Two Photographers Make Sure – No Moment is Missed

Wedding days tend to be pretty busy. From the get go many things occur at different locations, simultaneously. They are all worth capturing as part of the entire story of your big day. It’s hard to be in two places at one time, obviously a single shooter cannot achieve this.

Bride and Groom coverage in the morning is a great example that is included as standard in our wedding photography services. Here, both sides of the wedding story are often taking place in two very different venues. Hiring a wedding photography duo means that we can capture the details, people, emotions and scenery in different locations at the same time throughout the day.

The following wedding photographs were taken at exactly the same time, in very different locations

Two Photographers – Integrate Better

One of the secrets to natural, documentary wedding photography is the ability to able to blend in well with the wedding guests.

Years of experience has shown that a wedding photography duo can better achieve this. For example when a guest wants to talk about his latest camera or a bridesmaid needs help with her hair clips there is another photographer still capturing the proceedings.

Our greatest compliment: “Wow, we thought you chaps were wedding guests with cameras

We are actually in these wedding photographs! In some we are blending in pretty well

Two Photographers Provide – More Natural Photographs

Shooting from different angles throughout a wedding day allows us to capture the wedding party unawares.

During a drinks reception guests may see one photographer capturing the bride and groom laughing together but not realise the other has just taken candid photos of them laughing at the same joke. During couple and group photographs we use two photographers to capture natural images in what was traditionally an unnatural situation.

By meeting people’s expectations that a photographer will capture the kiss or the smiling group we can then photograph the relaxed moments before and afterwards candidly.

The following natural images were all captured during group photographs

Two Photographers Are – More Efficient

Have you heard those horror stories of family photographs taking forever or couple photographs overrunning into wedding breakfast? Never fear…two photographers are here!

Our wedding photography services are designed to make life as easy as possible for our brides and grooms. With two photographers groups are much easier to organise and photograph and the natural couple photographs are swifter than a blink of an eye. Wedding organisers, Venue co-ordinators, Masters of ceremony and even wedding chefs take a breath of relief when you tell them you have booked two wedding photographers.

Photographs of relaxed wedding couples unaware of one of us taking their pictures

Two photographers mean every moment of your special day is captured but so also are all the candid moments, the cheeky child in the corner, the look on granny’s face as the bride walks down the aisle, the precious few moments alone between the bride and groom all the little details that you’re too overwhelmed to take in on the day or too busy to see are there for you to enjoy, laugh and cry about when you view your photographs.

You can benefit from having a great coverage of your loved ones enjoying themselves whilst you’re off having couples shots there’s really no need to miss a thing.

Sarah Smith

Events Manager, Lulworth Estate

Two Photographers Means - No Time Limits

We don’t work as ‘photographer and assistant’ or as ‘first and second shooter’ we are a team of two full time wedding photographers, working synchronously together.

We often bounce ideas off each other, keeping our creative juices flowing. If one of us needs a five minute rest the other will still be shooting away, which a single shooter can not do. This means that the quality of our work is maintained at a consistently high level no matter how long the wedding day.

The following photos were taken at least 12 hours apart over a wedding day

Two Photographers Provide – Better Insurance

Nowadays wedding insurance is a must have, we carry private and public liability insurance. But what about insuring you receive beautiful wedding photographs no matter what?

Not only do we have back up equipment at a wedding but also, back up photographers. Should something unfortunate render one of us unable to work you will still have a photographer in attendance taking beautiful photographs a single shooter can not do this. If a solo shooter breaks a leg or a backup camera your coverage ends there.

So, Why Do You Need Two Wedding Photographers?

To conclude, hiring a team of two wedding photographers is a good idea if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

1. Do you want to make sure that no moment is missed in the story of your big day?

2. Are you are looking for the most unobtrusive documentary wedding photography?

3. Are you are a fan of more natural wedding photography?

4. Do you want fast and efficient couple and group photographs?

5. Would you would like consistently high quality coverage without time limits?

6. Do you want to insure you receive stunning wedding photographs no matter what?

We could go on, but the advantages to hiring two wedding photographers are too many and your wedding day only happens once!

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