The Experienced Guide To A Perfect Wedding Morning

Wedding Wisdom

The wedding morning is one of the five key parts of your wedding day. Bridal preparation can take up to a third of the total time of your wedding day.

So much detailed planning goes into a wedding. The wedding ceremony, the drinks reception, the wedding breakfast and evening reception.

Less considered but as important is the planning that goes into your wedding morning. Bridal preparation is as fun and emotional as the rest of your big day and produces stunning photographs to boot!

% Time Spent Planning Key Parts Of Wedding
Pie Chart Of Time Spent Planning Key Parts Of Wedding Day
% Time Spent On Actual Wedding Day
Pie Chart Of Percentage Time Spent On Key Parts Of Wedding Day

Do you want to plan the perfect wedding morning? Use our experience gathered from decades of working with happy brides.

It is pretty easy to plan a fun, relaxed and stress-free wedding morning by focussing on 5 aspects.

1. Think about where to get ready.
2. Consider what to do the night before.
3. Choose who to have with you.
4. Decide where things will go.
5. Plan your morning timeline.

If you haven’t spent the last 20 years at wedding mornings you may wonder what to expect during bridal preparations. We however have. We know what works and what doesn’t work, what to concentrate on and what to avoid.

So we have handcrafted this guide to help you when planning a wedding.

bridal preparation photograph one thousand words

Handy Hint:

This post is best used for guidance, inspiration and reference. So have a skim through, bookmark the page and come back to it when you need it.

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Bride’s Quote

“Start planning my wedding super early. And over 1/3 planning time maybe to organise other items for your wedding like dress and accommodation and research for venues.

We Know What Makes a Perfect Wedding Morning

Spending over 1500 hours photographing wedding mornings and working with hundreds of brides makes us ‘wedding morning experts’.

Unlike other wedding suppliers, we observe the goings-on of a wedding morning. We know the whos, whats, whens, wheres and whys that make them fantastic as well as the things that don’t! We also get to work with our brides at all stages when planning a wedding so we can easily compare the plan to the reality!

Yes – we know we don’t possibly look old enough to have photographed about 400 weddings! You can read more about Murray and myself here.

The Importance Of A Perfect Wedding Morning

We see huge happiness increases in brides that have included the wedding morning when planning a wedding.

The easiest way to look at the benefits of a perfect wedding morning is to look at aspects of one that has all gone wrong.

Imagine leaving for your wedding:

Dripping in sweat

You feel annoyed and stressed

You aren’t happy with your hair or makeup

Everyone is hungry and your maid of honour is hangry

You and your bridesmaids are all running late

It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. Sorry for the horrible mental image. We don’t envy you with all the planning involved in your wedding but let’s make sure you start the day the right way…

Planning a wedding morning needn’t be an arduous chore. Once you realise what is actually important it’s actually quite easy.

Our insights will help you consider the things you may not think about and the unknown pitfalls to avoid. Using our handy hints you can make the wedding morning calm, enjoyable, and productive.

This guide will help you become the happiest bride you can be on your wedding morning.

Best wedding bridal portrait photograph happy bride in dress smiling

Bride’s Quote

“My advice to anyone planning a wedding is to make sure you spend time planning the wedding morning and give yourself longer than you think you need.


Throughout this guide, we will also create a checklist for you.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to take notes

You can download the full list here

Where To Get Ready For The Perfect Wedding Morning

We start even before you develop a timeline. A major consideration is the physical location’s effect upon bridal preparations.

The best wedding mornings occur in venues chosen using a bride’s considered needs.

These include the location, luxury available, space and light, the furniture and decoration.

Nowadays there are a plethora of venues available to you when planning a wedding morning. Some of which you may not even have thought about. Have you considered your home, a private apartment or house? Could you hire holiday chalets, a hotel room, or your wedding venue itself? These are all possible options.

Each has its individual considerations which we will break down for you:

Wedding Morning Location

The actual location of the venue is so very important on a wedding morning. Not only for logistics, or beautiful wedding photographs but for a relaxed mindset.

Real-Life Example:

Experiences of working in a boutique hotel come to mind. A beautiful, decorated room was not helped by its direct view over a dirty alley. The bridal party found the loud and smelly bottle bins incredibly annoying.

Do you love the sea? Do rolling green hills or pine forests relax your mind?

Your choice of location can go beyond the type of venue to the ‘feel’ of where it is actually located.

Something we always notice is the temperature of the preparation area. Extremes tend to have a direct effect on the bridal preparation.

Real-Life Example:

We have worked in many stunning hotels overlooking awe-inspiring beaches. In the hot summer sun, a room that is almost 30 degrees can turn your dream morning into a sluggish sweaty mess fest.

Equally as distressing for a winter’s bride was her not-so-cozy forest inn. Thanks to the malfunctioning heating system the wedding makeup artist couldn’t feel her own fingers!

A room of items to compensate for climate control failings can be stressful. Whirring fans or glowing electrical heaters can put a real downer on the wedding morning.

Wedding Morning Luxury

We recommend having your own version of luxury on hand on your wedding morning.

What would you prefer? – 5-star room service? Mum’s amazing buffet breakfast? A wedding morning swim? Not worrying about used sheets, towels and bins?

Each choice of wedding morning venue offers a different level of luxury. Let’s face it if there is ever a time to treat yourself this is it!

Speaking of bins, brides rarely think of bins! A wedding morning can produce a lot of waste, dress bags, old boxes, labels, used makeup pads etc. A tiny designer bin may look lovely in hotel brochure pictures. By the time bottles and wrappers are overflowing onto the floor, it can create stress you don’t want.

The level of luxury can also affect other practical aspects of bridal preparation.

Will your choice of venue accommodate everyone’s sleeping, showering and changing needs? How far does your wedding party have to travel to the next venue? Can they stay there the night of your wedding or do they need to move with their belongings in the morning?

Handy Hint:

On a wedding morning, it seems that everyone needs access to electrical sockets. Not only wedding suppliers for their equipment but bridesmaids for their chargers. So check that there are outlets for all.

Too many mornings we have watched bridesmaids attempting to skip over extension cables. Mothers have also come a cropper on unnecessary trip hazards.

Space And Light During Bridal Preparation

Consider the size requirements of your preparation area. Is it location large enough for your bridal party and wedding morning suppliers? They will need to easily move around you and each other.

Fortunately larger rooms tend to have larger windows with more natural light. This, of course, will help with weddign makeup styling and can make for better wedding morning photographs.

A wedding morning tripping over each other’s toes in the dark is frustrating. You need enough room to move about in your wedding dress without knocking furniture over.

Makeup artists and hairdressers are all about having access to natural light. Calm areas next to windows that people can move around without invading the rest of the room are ideal.


“Please make sure the hair and makeup artist has enough available natural light, electrical sockets & tables for cases  & enough room to move around their client, fresh air is always welcome especially now!

Make sure the bridal room is tidy at all times it’s amazing what you see in those prep pictures when your room hasn’t been tidied up!

It is also important to be up and ready, we work on a schedule and time is critical.”

Caroline Swaffield

Amazing Face

Handy Hint:

Don’t forget to think about surfaces for these suppliers to lay out their equipment. Would you rather have a décor appropriate table or an improvised box lid?

Furnishing And Decoration

In our experience, a perfect wedding morning involves an ideal amount of furniture. Comfortable chairs/ sofas for lounging and laughing. Stools and chairs for sitting during makeup and hairstyling. Tables for accessories etc.

Lots of clothing needs hanging over the course of a wedding morning. So dedicated areas and furniture to do so are a must. Once an item of clothing is properly hung you no longer need to worry about it.

White wedding dress hangs with silver bridesmaids dresses in mirror

Handy Hint:

Any dresses with visible creases can be hung if you choose a venue with a bathroom that includes a shower. The steam from a hot shower will help creases fall out without the need for ironing or a steamer.

How tidy and well decorated is the area?

A hair salon may seem like a wonderful idea. But think how it will look in your photographs (and the extra transport and logistics). Will there be rows of shampoos, stacks of magazines, adverts and other customers there?

Talking of mirrors. Does the venue provide enough mirrors? Are they moveable and well-positioned?

Stylists and MUAs prefer them on hand. The bridal party will want to be able to check their faces, hair and how they look in their dresses.

If you want to see yourself ‘wedding ready’ in your dress you will need a large full-length mirror to do so.

Happy bride in white wedding dress sprays perfume in ornate wooden framed mirror

Handy Hint:

Windows and mirrors look so much better if they are clean. Spots of dust and streaks on glass make it hard to see your stunning reflection. They will also show up badly in your photographs.

If you are thinking of getting ready at home do you want to have to tidy and clean? Do you want to move things around for the wedding morning and move it about afterwards?

When a wedding morning venue fits in with the ‘feel’ of the rest of the day it seems to flow from one venue to another.

Real-Life Example:

We shot a wedding where the entire wedding party had hired a ‘small’ Landmark Trust castle. It was in the neighbouring village to their larger wedding castle reception venue. Bridal preparation enjoying stone-carved luxury seamlessly transitioned into a day in grander surroundings. It was a great example of considering the morning when planning a wedding.

Had they chosen to prepare in separate homes or B&B’s there would have been a stark contrast in the narrative of the day. There would also be a major change in the mindset of all (as well as a whole new set of logistical challenges).

We, of course, are not saying that if you are marrying in a castle you have to get ready in a nearby castle. We are saying to be aware of the ‘feel’ and flow of the day. When planning your wedding morning it can affect everyone’s stress levels.

A brightly decorated modern hotel suite may again look amazing in their brochure. But is a mixture of neon blue and red really a calming influence for a wedding morning?

So to add to your planning checklist:


1. Location (how it makes you feel)

2. Views from the venue

3. The temperature at the relevant time of year

4. Luxury on hand

5. Size and Light of the preparation area

6. Bins

7. Electrical sockets around the place

8. Furniture – including hanging space, chairs etc

9. The decoration is in keeping and calming

10. Availability of Mirrors

11. ‘Feel’

Download the full list here

The Night Before The Wedding

When planning a wedding the logistics of the night before is often overlooked. But it can be essential for a stress-free wedding morning. Much like the ceremony venue is set up beforehand, the wedding morning can easily be set up the night before.

There are two main facets to this. Preparing yourselves and preparing the wedding morning location itself.

Plan to have everyone and everything in its place then you can focus on planning for you.

Everyone In Their Place On The Wedding Morning

Having those that are important to you arrive the night before a wedding really does help put your mind at rest.

Too many time’s we have heard frantic wedding morning phone calls about traffic delays. Strained conversations about last-minute parking or broken down cars add undue stress.

If your wedding party is safe and sound and all around they are not only easier to organise but you are guaranteed to sleep better (as long as they don’t snore too loud!).

You can also then run through the wedding schedule (a glass of wine may help) with everyone on hand. You are then all on the same page and have the plan for the big day fresh in your minds.

Handy Hint:

This is a great opportunity to present the girls with any matching clothing. They then have it on hand to slip into first thing.

Everything In Its Place On Your Wedding Morning

You can allocate a bridesmaid or two to be in charge of ‘where things go’ on the night before bridal preparations.

Have them lay out furniture, mirrors, dresses, shoes, accessories etc.

That way you know:

  • You have everything you need.
  • Where everything is.
  • You don’t have to do it in the morning.
  • There’s no need to think about them again.

Handy Hint:

Ask one of your bridesmaids to remove labels and tags from dresses and shoes. We are always helping to sort these on wedding mornings and it takes longer than you thing. If your wedding shoes are brand new they will need the soles wearing in to avoid slipping.

Focus On You

Yes, it is all about you! Yet feeling tired on a wedding morning helps no one. It’s tempting with all the excited girls gathered to have a grown-up version of a sleep-over the night before. We have seen first-hand the detrimental effect this can have on the mood of a bridal party the next morning. Trust us – it’s not worth it.

By all means when planning a wedding work in a wonderful meal, pampering session or treat yourselves. But watch the amount of drink consumed and try to head to bed early.

Almost every bride we have ever worked with has commented at the end of a wedding day how incredibly long it is. We guarantee that you will feel it too. You will have to dig into your physical and emotional reserves built up by a good night’s sleep.

It’s for that very reason that we ourselves never drink on the night before a wedding and always head to bed early.

You know the things that calm you and a little mindfulness always comes in handy. For us it is a good book, meditation, fresh air, and quiet, for others it’s counting sheep and warm milk. Plan to relax and be able to turn your brain off and have on hand whatever you need to do.

Bride and Matron of honor in mirror from Bournemouth Hotel Wedding

Handy Hint:

Try to sleep alone in a big comfy bed on the night before your wedding. A snoring bestie or bouncing flower girl sharing your room won’t feel great when you are still awake at 4 am. Also, add in earplugs into your emergency kit – just in case (we will talk about your emergency kit later).

So to add to your planning checklist:

The Night Before:

1. Where will the bridal party be and when?

2. Where does everything go?

3. Plan a chilled evening with a logistics run through

4. Pack and plan to treat yourself to a good night’s sleep

See the full list here

Who to Have With You and What Are They Doing

There are two types of people that will be around you on your wedding morning. Your bridal party and your chosen suppliers.

On the wedding morning, their roles are not as dissimilar as you may think. Hopefully, you have taken time to research your wedding suppliers. You have chosen them based on what they can do and how well they do it. Consider similar aspects when choosing your bridesmaids.

The aim of the game is to have a calm, yet fun and productive wedding morning. This works best if everyone knows what they are doing and when. There is no more planning (thank god) and the time is then yours. Especially if you also plan to deter unexpected visitors!

Your Bridesmaids On Your Wedding Morning

By definition, a bridesmaid is someone who helps the bride on her wedding day. That is exactly what they are there for.

So you don’t end up worrying or overthinking things assign control to your girls. Give them ‘roles’, ‘jobs’, ‘tasks’, or whatever suits them.

As part of your logistical wedding planning make a list of things that need doing (and when). Then delegate to your bridesmaids. Who is in charge of flowers? Where will they put them? Will they remember to take them out of the water 30 minutes before leaving?

Stunning wild flower bridal bouquet

Handy Hint:

On your wedding morning, you shouldn’t be ticking off a checklist or clock-watching. Have someone else deal with that too!

In comparison to wedding planning in the months leading up to your big day, the list of wedding morning tasks should be minimal. Good planning will help narrow down the responsibilities.

We can start your list off with the most common responsibilities:

  • Music
  • Vendor coordination
  • Food and drinks
  • Presents and cards
  • Flowers
  • Know where everything is and check it off
  • Looking after page boys and flower girls
  • Timekeeping and schedule checking
  • Bride Support
  • Wedding dress fitting/ lacing/ accessories/ jewellery etc
  • Label/ tag removing form clothes/ shoes etc
  • Tidying and cleaning
  • Emergency kit handling/ first aid/ medicines
  • Check the weather (for final decisions about any outdoor rain plans)

Remember – your bridesmaids may be able to handle more than one task each. You can also assign some larger tasks to more than one bridesmaid.

“Make sure someone is there to let us in to set up half an hour before the first appointment.

All of your wedding party need to know their exact times for hair and makeup so no stress is caused by latecomers.”

Elke Everton

Amazing Face

Handy Hint:

Even after the wedding morning, it is going to be a long day. Make sure one of your bridesmaids has charged your phone for you.

Your Wedding Suppliers

If you have chosen experienced, professional suppliers you shouldn’t worry about them.

Before booking you should consider what it will be like to have them around you during bridal preparation. Will their personalities, work style and knowledge will add to a stress-free experience?

“It’s so important that brides do their research for stylists that fit in with their vibe and have images of looks they love!

We love to be really personable and feel that our website shows we are ‘people people’ who love nothing more than to have a laugh with our bridal parties.”

Fiona Lucy Clarke

FLC Hair & Makeup

Handy Hint:

When looking at suppliers consider the way that they work and how it will fit in with your wedding morning.

Real-Life Example:

We have seen a single MUA ask the bridal party to wake up at 4.30 am so that she could finish all their makeup on time. We realised a team of two MUAs wouldn’t have needed to have started until 9 am!

Even closer to our hearts. A single wedding photographer cannot cover both bride and groom preparations fully. So should you be looking to hire a team of two photographers?

Your chosen wedding suppliers will need to know where to be and when. They should have requested any required information before the big day itself.

Good wedding suppliers work together incredibly well. They will relax your bridal party as much as possible. Try to create your bridal preparation logistics in consultation with them when planning a wedding. This avoids any conflicts in timings or requirements of bridal preparation.

You will find that many will have tips specific to their speciality they have learnt over the years. They can help the wedding morning flow perfectly.

Bride’s Quote

“Speak regularly to your vendors and venue to make sure timings etc are sorted so you don’t have to stress on the day, check in again a couple of days before the wedding.

Make a checklist!”

Bride and bridesmaids hair styled during bridal preparations

Handy Hint:

Allocate a bridesmaid to deal specifically with your suppliers, including the venue. They should have all their details and be aware of timings and requirements specific to them. Then you don’t have to think about it.

Unexpected Visitors

We don’t want to come across as mean but we have seen it so many times, and the detrimental effects it can have.

We know that they do it on a wedding morning because they love you and want to show you that they care. Aunty Julie and her four hyperactive children pop in followed by second cousin Charlie who is staying your hotel. They can cause more disruption than it is worth.

They are going to chat with you at the drinks reception. They will laugh with you at the wedding breakfast and dance with you later. Do they really need to distturb your calm during wedding preparations?

Making guests aware that you will be too busy to see them on a wedding morning isn’t rude. They will understand that there is so much to do and you want to stay calm and well organised.

Bride’s Quote

“Keep to what YOU want and not what everyone else wants because it’s yours and your partners day and no one else’s.

Now I’ve been through the process of planning I would always and now tell my friends do what you want.

So to add to your planning checklist:

Who to have with you and what are they doing?:

1. List tasks & responsibilities that can tie in with timings

2. List bridesmaids and assign tasks

3. Consider teams of suppliers

4. Let other guests politely know you wish to be left alone to prepare

The full list can be downloaded here

Where Do Things Go And What To Have With You?

It’s all very well knowing who is where and what they are doing. For a truly chilled wedding morning, you will need to plan what ‘things’ to have and where said things will go.

We will highlight those we have found most important for bridal preparations.

Plan to be organised and tidy with your preparation space. Choose your music, clothing, food, and drink. Decide on your clutch bag contents and your secret weapon – the emergency kit.

Where Do Things Go For Bridal Preparation?

In our experience, it doesn’t need to be as detailed as a place for everything and everything in its place.

But if you have a good idea beforehand of where you want things on a wedding morning you can reduce the risk of clutter. This prevents you losing vital items when you need them.

Handy Hint:

We have mentioned this before but it can make such a difference to your mindset. We really do recommend having one of your bridesmaids in charge of where things go during wedding preparations. You shouldn’t be worrying about ‘’things’ on your wedding morning. A well-organised bridesmaid can lift this weight from your shoulders.

“On a wedding morning, it’s very easy not to consider the small things like where to put your flowers when they arrive and space can really become of the essence!

Make sure there is space for your flowers to go, away from direct sunlight, or sources of heat. Keep the flowers in the shade or a dark room and as cool as possible- but don’t be tempted to stick bouquets, buttonholes or corsages in fridges.

Depending on how many bouquets you have ordered will depend on the size of the delivery box- but try to keep a table/sideboard/ or sofa spare!”

Lauren Challis

Concept Flowers

Real-Life Example:

We would love to say goodbye to the days of brides becoming frustrated by questions such as “are these my shoes?” or “oh my god the flowers are here – where the hell will we put them?” every five minutes.

Too many times we have seen a pile of bags growing in the corner of a room. Mobile phones are thrown about and lost and time is spent hunting for shoes and jewellery.

We realise we now sound a bit like our mothers when we were in our teens. But on a wedding morning, a tidy room really does make for a stress-free environment. It also makes a huge difference to the look of the photographs.

Handy Hint:

Hangers, you need nice hangers. Not only are items of clothing kept safer on hangers but they are easier to get to. Many of our brides delight in finding personalised wooden hangers. They look so much better than cheap plastic alternatives that tend to snap under strain.

What To Have With You For Bridal Preparation

As every wedding morning is so very different we look at the basics. Those things that if left out will really have an impact on the bridal preparations.

Wedding Morning Music

We noticed there was one thing that made a big difference to wedding preparations. From looking at the photographs, we could even guess which wedding mornings did and didn’t have music!

Creating your wedding morning playlist can be a great excuse for a ‘planning’ night in with the girls.

Think about what to choose and what will be going on at that time. When will you be craving calming tunes to chill you out? What songs take you back and get the party started? Music really can set the right tone for the right time.

Documentary wedding photograph bride bridesmaids dancing perfect wedding morning

Handy Hint:

Don’t forget you will need something to play music on that will come with it’s own considerations. Will it be battery powered? Will it need a plug socket? Will you use your phone and what effect will that have on the battery?

Wedding Morning Clothing

What do you want to wear during your wedding preparations?

Many brides choose matching sets of PJs, silk dressing gowns or robes that fit in with the styling of the day. Not only do they add to the group feel of inclusion in ‘team bride’ but they make for great photographs.

Bridesmaids in floral dressing gowns checking in mirror during morning preparations for Barn Dorset wedding

Handy Hint:

Choose something that doesn’t need pulling over your head. We have had to cut brides out of their t-shirts on a wedding morning to avoid ruining their makeup and hair. If your wedding dress goes over your head a satin scarf or pillowcase will minimise any damage.

Wedding Morning Food And Drink

Please, please, please don’t skip breakfast.

Your wedding preparations could span the time that your body is used to having lunch in.

We have seen sugar-low brides screaming at their bridesmaids. We have seen fainting fits in the church aisle. We have heard a bride’s stomach rumbling away during vows.


No one likes a hangry bridesmaid!

You can easily plan what to eat beforehand. You can even have a range of options available to choose from depending on how you feel on the wedding morning. Don’t forget to allocate the responsibility for food and drink to one of the bridesmaids or a keen mother.

Choosing some small, nibbly food to set out for bridal preparation is a great idea. It helps you not to forget to eat. If you get butterflies in your stomach you may lose your appetite. Then you will need reminding of the importance of sustenance.

Bridesmaids enjoy chocolate brownies food during bridal preparations

Handy Hint:

Wedding photographers tend to carry emergency rations at all times so don’t be afraid to ask.

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Yes, a tasty a bottle of prosecco has its part to play in a wedding morning, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

We have even seen brides suffer from dehydration as they were too worryied about needing the toilet to drink. No one wants to be jittery during their wedding service. Also, no one wants to be hungover before their wedding breakfast!

Handy Hint:

It’s a good idea to think about how you will drink once in your dress. Many brides pack straws for just such an occasion.

You may also want to practice going to the toilet in your wedding dress. We are told that the favoured angle of approach is facing the cistern!

What Is Going In Your Clutch Bag On The Wedding Morning?

The things that you are taking with you is often a decision left to the last minute. Watching a bride ‘borrow’ a lippy from the MUA, steal mints from a bridesmaid, and ram them into a tiny bag is painful.

Think about the things that you may need during the drinks reception. What will you want when you are sitting down for the wedding breakfast and speeches? What is useful between bouts of pulling amazing shapes on the dance floor?

Popular items are:

  • The same lipstick the MUA is using
  • Mints
  • A small pack of tissues
  • Mobile Phone
  • Cash – (just in case)
  • Room key (if you are coming back)
  • Mini Mirror
  • Pain killers
keep cool and carry a bridal clutch bag

Handy Hint:

Your photographers and their kit bags will be with you for the rest of the day. They will have room for any items you couldn’t fit in your clutch bag.

Prepare For The Weather On Your Wedding Morning

There is only one thing about the weather that is predictable – it changes!

We have seen hot sun, wind, showers, hail, and even a lightning storm all on the same wedding day.

It may be summer now but if you are planning a winter wedding what will you need to stay warm and dry?

Are you hoping to have an outdoor ceremony? Do you want a drinks reception in the gardens or even an alfresco wedding breakfast? If so you definitely need to think about the weather.

Looking back across past years there are a few wedding gems that have saved the day you may want to consider:

For the sunnier seasons:

  • Parasols
  • Sun Tan Lotion/ Sun block
  • Fans (paper and electric)
  • Mist sprays
  • Sunglasses
  • Eye drops (for hay fever or contacts)
  • Wet washcloths
  • Flip flops
  • Deodorant
  • Ice creams!

For less sunny seasons:

  • Hand warmers
  • Warm Wraps/ Shawls/ Stoles
  • Umbrellas
  • Lens cloths (if you wear glasses)
  • Lip Balm/ Chapstick
  • Warm leggings
  • Chique Cardies
  • Warm/ waterproof coats
  • Boots to replace your heels for outdoor pics
  • Stylish hand muffs
  • Blankets to hand

Handy Hint:

We are always using weather forecasts and our rain tracking apps during weddings. Any photographer worth their salt will bring umbrellas, wellies, water and suntan lotion.
You can allocate a bridesmaid to keep an eye on the weather you and take away the need for you to worry.

Please note that whatever weather we have worked in our brides have always had an amazing day. Your wedding photographs will look stunning come rain, shine or snow.

Expect The Unexpected With A Wedding Morning Emergency Kit

Our past brides all know that we carry a wedding preparation bag or ‘emergency kit’.

They know this because we use it at almost every wedding. If sewing needs doing we are on hand. When a bridesmaid cuts her feet on a broken glass our first aid skills come into play and so on.

So we thought that in the vein of being well prepared, we would share some of the contents with you.

They are ranked from most to least used::



    • Scissors – for cutting loose threads, cloth tags, labels, etc.
    • Safety pins – for emergency hiding of visible bras or when a bridesmaid’s dress is a little too large.
    • Sewing kit – needed when a zip clasp has pinged loose or a page boy’s turn-ups won’t stay in place.
    • Hairclips/ bobby pins – for unfortunate gusts of wind.
    • Painkillers – useful throughout the day for unexpected headaches or painful feet.
    • Wipes and tissues – for running makeup and tear removal.
    • Plasters/ first aid kit– guests are so busy enjoying themselves accidents happen.
    • Sanitary items and anti-diarrhoea tablets – sh*t happens and it’s best to be prepared.
    • Mini deodorant/ perfume – it can be a long, hot day where people will be close up and personal with the hugging.
    • Hollywood tape – good for all sorts of repairs and cases of inappropriate revealings.
    • Nail varnish remover – it’s great at removing labels from shoes or even nail varnish itself. If that doesn’t float your boat then tea tree oil is also amazing.

Obviously, there are many more things that you will need to have with you on a wedding morning.

For relaxed wedding preparation, it is best to think about not only what you will need. But what you will personally want and who will be responsible for them before the day itself. For further inspiration, you can see our bridal preparation Pinterest board.

So to add to your planning checklist:

Where Do Things Go And What To Have With You:

1. Choose Where Things will go (and who handles them)

2. Consider clothes hangers

3. Choose your music

4. Decide what to wear

5. Don’t forget the food and drink

6. Plan your clutch bag contents

7. Prepare for weather

8. Arm yourselves with an emergency kit

You can download the full list here

Wedding Morning Timings And Before You Leave

Everything in this guide can be planned before or at the same time as your wedding day timeline.

There are so, so many examples available online. They range from overly generic to baffling to ludicrous.

Real-Life Example:

We once worked with a bride who downloaded a ‘fill out your own’ timeline. It included irrelevant sections for fireworks, sparklers, and a hog roast that started to stress her.

We had to calm her down and remind her that her wedding reception was on a farm. The livestock would not be the biggest fans. It basically did not apply to her.

The point here is not to worry too much about other people’s pre-prescribed timelines. They are mere guides. When planning a wedding think about what you want to do and how it will all fit together.

Your Wedding Morning Timeline

To minimise stress we recommend talking to the experienced. Chat to your venue, your suppliers and other people around you who know what works.

The most useful advice we give for a wedding timeline is to work backwards from set times. For bridal preparation, this is your departure time. Once you have that then everything else should slot into place.

Consider what items are relevant and important to your unique wedding day. Add these first.

Bride’s Quote

“A simple spreadsheet is essential in being organised, and is just as good as any fancy wedding app!

Wedding planning book with timeline and bookmarks

Before You Leave For Your Wedding Ceremony

This guide should mean that you will find yourself wedding-ready. You will be on time and in a lovely calm state by the end of an enjoyable wedding morning.

Like the rest of the day, wedding preparation will feel like it passed in the blink of an eye.

Before you leave for your wedding ceremony remember to take a moment to look back. Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved.

Bride’s Quote

“Enjoy it because it goes too fast! And never second guess having Tom and Murray as your photographers!

Have a deep breath or two and remember not to panic if things aren’t 100% perfect. After all, when are they ever?

All weddings vary from the timeline at some point, that’s why we provide unlimited coverage in our wedding photography services.

Final Handy Hint:

As a bride who has done her due diligence your job on your wedding day is to now to relax and enjoy.

So to add to your planning checklist:

Wedding Morning Timings And Before You Leave:

1. Use other’s experience

2. Work Backwards

3. Look back

Find the full list here


Let’s not forget the chaps. Many of the considerations mentioned in this guide also apply to the menfolk. In good time we will use our insight to craft them a wedding morning guide too. For now you can gather some inspiration from our groom preparation Pinterest board.

Oh… and don’t forget your engagement ring (it goes on the third finger of your right hand).

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