Bridal Preparation Photographs for a Harry Potter Wedding

We arrived on a rainy wedding morning in Poole excited to be shooting Jen and Mike’s Harry Potter wedding photographs at Upton House wedding venue in Poole. Jen and her bridesmaids were already busy with make-up and hair adjustments. this was perfectly accompanied with the sound of 90’s pop hits. Jen’s mother zoomed about the family home making sure everything was going according to plan. She even managed to cook up a fried breakfast for Jen’s brother.

Documentary wedding photograph of brides brother enjoying fried breakfast Black and white bridal preparation photograph of bride laughing on phone White wedding dress hangs on blue bedroom doors with parachute models Appliqué and beaded detailing close up photograph of wedding dress in natural light Father of bride puts necklace on mother of bride on wedding morning Father of bride on wedding morning in 3 piece suit and slippers

Jen was beautifully calm as the girl’s morning activities sped up into a frenetic whirlwind of bridal preparation. This climaxed with Jen beautifully emerging in her gorgeous wedding dress. The huge smile on Jen’s face and tears in her father’s eyes told me that this would be a truly magical day (as you would expect from a Harry Potter wedding!)

Beautiful bride with fishtail hair emerges after putting on wedding dress

Outside the sound of an air-cooled engine brought our attention to the still grey and rainy weather. The stunning classic VW wedding muggle transport parked on the driveway.

Classic split screen VW wedding van in the rain on wedding morning Bride and father of the bride ride in Classic VW camper van to wedding

Groom Preparation Photographs at a Harry Potter Wedding

Mike was to be found at his parents’ house a short distance away. Here he was methodically preparing for the day ahead with his two best men. They all looked incredibly dapper, wearing traditional grey wedding suits complete with top hats, tails and light purple patterned waistcoats with matching cravats. The boys wedding attire was completed with small purple paper rose buttonholes and cuff links.

Upton House Wedding Photographs

With everyone in the groom’s party ready we set off for Upton House wedding venue. Before Mike’s all important meeting with the registrar he had time to walk around the Venue.

Upton House wedding venue is what we would call a hidden gem. A Grade II listed Georgian country mansion set within 130 acres of parkland and estate gardens of Upton Country Park.Upton House country stately home wedding venue in Poole, Dorset

Upton House wedding venue had been decorated with various details from the books needed to complete a Harry Potter wedding. Most noticeable at this point were the various place signs.

Harry Potter themed Wedding Hogsmeade wooden sign

Next Mike and his best man greeted the arriving guests and took some relaxed moments outside overlooking the landscaped grounds.

Best man in tails and top hat at Upton House wedding in Poole Mother of the groom and grandmother of the groom at Upton House wedding Aerial photograph of grooms man and bridesmaid at Upton House wedding

Groom with top hat wedding photograph at Upton House wedding Black and white wedding photograph of groom through Upton House bookshelf

Jen and her father arrived in Dorset Dub Hire‘s Lulu, a 1960 split screen VW van, painted in powder blue over ivory. She pulled up outside and the bridesmaids rushed to assist her. Once inside, the bookshelf doors were closed so that Jen had a moment to gather herself in the Library.  She was joined by her father, two bridesmaids and flower girl.

Upton House wedding venue through VW wedding van window rain Blue and white classic VW wedding van outside stone columns of Upton House wedding Bride steps out of classic VW wedding van in the rain at Upton House wedding Black and White wedding photograph of bride arriving at Upton House wedding

Just the other side of the doors the guests, Mike and his best men nervously awaited the bridal party. The girls checked themselves in the free-standing mirror before giving the go ahead for the doors to be opened and they entered the drawing-room in procession.

Bridesmaid in in dusty purple bridesmaid dress in library mirror at Upton House wedding Bridesmaids wait by window before Upton House wedding ceremony Father of the bride collects his daughter from library at Upton House, Dorset

Upton House Wedding Ceremony

The civil ceremony was conducted in front of the large glass doors. The sun now shone outside lighting up the happy couple as they made their vows to each other. Following the ceremony the guests enjoyed teas and coffees in the grand entrance hall.

Wedding party during civil wedding ceremony at Upton House, country home wedding venue Bride and groom laughing at Upton House wedding ceremony Upton House, Poole wedding ceremony seen through book case doors Friends and relatives watch Upton House wedding ceremony in Poole Dorset Wedding ceremony photograph at Upton House wedding venue in Dorset Black and white wedding photograph of bride and groom hugging after ceremony Bridal party descends hallway stone stair case at Upton Country House wedding Wedding guest in 3 piece grey suit at Upton House wedding in Poole Bridesmaid in dusty purple bridesmaid dress with flower girl in floral dress Wedding guests pose for a selfie at Upton House wedding in Poole

A little magic was in the air as the sun broke free of the clouds. The feel of  a winter’s morning changed to a bright summers day.

Bride and groom in entrance hallway at Upton House Wedding Venue in Poole

Wedding confetti photograph at Upton House wedding venue in Poole Elderly wedding guests next to stone columns at Upton House wedding Wedding guest in black bow dress and black feather fascinator at Upton House wedding Bride and groom at Upton Country House wedding in Poole Bride and groom in Top Hat laughing at Upton House wedding venue in Poole Bride and groom photographed through flowers at Upton House wedding venue Multiple bride and grooms at Upton House wedding venue in Poole, Dorset

As the sun was now wonderfully warm in the sky we took the newly-weds for a ten minute walk. We mooched around the gardens of Upton Country Park for some couple shots.

Upton House Country park wedding venue bride, groom and bridesmaid photo Bride, groom and bridesmaid walk though Upton Country House gardens Bride in red brick archway at Upton House country park wedding in Dorset Bride and groom with violet flowers at Upton Country Park gardens wedding venue Harry Potter Wedding grave stones at Upton Country park wedding venue

Harry Potter Wedding Details

Back at the Upton House wedding venue the ceremony room had been turned around.

The intricate sorting hat/ wand table plan was created with the Harry Potter series in mind. Everyone had to find their own personal magic wand which would tell them which house/table they would be seated at.

Harry Potter Wedding Top Table at Upton House with Hogwarts sign Harry Potter Wedding table decoration bowl of rubber ducks Harry Potter themed books, ink and owl wedding table decorations Harry Potter Wedding home made potion ingredients table decorations Love heart box wedding favours place setting with book page paper stars   Harry Potter themed wedding wand place names table plan Harry Potter wand themed table plan at Harry Potter Wedding in Dorset Wedding guest finds her name on Harry Potter themed wedding table plan

With everyone seated the speeches commenced with the father of the bride followed by groom and best man. Jen’s bridesmaid’s read a fantastic poem. For a good twenty minutes the room was filled with a mixture of laughter and tears.

Wedding guest sits at top table at Upton House wedding in Poole Father of the groom's speech at Harry Potter wedding at Upton House Groom's wedding speech at Upton Park wedding in Poole, Dorset Best Man laughs at groom's wedding speech at Upton House wedding Top table at Upton House wedding during Groom's speech Best Man's speech photograph at Upton Country House wedding in Poole, Dorset Wedding guest laughs at wedding speeches at Upton House wedding venue Bridesmaid in dusty violet gives rhyming wedding speech at Upton House wedding Father of bride cries during wedding speeches at Upton House, Poole wedding venue

As wedding breakfast was served a contented quiet settled into the room – always a sign of fantastic catering!

The guests were next kept entertained with board games and a seemingly endless array of Harry Potter props. These varied from Platform 9 & 3/4 station signs to a wide range of magic potions and spell ingredients and even a bowl of rubber ducks!

Harry Potter Wedding Platform 9 3/4 card box with retro suitcases Upton House country house wedding venue in Poole, Dorset Upton House wedding venue ornamental roof and chandelier photograph

Harry Potter Wedding painting with bride, groom and best man's faces Harry Potter Wedding cake slices with edible golden snitch Beautiful chandelier photograph at Upton House wedding venue in Dorset Child wedding guests play Hungry Hippos board game at Upton House wedding Groomsman plays guess who at Upton House wedding in Poole Wedding guests play connect 4 board game at Upton House wedding Wedding guests on mobile phones at Upton House wedding reception Bride's father shows off gold pocket watch to bridesmaid in top hat at Upton House wedding Harry Potter Wedding Home made wizarding ingredients photograph Harry Potter Wedding Home made Pickled Eyeballs prop wizarding ingredients Harry Potter Wedding props home made love potion bottle Upton Country House wedding venue in Poole, Dorset Harry Potter wedding sorting hat tree with sign in library mirror Bride in white wedding dress on chequer floor at Upton House wedding  Elderly wedding guest with Hogsmeade sign at Upton House wedding venue

Another Harry potter themed part of the day was the cake supplied by Baked of Bournemouth which included wands, a golden snitch and the deathly hallows. The couple cut said cake with the sword of Gryffindor which was pulled out of the sorting hat!

Harry Potter Wedding cake with the sword of Godric Gryffindor Harry Potter themed wedding cake with golden snitch, wands and deathly hallows

Upton House, Poole Wedding Evening Photographs

With the cake cut and now on display for the guests to sample Ashley Hooper set up his DJ booth. The evening guests began to arrive.

We once again stole the wedding couple away from their guests for a wand battle photo. We chose the library’s secret bookshelf door to create this magical image for the wedding couple.

Harry Potter Wedding wand battle between bride and groom

Jen and mike requested that all guests joined them for their first dance and they dutifully obliged.

Bride and groom take to the dance floor at Upton House wedding Happy bride and groom first dance at Upton House wedding in Poole, Dorset Flower girl dances with bridesmaids at Upton House wedding evening Bride and Groom dance with wedding guests at Upton House wedding Bridesmaid dances with flower girl at Upton Country House Wedding Wedding guests dance under disco lights at Upton House Wedding Venue

Alongside the evening buffet you couldn’t help notice the amazing sweet smell of the chocolate fountains from Chocolate fountains of Dorset. A vast variety of fruit and sweet treats to cover in white or milk chocolate made everyone’s mouths water.

Wedding chocolate fountains with fruit and sweets at Upton House Wedding Venue

We left with a quick look back through the book-case at the multi coloured lit disco dancing. A great image to sum up a magical day.

Wedding disco at Upton House Wedding Venue in Poole, Dorset

We would like to mention the staff of Upton House wedding venue who were amazing on the day. Especially Steve Gadd, whose job seems to involve being a tour guide, wedding organiser, liaison, usher, keeper of the keys, bar man and cleaner!

After such a magical day (sic) we can’t wait to shoot our next Upton House Wedding.


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