Knowlton Church Engagement Photos With Sam & Ash

This is the story of Sam & Ash’s Knowlton Church engagement photos. Every story has a beginning. When this lovely couple first contacted us they were very open about their worries about having their photos taken. After talking about the benefits of an engagement photo shoot they were keen to get over their fears before their big day.

Knolwton Church coloured ribbon engaged couple hugging in silhouette

Why Should You Have Engagement Photos?

In a time of image obsession, social media narcissism and ‘beauty filters’ filters the thought of having your photo taken can polarize people. They either love it or hate it. So, not unlike many of our wedding couples Sam and Ash were really not keen on having their photographs taken. Over the years we have worked at reducing such anxieties for our couples. Alongside therapists and life coaches we have developed our own approach to it. A common recommendation is that the best way to overcome a fear is to practice doing the thing you are afraid of. Great public speakers didn’t wake up one day with the ability. They didn’t just stand in front of a huge crowd for the first time and sweat it out until something clicks. They started small and practised with an ever-growing audience.

Our Personal Experience

20 years (or so) ago the thought of talking to an entire wedding party would keep me up at night with cold shivers. Cut to today and I’m now happy joking with and directing massive groups of people at weddings. Ask me about the time we accidentally blocked off Birmingham City centre with a wedding party of 200+! There is no magic secret. I built up my experience and confidence over time. Starting with smaller groups and practising the art. This is one of the fundamental principles we refer to when we recommend our engagement photoshoots to a couple uneasy in front of the camera. I could waffle on for hours about the benefits of the engagement shoot experience. If you want ‘a deep dive’ you can read all about why you should have engagement photos.

How Is This Relevant To Sam & Ash’s Knowlton Church Engagement Photos?

The main point is to build confidence. By the time your wedding rolls around ( faster than you may think) you have already been in front of the camera. You also have the entire experience of having your photo taken in an enjoyable, relaxed scenario and seeing stunning results. That way, on your big day you will find yourself in the mindset of “Oh it’s just Tom & Murray with cameras, I have complete confidence they will take awesome photos of me”. The worry is gone. Not only does it make our lives easier (capturing natural moments) but it helps remove at least one of the stresses you will deal with on your wedding day. An engagement shoot also provides you with a gorgeous set of images of the love between the two of you. If you aren’t worried about having your photo taken then this may be your primary motivation for a shoot. Knolton Church ruins engagement photograph of couple in silhouette

Choosing Sam & Ash’s Engagement Photo Shoot Location

So… back to Sam & Ash’s Knowlton Church engagement photos. With some explanation of our methods and reassurance, they loved the idea of an engagement shoot to overcome their anxieties. We immediately started to rack our brains for a suitable location. Somewhere beautiful, in the Dorset countryside, isolated and relevant to them both.

Introducing Knowlton Church And It’s Earthworks

It turned out that one of Ash’s ‘happy places’ is Knowlton Church, a venue I am very familiar with. Many a long summer evening and crisp frozen winter’s morning I spent in the grounds of Knowlton Church with a camera when I was fortunate enough to live nearby. Knowlton Church is owned and maintained by English Heritage. Knowlton Church is a ruined Norman Church, built at the centre of Neolithic ritual henge earthworks in the Dorset countryside. You can’t beat an ancient monument for an engagement shoot location. Ruined Dorset church engagement photo kissing couple In the days leading up to the Knowlton Church engagement photos, the weather had been horotious (our favourite made-up word). Yet, our sunset prediction app was now showing a good chance of a decent sunset.

An Evening Engagement Photo Shoot In The Dorset Countryside

We met up with Sam and Ash in the early evening as the clouds above us began to dissipate and the wind dropped. We were all in a great mood and in awe of the location. So we took time for a walk, discussing life, the universe and possible photo locations.

Confidence Building

This is actually a great use of time with a nervous couple, building trust before even taking a single image. It’s amazing what a friendly chat and well-trained listening can do. Hannah and I have another trick up our sleeves. Taking pictures of each other helps us demonstrate the images we are thinking of. It also shows that the process of doing so is enjoyable. We tend to start our engagement shoots at a distance from the couple. Gradually getting closer to capture the more intimate moments between couples. We use suggestive direction instead of posing. Working from a high energy level (for laughter and release) to a calming, more intimate style of photography. engaged couple in silhouette resting heads together

Yew Trees And Ribbons At Knowlton Church Engagement Photos

On our walk, the nearby yew trees caught our eye. The pairing of the church and henge is a symbol of transition from Pagan to Christian worship. At Knowlton, the yew trees are still decorated with coloured ribbon tributes to loved ones. A gorgeous ‘shoot through’ later and Sam and Ash were ready for more. pagan multicoloured ribbons in yew trees with engagement photo shoot couple

Engagement Photos At A Ruined Church

The blue skies and broken clouds, textures and colours from ancient stone walls were calling to us. Ash and Sam, it turns out had a particular liking to the way the archways and windows framed their images. dorset engagement couple photo running in silhouette couple hugging in ancient stone church doorway in Dorset countryside black and white engaged couple hugging in stone church archway black and white silhouette couple photograph at Dorset stone church Happy couple laughing in ruined Dorset church at engagement photo shoot Happy laughing couple close up photograph against stone wall

Amazing Sunset Engagement Photos

The sun dropped beyond the horizon and a calm set in. Silhouettes were now presenting themselves everywhere. Next, lego Sam & Ash joined us for their close-ups! Knowlton church couple smiling at sunset engagement photo shoot engaged couple in silhouette resting heads together engaged couple portrait silhouette sunset photograph kissing black and white highlight couple photograph from engagement photo shoot Engagement couple photoshoot running in silhouette against blue cloudy sky Knowlton Church in Dorset sunset engagement couple photograph in silhouette Lego wedding couple with I love t-shirts at sunset photo shoot Lego couple kissing in silhouette at sunset It was at this point that the sunset went off, it’s rare that we see a sunset quite so spectacular. Yes, we know Jenny & Chris’ sunset engagement photos were also an exception! Knowlton Church sunset engagement photo shoot silhouette Dorset sunset engagement photo of couple holding hands in silhouette By the time we wrapped, we could tell we had done our job well. Sam & Ash were now so keen they would have carried on into the night, but it was beginning to get cold. They now have a stunning set of images and the confidence to not worry about having their photos taken on their wedding day. We are now super excited to be working at Sam & Ash’s Upton House wedding and to share their photos with you in the future.

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