Top Four Reasons Why You Need Engagement Photos

We are often asked, “why do we need engagement photos?” With over 20 years of experience and thousands of engagement photographs under our belts, we have condensed our knowledge into the top four most important ‘need to knows’.

If you are worried about posed photographs reason number 3 will definitely cheer you up!

1. You Need Engagement Photos To Get To Know Your Togs

Your photographers will be the only suppliers that spend the entire wedding day with you. It is important that you get on with them. Getting to know them at an engagement shoot familiarises you with their personalities and working methods. No longer do you have a ‘relative stranger’ photographing you. You have Murray and Tom who you know are funny, relaxing and ever so helpful.

Apprehension and nerves go out of the window. You also need engagement photos as the shoot allows your photographers to get to know you better. We can learn what you like and don’t like. Discussing your thoughts and feelings about wedding photography. Focussing on your vision for the wedding day itself.

We are full of experience and advice that our couples often tap into at an engagement shoot.

Example of why you need engagement photos couple kissing in rain under umbrella with giraffes in background
Engaged couple getting to know wedding photographers at engagement photo shoot at safari park

2. You Need Engagement Photos To Experience ‘The Process’

Practice may make perfect but as there is no trial wedding day, so you need engagement photos as the next best thing.

We realise you may be nervous about having your photographs taken. So we can guide you through an enjoyable experience. From having your photographs taken to seeing the final professional images delivered. This builds a level of trust in your photographers and their working methods. It also increases your confidence in front of the camera. See… you can look stunning in photographs.

Couples worried about having their photographs taken then rave about their engagement shoot. They also tell us how relaxed they were being photographed on their wedding day.

“We just wanted to say thank you so much for our engagement shoot we loved it! We are so much calmer about having photos taken on our wedding day”
Zoya & JP

(as featured on Rock N Roll Bride)

Engaged couple describe why you need an engagement shoot after photographs kissing on Dorset coastal footpath

3. You Get To See Why You Don’t Need To Be ‘Overly’ Posed

Forget contrived posing, forget what the wedding blogs and less experienced photographers tell you. Fake posing is not necessary (particularly with documentary wedding photographers).

You need engagement photos as part of a relaxed photoshoot that will show you overly manipulated poses are not required. Yes, overly posed photos look great on togs portfolios, Instagram and shiny magazine covers. Unless you are a professional model they look great to everyone except the couple. Who wants photographs of themselves where all they see is the unnatural awkwardness?

We may give you a bit of advice like “hey guys, walking along the beach hand in hand would look great” or some guidance on how best to stand for an awesome photo. That’s about as much as is necessary – with us any posing is fun, it involves your natural feelings towards each other. We want to document the story of your relationship where you feel at ease.

Example of engagement photo shoot image of couple standing on large sand dune without staged posing by one thousand words wedding photography

4. You Get To Use A Set Of Stunning Photos Before The Wedding

You need engagement photos as the shoot will provide you with a series of gorgeous images you want to show off. Our photographs are often used for wedding websites, invites, signing books etc.

Engagement photos tend to end up displayed on couple’s Facebook profiles and even grandparent’s mantle pieces.

Happy couple kiss at wooden beach hut engagement photo shoot
So that’s it – our four top reasons why you need engagement photographs, there are many more but we hope this little highlight has helped. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding engagement photos so if you have more questions or are considering booking an engagement shoot get in touch.

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