Autumnal Engagement Photos In Dorset With Eden & Tommy

Engagement Photographs

Autumnal Engagement Photos

This is the story of  Tommy & Eden’s autumnal engagement photos. We first met them in the Spring of this year when they were searching for their perfect Dorset wedding photographer. You could immediately tell they were a loving and fun couple, brimming with fun ideas for their unique wedding by the water’s edge in the summer of 2024.

I thought they were brave to organise an autumnal engagement photo shoot. Especially given the recent weather and torrential downpours. Talking through the options for timings and locations I realised they had their heart set on one thing. They love autumn feels, low sun, and orange trees. So, we decided to meet at a place they both loved – Crichel House Archway in the Dorset countryside. We found a time that the weather forecast gave us the best chance of a dry sky, and hopefully a decent sunset.

laughing autumn engagement photo shoot couple picture in Dorset woodland

Crichel House Archway Engagement Photographs

I arrived at Crichel House Archway for autumnal engagement photos a little before golden hour to give myself some time to ‘scope out’ the venue. Camera in hand, I was immediately transfixed. The gateway and lodge appear on the country lane like something from a children’s adventure book. The parapet, arches, and turrets glowing in the golden sun evoked thoughts of a grand bygone era. The ornamental gates added geometric detailing to the scene. Exploring beyond I could see why they chose this location. The footpath was flanked by a line of huge trees, their mass of leaves a shock of bright autumnal yellow and oranges. Disappearing into the woodland in the distance the path led the eye into more golden colours.

Crichel House Archway dorset with low evening warm sunlight engagment photo shoot location
Tommy and Eden arrived with the all familiar smell that accompanies a classic Landover. I had to bite my tongue and make a mental note to suggest some photographs with their stunning vehicle once they had relaxed into the shoot.

The happy couple were in good spirits. Neither of them are great fans of having their photographs taken, especially when it came to public displays of affection. Fortunately, the circular footpath they had chosen around the woods was very quiet.

Crichel House Archway engaged couple photographed though iron gateway walking into woodland
couple walking between trees at Autumn Engagement photos in the dorset countryside

Working Into A Relaxed Engagement Photo Shoot

Talking through their wedding plans I introduced a couple of games for them to play whilst I shot from a distance. Creating and then shrinking this gap between photographer and couple allows a ‘gentler’ introduction to the shoot. These games seem to break the tension at engagement shoots. As we walked and talked I was assessing the lighting, locations, and backgrounds. As well as the couple’s mood.

I find that talking about the potential for photographs helps build up a couple’s trust in my abilities. Once I describe my vision for an image and they get to see it on the back of the camera there is a significant change in how relaxed they are.

Despite not being great fans of ‘public displays of affection’ they were quickly having fun and showing their love for each other during their autumnal engagement photos.

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Autumn Engagement photos couple walking through orange leaved trees
silhouetted engagement photograph couple photo against autumn sky

Autumnal Lighting For Couple Photos

Once in the darker woods, we found a lovely location for autumnal engagement photos. Here the shafting sun perfectly hit Eden’s amazing hair. And Tommy enjoying his new ‘holy’ status with haloing from the low sun.

Autumn Engagement photo couple gazing into each others eyes in Dorset woodland with low shafting sunlight
Autumn Engaged photo shoot couple happy in woodland with low shafting sunlight
Autumnal Engagement photo shoot couple lughing in woodland with halo from low sunlight
laughing happy couple portrait photo taken in low autumn evening light with woodland background

Purbeck Wedding Plans

The more we walked between the autumnal engagement photos the better we got to know each other and their amazing wedding plans. I found myself jealous of their guests, a summer wedding in Purbeck at Cleavel Point will be amazing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it Cleavel Point is nestled on the edge of Arne Nature Reserve. It has stunning woodlands and a beach overlooking Poole Harbour. Murray and I both love this spot and are often to be found taking a break from a bike ride on the nearby shore. Both Eden and Tommy have an affinity for the countryside, woodland, and especially the sea. This is reflected perfectly in their choice of wedding location.

Autumn Engagement photos Crichel House bridge trees with orange leaves and laughing hugging couple
Engagement photograph at Crichel House bridge with orange leaves and kissing couple

Dorset Woodland Engagement Photos

As the sunlight dipped we walked over moss-covered bridges. We explored the autumnal woodlands, all the time looking out for the light and colour for their autumnal engagement photos. We talked about their story together. From the day they first met, and how their relationship has evolved so far.

Autumn Engagement photo couple photographed laughing with low orange light and woodland
Autumn Engaged photo couple in low orange light woodland
oranbge autumn leaves with engagement shoot couple on Dorset moss covered bridge
Autumn Engagement photo shoot couple laughing on woodland bridge
Autumn orange woodland Engagement photo in Dorset

By now the birds were coming into roost and the low sunlight picked out the shapes of the overhead clouds. Rain was again on its way, threatening the autumnal engagement photos. We left the cover of the woods and found water everywhere. From puddles on the path to flooded fields, bulging brooks and the raging river Allen.

autumn sunset sky with engagement photo shoot couple walking through dorset countryside
Autumn leaves in woods orange trees Engagement photo
I had been explaining how Murray and I use a variety of techniques to shoot couples with a lack of light on wedding days. Upon returning to Chritchel House Archway we had the perfect opportunity to demonstrate.
Crichel House Archway flash halo engagement couple photo
Crichel House Archway flash halo engagement couple photo with smoke

It was then in the last of the dying light that I suggested some photographs with their beloved Landrover. Which of course, they loved the idea of. For about twenty seconds as a final farewell, the sun painted the edge of the clouds a deep red hue and swiftly vanished into the night. The perfect finale to these lovely autumnal engagement photos.

Autumn Engagement photo couple with classic land rover Dorset roadsign and red cloud sunset
Obviously, we can’t wait to photograph Eden and Tommy’s Purbeck wedding day. They are not only brimming with wonderful ideas but are a fun, lovely couple.

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