Highcliffe Castle Wedding Photographs with Daniella and Dave

Last week we popped over to Christchurch to take a walk around Christchurch Priory and Highcliffe Castle wedding venue. To say they were of stunning proportions would be an understatement. We arrived at Christchurch Priory and essentially spent the next hour straining our necks to take it all in.

Christchurch priory the longest parish church in England. It’s huge, ceilings that seem to go up forever. When you think you have seen it all it goes on further. Frame upon frame of dividers, archways and old oak doors. As you can imagine we were incredibly excited about shooting a wedding in this place. I had already booked some time off in my diary to come back for a painful neck.

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Venue

To follow the Priory Daniella and Dave had booked Highcliffe Castle wedding venue for their reception. Again, the architecture is mind-blowing. With the possibility of shots under huge wooden doors, stained glass windows, stone archways, manicured gardens, woodlands and a beach I was suffering with wedding venue overload.

As we walked around Highcliffe Castle wedding venue gardens we spied a couple, dancing barefoot on the lawns to an iPhone. It was Daniella & Dave happy couple themselves practising the first dance before their wedding rehearsal. Looking back at the spectacular castle we could see these guys were serious about stunning venues.

Wedding order of service with sea shells and starfish

Documentary Bridal Preparation Photographs

The wedding morning arrived and I drove to The Scissor Crew hairdressers in Christchurch. The girls working there are so friendly and hospitable. They had even decorated a mirror and chair for Daniella. Next they supplied her with a gift pack including the essential wedding morning champagne.

The Scissor Crew wedding hairdressers in Christchurch

I love working in hairdressers and The Scissor Crew really stood out. Incredible bright light and lots of mirrors facing mirrors. As Daniella, her Mother and the beautiful bridesmaids had their hair styled I was able to work with multiple reflections!

Bride has hair styled in Christchurch on Highcliffe Castle wedding morning

Daniella’s makeup artist Zoe Nichols had arrived early. She then went about her makeup styling in a quiet manner in the corner of the room. As time ticked on she showed off applying makeup whilst the girls had their hair back combed and styled.

Bride has wedding makeup styled in Christchurch, Dorset

Wedding Preparations at Home

Back at her parents’ house Daniella and the girls had a well-earned glass of bubbly. They munched on scrummy nibbles before putting on her jaw dropping wedding dress.

White roses in white flower weddign bouquet

Bride carries Ian Stuart wedding dress netting up a staircase

Earlier in the day we had been talking wedding dresses and Daniella had told me that her dress was ‘a little different’. She had a very small reservation about it being slightly on the big side. In the attic room, hanging in the sun has to be the most wonderful Ian Stuart wedding dress I have ever seen. Daniella asked me “so what do you think?”. Taken aback by the dress all I could think to say was “can I wear it please!”. I simply loved it and it was definitely different, Flowerbomb by Ian Stuart.

Ian Stuart Flowerbomb wedding dress on Highcliffe Castle wedding morning

Bride has Ian Stuart wedding address adjusted on wedding morning

A gorgeous old silver lady pulled up outside the house and it was time for the girls to leave. When Daniella stepped out into the sun with her dress on I found myself speechless. She had planned her Highcliffe Castle wedding to perfection and was now the perfect bride!

Documentary Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile the chaps were busy in their riverside apartment in Christchurch.

Groom and groomsmen practice wedding speeches in morning

They spent the morning ‘calming their nerves’ with a few cans of beer. Then made themselves presentable for the day ahead. Despite the rather scary weather forecast the sun was shining brightly. The chaps strolled round to the church, looking super cool in suits and sun glasses.

Groom and groomsman share a beer on wedding morning

Groom in sunglasses at Christchurch Priory wedding

Christchurch Priory Wedding Ceremony Photographs

When I arrived at Christchurch Priory I again had to perform a double take to accustom myself to the sheer size and grandeur of the place. The entrance foyer arches were the perfect frame for some group photographs. The stained glass and detailed stone panelling inside gave such amazing backdrops.

The short wedding ceremony was lovely. The sun streamed through the stained glass as the guests merrily sang away.

Groom awaits bride at Christchurch Priory wedding ceremony

Bride wears Ian Stuart at Christchurch Priory wedding ceremony

Christchurch Priory wedding ceremony blessings

Christchurch Priory wedding venue in Dorset photography

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Reception Photographs

Down the road at Highcliffe Castle wedding venue, we a stopped outside the front door for photos of Daniella and Dave together. Lucky it was covered as that morning’s missing rain had turned up. We could see that weather would play and important role in our logistics of the Highcliffe Castle wedding day.

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Photography of bride and groom

Ian Stuart wedding dress at Highcliffe Castle wedding

The drinks reception and canapés we taken in the Wintergarden. This allowed guests to look over the grounds without getting wet. A break in the showers allowed us to shoot a couple of group. I figured we did quite well with them as the guests has congratulated us on our conduct afterwards!

Ian Stuart Flowerbomb wedding dress at Highcliffe Castle, Dorset

Bride and groom at Highcliffe Castle Wedding Photography

Young guest in braces at Highcliffe Castle Wedding

Wedding guest at Highcliffe Castle drinks reception

Older wedding guests at Highcliffe Castle wedding drinks reception

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Photography Bride in Ian Stuart wedding dress at Highcliffe Castle wedding venue

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Breakfast Photographs

After mixing with their guests the wedding Breakfast was called in the Dining Room. The wedding speeches seemed to contain quite a few Australian and cricket references (as Dave and his family are Australian). Also a couple of cringe worthy moments for the Groom himself.

Groom during wedding speeches at Highcliffe Castle Wedding venue

One of the happy couple’s friends had created a lovely wedding cake. Along with cupcakes it stood impressively in corner of the room. During the breakfast and speeches we noticed a computer screen with a particularly embarrassing slide show of old photographs of Daniella and Dave. This supplied much enjoyment to their guests.

Groom's speech at Highcliffe Castle Wedding

Bride and brother portrait Highcliffe Castle Wedding Photography

Wedding Evening Reception at Highcliffe Castle

As coffee and cake was served the wedding band and a Casino arrived and set up for the evening’s entertainment.

Wedding Casino at Highcliffe Castle Wedding venue

Bride and groom kiss under stained glass windows at Highcliffe Castle Wedding

Dave and Daniella had both separately told me they had forgotten their dance moves for the First Dance. Watching the happy couple swirl, turn, kiss and sway about the dance floor surrounded by their friends and family. I guessed that it had come back to them in the moment.

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Photography First Dance


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