We enjoy working at the Tithe barn wedding Dorset wedding venue and loved Natasha and Bradley’s wedding day. A summer wedding with a garden in full bloom saw us capturing a day full of fun, with a Lego bride and groom, flower meadows, sunset, and an amazing wedding band.

We battled through scarily heavy rain on this Tithe Barn Dorset wedding morning until we were close to Dorchester where it finally stopped. This time we got to see some of the beautiful countryside cottages within the Symondsbury Estate.

Symondsbury Estate cottage wedding morning preparation venue in Dorset countryside for Tithe Barn Dorset Wedding

Symondsbury Estate Wedding Bridal Preparations

First stop was Bilshay Farmhouse. Here we found Natasha and her bridesmaids getting ready. Cat Mutter wedding makeup professional and all-around good sport was busy working her magic. Natasha’s dress hung upstairs while stunning bouquets of amazing-smelling flowers arrived from West Dorset Wedding Flowers.

Bridesmaid in floral dressing gown has hair styled on morning of Dorset barn wedding on Symondsbury Estate

Bridesmaids in floral dressing gowns checking in mirror during morning preparations for Barn Dorset wedding

White detailed wedding dress hanging on ornate framed mirror over fireplace during wedding morning preparations

Sparkly silver two part diamante sandal Roland Cartier wedding shoes hanging in window on wedding morning

Beautiful white and yellow floral bridal bouquet in Dorset wedding cottage window seat

Groom's mother portrait photograph in white jacket smiling as she chats to friends on wedding morning in Dorset

With makeup done it was time to work some flowers into the wedding hair. The father of the bride had time to have a moment to himself looking out over the view from the cottage. The bridesmaids were in charge of refreshments and once Natasha was in her dress there was just time for mimosas before they headed for the Tithe Barn.

Bridesmaid in floral dressing gown has flowers worked into hair style on Dorset wedding morning

Laughing bridesmaid wearing floral dressing gown during wedding morning bridal preparations in cottage

Father of the Bride in blue wedding suit pulls funny disgust face when asked to tie ribbons onto wedding car on wedding morning

Happy bride on wedding morning having bridal make up styled by professional wedding makeup artist in Dorset

Bride has make up And hair styled at the same time from Symondsbury Estate cottage wedding morning

Father of the bride takes a moment to look at the Dorset countryside views at Symondsbury Estate cottage on wedding morning

Bride in dress checks herself in mirror at Symondsbury Estate cottage Dorset wedding morning

Smiling bride checks herself in ornate white framed mirror during wedding morning preparations

Smiling bridesmaid watches wedding morning preparation at Symondsbury Estate cottage in Dorset

Smiling blonde bridesmaid in pastel blue dress looks on during bridal hair styling Dorset barn wedding

Wedding shoes and personalised bag on window sill at Symondsbury Estate cottage wedding morning preparation venue

Happy laughing bride portrait photograph in detailed white wedding dress on wedding morning

Whole bridal party leave Symondsbury Estate cottage on wedding morning bathed in sunshine

Symondsbury Estate Wedding Groom Preparations

Meanwhile, at Crepe Cottage I found Bradley and his team of groomsmen all suited in blue. Bradley helped with preparations, ensuring that everyone’s tie was correct before accessorizing with his watch and tie pin. Wanting to make sure that his groomsmen knew what time it was Bradley gifted his groomsmen silver engraved pocket watches. Bradley also gave gifts to his parents before we all left in convoy for the Dorset barn wedding venue.

The grooms morning venue Crepe cottage on The Symondsbury Estate Dorset

Portrait photograph of groom in blue waistcoat concentrating as he checks grooms man's tie on Dorset wedding morning

Custom wooden ring box with wedding rings from Dorset barn wedding on the Symondsbury Estate

Groom's gift from bride on wedding morning of a wedding watch with grooms men in blue wedding suits in background

Happy groom in blue wedding suit outside Symondsbury Estate Crepe Cottage wedding morning venue gardens

Groom's personalised printed paper gift bag on wedding morning "Husband To Be" with grooms man and shoe in background

Photograph of engraved silver pocket watches with grooms men's reflections as gifts on wedding morning

Groomsmen walk in brown shoes and blue suits at Crepe Cottage on the Symondsbury Estate, Dorset on wedding morning

Tithe Barn Dorset Wedding Civil Ceremony

Once the gents had arrived at the barn it was time to add some final touches to the decorations. This done, they began to welcome guests as they arrived.

Outside Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue gardens with summer flowers and blue sky photograph

Groom and groomsmen in blue wedding suits check wedding table details at Tithe Barn wedding venue decorated interior in Dorset

Personalised brown cardboard boxes of confetti tied with string and wedding names and date label

Varnished wooden pallet hand written order of the wedding day detail photo DIY wedding idea

Wedding detail photograph of Polaroid framed pictures of absent Friends and family at stone Barn Dorset wedding

Groom in blue wedding suit outside arched doorway of barn venue nervously watches guests arriving for civil ceremony

Wedding guests and granny in a wheelchair take their places either side of the aisle at the Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue

Wedding guest in straw boater laughing as he jokes with female wedding guests who have mixed reactions in stone barn

Once most had taken their seats Bradley took his place front and center.

Groom in blue suit looking at wedding guests as he waits for Bride's arrival in front of curtains under hessian and love heart bunting

Happy groom and groomsmen shake hands whilst awaiting bridal party arrival at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding ceremony

Groom's mother comforts best man in blue suit before Dorset stone barn wedding ceremony as they wait for the bride's arrival

Brides mother is escorted to civil ceremony at the Tithe Barn Dorset wedding by groomsman in blue wedding suit

Natasha arrived accompanied by her father who walked her down the aisle. The happy couple then made their promises to one another and exchanged rings.

Bride holds her bridal bouquet with small photo frame details at Dorset barn wedding

Smiling wedding guest watches bride and father's entrance to Dorset barn wedding ceremony through videographers arms

Smiling bride and father coming down aisle while groom waits at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding

Smiling bride during civil ceremony at the Tithe Barn on the Symondsbury Estate Dorset

Emotional groom's father in blue suit cries with his head in his hands during Tithe Barn wedding ceremony in Dorset

Pick a seat either side you're loved by both the groom and bride wooden sign at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding ceremony photograph

Exchange of wedding rings photograph at Tithe Barn wedding ceremony on Symondsbury estate

Bride and groom holding hands during their first kiss at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding ceremony under love heart hessian bunting

Bride and groom in blue wedding suit holding hands during civil ceremony at the Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue

Newly weds walk down the aisle at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding ceremony to standing ovation from wedding guests

Bride and groom stand outside Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue in the summer sunshine with blue sky

After signing the register we gathered all the guests outside. They lined the path armed with confetti of orange and red coloured petals which showered down on Natasha and Bradley as they entered the garden.

Bride and groom showered with petals by wedding guests at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding confetti photograph

Tithe Barn Dorset Wedding Reception

In the summer sun of the garden, many of the guests were able to congratulate the newlyweds. The bride, groom, and guests enjoyed a selection of tapas, rather than the traditional canapés. We stole the the still-beaming couple away for some photographs among the wildflowers before returning them to the barn.

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding photograph of venue gardens with wooden welcome sign and guests enjoying drinks reception


Brides grandmother wearing blue laughing with drink in hand during garden wedding drinks reception

Wedding guest in pale blue dress wearing feathered hat laughing at garden drinks reception portrait photograph

Hollywood film star looking wedding guest in sunglasses and white jacket arrives at Tithe Barn Dorset garden for summer wedding

Bride and groom sitting on benches in front of barn at the Tithe Barn Dorset wedding

Smiling couple photograph walking in meadow of wild flowers at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding photograph of bride and groom in countryside flower meadow with blue summer sky

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue photograph of bride and groom kissing in countryside flower meadow

Wedding guests enjoy the summer sun sat laughing on wooden benches in the Tithe Barn Dorset gardens

Polaroid photographs used to make a personalised wedding sign with a wooden pallet DIY idea

Wedding breakfast was called and everyone made their way back into the barn. The new Mrs and Mrs were cheered and applauded as they entered. Everyone enjoyed a wedding breakfast supplied by Dorset Fine Dining.

DIY label and string table plan made with wooden frame, card name tags and Ivy

Polaroid photograph used as a wedding place name sign with Tequila and message in a bottle wedding favour

Polaroid photo style place setting sign with message in a bottle bottle wedding favour and miniature alcohol bottle

Wedding favour message in a bottle printed ribbon on white table cloth wedding detail idea detail photograph

Bride and groom in blue wedding suit laughing outside the Tithe Barn wedding venue on the Symondsbury Estate Dorset

Bride and groom enter the Tithe Barn wedding breakfast to standing ovation from guests

After enjoying our food we took the two custom Lego characters that the bride and groom had gifted each other for a little photo shoot of their own in the garden!

Macro photograph of custom made Lego bride and groom characters with daises as wedding flowers

Custom made Lego groom stood with cheese offers Lego bride an olive in macro fun wedding photograph

Custom wedding lego bride and groom characters in top wine bottles from Dorset barn wedding

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue photograph on a summer's day with blue sky and green gardens

Tithe Barn Dorset Wedding Speeches

Following on from the meal were the wedding speeches. First up was the father of the bride who gave an emotionally charged speech which had many guests in tears. Next up was the groom himself who gave many words of thanks to everyone involved in helping prepare for the day. Finishing things off were Bradley s two best men, who with the aid of a poem they had crafted had the whole barn in rapturous laughter.

Happy group of male wedding guests take a selfie during a stone barn wedding breakfast next to toilet door

Documentary photograph of groom practising his wedding speech outside wedding venue in bright sunlight

Documentary wedding photo of bride laughing at top table wedding speeches in stone barn wedding breakfast

Two best men in blue wedding suits give wedding speeches under hanging ivy in stone Barn Dorset

Wedding guests sat in sunlight laughing at wedding speeches in stone barn wedding venue photograph

Wedding Evening Reception And Entertainment Photos

Wedding guests enjoyed the evening sunshine as evening guests started to arrive.

Wedding guest wearing retro straw boater falls asleep on his arm in the sunshine during wedding breakfast

Best man in blue wedding waistcoat leaning against barn wall while laughing with female guests

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue with hanging ivy and Edison bulbs during wedding breakfast interval photographs

Steel drum musician playing as wedding drinks reception entertainment at Tithe Barn wedding venue garden in Dorset

Wedding guests sit in a line at a wooden table on phones and chatting in the Tithe Barn wedding venue gardens

Wedding guest pulls funny face at camera drinking coffee in shaft of sunshine in barn as wedding band set up in background

Bride's grandmother sits on chair waiting alone on stone floor in arched glass doorway at Tithe Barn Dorset Wedding venue

Portrait photograph of beautiful female wedding guests laughing in gardens on grassy hill

Brad's Grooms Man pin badge worn on blue wedding waistcoat with grey and silver patterned tie. Wedding detail photograph

Grooms men wearing blue wedding suits drink Tequila shots together reaction photograph in wedding venue gardens

Happy laughing wedding guests photograph at Tithe Barn Dorset garden wedding drinks reception

Everyone gathered for the cutting of the cake supplied by Angel Cake Company followed by the first dance.

Hexagonal and round white decorated wedding cake with bride and grooms wooden initials cake topper

Photograph of bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at Tithe Barn Symondsbury wedding venue in Dorset

Wedding guests laughing at bride and groom cutting the cake in the Tithe Barn Dorset documentary wedding photograph

Happy blonde wedding evening guest in barn venue smiling within crowd of other wedding guests

Bride laughs at groom during first dance wedding photograph with lens distortion taken at Tithe Barn wedding venue in Dorset

Groom in blue suit spins the bride during Tithe Barn Dorset wedding first dance watched by guests wedding photograph

Wedding guests stand around dance floor and watch bride and groom laughing during first dance in stone barn

Bride laughs during father and daughter dance with emotional crying father at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue

Bride and groom dance with their parents during evening reception as guests look on at the Tithe Barn

The band Ruby and the Rhythms kicked off their first set and wasted no time it getting the dance floor bouncing with some high-energy numbers. In between the band’s sets we were able to capture some shots of Natasha and Bradley against the evening’s sunset sky.

Lead singer of wedding band entertainment at Tithe Barn wedding in Dorset with coloured lighting and lens distortions

Happy Bridesmaid Wearing Pastel Blue Dress Dancing With Drink In Hand Documentary Photograph

animated dancing guests having fun at Tithe Barn wedding evening reception in Dorset

Female wedding guests dancing with fans at Tithe Barn Symondsbury wedding evening photograph in Dorset

Crazy wedding guest dancing during evening entertainment at the Tithe Barn wedding venue

Wedding sweets in plastic jars DIY sweet table idea wedding detail photograph with wooden sweets sign and gypsophila bouquet

Wedding photo booth alternative Polaroid camera with instructions, photo sign and spare film in basket on stone wall

Detail wedding photograph of signed wooden love hearts in love heart frame as wedding guest book idea.

Bride takes a Polaroid photograph of the dance floor over balcony at Dorset barn wedding venue

Wedding Polaroid pictures photo booth alternative hanging on pegs and string frame inspected by bride on wedding day

Wedding guests kissing whilst dancing at The Tithe Barn Dorset with wedding band evening entertainment

Female wedding guests dancing with Prosecco bottles and glasses at Dorset barn wedding venue evening

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding photograph at sunset of bride and groom in silhouette framed with trees by one thousand words photography

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding photograph at sunset of groom carrying bride with blue sky and red clouds by one thousand words

The band finally brought the evening to a close there leaving one last event. The happy couple’s sparkler exit. We pulled this off with the smallest of fuss and left the happy couple to say their goodbyes to friends and family.

Edison bulbs hanging from ivy covered ladder wedding decoration idea close up detail wedding photograph inspiration

Happy female wedding guest dancing to band at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue under blue Disco lights

Beautiful female wedding guest in floral dress dancing and flossing on wedding evening dance floor photograph

animated mother of the bride singing and dancing under coloured disco lights at wedding evening as wedding band plays in background

Bridesmaid and grooms man dance to the wedding band under purple disco lighting with guitarist in the background

Wedding evening dancing glass roof reflection photograph with fairy lights in Dorset stone barn wedding venue

Wedding band singer with dancing wedding guests and coloured disco lighting at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding photograph

Photograph of bride and groom dance to wedding band among wedding guests at the Tithe Barn evening disco

Happy bride dances with wedding band singer in blue and purple lights at Tithe Barn Dorset

Bride and groom enjoy sparkler wedding exit photograph at Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue surrounded by guests with sparklers

Tithe Barn Dorset wedding venue on Symondsbury Estate photographed at night with moon and clouds


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