Corfe Castle Engagement Photographs With Adela & James

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Capturing Love Amidst History: Adela & James’ Corfe Castle Engagement Journey

This is the story of Adela and James’s Corfe Castle engagement photographs. We first met Adela and James in spring last year and from the off it was clear that they were both made for each other and both had a discerning eye for quality wedding photographs. They mentioned they were particularly looking for a wedding photographer in Dorset who wouldn’t subject them to any posing and they could feel relaxed around on their big day.

intimate engagement photo of couple with steam train stam in corfe castle background

A Visit To Corfe Castle: Embracing the Atmosphere

Fast forward 11 months and I am stood in a crowded Corfe Castle car park, watching the tourists come and go and ominous dark clouds sweeping over the horizon. Like the sun peaking from behind said clouds Adela and James arrived with beaming smiles of what I thought was excitement for their engagement shoot.

Typically, at engagement photo shoots, we spend the first 15-20 minutes gently coaxing our ‘grooms to be’ to relax in front of the camera. It is often the first time they have had professional photographs of any type taken of themselves. So, I tread carefully.

In a twist on the typical, despite being drop-dead gorgeous it was Adela who didn’t like having her picture taken! Upon further digging, I found out that both Adela and James thought each other looked amazing in photographs. I knew they were made for each other.

You can read more about how we work to relax couples during our engagement shoots in our Wedding Wisdom article “Why You Need Engagement Photos”.

An Engagement Shoot Walk Around Corfe Castle Walls

We headed out of the car park, all the time chatting about life, the universe and wedding plans. I find common ground. Talking about the deeper, meaningful aspects of a couple’s relationship can really help to bring them out of their shell when working with us.
corfe castle dorset iconic outline photo with couple

We soon realised a walk around the upper muddy footpath might not have been the best idea for Adela’s bright white footwear. Despite this we were all in high spirits, and chatted merrily. We discussed their exciting plans for their forthcoming wedding day at Chewton Glen. Like many previously married couples, they kept their plans simple, beautiful, and highly effective. They were also very open to any expert suggestions for their wedding photography. I could tell that it will be a love- and fun-packed event.

silver diamond ring close detail photograph holding hands
We poked our heads around the gates of the ancient castle ruins. However, the meandering crowds of tourists put Adela off. So we decided to use the engagement shoot for some intimate images of the couple together. Perhaps we would introduce them to crowded areas later, when their confidence levels were higher.

I knew from previous visits that the footpath around the castle would be pretty empty. Half of it was closed, so perfect for some Corfe Castle engagement photographs. Adela and James were happy to be away from the Sunday throngs. They walked hand in hand alongside the rain-swollen river and patches of the first snowdrops of the year.

couple walk hand in hand around countryside footpath in Dorset

We joined the ridgeline footpath over the country lane. And climbed a little to achieve views back on Corfe Castle. Only from outside the castle can one incorporate the iconic shape of Corfe Castle.

couple laughing in Dorset countryside field
engagement photo shoot couple with corfe castle dorset in the background

Relaxing Into Engagement Photos In The Dorset Countryside

Adela was happy to listen to me waffle behind the camera as I captured her Corfe Castle engagement photographs. She found herself distracted from the lens. And in James’s warm arms, she noticeably relaxed over time.

I kept the vibe happy and active. I led us further up the footpath for views that would incorporate the yellow pop of the flowering gorse bushes.
engagement photo of couple walking through dorset countryside
happy fiance smiling partners together with corfe castle dorset in the background
happy smiling couple at corfe castle engagement photograph shoot
couple kissing in corfe castle dorset
couple photographs with yellow gorse in corfe castle dorset
laughing couple in photo of dorset countryside with yellow gorse flowers

Dealing With Adverse Weather During Corfe Castle Engagement Photographs

Noting that only darker and darker skies were coming in, I wanted to search for a horizon. Then, I could incorporate the last of the fluffy white clouds and take a couple of silhouette shots. Clearly hitting our collective step’s goal halfway up the hill we found a horizon. Adela and James found a moment’s peace in each other’s arms.

couple kissing in silhouette with white cloudy sky
engaged couple walking holding hands towards purbeck countryside
engagement couple kissing in front of corfe castle hills
happy engaged couple walk towards corfe castle dorset countryside

Getting back down the somewhat slippery path caused much more hilarity. Back at the castle gates, the heavens decided to put a stop to the Corfe Castle engagement photographs. Fortunately, I knew the area well. I suggested we take shelter from the rain in the Fox Inn. Being in Corfe the warm and cosy grade 11 listed, traditional pub is about a mere 456 years old!

We warmed our hearts while talking more about the happy couple’s relationship. We discussed how they see their wedding photography working for them, and the ups and downs of planning a wedding around life with four boys!

Back outside, the heavy grey clouds persisted. I could tell from Adela’s body language that she wasn’t keen on any photos out in the grey or wet. But the story wasn’t over yet. The moment we stepped foot into the NT car park the sun beamed out from a cloud. A happy look of hope appeared on Adela’s face. I pointed out that there was a viewpoint over the Castle right next to their car. This meant that they could leave their Corfe Castle engagement photo shoot on a happy sunny note.

engagement couple photograph with ruined dorset castle
engagement photo shoot couple hugging with the background of corfe castle
engagement photoshoot in corfe castle with couple kissing

Murray and I can’t wait to create stunning documentary wedding photographs during their big day at Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa.

For more engagement photo shoot inspiration and advise please check out our wedding wisdom blog post “Top Tips For Engagement Photos“.

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