Porth en Alls Wedding at Prussia Cove in Cornwall

The phrase “spectacular venue” doesn’t come even close when a describing Porth en Alls wedding in Prussia Cove, Cornwall. Prussia Cove itself consists of several private beaches, coves, sands and inlets. All surrounded by unspoiled houses, cottages and almost touching the shoreline with its walled gardens. Porth en Alls wedding venue stands as a unique jaw-dropping venue.

Porth en Alls wedding at Prussia Cove Wedding venue in Cornwall

It rings of ancient smuggling stories around an open log fires in the winter and long sunny days on the beach in the summer. All of this during some baking March sun was to be the location of our latest Cornish wedding.

Jonathan and Shirley are a couple that makes my heart melt, they are so happy in tune with one another it’s hard to believe that they weren’t yet married. They arrived early in their 1970’s VW camper “Mrs T” (which by the way they had just spent the last 7 years lovingly restoring together).

Porth en Alls Wedding Morning Preparation Photographs

After settling into their new grand surroundings were as active as the guests in preparing for the big day ahead.

Groom checks out VW camper van wedding letters box on wedding morning

Now it’s March, on the Cornish coast and the sun is shining like a balmy day in July. The beer barrels and sound systems arrive, delivered by friends. The large, bright dining hall was laid out in ivory and green with candles and favours.

‘The Round Kitchen’ caterers set up and fill the room with mouth-watering smells. Val, the groom’s mother (and respected artist) buzzed around creating and hanging ornamental paper balls, preparing her homemade wedding cake, flower arranging and sign making. Jon’s sister Lucy (who also illustrated the invites, menus and order of the day) and musician extraordinaire Alex Chapman stood under the stone arches in the garden practising their sax and guitar duet.

The best men and ushers were ‘testing’ the beer and honing their ‘Hacky sack’ skills on the grass overlooking the sea. This was the day before the wedding and I was already overwhelmed by just how personal the wedding was. There was so much talent present (apart from the Hacky sack that is!).

Groom and groomsmen check on the beer at porth en alls wedding

Porth en Alls Wedding Morning Preparations

Bright and early, the long-anticipated wedding morning came. The groom’s party was to be found washing and preening with glasses of champagne as they donned their suits. Yet again the groom’s mother had applied her artistic talents and created ties and handkerchiefs from the same material that Shirley’s mum had made the fantastic favours. The boys looked exceptionally dapper.

Hand made floral wedding tie with personalised label at pussia cove wedding Jura Single Malt Whiskey with wedding shoes during grooms wedding preparations The Master of Ceremonies prepares on porth en alls wedding morning at Prussia Cove Groom prepares on wedding morning porth en alls wedding photograph

Back in the ‘girls room’ Shirley had emerged in curlers. The bridesmaids set about preparing her and themselves in almost military fashion. After hair and make-up had been perfected Shirley was tied into her dress by her mother. She looked amazing. At the same time, Jon and the chaps waited patiently with the guests in the warming sun of the walled garden.

White and green wedding bouquet at porth en alls, wedding Prussia Cove Chalkboard love heart shaped wedding sign on old wooden door Bridesmaids peek out of Porth en Alls wedding venue window on wedding morning Bride is laced into white wedding dress at porth en alls, Prussia Cove cornwall Bride in white wedding dress shows off her lace garter with blue ribbon bow Beautiful Blonde bride under veil on Porth en alls wedding morning in Cornwall

Shirley’s father arrived to collect the girls and his face said it all. They all looked incredible (and were running early!).

Porth en Alls Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Photographs

As the MC’s bell announced the start of the Porth en Alls wedding ceremony Shirley. Her father and her bridesmaids eloquently swept down from the upper house and garden. Around the coastal walkway and into the walled garden through a huge oak door. They had all been practising their walks earlier in the morning and carried it off beautifully. Jon was a little lost for words when Shirley joined him in front of the registrar. I don’t blame him; she did look amazing.

Bride and Father of Bride walk to outdoor wedding ceremony at Prussia cove Nervous groom waits for his bride at porth en alls wedding ceremony Bride has veil adjusted before Cornish outdoor wedding ceremony at Prussia Cove Bride and father enter walled garden wedding ceremony at Porth en alls wedding Bride and groom laugh in the summer sun at Porth en alls wedding ceremony Best men laughing at outdoor wedding ceremony at Prussia cove, Cornwall Prussia Cove Wedding Venue by the sea with outdoor wedding ceremony

After readings by the groom’s older sister and father, everyone had a jolly good sing along. Jon and Shirley were officially married in the sun by the sea. The Porth en Alls wedding drinks reception then started.

Porth en Alls Wedding Drinks Reception Photographs

Now I have to mention the food, ‘The round kitchen’ catering had outdone themselves. Mini fish and chips, mini Cornish pasties, mini Yorkshire puddings and mini scotch eggs were the tastiest complement to champagne and Pims by the sea.

We quickly arranged the group photographs, so efficiently that I even had time to take the bride and groom for a quick walk before the wedding breakfast was called.

Wedding musicians at Porth en Alls outdoor wedding ceremony in Cornwall Mini fish and chips wedding canapés at Porth en alls wedding Prussia Cove Wedding love heart group photograph by the sea in Cornwall Groomsmen at Porth En Alls wedding by the sea in Cornwall, UK Bride and groom kiss in front of textured stone wall at Porth en alls Best men practice wedding speeches by the sea at Porth en alls, Cornwall

Porth en Alls Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Now as wedding photographers we’ve seen a lot of wedding speeches. I’ve even written a few myself but even these were a first for me. The father of the bride and groom’s speeches was so lovely and truly heartfelt that I welled up behind the camera. The best men’s speeches, delivered by all four best men had the entire room in stitches.

Framed and mounted wedding words picture at Prussia cove wedding Bride wedding name place label with handmade love heart wedding favours Prussia Cove Wedding Breakfast Father of the Bride Speech Bride laughs at grooms wedding speech at Porth en Alls wedding Groomsman pulls face as he is applauded during wedding speeches Bride and groom laughing at best man's speech at Porth en Alls wedding Wedding Menu with drawing of bride and groom at Prussia Cove wedding Wedding party raises glasses Wedding breakfast toasts at Porth en Alls wedding

Again the caterers went beyond expectation. Mouthwatering food, beautifully presented was served whilst Alex Chapman entertained. The sun set behind the Porth en Alls wedding celebrations, turning the sky a fiery crimson. The smell of scrummy food and sounds of music and happy chatter from the dining hall was caught on the wind and blown down to the local bay and round the coast.

Porth en Alls Wedding Evening Photographs

After the wedding breakfast, the barrels of beer were ‘officially’ opened. Evening guests arrived and the cake was cut by a very happy looking bride and groom.

Child wedding guest dressed exactly the same as her father on wedding dance floor Bride and groom but wedding cake at Porth en Alls wedding

Alex was on particularly good form playing the guitar to the first dance, for which Jon and Shirley had been secretly learning the waltz. The stunned faces and whooping from guests showed just how surprised they were. Once the guests joined them on the dance floor the night’s partying kicked off.

Bride and groom silhouetted during first dance at Porth en Alls wedding Bride laughing during first dance at Porth en Alls wedding First dance surrounded by wedding guests at Porth En Alls in Cornwall

I feel I should take some time to describe Alex Chapman and just how a ‘one man band’ can entertain at a wedding.

Now when I initially looked at Jon and Shirley’s booking information I almost expected the stereotypical old man with a large drum on his back blowing into a harmonica whilst playing the guitar with cymbals on his knees! On the contrary, Alex was using some seriously modern electronic kit to complement his spectacular musical ability. He was tapping out beats, sampling vocals, percussion and guitar rifts to layer entire tracks. Alex would then play and sing over to get the whole dance floor shaking. He also doubled as a DJ during his breaks. It’s very rare that we will meet anyone who works for so long and hard as we do at a wedding. If I was wearing one I would have definitely taken my hat off to Alex.

Porth en Alls Wedding Extended Photographic Coverage

Now, this would be the point that my review would end, however, Jon and Shirley had decided to extend their coverage. We spent the next day in the sunshine on the local private beach, picnicking, dog walking, kite surfing, rock pooling and the least successful attempt at sea kayaking I’ve ever seen! In true British style, a huge BBQ rounded off events with all guests contributing to some part of the meal, preparation of cooking.

Wedding guest on Prussia Cove private beach on Porth en alls wedding morning Groom kite surfing at Prussia Cove before his Porth en Alls wedding day

An hour before the sun set we headed off to Sennen cove in Jon and Shirley’s van, ‘Mrs T”. During the golden hour of the evening captured some spectacular shots with the van,  barefoot on the beach and rocks. As with every bride and groom, they were initially a little shy about the shoot. As soon as the camera started they loved the experience, dancing down the sun in the sand and surf!

Bride and groom kiss next to VW camper van as sun sets by the sea Bride and groom watch the sunset over the sea on a beach in Cornwall Bride and groom portrait on beach in Cornwall Bride and groom silhouetted against sunset over sea as waves splash against rocks Bride and groom in VW van with sunset over the sea after Cornish wedding

This has to have been one of the most heartwarming weddings I have been to. A Porth en Alls wedding packed full of personal details and touches. Packed full of close family and friends. Not just a photographer’s but a bride’s dream wedding!

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