Bridal Preparation at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

We began our day at the wonderful Purbeck House Hotel which occupies the highest point in Swanage High Street, looking out over the town. Being one of the great venues that is local to us we have been here many times over the years. You can see other Purbeck House Hotel wedding photographs here.

In one of the rooms at the top of the hotel we found Fiona and her bridesmaids. The amazing team from Amazing Face (one of our recommended wedding suppliers) Bridal Hair and Makeup were getting them all ready for Fiona’s big day. The blue fading to white bridesmaid’s dresses hung in the window alongside the smaller soft gold-coloured flower girl dresses. In the middle of them all was Fiona’s classic wedding dress with lace detail. Once all the dresses were on the two bridesmaids and three flower girls left Fiona and her sister. They headed downstairs where the VW bus from Dorset Dub Hire waited to transport them to the church. Fiona and her sister enjoyed the last moment with a good luck drink, song, and dance before heading downstairs themselves.

Bride has wedding hair styled in mirror at Purbeck House Hotel wedding morning

Wedding morning card from the groom made from couple photographs

Flower girl wears bunny rabbit onesie on wedding morning in Swanage Hotel room


Bride relaxes in Purbeck House Hotel room on wedding morning in mirror with dresses

Bride and bridesmaid dance on hotel bed as wedding make-up is applied

Bridesmaid examines wedding make-up in mirror on wedding morning in Swanage, Dorset

Wedding dress hangs with blue bridesmaids dresses and gold flower girls dresses

Bride has wedding make up applied during bridal preparations at Purbeck House Hotel

Bride's twin sister examines bridal make up application on wedding morning in Swanage

Bridal party raise a toast during bridal preparations on wedding morning in Dorset

Ruby Shoo wedding shoes with Converse all-star wedding shoes in Hotel window

white and cream silk wedding flowers with green foliage detail photograph

Cute flower girl in dusty gold dress looks in mirror during bridal preparation photographs

Bride hugs step father on wedding morning in Purbeck House Hotel in Swanage

Bride is buttoned into white lace detailed wedding dress on wedding morning in Dorset

Bride with wrist tattoos in white wedding dress puts in earrings on wedding morning

Bridesmaids and flower girls reactions to seeing bride in wedding dress for the first time

Bridal party celebrate with arms in the air wedding morning at Purbeck House Hotel

Bride and sister sing and dance in Hotel room on morning before wedding ceremony

Bride and sister in blue bridesmaids dress laughing in classic VW wedding van

Groom Preparation Before Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

I made the short journey just a few roads from the hotel to find Aidey at Taunton House B&B all the time looking out for what he had told us he was using as his wedding transport …. His VW Beach Buggy. Safe to say I heard it before I saw it. He had been out with one of his groomsmen running last-minute errands. Aidey got ready in his room at the B&B and emerged donning his wedding suit and top hat to complete the look. He jumped in the beach buggy with his brother and headed to the closest watering hole. This happened to be the Red Lion. After a quick glass of Dutch courage, they all headed for St Edwards Catholic Church.

Groom drives blue VW beach buggy around the streets of Swanage on wedding morning

Elevated view of Swanage streets with groom driving VW beach buggy

Grey wedding suit on hanger with gold cravat as groom prepares for wedding

Gold G & H pocket watch on top hat felt Grooms wedding detail photograph

Groom with tail suit and top hat exits wedding morning B&B in Swanage

Groom and groomsmen drinking in pub on wedding morning in Dorset

Groom and best man in top hats ride in VW beach buggy on wedding morning

Church service before Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Once there the gents busied themselves distributing the orders of service and greeting guests. Aidey was busy flying around the church setting up his Go Pros to capture footage of the big day. With the church almost full it was time for Aidey to take his place front and center. The bridesmaids and flower girls arrived and the VW bus had headed back to the hotel.

St Edwards Catholic Church wedding venue in Swanage Dorset photograph

Blue and hessian sea side themed wedding order of service in church on wedding morning

Wedding rings on silver tray in Catholic Church on wedding morning in Swanage

Groomsman hands out blue orders of service to guests at Church wedding

The flower girls led the way, one holding a chalkboard while the other two carried simple yellow flowers. Next, the bridesmaids followed by Fiona and her sister. The Catholic service was conducted by the Deacon with readings from one of the groomsmen and a family friend.  Aidey and Fiona made their promises to each other and without any further ado they were married.

Bride exits VW wedding van outside Swanage church by the sea in Dorset

Cheeky flower girls in gold dresses with chalkboard sign look out of church doorway

Bridesmaids in blue and white graduated bridesmaids dresses enter church wedding ceremony

Flower girls in gold dresses carry Here Comes The Bride sign and flowers up the aisle

Bride and twin sister enter Catholic church wedding ceremony before walking up aisle

Bride's first look at groom as she arrives at the sacrament in church wedding

Flower girls laughing in dusty gold dresses in pews at Catholic Church wedding

Bride's sister looks across wedding part during Catholic wedding ceremony

Bride and groom listen to Catholic readings in front of altar at Catholic church wedding

Catholic wedding ceremony photographed through wooden detail hole

Bride laughs at groom during Swanage Catholic Church wedding ceremony

Wedding guest in black fascinator singing at Swanage Catholic Church wedding ceremony

Bride and groom are blessed during wedding ceremony with prism reflections

Religious artwork framed with wood and gold at Swanage Catholic Church wedding Ceremony

Bride and groom walk down aisle at Swanage Catholic Church wedding ceremony

Bride and groom kiss outside Swanage Catholic church with stone archway door

On the way to Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

After the ceremony, the guests were asked to join the bride and groom on the station of Swanage’s famous railway station.

Bride and groom walk along platform at Swanage steam railway station in Dorset

Bride and groom in top hat enter steam train at Swanage railway station

The guests assembled for a photo on the railway platform and headed back to the drink reception at Purbeck House Hotel. The bride, groom, and wedding photographers/transport had a number of stops to make on the way. The first stop was on Swanage seafront by the clock tower. The VW bus was parked up beachside and was joined by Aidey’s beach buggy. The drivers of said transport were asked to reconvene a short distance away by the Parade Fish and Chip shop where no chips were eaten or fed to the swarming seagulls (honestly!). After some more photos by the seaside and amusements the bride and groom were returned to the hotel.

Bride and groom on Swanage Beach with VW van and VW beach buggy on wedding day

Bride and groom in Swanage Clock Tower by the sea in Dorset

Groomsmen in top hats and tails on Swanage seafront by beach huts

Blue VW beach buggy driven in Swanage by groom on wedding day in Dorset

Ruby Shoo Eva Sky Blue wedding shoes with wedding dress and foot tattoo

Seagulls mob bride and groom eating chips by the sea on wedding day in Swanage

Bride and groom walk along old stone cart tracks by the sea side in Swanage, Dorset

Bride and groom play Guitar Hero on wedding day in sea side arcades

Reception at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

At the hotel, the bridesmaids and flower girls were waiting on the steps with the groomsmen to shower the newlyweds with confetti. Toastmaster Stuart A Jowett welcomed them with glasses of bubbles before introducing them as the new Mr and Mrs as they joined the drinks reception. After helping us with organising some group photographs Stuart passed over the Master of Ceremonies duty to Iggy Wedding DJ (one of our recommended Dorset wedding suppliers). He would be the host for the remainder of the day. After speeches from Fiona’s stepfather, Aidey, and his Best Man everyone enjoyed the wedding breakfast.

Bride and groom arrive in VW van at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Flower girls in dusty gold dresses dabbing in gardens at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding

Bridesmaids in blue dresses are shocked by bride's new wedding ring

Groomsmen throw top hats in air at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Bride and groom at summer house in Purbeck House Hotel Wedding venue gardens

Bride and Groom kiss on the lawns of Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Six tier Cheese wheel wedding cake with fruit and nuts and hessian bow

Top Table sign photograph written in sand on beach at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding

Wooden beach hut table decoration at sea side themed wedding in Dorset

Wedding Hangover Kits sign and personalised blue striped paper bags

Groomsman writes comments on paper at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding

Stuart Jowett Toastmaster in red jacket at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Bride and groom enter wedding breakfast to applause at Purbeck House Hotel

Top table with blue seaside theme at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Bride's step father makes wedding speech at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding

Scottish wedding guest in kilt raises a glass during wedding speeches toast

Bride laughing during wedding speeches at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photos

Groom's speech under bunting at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding venue in Swanage


Bride covers her face during wedding speeches at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding

Groom puts finger in air during best man's speech at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding

Next was the cutting of the cake, this cake however was made from wheels of cheese (9KG in total!). This drew a crowd, after which Iggy hosted a Mr and Mrs quiz which was accompanied with video footage of their proposal.  Dry ice engulfed the dance floor and the newlyweds as they took their first dance as a married couple. As we left we couldn’t help but notice the Garden Conservatory, glowing below the now misty night sky.

Bride and groom cut wedding cake made from cheese wheels at Dorset Hotel wedding

RNLI donation photographs in frame at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding

Bride dances with flower girls at Purbeck House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Bride and groom by Purbeck stone turret overlooking Swanage town at night

Bride and groom hug in same manner as they are in proposal video in background

Newlyweds take their first dance at Swanage Hotel wedding photographs

Bride and groom in lights on the dance floor at Swanage Hotel wedding photographs

Bride, groom and guests on dance floor at Swanage Hotel wedding photographs

Flower girl and bridesmaids on dance floor at Swanage Hotel wedding photographs

Illuminated garden room reception at Swanage Hotel wedding photographs


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