Choosing a photographer is as important as choosing your dress or venue, but unlike your dress or venue you can not touch or experience your photos before the big day. Therefore trust in the ability of your photographers to produce ‘once in a life time’ photos as well as getting along with you and your guests whilst not been seen, is paramount. One thousand words did just this.

Tom met us informally before the wedding and was incredibly friendly and not pushy with his services. We were on a tight budget and when I asked about offering a different package to what he was offering he agreed, so that we were able to get the services we wanted at a price we could afford. The day before our wedding they visited us again having just visited the venue as they had not been there before and wanted to suss out the perfect photo opportunities and to speak to the toastmaster. During this meeting they wanted to make sure they knew about any specific photos we wanted to ensure there were no ‘I wish I had a photo of’ moments afterwards, whilst also calming our nerves and being extremely accommodating, suggesting advice and offering help outside their scope.

During the day they were great. Guests even made comments to me on how friendly and obliging they were. So apart from producing fantastic photos at affordable prices, being friendly and heartfelt individuals offering support and advice beyond photography from day one, what I like most about one thousand words is that you genuinely feel that they love photography. They want to produce good photographs because it’s ‘their art’. Money is not their driver, producing photos they are proud of is, and knowing this I felt utterly confident in their work.