Robin and Maia’s Amazing Prussia Cove Wedding Photographs

Over the past few years, we have photographed some particularly unusual and spectacular weddings. I have to admit we weren’t ready for the amazing treat that was Robin and Maia’s Prussia Cove wedding.

Bride and groom by the sea at Prussia Cove Wedding venue

To elaborate, the following are some of the weddings we have got used to:

  • A Michelin starred hotel with Aston Villa football team followed by a private castle with pool, medieval circus performers/ fire juggling and Muppets cupcakes.
  • A Church with masses of balloons, a DJ playing drum and bass from the pulpit, walking along a pier and the red arrows at sunset.
  • A bride and groom in a stone circle followed by the bride gunning down a zip line in her wedding dress.
  • A bride and groom in a ruined castle taking all of their guests for a ride on a steam train.

Incredible Wedding Plans Realised at Prussia Cove

When I first heard Robin and Maia’s Prussia Cove wedding plans I thought someone was attempting to wind me up. Upon realising they were serious I became excited, very excited. This blog post attempts to relay Robin and Maia’s Prussia Cove wedding day in a manner that is believable. I will mostly let the pictures do the talking because it was unbelievable!

This wedding in one (long) breath:
“A Russian Jewish wedding of professional musicians at a private stately home and estate. Overlooking the sea in sun-baked Cornwall with a private beach. A Mariachi band flown in from Canada. Warm whiskey, cold pink champagne, a love song sung in 13 languages. Violin, piano, fiddle and accordion music. Cabaret, Russian chair dancing, Russian music, customised cocktails, and lots and lots of singing and dancing.

Believe me? I didn’t think you would!

Destination Wedding Photographers in Cornwall

Murray and I travelled the five hours to Prussia Cove wedding venue in Cornwall.  Some of our avid readers will remember Jonny and Shirl’s Prussia Cove wedding photographs we shot there a couple of years back. The thing about this private family estate overlooking the Atlantic is that it is almost impossible to find unless you know how!

Robin and Maia were kind enough to accommodate us in one of the many estate cottages overlooking the main house and sea. Even before we had prepared our kit for the day ahead we had made friends with several of the wedding guests!

Porth-en-alls (as the manor house is named) is the spectacular venue for the International Musicians Seminar. We knew that as Maia and Robin met here is not only held great sentimental value to them but to their musician guests too.

Documentary Wedding Preparation Photographs

I joined the ladies in the bridal suite where hair and makeup was in full flow. The natural light beaming in through the full length windows and the mirrors dotted about the room made for some stunning Prussia Cove wedding photographs.

Bride portrait on Prussia Cove Wedding morning

The wedding dress adorned in intricate detail hung in pride of place. Final adjustments were made to readings and it wasn’t long before the Rosé Champagne started to flow. Wedding dress detail photograph at Prussia Cove Wedding venue

Flower girls dress themselves in pink floral dresses on wedding morning Wedding morning hair dressing at Prussia Cove Wedding venue

With more and more of the female guests arriving for a glass of bubbles the room was buzzing with activity. Laughter and in-depth conversation echoed about.Prussia Cove Wedding morning Photographs

A huddle of stunning looking women helped her Maia into her dress as the guests dispersed. Eventually leaving on her own looking absolutely gorgeous. With a couple of minutes spare to catch her breath and relax.

Black and white wedding photography of bride at Prussia Cove Wedding Bride portrait photograph with wedding perals at Prussia Cove Wedding Bride talks with her father at Prussia Cove Wedding

Meanwhile Murray had the opportunity to take some images of the huge mansion-house and Prussia Cove wedding venue’s grounds and located the grooms men.

Groom portrait photograph in mirror at Prussia Cove Wedding venue

Outdoor Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Out in the walled garden the chairs were laid out ready for the Jewish ceremony. The Chuppah (canopy) had been constructed using 18 foot rowing oars! Inside Robin and the groomsmen were in the process of getting themselves suitable attired for the day ahead.

Prussia Cove Wedding venue in cornwall

As more chaps arrived the ‘morning whiskey’ was opened to calm their nerves. They moved outside, sipping and chatting away on the sun terrace with its incredible coastal views. The Kippahs were distributed and button holes attached.

Groomsmen put on their kippas for Jewish wedding cermony Rabbi at jewish wedding by the sea in Cornwall

The brightly dressed guests gathered around the Chuppah. The Jewish wedding ceremony was conducted in the sunshine overlooking the Cornish sea. As Robin awaited his bride the flower girls arrived, throwing petals as they went. They could be the cutest children we have ever seen at a wedding!

Bride walks by the sea to her Prussia Cove Wedding ceremony

Flowergirls at Prussia Cove Wedding Ceremony

As the string quartet stuck up. Maia and her close family emerged from the stone doorway at the rear of the walled gardens. A huge grin started on Robin’s face and seemingly lasted the rest of the day.

Bride walks down the aisle at outdoor Jewish wedding ceremony Jewish wedding ceremony by the sea at Prussia Cove Wedding

As part of Jewish tradition Maia circled Robin seven times. The Rabbi in an almost entrancing vocal rhythm then joined the two in marriage. The reading by family and guests were straight from the heart and were met with beaming grins and applauds.

Flower girl at Prussia Cove Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Bridesmaid reading at outdoor wedding ceremony in Cornwall

The final act of the ceremony the smashing of the glass was greeted by a roaring “MAZEL TOV”. Followed by an unleashing of party spirit. Everyone was hugging or kissing someone else and the music upped its tempo.

Prussia Cove Wedding Photograph at Prussia Cove in Cornwall

Wedding Drinks Reception By The Sea

The image of three large Mariachi in their huge sombrero, overlooking the sea in Cornwall will stay with me to the day that I die. They were brilliant, not just uplifting and entertaining but really useful for enticing the guests into the sea-side garden for group photographs pied piper of Hamlin style!

Wedding mariachi band at Prussia Cove wedding venue in Cornwall Wedding party enjoy drinks reception at Prussia Cove Wedding Bride and groom photograph by the sea in Cornwall Bride and the girls by the sea at Prussia Cove Wedding Photographs Wedding guests sit on bench by the sea at Prussia Cove, Cornwall Bridesmaid and partner at Prussia Cove Wedding

The Prussia Cove wedding drinks reception canapés appeared.  The champagne flowed and the guests moved back into the main hall for the wedding breakfast. We followed Robin and Maia and some of their guests down onto the rocks next to the sea for a celebratory dance. These guys were genuinely high on love!

Bride and groom dance by the sea at Prussia Cove WeddingWedding group photograph by the sea at Prussia Cove Wedding Best man pretends to be angry at Prussia Cove Wedding

Prussia Cove Wedding Breakfast Photographs

The main dining hall at this Prussia Cove wedding was beautiful. Adorned with pretty meadow flowers and hand written black board place names. The joyful buzz of the day was simmering away. Guests again erupted for the arrival of the bride and groom and the heartfelt and hilarious speeches.

Bride and groom enter Prussia Cove Wedding breakfast Father of the Bride Speech at Prussia Cove Wedding Wedding guests at Prussia Cove Wedding Breakfast Prussia Cove Wedding Photographs of Best Man's speech Bride and groom kiss at Prussia Cove Wedding Breaksfast Bridesmaid at Prussia Cove Wedding Breakfast

The Round Kitchen Catering had done it again. Not only had they provided incredibly tasty canapes earlier in the day but the wedding breakfast was so delicious the plates went back looking clean!

Musical Entertainment at Wedding

The guests were ushered into the lounge for the ‘open mic’ section of the day. Maia and Robin had no idea what was to follow. Even with the fore knowledge we were still blown away.

The entertainment started with a piano number sung in thirteen different languages by thirteen of the wedding guests. Next a friend played a violin led piece that had literally only just been penned. This was followed by music played on a fiddle and an accordion. At this point Murray pointed out I was taking photographs with an awe gaping mouth!

White wedding dress detail at Prussia Cove Wedding Photographs Wedding guest framed in mirror at Prussia Cove Wedding Child wedding guest plays piano at Prussia Cove Wedding guest sings to bride and groom at Porth en Alls Bride hugs wedding guest at Prussia Cove Wedding venue Wedding music at Prussia Cove Wedding Wedding guest sings to bride and groom with piano accompaniment Bridesmaid plays violin at Prussia Cove Wedding

Talk about going out on a high. The final performance was cabaret accompanied by the piano. This had the bride and groom and guests curled over with laughter. After much applause, wiping away of tears and huge hugs the cake was cut.

Wedding song sign at Prussia Cove Wedding Musical wedding cake with cupcakes and swans

Back in the main hall the tables had been cleared, lighting set up, candles placed in jars all around the room. A couple of the guests were busy preparing a range of customised cocktails.

Prussia Cove Wedding Evening Reception

The mariachi band was accompanied by the fiddle as Robin and Maia swirled about the floor to the first dance. The guests needed no encouragement to join in. As the cocktails and evening drinks flowed the dance floor filled with a sea of spinning bodies. We knew we were blending in  when a guest told us he thought we had left after the group photographs!

Bridesmaid plays violin with mariachi band at Prussia Cove Wedding Prussia Cove Wedding Photographs of First dance Wedding guest catches the wedding bouquet at Prussia Cove Wedding

The DJ mixing from the balcony above did not disappoint and carried on the flow of the evening. We witnessed our first Russian chair dance. Polka and folk style dancing and the ’tradition’ of the groom removing the garter using only his teeth!

Wedding DJ wearing beats headphones at Prussia Cove Wedding Groom dances at bride in Porth en Alls, Cornwall Wedding chair dance photograph at Prussia Cove Wedding

It certainly was a long day full of colour, music and emotion. As we headed back up the dark track to our cottage we could still hear the happy sounds of revelry being blown by the wind like the waves on the beach.

A beautiful wedding day for some beautiful Prussia Cove wedding photographs.

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