Lizzie and Rob first contacted us about their Shell Bay wedding in 2020. Since then we have kept up to date with their Plans. First, there was talk of a seaside resturant, then one of our favourite ancient stone churches.

The plot thickened as their plans developed. It was about the time they started mentioning museum piece wedding bus transport and romps through the sand dunes we knew this would be a uniquely incredible wedding day. It would also be the perfect fit for our all-inclusive, luxury wedding photography service.

Bride And Groom Couple Photograph On Studland Beach Sand Dunes On Dorset Beach From Shell Bay Wedding

Bridal Preparations At Knoll House Hotel

In the late summer sun, the Dorset countryside was teeming with life. Birds sang and swooped overhead. The wind blew fluffy white clouds through the cobalt sky, rocking the conifers surrounding Knoll House Hotel. The historic 1900s hotel sits on the Purbeck coast, overlooking Studland Bay. It was Lizzie’s venue of choice for her Shell Bay wedding day preparations.

Photograph Of Knoll House Hotel Wedding Venue In Studland, Dorset

Early in the morning, we found the girls busying themselves in one of the hotel’s grander rooms. On such a warm day they were blessed with not one but two balconies. These provided spectacular views overlooking the sea and the Purbeck countryside.

The bridesmaids, wearing matching dusty pink dressing gowns whizzed about the room in various states of preparation. We were pleased to see Elke and Caro from Amazing Face were busy with the girls wedding hair and makeup. Caro was utilizing the natural sunlight out on one of the balconies. Elke had positioned herself next to a large mirror inside the room.

Pregnant Bridesmaid Rubs Her Stomach Wearing Dusty Pink Bridesmaids Dressing Gowns

Black and White Documentary Wedding Photograph Of Bridesmaid Having Outdoor Wedding Makeup Applied At Dorset Wedding Venue

Happy Laughing Bridesmaid Sees Her Wedding Makeup In MUA Mirror Reflection


Beutiful Bridesmaid Checks Her Wedding Makeup In A Mirror With Dorset MUA Amazing Face

Wedding attire and accessories were everywhere. Lizzie’s diamante detailed wedding dress (from The Wedding Room) and Jimmy Choo shoes could not be missed. They hung from a wardrobe and photo frame.

With confined inside space, we used all means at our disposal to capture the story of the wedding morning. Mirrors, windows, and even photos on the wall provided reflections. The views from and across the balconies were to die for.

Bridesmaid Has Outdoor Wedding Makeup Reflection Photo With Wedding Dress

Black And White Wedding Photo Of Beautiful Bridesmaid Looking At Her Reflection In A Bathroom Mirror

Bridal Wedding Makeup Artist Amazing Face Weddign Makeup Photo With Summer Sky In Silhouette

Beautiful Bridesmaid With Wedding Hair In Curlers Photographed During Bridal Prep With White Diamante Wedding Dress In Background

Black And White Dancing Happy Bride Reflection Photo On Wedding Morning

Bride Photographed On Wedding Morning During Hair Styling In Picture Reflection And Jimmy Choo Diamante Wedding Shoes

Lizzie had chosen a wonderful team of local suppliers for her Shell Bay wedding morning. They are all used to working together, resulting in a stress-free flow. Charlie Trim, one of our favourite local wedding florists arrived. She carried what can only be described as sensory works of art. Bouquets of pink, purple and blue flowers were everywhere, filling the air with their wonderful scent.

Pink And Purple Dorset Wedding Flower Bouquet Next To Green Succulents Weddign Detail Photograph

Bridesmaids Outside Knoll House Hotel On Balcony With Dorset Countryside Views Wearing Pink Dressing Gowns

Black And White Bride Hairspray Photo With Amazing Face MUA In Dorset

Bride's Face Reflection Photo With Tiara On Wedding Morning

Throughout the morning Lizzie was infectiously uplifting. Her sense of humour never failed to bring a smile to anyone’s face nearby. The relaxed, yet jovial vibe set the stage for the day ahead.

Happy Surprised Bride Wearing A Tiara Looks At Her Wedding Hair Reflection In Stylists Mirror

Bride And Maid Of Honour Apply Wedding Makeup And Hair In The Mirror On Wedding Morning

It never surprises us how fast time seems to flow during bridal preparations. Looking particularly stunning the bridesmaids had all donned their purple bridesmaids’ dresses. Each had a different design to suit. Lizzie stepped into her dress and her white veil was applied. She descended Knoll House Hotel stairs. Her bridesmaids barely holding back their emotions seeing her for the first time.

Bride Walks Down Knoll House Hotel Green Corridor In Her White Wedding Dress With Flower Bouquet Reflected In Mirror

Bridesmaids In Purple Dresses See Bride In Wedding Dress For The First Time At Knoll House Hotel Wedding Morning

Outside the Hotel, in the hot summer sun, waited a stunning classic yellow open-top Daimler Fleetline bus. As classic wedding transport goes it was impressive. Many a head turned along the journey through the Purbeck countryside to Lady St Mary Church Wareham.

Wedding Detail Photograph Of Brides Jimmy Choo Diamante Wedding Shoes And Bridesmaids Alligator Brown Boots On Wedding Bus

Bride And Bridesmaids On Classic Routemaster Bus Wedding Transport

Groom Preparation Photographs By The Sea

Meanwhile, the chaps’ wedding morning was a little more sedate. Further Away from Shell Bay wedding venue Rob had chosen The Pines Hotel in Swanage to get ready for his big day. You could see why. The scene was tropical.

The summer sun blazed down on the cold beers the chaps were drinking. The view of the sandy beach and azure sea in the background of the garden was to die for.

Happy Smiling Groom And Groomsmen Drinking Beer By The Seaside On Wedding Morning With Blue Sea And Cloudy Blue Sky

Groomsmen Drinking Glowing Green Beer Bottles In Silhouette By The Seaside On Wedding Morning

Donning waistcoats and adjusting their ties took up most of their prep. There was still time for appreciating the view, drinking beers, and joking with each other. If Rob was nervous about the day ahead he certainly wasn’t displaying any outward signs.

The choice of three-piece blue wedding suits (from Brigdens) and maroon wedding ties perfectly complimented the wedding colour scheme. They left the Pines looking exceptionally dapper.

Groom And Groomsman Put On Weddign Suits Reflected In A Window With Blue Sky During Wedding Morning Preparation

Groom In Blue Waistcoat Has Booped Nose Whilst Tying Maroon Tie In Dorset Countryside On Wedding Morning

Groom Preparing For Wedding In Mirror At Pines Hotel In Dorset With Landscape Artwork

Wareham Church Wedding Ceremony Photos

Inside Lady St Mary Church historic Dorset church, Rob and his wedding guests patiently waited. A rare sight for Wareham as the bus pulled into the car park and the bridal party walked to the church.

Yellow Routemaster Classic Wedding Bus Transport With Bride And Bridesmaids In Wareham, Dorset

This was the point at which Rob started to look a little nervous. His best men did a good job of keeping things jovial. Walked down the aisle by her father Lizzie’s smile grew and grew, supported by her beautiful bridesmaids.

Weddign Detail Photograph Of Wedding Order Of Service With Colourful Floral Graphic Design

Groom And Groomsman In Blue Tweed Three Piece Suits Waiting For Church Wedding Ceremony

Black And White Wedding Photo Of Bride Arriving At Wareham Church

Bride Is Walked Down Church Aisle Smiling At Groom During Church Wedding Ceremony

Documentary Wedding Photo Of Children Dancing In The Church Aisle During A Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was a wonderful mix of Christian ceremony and joyous singing. As Lizzie would have ordinarily been seated in the choir stalls the choir were raising the roof. As they said their marriage vows Lizzie and Rob could not help but beam at each other. They lifted everyone around with laughter.

Bride Making A Very Happy Face At The Groom During Church Wedding Ceremony In Dorset

Black And White Photo Of Bride Winking And Laughing At Groom Whilst Holding Hands During Church Wedding Ceremony

Groomsmen Wearing Blue Tweed Suits Laughing During Church Wedding Ceremony In Dorset

Their first kiss was received with a round of applause that echoed around the church. After the blessing, they left as husband and wife back out into the bright summer sun.

Happy Wedding Guests And Bridesmaids Applaud During Church Wedding Ceremony

Lady St Mary Church In Wareham Wedding Photograph Taken During Ceremony With Choir, Organ Pipes And Stained Glass Window

Outside the church, there were hugs and kisses aplenty. We directed a few family group photographs and left for the next wedding venue.

Lady St Mary Church In Wareham Wedding Venue With Dorset Bride And Guests In The Summer Sun

Bride Hugs Gran Outside Church In The Summer Sun In Dorset

Bride And Groom Hug Outside Wareham Church Wedding Ceremony In Dorset

Shell Bay Wedding Photographs in Studland

Shell Bay Restaurant not only supplies wonderful food and service but has a location to die for. Uniquely located on the edge of the Isle of Purbeck. It hugs the sandy coast overlooking Poole Harbour and Brownsea island surrounded by beaches, wetlands, and sand dunes.

Wedding guests started to filter into the restaurant as the yellow wedding bus arrived outside. The newlyweds were welcomed with a standing ovation. Next, the wedding party took in the views with drinks and canapes out on the balcony.

Shell Bay Wedding Venue Studland Dorset Chalk Board Sign Saying Closed For Private Function

Wedding Guests Examine Table Plan At Shell Bay Resturant Dorset

Master Of Ceremonies Performs Animated Welcome To Shell Bay Wedding Venue

Photo Of Bride And Groom Welcomed With A Standing Ovation At Shell Bay Dorset Seaside Wedding Venue

Child Wedding Guest Climbs A Tree At Shell Bay Dorset Wedding Venue

Wedding Details Photograph Of Jimmy Choo Diamante Wedding Shoes Amongst Wedding Dancing Flip Flop Baskets

Happy Wedding Guest In A Tartan Waistcoat Laughing At Seaside Shell Bay Wedding Venue

Wonky Four Tier Wedding Cake Decorated With Multi Coloured Flowers At Shell Bay Wedding

Bride and Groom Photographs On Studland Beach

Following some serious meeting and greeting Lizzie and Rob looked like they could do with 10 minutes away from the hustle and bustle to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

We stole them off into the nearby sand dunes and onto Studland beach for a little quiet time together whilst capturing some more intimate couple shots. By now they were so used to our presence that they seemed to have forgotten we were there. All the better for natural photographs.

Wedding Couple Photograph Focussing On Background Of Isle Of Wight And Fishing Boat

Smiling Happy Bride Groom Hugging On A Dorset Beach Sand Dunes In Studland At Shell Bay Wedding

Bride And Groom Kissing Couple Photograph At Dorset Beach Wedding

Bride And Groom Walk Hand In Hand Along Studland Beach At Dorset Seaside Shell Bay Wedding

Bride And Groom Walk Hand In Hand Along Sandy Dorset Beach At Studland At Shell Bay Wedding

Bride And Groom Couple Photograph On Studland Sand Dunes In Dorset From Shell Bay Wedding

Next, back inside Shell Bay wedding venue, a scrumptious wedding breakfast was served. The room suddenly went quiet – always a sign of great wedding food. Sure, enough the jovial vibe carried on through with many a guest joking about.

Funny Wedding Guest Wears Pink Sunglasses At Wedding Breakfast

Documentary Photo Of Wedding Guests In Blue Ties Having Animated Conversation At Wedding Breakfast

Shell Bay Wedding Speeches

As the sun started to dip over Poole Harbour the wedding speeches were called. First, Lizzie’s father had everyone in fits with some pretty bizarre props.

Rob’s love-filled speech had the guests mixed between tears and laughter. The two best men diagnosing Rob’s condition in their Doctors’ outfits resulted in so much laughter more tears were inevitable.

Father Of The Bride Makes Animated Wedding Speech With Bizare Fun Prop

Bride And Groom Laughing At Wedding Speeches At Shell Bay Wedding Venue In Dorset

Bearded Father Of The Bride Makes Wedding Speech With Microphone

Colourful Wedding Guests Happily Listen To Speeches At Shell Bay Resturant With Colourful Artwork In Background

Groom Making Wedding Speech Wearing Blue Suit With Microphone At Shell Bay Wedding

Cute Child Wedding Guest Looks Into Camera Photographed with Glass Reflection At Sunset

Shell Bay Wedding Groom In Blue Wedding Suit Wedding Makes Speech With Microphone And Paper Notes

Wedding Guests Laughing During Speeches At Dorset Seaside Restaurant

Groomsman With Microphone Makes Speech At Shell Bay Wedding Venue With Light Bokeh

Black And White Photograph Of Best Mans Speech With Microphone

Beautiful Happy Laughing Wedding Guest At Shell Bay Dorset Wedding Venue

Shell Bay Wedding Groomsmen Wearing Blue Suits Use Microphone And Folder For Speeches

Groomsmen Wearing Doctors White Lab Coats Make Wedding Speeches With Microphones

Wedding Toasts Speeches With Champagne Cheers At Seaside Dorset Wedding Venue

Silhouetted Wedding Guests At Wedding Breakfast In Shell Bay Wedding, Dorset Wedding Venue With Sunset Over Dorset Sea

Laughing Wedding Guest Has Phone Photo Taken At Seaside Venue At Sunset With Grey Clouds

Scottish Couple Hug At Dorset Seaside Wedding Venue With Man In Tartan Kilt

Bridesmaid In Purple Bridesmaids Dress At Shell Bay Wedding Venue Sunset Over The Dorset Sea

Bride And Groom At Sunset Wedding Photograph At Shell Bay Wedding Venue In Studland Dorset Seaside

Outside the last glow of the sun came as it dipped below the horizon. It gave us all a pretty epic sunset, after which, vanishing to be replaced by a black star-filled sky.

An Evening At Shell Bay Wedding Venue In Dorset

Dorset wedding DJ Iggy had already set up and started the party on the dancefloor. We are never quite sure how busy the dancing will be after the first dance, but Iggy never disappoints.

Lizzie and Rob twirled around the glass-walled room together to be shortly joined by almost every guest. Then, some serious moves were shown off by adults and children alike. The guests spent the rest of the evening rotating between disco-lit dancefloor and star-lit balcony.

Black And White Documentary Wedding Photo Of Singing Dancing Bride

Wedding Guests With Drinks Singing And Dancing In Studland, Dorset

Happy Female Wedding Guest Wearing Floral Dress Dances On Wedding Evening

Wedding Guests Dancing Under Purple Disco Light At Shell Bay Wedding, Dorset

Disco Dancing Wedding Guest With Blue Feather Fascinator Shell Bay Wedding Photo

Singing Wedding Guests At Disco Disco Uses Doctors Stethoscope

Female Wedding Guest Requests Disco Music From Dj Using Her Mobile Phone

Black And White Documentary Photo Of Child Showing Off His Dance Moves At Shell Bay Wedding Disco

Shell Bay Wedding Venue Dorset Lit At Night Time With Stars In The Sky

Would you like to see what Lizzie & Rob thought of their wedding photographs? You can see their review of our wedding services here.

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