Barn Wedding Morning Photographs by one thousand words

I arrived in the picture postcard village of Yetminster in Dorset to find Rowena and her bridal party hard at work readying for the day’s barn wedding. After our last barn wedding we were very excited to be working in the Dorset Countryside again

Upstairs in a cloud of hairspray bridesmaids tackled hair and make up. Downstairs Rowena’s parents attended to food and flowers. I couldn’t believe how happy and calm everyone was in this gorgeous cosy house. It turned out that this was the way of things all day.

Bride applies make up before Barn Wedding Hair styling on wedding morning Bridesmaid adjusts hair on morning of Barn Wedding Bridesmaid on morning at Barn wedding Fresh flowers from wedding morning Dresses hand on wardrobe at Barn Wedding

With colourful floral bouquets tied and ribbons added to cars the ladies transformed from beautiful to jaw dropingly stunning. With a little ‘happy dance’ here and there and a couple of glasses of champagne Rowena suddenly found herself being laced into her gorgeous wedding dress. I was quite impressed that she had cleverly chosen the comfort of flat shoes over heels, yet managed to maintain the bling with a pair of sparkly gold slip ons!

Bridesmaid on morning of Barn Wedding Wedding shoes from Barn Wedding Bride is fastened into dress at Barn Wedding Morning reaction at Barn Wedding Bride on morning of Barn Wedding

Before she knew it the morning’s preparations had sped by in a whirl of hugs and laughter and it was time to leave for her wedding ceremony at Stockbridge Farm Barn. You can see more of our Stockbridge Farm Barn wedding photographs here or read our Stockbridge Farm Barn wedding photographers wedding venue review here.

Meanwhile Murray joined Joe his best man, ushers and guests at the Eastbury Hotel having breakfast in their monogrammed dressing gowns. Clearly a group of distinguished gentlemen!

Lex, the Best man was first ready in a blue three-piece suit and arrived with a gift from Joe’s bride to be. Joe couldn’t resist wearing his new Parrot Bluetooth headphones his while preparing the big day ahead.

Groom preparation before Barn Wedding

Joe presented his grooms man with boxer shorts with his face on to wear! Once his shirt had been ironed ( by one of his groomsmen) Joe was ready to get into his own tailored three-piece suit complete with colourful cravat and wedding boots from Crockett & Jones

Grooms cravat at Barn Wedding Wedding boots at Barn Wedding Groom with custom boxer shorts for his groomsmen Watch and cuff link detail at Barn Wedding Buttonhole detail at Barn Wedding

With every one dressed for the occasion the chaps headed down stairs into the courtyard area. Most of the groomsmen and some guests enjoyed a whiskey before they all headed off to Stockbridge farm barn.

Groom and friends on morning of Barn Wedding

Countryside Barn Wedding Ceremony Photographs

Murray arrived at Stockbridge Farm Barn to find it beautifully decorated with colourful table cloths. Joe revealed that they had been bought shortly after the couple got engaged in India. That trip was obviously a source of inspiration for the decoration. Various destinations that they had visited were used as table names and even the table plan was a map of India.

Table cloth details at Barn Wedding

Map of India table plan at Barn Wedding

Just off to one side of the ceremony space stood a tower of chocolate brownies, blue berries and strawberries. Which not only looked good but filled the air with the smell of chocolate! Next to that sat a suitcase for cards and a mass of CDs cleverly titled ‘Wedding Flavours’ for wedding favours. We have to admit to stealing one and have now listened to it non-stop ever since!

Brownie and berries wedding cake at Barn Wedding Globe message book at Barn Wedding

Wedding flavour cd at Barn Wedding Card suitcase at Barn Wedding

A white globe was to be used as a message book and a bright J&R Lighted sign was perched high in the wall above where the ceremony would take place.

Lettering signage from Barn Wedding Groomsmen outside at Barn Wedding

Fairy lights and weaved wicker balls with more fairy lighting lent a fairy-tale glow to the proceedings.

The wedding guests arrived and took time to look at the decorated tables. Each place setting included a Polaroid style picture to ensure everyone could find their seat later on. Each table also presented a gorgeous bowl of floating flower heads.

Brides place setting with old photo at Barn Wedding Indian table name at Barn Wedding Floating flower table decoration at Barn Wedding

As more guests arrived they began to take their seats for the ceremony and await the arrival of the bridal party.Broom and best man at Barn Wedding

Guest looks back at bridle party entering at Barn Wedding

Bridle party outside before Barn wedding

Like a scene from a film the bridesmaids emerged from the bright sunshine into the subtly lit fairy-tale barn, followed by a positively glowing Rowena and her mother.

Groom awaits his bride Bridesmaids at Barn Wedding Mother escorts bride down the aisle at Barn Wedding

The heart-warming service induced smiles and tears of joy all around as did the following reading. Joe was so excited he genuinely looked like he might explode… which he actually did… verbally… shouting “WEDDING!!!” at the top of his lungs!

Bride and groom during ceremony at Barn Wedding Looking down the aisle at Barn Wedding Groom smiles during wedding ceremony Ceremony at Barn Wedding Embrace at Barn Wedding

Drinks Reception Photos at Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding

Rowena and Joe literally danced down the aisle hand in hand. They led their guests outside into the bright countryside sunshine for a Pimms based drinks reception with canapés. In the barn shelter a table tennis provided much hilarity and translucent plastic shapes cast their coloured hues about the guests. Rowena and Joe passed among their guests with hugs and kisses aplenty.

Just Married at Barn Wedding Newlyweds exit at Barn Wedding Newlyweds and guests gather outside at Barn Wedding Guests and bride gather outside at Barn Wedding Confetti at Barn Wedding Guests share a joke with wedding couple at Barn Wedding Dancing guest at Barn Wedding Brides parents in hats at Barn Wedding Photographs

Various styles of shoe at Barn Wedding Bride, groom and guests during group photos at Barn Wedding Groomsmen, bride and groom at Barn Wedding Bride and groom at Barn Wedding Table decoration at Barn Wedding Guests relax at Barn Wedding Guests enjoying drinks in the sunshine at Barn Wedding Table tennis playing guests at Barn Wedding

The only thing that could possibly stop the happy chatter, laughter and even singing was the call to wedding breakfast.

Medieval Barn Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Queens Catering outdid themselves and served an incredibly tasty fish and chip meal. The speeches from Rowena’s Mother, Joe, Rowena and Lex left everyone either in stitches or with tear laden eyes.

Stockbridge Farm Barn photograph of wedding breakfast setup inside

Decorated interior at Barn Wedding

Brides mother speech at Barn Wedding Mother of the groom speech at Barn Wedding Bride calls for a toast at Barn Wedding Grooms speech at Barn Wedding The groom warms up for his speech at Barn Wedding Toast at Barn Wedding Best man speech at Barn Wedding Newlyweds reaction during speech at Barn Wedding

There was even a poem by one of the guests that had the happy couple welling up.  Most of the chocolate brownies magically disappeared with teas and coffees.

Guests strike a pose at Barn Wedding Groomsman climbs the wall to place Go Pro at Barn Wedding Bride and groom laughing against Stockbridge Farm Barn backdrop Newlyweds kiss at Barn Wedding

We popped out to take a couple of photographs of Rowena and Joe against the rusty, grainy, rustic parts of the barn wedding venue. Then something unexpected and fantastical happened. Two of the guests further raised the laughter levels. Stood high on chairs above the crowd they performed a hilarious song. Most of the guests were now doubled over with laughter, tears streaming from their eyes.

Performance at Barn Wedding Reaction to speech at Barn Wedding Hugs at Barn Wedding

Wedding Evening Photographs at Stockbridge Farm Barn

The gorgeous wooden bar opened and there was some time for more drinks outside. In the warm sunshine with countryside views Stockbridge Farm Barn was yet again proving to be the perfect barn wedding venue.

Bride chats to guest at Barn Wedding Guest shields his eyes from the sun at Barn Wedding Hug and a kiss at Barn Wedding

As the sun started to dip and halo the guests we stole the happy couple away for a couple of minutes. They were quite happy to dance around a field, hug and kiss whilst we took photographs of them. Funnily enough we didn’t actually suggest they do anything. That is just the way they are!

Bride and groom dance in the garden at Barn Wedding Bride and groom embrace from Barn Wedding Bride and groom walk across courtyard at Barn Wedding

Back inside the barn and the wedding guests surrounded the dance floor ready for the first dance. Saint Motel’s ‘My Type’ had Rowena and Joe twirling about the barn. Halfway through the song Rowena beckoned the guests onto the dance floor and started a stampede the likes of which we have never seen before. All of the guests rushed the dance floor, at the same time, all happily, wildly dancing away. Murray described it as “jeeeeze, that just went off big time!” as I recovered from standing in the middle of the charge.

First dance at Barn Wedding Photography by one thousand words wedding photographers Wedding couple during first dance at Barn Wedding Groom beckons guests onto dance floor at Barn Wedding Packed dance floor at Barn Wedding Guests dancing at Barn Wedding Dance floor at Barn Wedding Dancing bride at Barn Wedding Letter signage from Barn Wedding Hands in the air on dance floor at Barn Wedding Dancing guests at Barn Wedding

The dancing eventually calmed down a little and evening guests arrived. Everyone was treated to a hog roast that had been cooking all day sending a mouth-watering smell across the courtyard.Stockbridge Farm Barn wedding venue outside space lit at night

Exterior from Barn Wedding

With huge smiles on our faces and a bounce in our step we left Rowena, Joe and their family and friends happily dancing the night away.

You can see our Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding Photographers review here and other Stockbridge Farm Barn wedding photographs here.


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