Florence and Richard’s Studland Bay House Wedding Photographs

We have been waiting a long time to capture Florence and Richard’s Studland Bay House Wedding Photographs. Though they hail from Australia, the couple decided to honor their long-awaited union in the enchanting landscapes of Dorset. Originally planned before the pandemic, their wedding day had been years in the making. Last autumn, we captured their love story on the windy sands of Studland Beach during their engagement shoot, under entirely different weather conditions.

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Studland Bay in Dorset, Studland Bay House set the stage for a fairytale wedding that will forever be etched in the hearts of Florence and Richard. We love everything about Studland Bay House, the venue, the location, the staff, the wedding photos. So when they recommend us to their brides and grooms it gives us a fuzzy feeling and we get excited about all of the unique photographic opportunities there.

bride and groom sunset silhouette photo at studland bay house wedding photographs

Bridal Preparation Photographs At A Studland Bay House Wedding

As the excitement of the day dawned, Florence and her bridesmaids found themselves basking in the delightful atmosphere of the bridal suite. Amidst laughter and joy, they clinked glasses of bucks fizz, savoring the views overlooking the beautiful grounds and the vast expanse of the sea. The talented team from Amazing Face worked their magic, expertly styling hair and makeup for the bride and her bridal party. Dresses were lovingly prepared, with creases carefully steamed out, and the bridesmaids donned their matching blue dresses.
The exquisite wedding flowers and bouquets, supplied by Martha and the Meadow arrived. They showcased gorgeous countryside blooms, accented with touches of blue to harmonize with the day’s color scheme. As the moment approached, Florence was helped into her stunning wedding dress, looking like a vision of grace and beauty. The adjacent white marquee was elegantly styled amidst the verdant trees. Blue flowers adorned the tables, awaiting the celebrations to come.

bridesmaid smiles in bridal suite on wedding morning watches the coastal view

designer wedding dress reflected in hindu stitched artwork

mother of the bride relaxes in silk dressing gown in the bridal suite during bridal preparations

happy bridesmaids drinking bucks fizz during bridal preparations

black and white documentary photograph of bride's reflection during wedding morning preparations

bride checks her wedding hair styling in the mirror

wedding hairspray creates silhouette brides head

bride stretches her leggs as she is looking at the sea view from studland bay house bridal suite

black and white bride wedding makeup styling at studland bay house

bride and her mother reach for white lace wedding dress hanging in studland bay house bridal suite

mother of the bride in pink detailed dress and pink hat on a wedding morning

bride in white wedding dress descends staircase at studland bay house wedding photographs

bride and bridesmaids in blue dresses on stately home lawns

cream, white and blue flower wedding table spray with gray candles detail photograph

round wedding top table surrounded by trees and sea views

bride and mother of the bride inspect white wedding marquee

cream, white and blue wedding flower bouquet photo

Groom Preparation Photographs At A Studland Bay House Wedding

Meanwhile, Richard and his best man readied themselves downstairs at Studland Bay House before embarking on a short coastal walk to The Bankes Arms pub.
Here the rest of the groomsmen had assembled. A morning pint served as the perfect way to quell any nerves before they set off on the brief journey to St. Nicolas’ Church in Studland Village.

nervous looking groom tries on grey waistcoast on wedding morning

groom best man tying wedding ties in stately home mirror reflection

groom preparation at studland bay house wedding photograph

groomsmen adjust ties with beer in hand at a dorset country pub

Wedding Ceremony Photographs From St. Nicolas’ Church In Studland

St. Nicolas’ Church in Studland Village served as the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt wedding ceremony. We have loved shooting weddings in Studland there in the past. Richard and his best man stood at the head of the aisle, anxiously awaiting Florence’s arrival. With great delight, the bridesmaids and flower children guided a beaming Florence and her father down the aisle. The proceedings were watched over by guests seated in the ancient church’s aisle and balcony. The wedding ceremony itself was a blend of relaxed and humorous moments. Laughter and merrily sung hymns resonated throughout the church. The couple’s son, Charlie, added his unique charm to proceedings playfully gesturing at the vicar throughout. After the exchange of vows and rings, Florence and Richard stepped into the bright sunshine. They left the church grounds surrounded by a cloud of blue and white confetti.

mother of the bride looks to heaven during a church wedding ceremony in dorset

bride in white wedding dress and bridesmaids in blue dresses waiting outside dorset stone church

groom waiting for the bride laughs with best man at the top of the church aisle

documentary photograph of the bride and her father walking down church aisle

father of the bride laughing during church wedding ceremony

groom, bride and father of the bride photographed during church ceremony fun in black and white photo

photo of a special moment between bride and groom during church wedding ceremony

flower boy bride and grooms son gesticulating from bridesmaids lap during church wedding ceremony

happy bride and groom leave st nicholas church studland after wedding ceremony

bride and groom at ancient purbeck stone church

english countryside church with bride and groom confetti photograph

Seaside Drinks Reception And Group Photographs

Following the ceremony, Florence and Richard arrived first at Studland Bay House. They lovingly strolled hand in hand, through the breathtaking grounds toward the sea vista. Overlooking the sea and beach, wedding drinks were served, and guests enjoyed the picturesque view. Florence and Richard had a delightful surprise in store for their guests. The ever-accommodating Studland Bay House team supplied “Florence’s Cockles and Winkles” stall. They offered delectable canapes, smoked salmon, fresh local mussels, and prawns, complementing the drinks perfectly. Against the backdrop of azure sea, blue sky, and the iconic white chalk cliffs of Old Harry Rocks, we captured the couple’s group photographs, showcasing their happiness and the stunning surroundings. A brief walk through Studland Bay House’s enchanting woodland allowed us to capture Florence and Richard together in the sunshine.

bride and groom walk hand in hand through stately home grounds

bride and groom silhouette at seaside from studland bay house wedding photographs

bride and guests enjoy drinks reception at dorset stately home on green lawns and blue sky

comedy wedding photograph letters missing creating rude word in sign

wedding guest eating fresh mussels at cockles and winkles stall at wedding reception by the sea

flower boy wedding guest sits under tree at studland bay drinks reception

bride and groom enjoy custom cockles and winkles stand eating fresh mussels as canapes

bridesmaid kissed on head with a sea view by her boyfriend

wedding guests in studland with old harry rocks sea view

bride and groom have their photos taken by wedding guests by sea

happy keen wedding guest photographers hold their phones up and laugh

alternative view of wedding group photographs by documentary wedding photographers

laughing bride and groom wedding couple photograph taken against the sea and old harry rocks backdrop in Dorset

bride and groom walk through beautiful dorset woodland

studland bay house wedding venue in dorset with summer wedding bride and groom

Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Announced with a standing ovation, Florence and Richard entered their wedding breakfast. Hand hilarious speeches from the MC, the father of the bride, and the groom warmed everyone’s hearts. The mouth-watering wedding breakfast, prepared by the talented chefs at Studland Bay House, delighted all, while the attentive staff ensured a seamless experience for the wedding party. The thoughtful couple had even organised childminders to care for the guests’ children, so parents could relax and enjoy the festivities.
As an intermission, guests relished the splendid grounds and partook in garden games before returning to the marquee for the much-awaited best man’s speech, filled with love and laughter.

black and white photograph of female wedding guests reading the seating plan

father of the bride wedding laughing at speeches microphone handed from bridesmaid

bride and groom are welcomed into wedding marquee breakfast by clapping guests

bride and groom enter wedding marquee to standing ovation

black and white wedding photo of groom laughing during father of the bride's speech

grooms wedding speech photographed in marquee in black and white

best man rehearses wedding speech in a dark wood panelled room at dorset stately home

wedding guest couple enjoy giant jenga lawn game

groom laughs at best mans wedding speech in marquee

bridesmaid and partner kissing at dorset stately home grounds coastal scene

bride and groom black and white wedding photograph in studland bay house wedding photographs


Wedding Evening At Studland Bay House

As the sun began to set, Florence and Richard took a quiet moment together. They re-joining their guests on the top lawn for the cake-cutting ceremony.
As a unique twist, their cake cutting utilised a creation made from layers of different cheeses, topped with fresh fruit. Inside the marquee, the atmosphere shifted to focus on the dance floor. Truly Medley Deeply’s two-piece band set the perfect tone for the night. With wide smiles, Florence and Richard gracefully swirled on the dance floor, surrounded by their loved ones. The guest’s crazy dance moves amplified the energy and joy of the evening. Against the stunning sunset outside, we captured the couple in their element, both on the dance floor and in the serene countryside. As the night progressed, Florence and Richard were lifted onto friends’ shoulders. They were paraded around the dance floor in a jubilant display of love and celebration. With hearts and cameras full of joy and laughter echoing in the starry night sky, we departed the wedding, leaving behind the unforgettable glow of happiness at Studland Bay House.

three tier cheese wedding cake with fruit and knife

bride and groom first dance in marquee at studland bay house wedding photographs

wedding guests surround bride groom whilst dancing on the marquee dancefloor

mother of the bride and her son lit on the dancefloor photo under festoon lighting

groom and wedding guests wild dancing with hands in the air and coloured lighting under festoon lighting in a marquee

father of the bride singing and dancing on the dancefloor during wedding evening

brides white wedding dress is fanned out on the marquee dancefloor

truly medley deeply wedding band performing under festoon lights in marquee

groom singing and dancing with beer in hand on the wedding dancefloor

bride and groom couple photograph under glowing tree with night sky and stars at studland bay house

bride and groom silhouette lit orange in red brick doorway

wedding guest punches the air under purple lit marquee wedding disco

wedding guest pulls hilarious dance moves on the wedding marquee dancefloor under a blue light

bride and groom wear sunglasses on wedding dancefloor

wedding dancefloor photograph silhouetted shadows in marquee

silhouette of bride groom held above wedding guests shoulders on the marquee dancefloor

Florence and Richard’s long-awaited wedding day was nothing short of magical, a testament to their love of fun and the breathtaking beauty of Dorset’s Studland Bay House.

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