UK Destination Wedding Photographers in Slovenia

This post not only documents our first experience as Destination Wedding Photographers within Europe but the sweetest fairytale wedding of a wonderful couple. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Caroline and Simon’s Slovenia wedding photographs… as someone pointed out the word Slovenia is mostly love!

We love shooting destination weddings, especially when they are relatively intimate. The number of guests attending Caroline and Simon’s Slovenian adventure was of such a perfect size. For the three days that we had the pleasure of their company, we were able to greater observe and naturally capture the individual personalities of the members of the wedding group, their interactions and emotions.

Destination Wedding Photographers Travel to Slovenia

Unusually we met the wedding party at Stansted airport, they were a lively bunch, so much so that you couldn’t help but feel like you were going on holiday instead of creating Slovenia wedding photographs.

Murray and I were surprisingly impressed by not only Stansted airport but the whole EasyJet flight experience. We had been nervous about our first time flying with our kit on a ‘budget airline’ because our previous experiences working as destination wedding photographers had always involved long hall luxury flying.  We found EasyJet very accommodating with photography equipment, exceptionally understanding with the case of the erroneous tripod and enjoyed every minute with them in the air.

The day brightened and we dipped beneath the cloud line flying over snow-capped mountains to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. At the airport, we were eagerly greeted by Bled Tours for a bus ride to Bled and couldn’t wait to get creating some Slovenia wedding photographs

Arriving at the lovely Hotel Kompas we were given our first impressions of the wedding venues. Even though the misty dark evening air we could tell we had arrived in a fairy tale location.

After dining with the wedding party we double checked our kit and headed early to bed.

Destination Wedding Photos at Lake Bled, Slovenia

The next morning we were able to fully appreciate the hotel’s panoramic views across the lake. We found Caroline and Simon bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, keen to take a stroll about the lakeside and see the sights. Out of the blue we stumbled across a Dali exhibition (and some of the wedding party) which was fascinating. Simon took a little morning foray into the depths of surrealist art.

Destination wedding photographers capture bride and groom discovering a Dali exhibition
Mother of the bride and bride are excited by Dali exhibition visit on wedding morning
Mother of the bride discusses Dali painting on wedding morning in Bled, Slovenia
Groom guides bride around Dali ehibition at Lake Bled on wedding morning
Bride and groom contemplate Dali artwork on wedding morning in Bled, Slovenia

Back out in the fresh air (and reality), we took a walk alongside the famous Lake Bled. The bride and groom to be were so obviously in love they were almost skipping along hand in hand, only pausing on a bench next to a huge love heart, as you do!

As destination wedding photographers we like to research our locations before arriving at a wedding destination. All of the promotional material for bled and the accommodation is covered in pictures of Lake Bled in the summer. Bright blue skies, emerald-green water and crispy clear mountains everywhere else was not what we were experiencing for these Slovenia wedding photographs. Autumn had definitely arrived in Bled with its gorgeous yellows and deep oranges in the tree leaves. Mist hung in the air and the snow-capped mountains rose into low-lying clouds.

Autumn leaves with bride and groom walking around lake bled, Slovenia
Bride and groom laughing on wedding morning against autumnal colours of lake Bled

Wild Swimming at Slovenian Destination Wedding

Simon and Caroline were so very taken with the fairytale-like surroundings that they bravely decided a swim in the glacial waters would be a good idea. It’s usually Murray or myself that ends up getting waist-deep in water for the perfect wedding photograph- not the bride and groom.

Bride wild swimming in Lake Bled on wedding morninng with autumnal trees
Bride and groom wild swimming in Lake Bled, Slovenia on wedding morning
Bride and groom high five after swimming in lake Bled, Slovenia

Looking around our stunning surroundings you could clearly see all three buildings that would be utilised later in the day for these Slovenia wedding photographs. The Town Hall registry office, which looks like a villa was to be the site for the legal ceremony. Rising from the lake in the distance was Bled Island, topped with Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church. Finally along with the snow-capped mountains dominating the vista upon its cliff-like precipice was Bled castle. Combined with the crispy fresh breeze Lake Bled in the autumn is simply gorgeous.

Destination wedding photographers photograph Bled Castle, Slovenia in the autumn

Wedding Photographers Capture Wedding Morning Preparations

Back in the hotel, wedding preparations were under way. Caroline and Simon’s sons busily smartened themselves, combed hair and tied their gold ties.

Bride's son adjusts his golden tie during wedding preparations in Bled, Slovenia

The girls, in varying states of preparedness gathered around Caroline as she had her hair and makeup styled. Even with the cold of the lake behind her and a glass of champagne in front she was cool as a cucumber. Slowly a happy jovial atmosphere grew in the room, aided by the popping of champagne. I found the laced full appliqué white wedding dress hanging against the mountainous backdrop in Nanma’s (Caroline’s mother) room.

Wedding guest styles brides hair in mirror on wedding morning in Bled, Slovenia
blonde bridesmaid in hotel robe watches wedding morning preparations
Black and white portrait photograph of wedding guest on wedding morning in Bled, Slovenia

Bride laughs as she has her wedding hair styled on wedding morning in Bled
Bridal party laughs on hotel bed as bride prepares for wedding day in Bled, Slovenia
Wedding guest in grey and black dress looks at bridal preparations
white rose wedding button hole for destiantion wedding in Bled Slovenia
Bride has wedding hair stlyed on wedding morning at Hotel Kompass, Bled
Bridemaids style their hair on wedding morning in Hotel Kompass, Bled

Black and white portrait photograph of Bride's son on wedding morning in Bled
Mother of the bride in black and white with white wedding dress hanging in hotel window

Meanwhile Simon, our groom, looked exceptionally dapper in his blue Ted Baker suit with gold accessories. He and other members of the wedding party ‘checked’ to see if the bar was open. They then admired the stunning views with a couple of glasses of Dutch courage.

Groom and wedding guest in hotel bar on wedding morning in Bled, Slovenia
Groom and his son in Hotel bar on wedding morning at Hotel Kompass, Bled, Slovenia
Black and white wedding photograph of wedding guest dancing in bar on wedding morning

The girls left Caroline and her friend Sarah to finish off the wedding makeup as Simon and his wedding guests headed out into the rain to the Town Hall.

Mother of the bride in black and white dress with black fascinator, jacket and white flower
Destination wedding photographers capture groom and his son outside Hotel Kompass, Bled
Groom smiles in blue Ted Baker suit and gold tie under umbrealla in autumn rain in Bled

At the last-minute it was time for Caroline with the expert help of Nanma to don her stunning dress. Descending the hotel stairs she really did now look like a princess in a fairy tale.

Black and white portrait photograph of bride in mirror on wedding morning in Bled

Waiting outside the hotel was the final touch to her fairy tale (skipping over the obvious prince charming). A Fijaker – a coachman with his traditional horse and carriage.

Bride and mother with Fijaker and traditional horse and carriage at Lake Bled wedding

Slovenia Wedding Photographs Of Bled Town Hall Civil Ceremony

Caroline and Nanma enjoyed their ride clip-clopping through the streets. Simon and the wedding party were waiting in the town hall ceremony room with the Mayor, Registrar and interpreter. The civil ceremony with wonderful words was read by the mayor in Slovenian. It helped that he had a voice like melted chocolate and was translated by the enthusiastic translator. The entire wedding party witnessed the marriage of Caroline and Simon all overlooking the church island on Lake Bled.

Wedding guest looks at the groom as he waits or his bride in Bled Town hall
Bled Island church as seen from Bled Town Hall wedding ceremony in Slovenia
groomsmen in blue wedding suits at Bled town hall wedding in Slovenia

Simon was a mixture of what looked like nervousness and feverish excitement. Caroline maintained her happy calmness. Family and close friends looked on. After much laughter, hugging and tears the happy couple signed the register and left into autumn rain as husband and wife.

Bridesmaid in gold helps bride as she enters her Slovenian wedding ceremony
Bridesmaids in gold arrive at Bled Town Hall wedding ceremony in Slovenia
Black and white wedding photograph of bride and father entering ceremony room
Destination Wedding Photographers capture bride entering Bled Town Hall Wedding
Bride and groom listen to translation of Slovenian wedding ceremony
Bled Mayor and regisrar with flags at Bled Town Hall wedding ceremony in Slovenia
Destination wedding photographers capture bridesmaids in gold at Bled Town Hall
Blonde wedding guest watches civil wedding ceremony in Bled Town Hall Slovenia
bride and groom hold hands during Bled Town Hall wedding ceremony in Slovenia
Wedding guests watch civil wedding ceremony in Bled Town Hall Slovenia
Black and white photograph of Slovenian wedding ceremony in Bled Town Hall
First kiss wedding photograph from Bled Town Hall wedding ceremony, Slovenia
Destination wedding photographers capture bride and groom laughing at Bled wedding ceremony
Groom in blue suit signs the register of marriages in Bled Town Hall wedding

Destination Wedding Photos  of Boat Ride on Lake Bled

A short jaunt down to the shoreline and we embarked two ‘Pletna’. The traditional flat-bottomed boats or gondola, powered by one man with two oars. Wrapped up and sheltered against the elements we slowly moved across the lake. Not the first thing you think of when someone mentions Slovenia wedding photographs. The distant island and its church growing larger and larger on the horizon. Slovenian tradition dictates that a groom should carry his bride up all 99 steps to the church without her making a sound! Given the rain and carpet of wet leaves, we were glad that some traditions were left to be.

destination wedding photographers capture Bride on wooden boat in Lake Bled Slovenia
Bride and groom take a boat on Lake Bled in Slovenia
Weddign guests warm their hands on a boat on Lake Bled Slovenia
Mother of the bride portrait in black fascinator and fur under wedding umbrella
Wedding guests on Slovenian flat bottomed boat on Lake Bled Slovenia
Destination wedding photographers capture Bled Island and Church of the Assumption of Mary
Bride and groom under white umbrellas in the rain on Bled Island, Slovenia

Slovenia Wedding Photographs at Bled Island and Church

As the guests warmed up in a café we had a couple of minutes with the happy couple alone before the light left us. We utilised one of the bell tower walls and a couple of doorways. The Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary dates back to the 1400s. Restored several times after multiple earthquakes it is an eclectic mixture of Gothic and baroque styling.

Bride and groom photograph in church doorway on Bled Island in Slovenia
Bride and groom at Church of the Assumption of Mary, Lake Bled, Slovenia

Fragments of frescoes with the scenes from Mary’s life are preserved on the walls for all to see. The eye is easily distracted by extensive golden detailing inside. In the centre hangs a bell-rope belonging to the ‘Wishing Bell’. Consecrated and rung since 1534 it is said that whoever rings this bell gives honour to the Virgin Mary and their wish will come true.

Caroline and Simon held on to the rope, had a kiss and rang the bell. We wondered what they wished for, whatever it was it didn’t stop them kissing again and again, and again!

Bride's white wedding shoes and grooms snake skin boots on glass floor
Destination wedding photographers photograph bride and groom kissing in Slovenian Church

As their guests gathered outside with confetti in hands there was still a lot of kissing going off in the church. A joyful shower of confetti later and we descended the 99 steps back onto the boats.

Bride, groom and wedding guests descend the 99 steps on Bled Island, Slovenia

Waiting on the near shoreline we were greeted by the familiar bus of Bled Tours. They swept us through the steep winding streets and tunnels up to Bled Castle.

Documentary Wedding Photos at Bled Castle Wedding Reception

Up close and in the warm evening light, the medieval castle with Romanesque tower looked even more impressive. A seriously stunning venue within which to create these Slovenia wedding photographs. All cobbles and stone with detailed metalwork and a view to die for overlooking Bled, the lake and the national park behind.

Destination Wedding Photographers capture snow capped mountain in Bled, Slovenia
Destination wedding photographers capture Bled town from Bled Castle
Destination wedding photographers capture Lake Bled and Bled Island in Slovenia

A drinks reception and canapés in the undercrofts greeted the guests. After the climb they were happy to see some refreshment. The popping of champagne corks mixed with the happy chatter. Laughter guests warmed their cockles in such an impressive setting.

Wedding guest portrait photograph at Bled Castle wedding in Slovenia
Wedding guest portrait photograph with kissing wedding guests at Bled Castle
Bride and groom portrait photograph at Bled Castle wedding drinks reception

Upstairs the gorgeous Bled Castle Restaurant Jezersek had been set up for the wedding breakfast. Right at the edge of the castle. The huge glass window overlooked the now glowing town set against the darkened landscape. Simon and Caroline were welcomed in with a standing ovation. We were all then treated to an incredibly tasty three-course meal with local wines.

Bride and groom enter Bled Castle Restaurant Jezersek for wedding breakfast
Wedding guests greet bride and groom with standing ovation at Bled Castle wedding
Bride and groom with Mr and Mrs mugs at Bled Castle wedding breakfast
Wedding guest portrait photograph at Bled Castle in Slovenia
Groom tries on his reading glasses at Castle Bled wedding breakfast
Wedding message on table place name love heart at Castle Bled wedding, Slovenia
Wedding guest portrait photograph during Castle Bled wedding breakfast
Father of the bride wears fascinator in Castle Bled destination wedding photograph
Mother of the bride laughs with groom at destination wedding in Slovenia
Bridesmaid in gold bridesmaid dress and glasses at wedding breakfast
Destination wedding photographers capture bride in medieval Slovenian castle
Wedding guest at Bled Castle wedding laughs at wedding speeches
Female wedding guest in brown fascinator at Casle Bled wedding breakfast
wedding guest in pin stripe suit listens to wedding speeches at Bled Castle

The speeches saw Simon don his reading glasses, he and Caroline snuggled up together in fits of laughter. Then there were the tears of joy…

Wedding Speeches at Bled Castle, Slovenia

You know it is an emotional wedding when you see an ex-marine sent over the edge by the speeches. Caroline had carefully restored and printed some photographs of Simon’s parents. This had him speechless. A speech written by his son added to the tears. At the point at which the audio telegrams were played there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Bride and groom react to wedding speeches at Bled Castle in Slovenia
Documentary wedding photograph of Father of the bride speech at Bled Castle
Bride and groom laugh during wedding speeches at Bled Castle in Slovenia
Groom in blue suit and gold tie adjusts reading glasses during wedding speech
Groom reads wedding speech from mobile phone at Castle Bled wedding breakfast
Groom hides his face during wedding speech at Castle Bled in Slovenia
Bride presents groom with emotional photographs in frame at destination wedding
Father of the bride laughs at wedding speeches in Bled, Slovenia
Bride and groom snuggle during wedding speeches at Bled Castle, Slovenia
Wedding speeches at Bled Castle, Slovenia by destination wedding photographers
Groom crying during wedding speeches at Bled Castle in Slovenia
Wedding guests crying during speeches at Bled Castle wedding breakfast

Once everyone had caught their breath the music finally played. Before exiting our medieval surroundings the happy couple danced their first dance. All of the guests joined them for a boogey.

Bride and groom have first dance in Bled Castle Slovenia

A beautiful fairytale day in a beautiful fairytale wedding destination, so full of love (and tears!).


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