Swyre Head Engagement Photographs

The idea for Jenny & Chris’ Swyre Head engagement photographs popped into our heads when we first met this lovely couple. The locations couldn’t have been further removed. We chatted about their wonderful wedding plans in a noisy and busy bar in Westbourne.

Engagement photo shoot couple in silhouette watching sunset over the sea

Planning wedding photographs at Smedmore House in Dorset gives us goosebumps, especially after our last wedding at Smedmore. A stone’s throw from our office, this gorgeous stately home overlooks Kimmerage bay. In any season is as breathtaking and unique as the select weddings it hosts. We are of course over the moon to be their recommended wedding photographers.

Higher up and overlooking Smedmore estate is Swyre head. Murray and I are fans of riding up and down this hill on our mountain bikes. Not only is it the highest point in the Purbeck hills but was voted as offering one of the most beautiful views in the UK! For these Swyre Head engagement photographs, it did not disappoint.

Time spent watching the weather, sun path and sunset predictions paid off. We organised to meet Jenny & Chis in Swyre head car park before the evening’s golden hour.

Warming Up For Swyre Head Engagement Photographs

The wind was whipping about and the low sun shadowed by the hill. So we decided to ‘warm-up’ with a short stroll across a nearby field with a rest on a dry stone wall.

Happy couple sit on Dorset countryside dry stone wall Happy couple in sunglasses sitting together in the Dorset countryside Swyre Head engagement photographs sit on dry stone wall in Dorset Happy engagement shoot couple sitting on Purbeck dry stone wall

We use this time at the very start of an engagement shoot as a sort of ‘ice breaker’. Not only does it get a couple used to us pointing cameras about the place. But we use it to gauge how comfortable they are in front of the camera and the type of photographs we are likely to achieve.

Murray was using a long lens so could focus on unobtrusive portraits of the happy couple. Whilst I explained the wider, landscape-based images I was hoping to achieve. Over the years we have found that this collaborative feedback helps a couple relax into a shoot. When a couple feels creatively involved instead of ‘directed’ their images tend to be more natural.

Dorset Coast Engagement Photos

Walking shoes on and we started the ascent up to Swyre Head. Passing Enscome House we divulged a plethora of information about the local area. Next, with the path in sight, Jenny and Chris were happy to march ahead. This allowed us to capture the contrast between their silhouettes and blue sky.

Swyre Head engagement photographs with green fields and blue sky Engagement photo shoot of couple in silhouette against blue sky

Once we reached the top of the hill we all had to take some time out to appreciate the stunning view. The scene had changed dramatically. With the blue sky and fields behind us, the sun glowed yellow over the sea and coastline ahead. Jenny & Chris we both excited to see Smedmore House wedding venue from such a wonderful angle.

Swyre Head engagement photographs of couple kissing on stile Couple kissing on wooden stile in Dorset countryside

The moon was high in the sky as we captured the happy couple from afar, sat atop the tumulus. Fingers were crossed for a spectacular sunset and as local dog walkers came and went.

Swyre Head engagement photographs of couple holding hands with the moon in the sky Engagement photoshoot couple sit on Swyre Head hill with moon in the sky

We took a seat to wait, all the time spoilt with the view across the coast as far as Weymouth and Portland. Huge cruise ships all the time moving about the bay in shadow like things from a dream.

Couple kiss standing on top of hill in Swyre head in Dorset Swyre Head engagement photographs of couple in silhouette on top of hillhappy couple in sunglasses sit on bench in Dorset countryside by the sea Swyre Head engagement couple on bench Engagement photo shoot couple watch sky change colour at sunset Dorset coast engagement shoot couple in sunglasses with sunset over seaView across Dorset coast from Swyre Head engagement photographs

Stunning Sunset Engagement Photographs

Then it happened. It wasn’t a red cloud burst. Or a clear Californian sunset you see in magazines but a wonderful burnt orange glow took a hold of the sky.

Jenny and Chris we happy to watch the amazing light together, hand in hand. In their own words “not being fans of public displays of affection (PDAs!)”. It turns out they can ease into being naturals in front of the camera.

Silhouetted couple stand hand in hand watching sunset over the sea Swyre Head engagement photographs of couple in silhouette holing hands at sunset Couple kissing in silhouette on the Dorset Coast Sunset over the sea Swyre Head engagement photographs of silhouetted couple Silhouette of an engagement photo shoot couple at sunset Coastal view form Swyre Head engagement photographs in Dorset Sunset silhouetted couple on Dorset coast Close up silhouette photo of couple kissing at sunset Cruise ships in Weymouth Dorset at Sunset from Swyre head

The suns warmth began to dwindle, sharply reminding us of the cold coastal wind. So we merrily yomped back down the hill before it got too cold.

Purbeck stone footpath sign to Smedmore house at engagement photo shoot

We can’t wait for Jenny & Chris’ big day at Smedmore house. We dare say we will be able to capture many more stunning images of this lovely couple and their guests.


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