Smedmore House Wedding Photos

Looking for captivating Smedmore House wedding photos? Join us as we unveil Natalie and Louis’ enchanting summer outdoor wedding on the Dorset coast. Smedmore House provided the perfect backdrop.

As Murray and I arrived, the morning sun rose over the Purbeck hills. It cast a golden glow on Smedmore Estate, Kimmerage Bay, Portland, and the Dorset Sea.

Bridal Preparation Photos At Smedmore House

The day began with Natalie and her entourage in the bridal suite. All eyes were on Natalie’s daughter, Brooke. Who stole the spotlight with her vibrant energy. The talented Cat Mutter, the wedding makeup artist, and Carly, the hairstylist (from Salon53), worked their magic. High spirits and humor filled the house and gardens as the warm sun bathed the scene.

excited flower girl nappy jumping bed bridal suite
happy bridesmaid wedding hair styling mirror reflection photo
bridesmaids practice ceremony readings during bridal preparations
Cat Mutter wedding make up stylist Smedmore House Bridal suite
We used mirrors, framed paintings, and sunlight to capture emotions and moments. Ceremony speeches were expertly rehearsed. Champagne and snacks provided energy. The bridesmaids’ green dresses and Natalie’s stunning wedding gown hung in the background. Family members flowed in and out, each completing tasks for the day.
black white bridesmaid photo wedding makeup
documentary wedding photograph bridesmaids reflections wedding morning
bridesmaid reflected makeup plallete mirror wedding morning photos
black white wedding morning photograph bridal hair styling
white wedding dress hangs large dark wood wardrobe dorset stately home wedding
smedmore house wedding photos bride haloed hair styling bridal suite

Natalie had chosen beautiful bouquets of dried countryside flowers from TheBeauBlooms. They fitted in with Smedmore House’s ambiance perfectly.

dried countryside wedding flower bouquets photo
bridesmaid wedding morning hair styling photo
laughing happy bridesmaid bed bridal preparation photo
black white wedding hairspray silhouette photo
documentary wedding morning photo bridesmaid hair styling
happy bridesmaid checks wedding hair styling mirrors wedding morning
wedding hair styling portrait photo bridesmaid concentrating
brides daughter plays with makeup brushes wedding morning photo
brides reflection wedding makeup stately home painting artwork glass
beautiful bridal makeup cat mutter makeup artist portrait photo
From the top-floor windows, the bridal party watched as guests arrived at the marquee and lawns. Both were beautifully decorated for a love-filled day.
bridesmaid brides daughter look out window smedmore house candid black white wedding photo
cute flower girl white dress pink shoes bridal preparation photo
documentary bridal preparation photo black white smedmore house
In the final moments of the morning, the girls donned their dresses. Natalie was then helped into her stunning wedding gown. The look on Natalie’s father’s face as he saw her in white was priceless. They led the bridal party into the bright gardens.
laughing bride tied into wedding dress bridesmaids green dresses
beautiful bride white wedding dress looks into camera laced into
father of the bride reaction to wedding dress bride

Smedmore House Photos Of Groom Preparation

The first order of the day for the chaps was to open a beer or two. Then the ironing could begin!
groom ironing shirt wedding morning preparation photos smedmore house
Louis and his groomsmen ensured the ceremony set up in the walled garden was perfect. They readied themselves in Smedmore House’s garden wing. With Louis’s mother on hand to help with clothing adjustments. Waistcoats, ties, and cufflinks secured, they transformed into dapper gentlemen.
smedmore house wedding photos outdoor garden ceremony setup
grooms mother adjusts shirt collar groom preparation photos

Outside they welcomed arriving guests into the Staley home’s gardens. At the same time as Natalie’s father arrived to collect her, a lighthearted moment saw Louis and his best man sharing jokes atop the aisle.

groomsmen laughing group waiting outdoor garden wedding ceremony photo
wedding rings bands held best mans hand
best man checks time joke groom waiting bride outdoor wedding

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At Smedmore House

In the warm Dorset sunshine of the walled garden, the beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony took place. The adorable flower girl and page boy led. Bridesmaids in elegant green gowns walked down the aisle, followed by Natalie and her proud father.
Everyone admired their beauty, especially Louis when he set eyes on his bride-to-be.
bride father enter wedding garden outdoor ceremony smedmore house dorset
nervous groom exhales bride walks down outdoor aisle wedding ceremony photo
father bride excited celebration dorset stately home outdoor wedding ceremony
seated bridesmaids green dresses with flower girl during garden wedding ceremony
The heartfelt ceremony was filled with laughter, emotional moments, and a few tears. Against the garden backdrop, guests enjoyed readings from the bridesmaids. Followed by the exchange of vows, and the tender first kiss.
smedmore house wedding ceremony reading garden bridesmaid green dress under archway
emotional bride hides face during outdoor garden wedding ceremony dorset
black white documentary wedding photo bride covering crying face during outdoor wedding ceremony
bridesmaid green dress wedding ceremony reading under archway photographed over countryside dried flower bouquets
seated groomsmen grey tweed suits during outdoor garden wedding ceremony photo
child wedding guest photo bombs outdoor garden wedding ceremony
first kiss photo smedmore house outdoor garden ceremony dorset
After signing the register, the newlyweds made their way down the aisle. They were greeted by cheers and a shower of confetti.
wedding confetti smedmore house gardens

Smedmore Gardens Drinks Reception

Guests enjoyed a delightful garden drinks reception. With beverages and canapés provided by Crab Apple Catering. Smedmore House’s enchanting gardens provided the perfect setting for celebration in the Dorset sunshine. Sounds of happy chatter and laughter filled the air.

custom script wedding sign garden gate smedmore house dorset wedding venue
documentary group photograph garden drinks reception dorset stately home bride female friends
funny wedding photo wedding guests bottle feeding beer to each other
granny exploring gardens during smedmore house wedding drinks reception

Group and Couple Wedding Photos

Amidst the celebrations, it was time to capture group and couple photos. We worked efficiently with a relaxed and jovial attitude. Ensuring we didn’t detract from the occasion. Once complete, guests were ushered to the wedding marquee and horsebox bar. This allowed us time with Natalie and Louis alone. The love and togetherness between the newlyweds are clear, in these intimate photos throughout the gardens.
bride outside smedmore house dorset wedding venue gardens
bride groom couple photograph dorset banana palm background
smedmore house wedding photograph bride groom garden stately home confetti falling
bride groom couple photograph kissing dorset stately home gardens photographed over flowers
bride groom kissing portrait couple photograph red leaves
boisterous wedding guests joking for camera drinks reception

Smedmore House Wedding Speeches and Breakfast

Inside the beautifully adorned marquee, the wedding breakfast was a joyous occasion. The newlyweds were welcomed with a standing ovation.
smedmore house wedding photos bride groom stately home front door framed guests legs

Natalie’s father, the groom, and the best man delivered speeches. The space was filled with laughter, tears of joy, and love. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous three-course meal by Crab Apple Catering. Brooke added a touch of joyful humor as she showcased a novel way to eat dessert. With satisfied bellies and hearts full of love, the horsebox bar kept the drinks flowing.

black white documentary wedding speech photographed reflection father laughing bride
groom hides face in shame during best mans wedding speech marquee
black white candid wedding photo groom playing with new wedding ring during speeches
black white wedding photo grooms speech top table reaction marquee
grooms mother wedding guest laughing low summer sun stately home grounds dorset
wedding marquee horse box bar smedmore house dorset wedding venue
brides daughter eats wedding desert no hands bridesmaid holds hair
intimate moment between bride young daughter photo
dried countryside wedding flower bouquets upon rustic wedding post box marquee

Wedding Evening Photos

The sun dipped toward the coastal horizon, casting a warm orange light. Natalie and Louis took a romantic walk down Smedmore’s tree-lined avenue. Soon joined by an excited Brooke, with the sea views in the background. Inside the now-glowing marquee, Frankie Miles musician extrordinaire set up for the evening’s musical entertainment.

bride groom walk hand in hand towards coastal sunset tree lined avenue smedmore house
daughter joins bride groom tree lined avenue sunset over sea
smedmore house wedding photos bride groom child walking tree lined avenue sunset sea view
bride groom sunset kiss reflection photograph
bride groom silhouetted against evening sky sunset orange cloud tree lined avenue smedmore house
Natalie and Louis cut their naked wedding cake. They then shared their first dance surrounded by loved ones. The night continued with dancing, laughter, and celebration as the couple and their guests danced the night away.
three tier naked wedding cake decorated with flowers photographed from above
flash lit first dance bride groom wedding guests marquee dancefloor sheet music
groom beckons wedding guests onto marquee dancefloor during first dance
During a break in Frankie’s sets, a unique flash-lit shot was set up. This allowed the newlyweds five minutes under the stars before returning to their excited guests on the dance floor.
bride groom silhouette hand holding glowing multicoloured marquee starry night sky
flash haloed bride groom kiss under confetti shower
wedding guests reaching for the lazers during disco
wedding guest couple dancing under fairy lights in wedding marquee
mother groom throws shapes on wedding dancefloor
wedding guests dance around child push chair marquee dancefloor disco lighting
Natalie and Louis’s summer outdoor wedding at Smedmore House showcased the beauty of love and the splendor of a Dorset country house.

Their day, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories, was a joy to capture in their Smedmore House wedding photos.

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