Finding The Best Wedding Album Printers

Aug 21, 2019 | Wedding Wisdom

Our Mission To Find The Best Wedding Album Printers

Over the years we have worked with many wedding album suppliers from all over the world.

We decided to find the best wedding album printers to use for our brides and grooms

The Criteria For The Best Wedding Album Printers

Using past experience and consulting with brides and grooms we crafted a list of our requirements for the best wedding album printers. Eight criteria were used to judge potential wedding album suppliers.

1. Quality Of Products

2. Location

3. Handmade

4. Passion For Photography

5. Experience

6. Environmental standards

7. Range Of Products

8. Customer service

1. Quality Of Products

When it comes to wedding albums quality is everything. We want to be able to offer our brides and grooms the best quality wedding photographs. These are then presented in the finest quality wedding albums.

We researched not only the methods but the materials used to produce wedding albums. What printing methods do they use? On what printers? With what paper?

The look, feel, build and longevity of these presentation products had to be top-notch.

We also looked at the supplier’s quality assessments. We wanted to see the range of finished products and be able to assess them over time. The hope was to source albums that had been through quality checks.

2. Location

After working with Australian, Kiwi and European suppliers we examined options closer to home. We love the quality and feel of some of these albums. So the search was on for a UK based company with equal (or better) standards of product and service.

The distance a wedding album travels has an impact on several important things. The first of these is delivery period. The less time our brides and grooms have to wait for delivery the better. Without long haul shipping and customs clearance, a UK supplier stands in good stead.

Secondly, the risks of damage when transporting a fragile item have a positive correlation with miles spent on the road (or air).

This brings us our third concern, the environmental impact of wedding album delivery. Choosing a UK supplier reduces the carbon emissions involved in freight. We like to do our part for the environment and so should the best wedding album printers.

Real-Life Example:

We had a bride ask us to make last-minute adjustments to her album design. It turned out our UK suppliers had already created and dispatched the album. We received and returned it via courier that evening. A day later the adjusted version arrived with the delighted client.

Delivery from our old antipodean suppliers took up to 8 days. This would have meant an equal turnaround time and wait for over two weeks.

3. Handmade

We craft our wedding photographs without automated or batch processes. It is an art form. So we were looking for an album supplier who uses the same care and attention with their products. This can be found in hand made albums of the best quality.

Printing, colour balancing, mounting and binding are all labours of love. that tend to be superior when achieved by hand rather than using a machine-based process.

More than that we wanted to have the ability to actually speak to the person working on our client’s albums.

4. Passion For Photography

There are hundreds potential best wedding album printers in the UK. We realised we were hunting for a company tailoring specifically to professional wedding photographers. We wanted to find a team who’s principles and passion for photography aligned with our own.

We produce timeless wedding photography. We were on the lookout for a team that believes in timeless presentation products.

5. Experience

Speaking of the team, we were looking at their experience creating quality products. Printers and bookbinders who have years of working in the industry uphold high standards and so should the best wedding album printers.

Blending traditional and modern equipment, methods and knowledge allow production of quality albums whilst staying ahead of the game. We want to offer our clients traditional and contemporary presentation products.

6. Environmental Standards

As we mentioned, we do our best to minimise our waste and carbon footprints. We want to work with suppliers that do the same.

Looking for an album printer that recycles, responsibly sources their materials and uses environmentally products was definitely on the list.

7. Range Of Products

Merely offering different sizes of albums would not be doing our couples justice. We needed a supplier that could accommodate unique requirements, whatever they may be.

We were looking for printers with a large range of quality products from which we can cherry-pick. We also wanted the chosen company to offer a level of flexibility. In the past we have had to change album size, shape, cover etc. even during the design stage.

8. Customer Service

For any business customer service is important. Our clients know us for our friendly, helpful and personal customer service. We were looking for the same in our album suppliers. Making it easy to contact the right person, responding quickly and providing useful information is important to us.

We wanted a supplier that we could call any time and know the voice on the end of the line. Someone we could maintain a close working relationship with.

Choosing The Best Wedding Album Printers

It took some time. Some debate. A lot of research, web time, phone calls, trade show visits, pawing at albums and a couple of long evenings in the pub.

The range of suppliers that are out there took us by surprise. But we persevered and finally came to a decision on who was the best wedding album printers.

The Best Of The Best

We are now proud to offer our clients the best UK wedding albums from the best wedding album printers. Our chosen supplier provides the highest quality products and service available.

Our wedding albums are now all handmade by a skilled team of experienced master bookbinders.

Their passion for photography is evident in the huge range of quality products they supply. This is only eclipsed by their vast knowledge of the subject. Something which they are ever developing and training themselves in.

Our chosen printers have a strong commitment to environmental standards. They only work with responsible suppliers who are actively reducing their waste & CO2 emissions. They like to offer more environmentally friendly products than other companies.

All of their high-quality photographic papers are FSC approved. They recycle as much of their paper and packaging as possible. Even their packaging cartons are a minimum of 75% recycled material and are fully recyclable.

They let us know that air freight can use up to 8 times more fuel than road transport. They only use the most reliable couriers who ship by road. All of their stunning wedding albums are supplied with a 15 working day production time.

We now have a happy relationship with our chosen printers. Meeting them to talk over new ideas, materials and the production process is a pleasure. Their friendly yet professional service is without fault.

We truly consider them to be the best wedding album printers, so much so that we used them for our own wedding albums.

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