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Sherborne Wedding Photographs of Bridal Preparation

Murray and I arrived at Jess’ family home to take her Sherborne wedding photographs on her sunny wedding morning to the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations.

Jess’ hair and makeup were being expertly styled in the front room. This supplied a bright backdrop of the Dorset countryside. We loved working the unidirectional natural light that presented in the large room, full of details and emotion. Jess’ excited bridesmaids all in matching pyjamas whizzed about the house almost in time to the morning’s music. Jess calmly sat.

Sherborne Wedding Photographs morning preparations

The gorgeous wedding flowers arrived. They were quickly placed into a shaded room to shelter them from the now hot sunshine.

wedding flowers in Sherborne, Dorset Sherborne wedding bridesmaid preperations

In the back bedroom, the beautifully detailed wedding dress hung next to the four blue bridesmaids dresses. They overlooking the wedding day shoes.

In-between hair and makeup styling happy stories of their past were recounted.  Jess presented her bridesmaids with wonderful gifts of earrings with the note “I couldn’t say “I do” without you”.

Sherborne, Dorset Wedding makeup

The bridesmaids had made Jess a lovely present. A photo album chronicling all of the fun had and ‘evidence’ from their hen do.

As the girls poured champagne we couldn’t resist the urge to take a picture of them on the bed surrounded by their dresses. Jess’s final touches were applied. Her bridesmaids and flower girl then put their dresses on. Murray and I were blown away by how stunning they looked.

Bride and bridesmaids in matching pjamas, Sherborne wedding photographs ridesmaids dresses hanging on Sherbourne wedding morning Wedding hair styling Sherborne Bride with lace detail wedding dress in Sherborne wedding photographs

Putting Jess’s dress on was a group effort and she positively glowed beauty as she transformed into the bride.

Jess had chosen a gorgeous classic Rolls Royce that promptly arrive to take her and her father to Sherborne Abbey.

sherborne wedding photographs bride buttoned into dress tattoo bride into wedding dress on sherbourne wedding morning Sherborne bride in long sleeve wedding dress Sherborne Wedding bridal portrait

Sherborne Abbey Wedding Ceremony Photographs

One of the joys of working as wedding photographers in Dorset is that we get to photograph buildings such as Sherborne Abbey. The ancient Cathedral, now church stands in the very center of Sherborne. It dominates its surroundings with a beautifully toned stone mixture of architectural styles. As a setting for Jess and Tim’s Sherborne wedding photographs, this venue was perfect.

Sherborne Abbey in Sherborne wedding photographs Wedding car at Sherborne Abbey wedding Bride arrives at Sherborne abbey in rolls royce wedding car bride enter Sherborne abbey wedding ceremony

Tim and his groomsmen were anxiously awaiting Jess’ arrival inside the huge building surrounded by family and friends. We will never forget the effect that seeing Jess walking down the aisle had on Tim’s face. He went from nervous anticipation to loving calm in a matter of seconds.

Sherborne Abbey wedding photographers Sherborne Abbey wedding service

It is such a pleasure to photograph weddings in buildings such as Sherborne Abbey. The gorgeous textures and neck-breaking detailed roof seemed to go on forever.

With family and friends conducting readings and what I would call a ‘bloody good sing-along’ Jess and Tim had organised a fantastic wedding service full of love and beauty.

wedding flowers and blue bridesmaids dresses in Sherborne Abbey wedding service Sherborne wedding photographs of Sherborne Abbey

After walking back down the aisle a happily married couple Jess and Tim were showered with a wind-blown curtain of confetti After greeting guests and a lot of laughter we organised a few group wedding photographs set against the backdrop of the huge abbey walls.

Wedding photograph of bride and groom outside Sherborne Abbey groom greets guests at Sherborne wedding Bride and groom Sherbourne wedding photographs Bridesmaid adn guests at Sherbourne wedding sherborne wedding photographs outside Sherborne Abbey

If asked Murray will tell you that I am constantly climbing on things to achieve the perfect wedding photograph. I think he would be exaggerating. Balancing precariously on the back of a bench and a sturdy litter bin not only provided us with the optimum angle for the wedding group photographs but entertained the guests as we conducted them.

Eastbury Hotel Wedding Reception Photographs

As the wind-swept Jess veil slowly into the air the guests left on foot for the Eastbury Hotel. The happy couple took ten minutes out to relax together before heading to their drinks reception.

Sherborne wedding photographers capture wedding confetti bride and groom leave sherborne wedding photographs

The buzz at the Eastbury Hotel in Sherborne was almost tangible. This award-winning boutique, townhouse wedding venue has a fantastic location in the center of Sherborne. It also boasts an acre of lovingly cared for tranquil walled gardens.

Jess and Tim arrived to the cheers and laughter. Wedding guests enjoyed a champagne reception with tasty looking canapés out on the sun terrace overlooking the private gardens.

groomsman with button hole at sherborne wedding Happy beautiful bridesmaid portrait photograph Beautiful wedding guest with large black fascinator flower girl with floral head band wears suit top at weddign reception

As their pianist tickled the ivories Jess and Tim merrily inspected the beautifully decorated wedding breakfast rooms inside the hotel. Outside a group of Jess’ university friends broke away from the main party for their own version of group photographs. This mainly consisted of jumping high into the air and performing cartwheels in their designer dresses!

Fun wedding photograph of wedding guests jumping in gardens Eastbury Hotel Sherborne wedding couple

Eastbury Hotel, Sherborne Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Indoors as the hustle and bustle of the wedding guests seating themselves died down. Jess and Tim were applauded into their wedding breakfast and then treated to some side-splitting speeches. A dark room with a back-lit top table can pose somewhat of a challenge for some photographers. However, we loved working with the available natural light that this provided.

Bride and groom announced into Eastbury Hotel Sherborne wedding breakfast tiered white wedding cake with purple flowers and bride in background Bride sits at wedding top table at Eastbury Hotel wedding in Dorset Best man laughing at Eastbury hotel wedding top table Groom laughing at wedding speeches against garden window Black adn white photo of Grooms speech at Eastbury Hotel Bride entertains guests at Eastbury Hotel wedding

Eastbury Hotel, Sherborne Wedding Evening Photos

The evening guests arrived as the sun slowly dipped below the horizon. People settled into the snug stone barroom or fairy-lit garden. The flower girl and friend entertained with their own piano skills. Before they knew it Jess and Tim were cutting their gorgeous cake (complete with loom band bride and groom!). By this point in the evening, Jess had shed her lace wedding top and adorned herself with a pearl-string shawl. It wasn’t just myself that thought she looked a little like an angel with wings.

white four tier wedding cake with purple flowers

All credit to the staff at the Eastbury Hotel who seamlessly served and cleared the wedding breakfast. They changed the rooms around with impressive efficiency. The DJ queued up the first dance and the ever beaming Jess and Tim span about in a whirling embrace surrounded on all sides by their happy guests.

Next came a treat. The wedding band ‘Howling at the moon’ played such a lively ‘knees up’ set that I think almost every guest was on the dance floor for the rest of the evening. So enthusiastic was their dancing that we had to give the dancers a pretty wide berth! The music was so very good that it was quite difficult to resist the urge to dance ourselves.

Bride and groom kiss during first dance at Eastbury Hotel wedding First dance at Sherborne Wedding Wedding guests dancing in disco lights at Eastbury Hotel Wedding  Flower girl dancing at Eastbury Hotel wedding in Sherborne

Having captured such beautiful Sherborne wedding photographs we left the wedding that evening with smiles on our faces almost as big as those that Jess and Tim had sported for the entire, wonderful day.

You can see what Jess and Tim think of our documentary wedding photography services in their Sherborne Abbey Wedding Photographers review.

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