Dorset Countryside Wedding Photographs with Rich & Lou

We have been waiting for Rich and Lou’s Dorset countryside wedding for what seems like an age. If their Swanage Beach Engagement shoot was anything to go by we were in for a fun packed and adventurous day. These two are head over heels in love with each other, the Dorset countryside and their dog Bunsen!

On a sunny summers morning in the heart of the Purbeck countryside we found Lou and her ladies busying themselves at Keepers Cottage. The family home was serving as a Dorset Countryside Wedding staging post. Outside in the gorgeous county garden Rich’s father’s Classic British racing green Bentley and Lou’s 2CV greeted us, ready to play their part in the Dorset countryside wedding activities.

Slate love heart at wedding in Dorset preparations
Laura Mackenzie Wedding Hair Stylist in Dorset
Dorset Countryside Wedding Bridal Preparations

Inside, the bedroom and bathroom were utilised by the exceptionally talented Cat Mutter Dorset countryside wedding Makeup Artist and Laura Mackenzie Dorset countryside wedding Hair Stylist.

As the girls popped from room to room organising themselves and other guests Bunsen was taking it all in his stride, relaxing in whichever doorway provided the best shade.

Lou’s wedding dress hung in the spare room window, the light beaming through, illuminating all of its beautiful lace and beaded details.

There was a lovely relaxed yet jovial mood throughout the stone cottage. Tor from Bloom Dorset countryside wedding Florists delivered her beautiful wedding bouquets. Countryside wedding flowers in pinks and blues introduced a wonderful floral scent to the morning’s proceedings.

Bride looks in mirror on morning of wedding in Dorset
Bride makeup styled on wedding morning in garden
Bride in Hair Rollers Wedding Morning Preparation
As with most wedding mornings I utilised my vast wedding experience and created a blue silk cravat for Bunsen. He was definitely less impressed than the ladies by my skills!

As the hair and makeup styling concentrated on Lou, her bridesmaid donned her dress and her close family patiently waited downstairs.

Rich’s father arrived to collect his wonderfully restored Bentley, added ribbons and drove to Corfe, followed closely by Murray.

Bride with wedding pearl headband
Wedding Photograph of Bride Writing Wedding Speech
Bridesmaid in Dark Blue Dress looks at Bride
After a quick flurry of speech writing Lou was helped into her dress.The transformation from gorgeous to stunning was complete.
Black & White Wedding Photograph of Bride
Open Back Wedding Dress Beaded Detail
Bride is Helped into Wedding Dress By Bridesmaid
A couple of squirts of perfume and a little dance later and she was ready for her Dorset countryside wedding.
Bride in Wedding Dress Dances Putting on Perfume
Final touches took place downstairs– with the bright natural daylight light blasting in through the front door. Lou was a little worried that her father’s speech was smaller than the five-pound note it was wrapped in (I made a mental note to go low in the speeches betting!).

I joined Lou and her father for the 2CV drive through the country lanes to St Edward’s Church in the beautiful village of Corfe. The perfect setting for the start of a sunny Dorset countryside wedding.

2CV Wedding Car in Countryside Garden Wedding
Bride Outside Country Cottage at Wedding in Dorset
Bride Laughs in 2CV Wedding Car in Dorset Countryside
Dorset Countryside Wedding Groom Preparations

Meanwhile Murray found Rich and best men peeking out of a cottage window in Corfe getting ready for their Dorset countryside wedding. Inside, Rich’s nieces had transformed into lovely little flower girls– cute as buttons in their floral head pieces.

Groom in blue cravat and wedding cuff links
Flower Girl in Countryside Flower Head Piece
wedding flowers by Bloom florist Swanage Dorset
Murray noted that the chaps repeatedly checked that they still had the rings. Rich was the lucky recipient of a new TAG watch, which he proudly showed off to everyone!

Once suited and booted, there was just enough time to again check that they did indeed have the rings in their possession and leave for Corfe Church. Their first task was to safely escort gran into the church and second was to visit The Greyhound Pub for a swift half! In the bright sunshine they greeted the wave of wedding guests arriving to the Dorset countryside wedding with a need for liquid refreshment.

Black & White Wedding Photograph of Groom & Best Man
Toby (the rather dapper groomsmen) greeted the guests into St Edward’s church with orders of service illustrated by his very talented wife Janine Drayson.

Usher in Waistcoat Greets Guests at Corfe Wedding
Dorset Countryside Wedding Service Photos

With all of the guests now seated Bunsen lay on the cool stone floor still taking it all in his stride. Outside the sound of a two-horse power engine announced Lou’s stylish arrival.

Laughter at Church Wedding in Dorset
As a Dorset countryside wedding venue we love working at St Edwards Church. The vicar has a fantastic sense of humour and the building allows us to shoot wedding services stood away from the action. The stone detail, textures and tones are wonderful.

Church Wedding Service in Dorset Wedding Photograph
Bride & Groom During Dorset Church Wedding Ceremony
Two readings and a lot of laughter later the happy couple found themselves signing the register. They exited the church through the impressive stone archway into the bright sunshine outside.
Signing the Register at St Edwards Church in Corfe
Bride & Groom Leave Corfe Church Wedding Ceremony
Dorset Countryside Wedding Castle Venue

We quickly organised and shot confetti, bubble and group photographs, all with the wonderful backdrop of Corfe Castle. A Dorset countryside wedding with a truly Dorset icon.

Wedding Bubbles at Corfe Castle Wedding in Dorset
The guests departed for the next Dorset countryside wedding venue. I joined Rich and Lou in the ruins of Corfe Castle for some ‘couple shots’. We hate ‘posing’ a bride and groom, it only ever leads to images that look unnatural to the bride and groom. Therefore often working from afar with very little direction to achieve images of the couple as they truly are.

Bride & Groom Kiss in Corfe Castle Wedding in Dorset
Corfe Castle Wedding Photograph at Wedding in Dorset
We quickly jumped in our car and headed off to Rollington Barn. A little used Dorset countryside wedding venue, Rollington Barn is gorgeous. Located on a farm at the foot of the Purbeck hills it is a hidden gem for a Dorset countryside wedding.

Dorset Countryside Wedding Barn Venue

Tor from Bloom, Dorset countryside wedding Florists had expertly decorated the barn with a spread of soft coloured country flowers, perfectly complementing the stone and woodwork. She had created what can only be described as a mammoth floral archway at the entrance. Fairy lights and a huge floral R & L and love hearts hung from the stone walls.

Outside stood Dorris, Love Cake Catering’s retro ice cream van who was serving her famous cocktail menu. Guests were gathered around straw bales enjoying Pims in jam jars. The Bentley complete with Rich and Lou arrived to rapturous applauds and hugs and kisses were shared around.

Bride Steps Out of Wedding Car at Barn Wedding

Ladies Hug Bride at Countryside Wedding in Dorset
Dorset Countryside Wedding Reception Photographs

Lou was then treated to a surprise as her favourite hose arrived, beautifully dressed in ribbons and flowers. It is the first time we have had a bride actually ride a horse in her wedding dress. Being adventurous she happily trotted about the farm.

Bride on Horse with Groom at Countryside Wedding
Bride on Horse in Backless V Wedding Dress
Horse Laughs at Barn Wedding in Dorset
Framed chalk boards denoted the activities of the day. The chalkboard ‘ wedding map’ revealed the sheer amount of thought that had gone into this Dorset countryside wedding.

Quoits, Giant Jenga and a huge sandpit (with deck chairs,buckets and spades) entertained the guests on one side of the courtyard. Across the straw bale seating sat a ‘photo booth van’ and a huge bride and groom caricature with cut out heads.

Wedding Guest with Beard at Wedding in Dorset
Back in the barn Love Cake Catering served high tea of home made sandwiches, pork pies and cakes. The food was so good that we caught a couple of the guests sneaking trays away for themselves.

Wedding Guests Sneakily Eat High Tea Cakes
Guests Enjoy High Tea at Barn wedding in Dorset
Wedding Guests with Ice Cream Cocktail Van & Baby
In the background three and a half local lambs cooked gently on a barbecue fired by Toby’s Greenwood Workshop charcoal.
Lamb BBQ Over Barrels at wedding in Dorset

Flowergirl makes Sandcastles at Wedding in Dorset
Black & White wedding guest kisses bride with tea
As darker clouds threatened Rich took the opportunity to disappear with three of the lads for a spin in the Bentley .

Looking at the sky the guests sensibly added wellies and umbrellas (including Lou’s wonderful white western wedding wellies).

We all set off up the nearby hill which provided stunning views across Corfe Castle and valley.

In between rain showers champagne was served in tea pots and cups. Wedding toasts were made against the stormy looking sky. The decorated farm tractor and trailer delivered more guests and we organised a group photograph.

Wedding in Dorset Guest With Polka Dot Umbrella
Corfe Castle Countryside & Flowergirl at Wedding
Wedding Tractor & Trailer Countryside Wedding in Dorset
Bride & Groom with Dog & Incredible Sky at Wedding
Wedding Guests with Umbrellas and Moody Sky
Wedding Guests Walk in the Rain in Dorset Countryside
A quick trek back down the hill and the bar had opened. Lou took some quiet time to make some last-minute adjustments to her speech.

Countryside wedding flowers at wedding in Dorset
Black & White Wedding Photo of Bride Writing Speech
Wedding Guests Chatting at Barn wedding in Dorset
wedding in Dorset guest holds beer and baby!
Funny portrait cut out at wedding in Dorset
Baby Wedding Guest Sticking Tongue Out at Camera
Wedding in Dorset guest enjoys a beer with bride
Dorset Countryside Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

Now with storm lighting and rain restricting outdoor play the lamb buffet was served along trestle tables and straw bale seats in the barn.

As thunder rumbled over the hills rain hammered down. Wedding guests were treated to some wonderful speeches inside the cosy barn. There was a lot of laughter, quite a few tears and we got to experience Lou’s ‘teacher voice’. All greeted with wild applause from the guests.

Groom kisses Bride During Wedding Speeches
Wedding guests listen to wedding speeches
Best Man portrait photograph during speeches
Groom reacts to Best Man's speech at wedding in Dorset
Brides speech at Barn wedding in Dorset
Barn wedding in Dorset guests toast speeches
Over an hour had passed in the blink of an eye - I didn’t win the speech bets!

In our many years as Dorset countryside wedding photographers we have seen wedding cakes cut by swords, hunting knives, saws, rulers and even a chain saw. We have no idea what type of crazy machete looking farm tool Lou and Rich chose to dissect theirs with!

Dorset Countryside Wedding Evening and Dancing Photos

Still smiling from ear to hear Rich and Lou took to the dance floor, busting out some serious moves! After which the rest of the guests were invited to join them. They danced the night away to the funky sounds of their Dorset countryside wedding band.

Guests Appalude First Dance at Wedding In Dorset
Wedding Band at Rempstone Barn wedding in Dorset
Barn wedding in Dorset evening dancing
Guest laughing at Rempstone Barn wedding in Dorset
Bride & Groom dancing at Barn wedding in Dorset
As predicted Rich and Lou’s Dorset countryside wedding was a mixture of love, fun and adventure. Next time I see a speech so small it can be wrapped in a five-pound note I am betting high on the timings!


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