Mapperton House Wedding Photographs with Katie and Peter

Mapperton House wedding venue is nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Dorset. It provided an enchanting canvas for Katie and Peter’s love story and their Mapperton House wedding photographs. It is easy to see why it boasts the title “The Nation’s Finest Manor House”, the ability to visit Viscount and Viscountess Hinchingbrooke’s stunning home, and grounds is not to be missed! Katie and Peter’s wedding unfolded on a day of sun-kissed warmth and heartfelt emotions. Each chapter of this remarkable day unraveled like a cherished fairytale.

bride and groom under gazebo covered in plants at Mapperton

Bridal Preparation Photographs: A Sunny Prelude For Mapperton House Wedding Photos

Early on that radiant wedding morning, white doves floated amidst the breathtaking expanse of Mapperton House and Gardens. Setting a harmonious tone for the day’s celebrations. The anticipation in the air was palpable. Katie and her bridesmaids converged in the charming estate cottage. It was a hub of activity and excitement. The cottage’s rooms bustled with bridal preparations. Each corner echoed with laughter and joyful chatter.

bridal preparation countryside cottage at mapperton house

bride and bridesmaid wedding morning makeup using mirrors

baby surrounded by wedding paraphernalia during bridal preparations

black and white documentary wedding photograph of bridesmaid having wedding hair styled


The heart of the bustling preparation was the master suite. Where a panorama of English country gardens framed the scene. Makeup brushes worked their magic and finishing touches were applied. Two exquisite wedding dresses hung in front of the window. Of these dresses, one held a special significance. Having been lovingly crafted by Katie’s mother. This personal touch imbued the day with an extra layer of familial warmth and connection.

two glowing white wedding dresses hang in window on wedding morning

mother of the bride laughing during wedding morning preparation

cream and white wedding flower bouquet with book page paper flowers

happy bridesmaid applies lipstick in mirror on wedding morning


As daylight streamed through the windows, the bridal party embraced the outdoors. Taking peaceful breaks in the garden to soak in the warm sunlight. The weather, a pleasant surprise considering the ominous forecast, played its part in creating an atmosphere of relaxed jubilance.
Throughout the morning (and the rest of the day) Mapperton’s wedding co-ordinator was on hand. Hannah seemed to be everywhere at all times, carefully curating the day.

butterfly lands on purple flowers with bride and bridesmaids on background

laughing bride in white dressing gown wears heart shaped sunglasses

black and white photograph of bride having wedding hair sprayed

bride and bridesmaids toast drinks on wedding morning

mapperton house wedding photographs bridal preparation bridesmaids look at newborn baby

flower girls hugging on wedding morning

bridal party relaxing in Mapperton Cottage gardens

flower girls practice spraying petals in cottage on wedding morning

bridesmaid in green dress reflected in mirror with wedding dresses hanging in window

bride buttoned into white wedding dress by mother reflected in mirror

flower girl in white detailed dress looks at bridal preparation

mapperton house wedding photographs 020

mother of the bride in colourful dress and bright pink fascinator has hair sprayed by bridesmaid

cheeky bride looks around a doorframe with champagne at mapperton house wedding

mapperton house documentary wedding photograph of father of the bride


Groom Preparation Photographs: Eager Anticipation and Stylish Companionship

While the ladies were busy with their preparations, Peter and his groomsmen eagerly awaited the unfolding of the day. They were so keen that they arrived at Mapperton way ahead of schedule. Their camaraderie was unmistakable. They had donned matching black suits and bow ties. Peter added a distinctive flair in a maroon velour jacket. Their collective excitement was a testament to the significance of the occasion.

Joe from Bexhill Film Company joined us to film the day and we formulated a collaborative plan of attack.


groom wears maroon velvet suit jacket and bow tie

best woman and grooms party wear black velvet suits and box ties on wedding morning

groom portrait photograph wearing maroon velvet jacket and sunglasses

playing card place name signs at board game themed marquee wedding

hand written script order of the day wedding sign with Mapperton barn and wedding guests in the background

groomsmen in black velvet suits and bow ties outside wedding barn at Mapperton

groom checks time on pocket watch before barn wedding ceremony in dorset

black and white photograph of grooms happy expression as he waits for bride to come down the aisle


Mapperton House Wedding Ceremony Photographs: Uncontainable Joy

The wedding ceremony was an unforgettable occasion. Emotions ran high and love was celebrated in its purest form. The flower girls and speedy bridesmaids guided the bridal party down the aisle. And then, the defining moment arrived, as Katie, escorted by her father, made her entrance. Bathed in natural light, she emanated a radiant glow. Her infectious happiness beamed throughout the venue.

The ceremony was filled with laughter and heartfelt moments interweaving seamlessly. The registrar’s laughter added a unique charm to the proceedings. As vows were exchanged and heartfelt promises made, tears of joy flowed freely. A ‘second first kiss’ midway down the aisle added an extra dose of romance to the day’s narrative.

bride and father walk down mapperton house barn wedding aisle

black and white photograph of smiles and laughter between bride and groom during mapperton wedding ceremony

bride and groom kiss halfway down barn wedding aisle at Mapperton


A Drinks Reception Amidst the Splendor of Mapperton’s Gardens

Mapperton’s Gardens are beautifully designed and meticulously maintained. They provided a stunning setting for the drinks reception. The elegant orangery hosted the greeting line. Where guests shared in the couple’s delight. A brief and unexpected rain shower was almost as if the weather itself acknowledged the sanctity of the day. Holding off until the vows were exchanged.

The gardens themselves were a feast for the eyes. Lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and intricate landscaping painted a picture of nature’s grandeur. Laughter and conversations filled the air. Guests wandered through the gardens, enjoying drinks and the company of loved ones. As we orchestrated group photographs as the gardens came alive with the sound of happiness.

With time being of the essence, we shot a swift yet charming confetti moment, capturing the essence of celebration. Guests then gathered in the marquee. They warmly welcomed Katie and Peter with a standing ovation.

bride and groom walk together through gardens at Mapperton

mapperton house wedding photographs bride and groom at the orangery

colourful wedding guests descend the stairs into Mapperton House gardens

wedding guests enjoy drinks reception in flower gardens

groomsmen gesticulate at wedding guests during group photograph

mapperton house wedding confetti photograph

mapperton house wedding photographs bride and groom

bride drinks champagne whilst veil blows in the wind


A Feast for the Senses – Wedding Breakfast Photographs At Mapperton

Inside the cream-colored marquee, guests were treated to a sumptuous three-course meal. Seated along bench seats, the atmosphere was one of intimacy and togetherness. The mini-golf (setup by Bournemouth Mini Golf) added a touch of playfulness, engaging both young and old alike. Perfect Day Services set up arcade consoles. These offered a delightful surprise for guests of all ages.

As the guests savored the delectable food, the speeches began. Katies’s father, Peter’s ‘best people,’ and the maid of honour regaled the audience with anecdotes. Evoking hearty laughter and poignant emotions. Katie’s animated expressions added an endearing layer of authenticity.

bride and groom welcomed into marquee with standing ovation by wedding guests

cold sharing starters wedding food served on wooden sharing board

children enjoy fun mini golf at marquee barn wedding in dorset

small child plays retro arcade game by pushing buttons with his feet

mother of the bride belly laughs at bridesmaid on top table

bride and groom hide their heads in their hands during wedding speeches

father of the bride makes wedding speech from behind top table at marquee wedding

bride and groom kiss at top table as wedding guests raise toasts

mother of the bride receives a hug from bridesmaid on top table

wedding guests laugh and smile at wedding speeches

groom reacts to best mans speech at top table


Wedding Evening Photographs At Mapperton: Dancing Beneath the Stars

In the low evening sun, we seized the opportunity to complete the group photographs. We captured more intimate moments between Katie and Peter, away from the bustling celebration.

mapperton house wedding photographs of bride and groom in low sunlight

bride and groom silhouette photograph in blue lit grotto

bride and groom couple photograph in flash lit doorway

bride walks into low sun on evening at Mapperton House wedding with long shadow


As dusk settled, the barn underwent a transformative shift. Becoming a vibrant hub of celebration. The Plus Ones provided the musical backdrop for dancing and jubilation. Pink Giraffe Photobooth, and its amusing props, ensured that laughter echoed through the venue.

laughing children enjoy playing arcade games at wedding

wedding guest smiles as he enjoys arcade shooting game wedding entertainment

lint lindor truffle tower at wedding


A tower of Lindor Lindt truffles replaced the ‘conventional’ wedding cake. Katie and Peter broke tradition in style, symbolizing their unique journey as a couple. Their first dance, radiated a sense of pure love, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. With a wave of the happy couple’s hands, the dancefloor welcomed guests. The band’s music set the rhythm for a night of celebration.

Inside the barn, the guests revelled in dancing, and playing arcade games. Outside mini golf and drinks were enjoyed in the low evening sun. There may or may not have been an unfortunate case of a bride hitting the wrong sort of ball with her golf club too!

black and white bride and groom first dance photograph

wedding guests enjoy evening dancing under lights

mother of the bride shows of dance moves at wedding

bridesmaid dances with hands in the air on wedding dancefloor

child and mother of the groom dancing under fairy lights

flash lit wedding guest singing to band plays on arcade games

wedding children playing shooting game reflected in screen of retro game screen

wedding guest reflection whilst playing retro arcade game pac man

groom bent double after bride hit him in a tender place with golf club whilst playing wedding mini golf


Tasty burritos were being served by La Cookaracha. They needed no announcement as the incredible smells pulled guests in.

Capturing sunsets at weddings can be tricky. There are all kinds of apps and weather prediction services that may help. However, you always have to keep a watchful eye on the sky. At the last minute, the plain sky suddenly produced graduated bands of orange and yellows.

bride and groom silhouette sunset photograph

mapperton house wedding photographs bride and groom silhouette sunset

bride and groom hug whilst watching local Dorset cattle in countryside

We then took advantage of the dying light. And captured photos of the happy couple in the Mapperton’s doorway and tree-lined avenue.

bride and groom in Mapperton house doorway at night

flash lit bride and groom in mapperton house tree lined avenue with falling leaves


Back in the barn, the wedding party danced the night away. As the dark crept in the fire pits were lit to add to the lovely warm feeling of a wonderful day.

wedding guest in white shirt shows off his dance moves under fairy lights

group of female wedding guest enthusiastically dancing on wedding dancefloor at mapperton house

bridesmaids dancing under disco lights on wedding evening


Capturing Memories that Last a Lifetime

The day seamlessly melded the beauty of Mapperton House and Gardens with the depth of emotion that love brings. Katie and Peter’s wedding was nothing short of extraordinary. As wedding photographers at Mapperton House, we were humbled to be part of their journey. Gifted to be able to immortalize their love story through our lenses. Every moment was an indelible piece of a grander tale of love, joy, and togetherness.

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