amazing addition to a wedding, the guests were so intrigued.

A Countryside Marquee Wedding Reception

Beyond the birds, Skye led the charge into a sun-filled countryside field, complete with a white Capri marquee (a big nod to the wonderful South Coast Marquees). The rustic decorations fit the vibe perfectly. Guests were able to escape the sun and relax on a hay bale or two from Bales 4 Events.


Beaulieu tree house wedding photo of bride and groom on a rope bridge in the new forest

let the adventure begin wooden wedding sign in a forest

Magical peeling green door in the middle of the new forest wedding path

Bride and groom walk wedding guests through the new forest woodland

Bride and groom lead wedding party past owls in the new forest

Wedding guests photograph a barn owl at new forest wedding

Bride in white wedding dress arrives at new forest field marquee wedding reception

Bride and groom lead wedding guests into marquee field wedding drinks reception 1


Wedding Falconry and Owl Photographs

Back with our feather friends Skye and Rich had asked for some particular images with the incredible eagle owl. In the heat of the day, we had a very limited time to shoot. We found that for both the couple and owl and calm was needed to achieve. Back at the marquee, we could hear the laughter and chatter of guests enjoying the musical stylings of The Royal T’s. Refreshing cold drinks from NJAC and tasty canapes from Ginger Catering Company were served. Children and adults alike enjoyed the giant garden games,

Miniature owls on a log at new forest falconry wedding

Groom eyes up an eagle owl at new forest woodland wedding

Male wedding guest holds multicoloured floral wedding bouquet

Bride and groom with eagle owl wings spread at new forest wedding couple photograph

Eagle owl watches bride and groom kissing suring couple photographs

Groomsman wearing too large top hat in summer marquee wedding drinks reception

Children play space hoppers outside sailcloth marquee at outdoor new forest drinks reception

Wedding guests play giant connect 4 wedding at outdoor drinks reception

Giant connect four wedding game with bride and grooms faces

Funny group wedding photograph at new forest venue

Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding Breakfast and Speeches Photos

An announcement to head backup to the Treehouses was called and the wedding party filtered back up through the woodland. In the shade of the trees, we shot some unusual group and family photographs, capturing everyone outside on the balcony from a wooden tower.

Rustic Woodland Wedding Breakfast In A Treehouse

Inside the main room, The House Of Styling and Oh Flora had created a feast for the senses. The wood/ greenery rustic feel stretched through the room, punctuated by floral colours and map detailed wedding stationery.

Entire wedding group photograph shot from above at beaulieu treehouses

Bride and groom kiss during wedding group photograph at beaulieu tree house


Retro world map wedding table plan love takes you to unexpoected places

beaulieu treehouse rustic wedding breakfast venue setup photograph

Wedding top table multicolour floral spray

Wedding map table place name with floral nature decorations at beaulieu treehouse


Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding Speeches

With coloured lighting and fairy lights, the wedding guests now felt even more like they were dining in a fairy tale. The wedding speeches were also fantastical. We are not sure we have ever heard (or felt) so much laughter and love in a set of wedding speeches. There were wails of hilarity, tears of love and joy, and yes – nipple clamps and a pie hat!

Ginger Catering we on top form, looking after everyone’s needs, scrumptious and amazing-looking food was served. Woodland plant pot chocolate deserts fitted in so well with the theme and provided amazing visuals.

Stunning woodland Themed Wedding Cake

In the background amongst the business of guests arriving, sitting, servers roaming between tables, speeches, and guests moving about stood the wedding cake. Helen Jane Cake Design had created a giant 5 tier work of art that fitted perfectly with the woodland theme. It almost seemed a shame for the happy couple to cut the cake. That is until we realized there were now 5 different types of incredibly scrumptious cake to be served.

Cute baby girl watching wedding speeches at beaulieu treehouses

Black and white documentary wedding photo of laughing wedding guest

Father of the groom with animated arms out during wedding speeches

Bride covers her mouth laughing during wedding speeches in new forest tree house at top table

Wedding guest laughing reaction to speeches at tree house wedding

Best man's wedding speech makes groom laugh at beaulieu treehouses

Happy wedding guest dancing in his seat at wedding breakfast

Wedding guest pulls a sad face whilst applauding wedding speeches

Laughing groomsman wearing grey wedding waistcoat makes speech

Father groom laughing at wedding speeches

Best man gives animated strip speech at new forest tree house wedding

Female wedding guest laughing at speeches

Pie hat nipple and clamps used during best man's wedding speech at new forest venue

Groom hides his face with a cringe reaction to a groomsman's wedding speech

Groom's speech at beaulieu treehouse wedding breakfast

Groom raises a toast during wedding breakfast speeches in a treehouse

Black and white laughing bride wedding speeches photograph

Bride's best friend makes wedding speech at beaulieu tree house

Best man wearing funny hat watches wedding speeches

Amazing plant pot chocolate wedding dessert

Bride and groom kissing whilst cutting wooden style wedding cake

Wedding guests drinking from a wine bottle at beaulieu tree house

New Forest Wedding Evening Photographs

Bride and Groom Sunset Wedding Photographs At Beaulieu Treehouses

The sun lowered in the sky hinting at a golden sunset, so we took Skye & Rich away for a chilled walk around a nearby field. These guys needed little to no prompting at all and looked incredible together in the orange rays bursting through the trees and across the Hampshire countryside.

Bride and groom couple photograph at sunset

Bride and groom wedding couple photograph at new forest sunset

New forest wedding sunset with bride and groom at beaulieu tree house wedding photo

beaulieu treehouse wedding bride and groom silhouette photo in field

Bride and groom hold hands at sunset in the new forest

Bride and groom in hampshire wedding countryside sunset photograph

Sunset flare with bride and groom kissing couple photograph

Bride and groom silhouetted at new forest wedding venue sunset

Bride and groom silhouette's throwing top hat at hampshire countryside sunset

Grooms top hat with feathers in hampshire countryside sunset wedding photograph

New forest wedding countryside sunset with bride and groom in silhouette

Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding Dancing Photographs

Back at the Beaulieu Treehouses the main room had been turned around whilst guests enjoyed drinks out on the balcony. The Royal T’s went from acoustic to electric. After Rich and Skye had their first dance the guests were desperate to join them on the dancefloor. Without the sun and a lovely array of outdoor lighting, the forest took on yet more of a fantastical feel. To add to this lightsabres started to appear. The happy couple walked across the treehouse ropebridge under a lightsabre archway. There is a sentence we thought we’d never be writing!

Wedding guests welcome bride groom onto the dancefloor in a tree house

Bride and groom's first dance at beaulieu tree house wedding

Bride and groom's first dance photograph with wedding band at beaulieu treehouse

Wedding band guitarist singing under multicoloured disco lights

Bride and groom dancing to wedding band under disco lights at beaulieu treehouse

Wild dancing wedding guests at wedding disco

Bride dancing under fairy lights at beaulieu tree house wedding photo

Children blowing bubbles at wedding treehouse dancefloor with multicolour disco lighting

Wedding guests pull each others fingers under multicoloured lights whilst dancing at evening disco

Wedding guests animated dancing under fairy lights

Happy female wedding guest wearing floral pattern dress dancing

Laughing female wedding guests dancing at disco

Wedding lightsaber battle between bride and groom at night

Lightsaber wedding exit with bride and groom at beaulieu tree house wedding photo

Bride and groom kissing couple photograph with flash rim lighting at beaulieu treehouse wedding photographs

Bride and groom kissing on new forest rope bridge with fairy lights at beaulieu tree house wedding venue in the evening

Beaulieu tree house wedding photo evening disco lights with groom in top hat and the moon

The moon came out, looking down on the partying revelers, and as we drove off into the quiet, dark forest we reflected on such a wonderful, fantastical day, so full of love and laughter – just like Skye and Rich.

Would you like to see what Lizzie & Rob thought of their wedding photographs? You can see their review of our wedding services here.

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