Durdledoor Proposal Photographs

For a few weeks now we have been in conversation with a wonderful chap called Rav.
Rav contacted us asking for Durdledoor proposal photographs. We were more than happy to oblige.

As you know we love shooting down the road on the Lulworth Estate. We are Lulworth Castle’s recommended wedding photographers. So it was with great joy that we received official permission to capture Rav and Charlotte’s proposal photographs at Durdledoor.

Durdledoor famous stone archway in Dorset sea

Planning Dorset Beach Proposal Photographs

Durdledoor’s sea archway is ”The world’s most famous rock arch”. With the azure sea, orange sands and white cliffs as a backdrop it is a perfect choice of location to get down on one knee.

Rav was hoping to execute his marriage proposal during a Dorset mini-break from the midlands. So co-ordination and timing were everything. We formulated a plan where he and his lovely girlfriend would be photographed from the moment they arrived.

Two main things affected the plans. The availability of the ring, which arrived in the nick of time. And the weather. Our first selection of date saw heavy rain and strong winds. So we diverted to plan B, a couple of days later which promised clear skies and Autumnal sun.

Local Knowledge

There is only one time you can visit Durdledoor (by car) without any people around. That is the moment the gates open in the morning. Even then groups of tourists can be abundant for Durdledoor proposal photographs.

Panoramic landscape photograph of Durdledoor beach with stone archway in the sea Blue sea washing onto orange beach forming S shape detail landscape photograph

Proposal Photo Shoot At Durdledoor Sea Arch, Dorset

With this in mind, we were the first ‘on-scene’ on a sunny but windy Friday morning.

We yomped down the coastal path to the ledges overlooking the beach. Here we waited for the happy couple to arrive.

Pretending to take pictures of each other meant that Charlotte was unaware we were actually focussing on her and Rav.

proposal photo shoot couple walk along south west coastal footpath Boyfriend and girlfriends look out over the sea with cruise ship

Staying just behind or ahead of the guys meant that we couple capture them from several different angles. Walking down to the beach and admiring the views, Charlotte was none the wiser.

Soon to be engaged couple walk down path to Durdledoor beach, Dorset Engaged couple look over Dorset coastal landscape Marriage proposal photographs couple in silhouette against blue sky

We noticed that Rav seemed to be drinking a lot of water. It’s hard to predict how nervous one will get when proposing and Rav seemed to have a case of a dry throat!

On the beach, we positioned ourselves with easy views of the couple and the stone archway in the background. With a quick look, Rav made eye contact to let us know that he was about to propose and we got into position.

He pulled a ring box from his pocket, dropped to one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. She said yes and we had our Durdledoor proposal photographs.

Couple standing on beach next to stone archway in the sea Couple take selfie photographs on phone at Dorset beach Boyfriend reaches into pocket for engagement ring at Dorset beach proposal photoshoot Boyfriend about to go down on one knee with engagement ring box on beach Durdledoor proposal photographs on one knee on Dorset beach Durdledoor proposal photographs of groom on one knee

Couple Photographs On Durdledoor Beach

We gave them some time to be alone, hugging and kissing on the beach. Next, we introduced ourselves and asked if they were OK for an impromptu engagement shoot.

Durdledoor proposal photographs of couple hugging on beach after saying yes to marriage proposal Couple kiss on beach after saying yes to marriage proposal Seaside proposal photographs of fiancé trying on an engagement ring Fiances inspect engagement ring in box on Dorset beach Newly engaged couple hug on beach after marriage proposal

Looking back at our photo’s timestamps the proposal itself took less than 10 seconds! So we re-enacted it at a more relaxed pace.

Durdledoor proposal photographs on one knee on Dorset beach Durdledoor proposal photographs next to famous stone sea archway

By now the beach had started to fill with tourists so we took a stroll along the shoreline.

The bright sun started to warm us up and take the chill out of the strong coastal wind ever-present at these Durdledoor proposal photographs

Engaged couple kissing on Dorset beach with windy hair Newly engaged couple laughing on Dorset beach during photoshoot Newly engaged couple look at the sea on Dorset beach Proposal photo shoot couple walk along Durdledoor beach in Dorset Newly engaged couple calm down on Dorset beach Couple look into each other's eyes at Durdledoor stone archway Durdledoor marriage proposal photographs of couple kissing with sea archway Happy newly engaged couple holding hands on beach next to stone archway

Engagement Photographs At Man O’War Beach

We followed Rav and Charlotte back up and over the steps to the neighbouring Man O’war Bay. This provided a little more privacy and shelter with different stunning scenery for their Durdledoor proposal photographs.

Durdledoor proposal photographs with kissing shadows

Proposal photographs at Man O'War bay in Dorset

Couple walk hand in hand down steps to Man'O War beach in Dorset Durdledoor proposal photographs of couple kissing on the beach Couple in silhouette kissing by the blue sunny sea Newly engaged couple hold hands at Man O'War beach, Dorset

Here Rav and Charlotte were inseparable. We captured some wonderful images of them with the rock formations jutting out into the sea and up the cliff faces.

Dorest proposal shoot of happy couple on vertical rock formations Jurassic coast vertical rock formations with laughing couple Couple huggin on rock formation in the sea at Man O'War bay in Dorset Happy engaged couple holding hands on sea rocks in sunshine Couple hugging on rocks in sea from proposal photographs

Charlotte was more than happy to show off her princess cut diamond engagement ring. It fit perfectly and you could tell from her huge smile (which grew every time she looked at it) that she loved it.

Square cut diamond engagement ring with silver safire ring on hand Close up photograph of princess cut diamond engagement ring on hand macro photograph of silver engagement ring with princess cut diamond

We gave the guys some more time alone to walk around the beach with the white cliffs in the background. Shooting their silhouettes from afar.

Newly engaged couple photographs against Dorset white chalk cliff backdrop

From here it was a warm slog back up to the car park. After many more congratulations and well-wishing. After their Durdledoor proposal photographs, we departed ways.

Durdledoor proposal photographs of couple in silhouette on green cliffs with blue sky Dorset white cliffs with couple in silhouette and blue sea and sky blue sky with tiny couple in silhouette

We send all the best to Rav and Charlotte, they are such a fun-loving, relaxed couple. You never know may one day see their wedding photographs here!


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