Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Photographs with Carly & Marc

We had met Carly and Marc a couple of times at their gorgeous wedding venue Dudsbury Golf Club and saw just how photogenic they are at their Hengistbury Head engagement shoot. So it was with great excitement that we set out to join them for their Dudsbury Golf Club wedding photographs.

Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Morning Photographs

I arrived on the wedding morning at Carly’s family home to find the girls well prepared for the wedding day. Makeup and hair products, flowers, food, drinks, mirrors, clothing and bags were placed throughout the tables and chairs in the huge conservatory.

With the thin cloud cover the conservatory glass worked as a huge soft box. The perfect natural lighting with which to capture the girls as they whizzed from one position to another.

Carly and her bridesmaids were wearing white silk dressing gowns with their roles in Disney lettering on the back. Occasionally dashing about with the go-pro that the wedding videographer Joe Green had left for them to use.

Faces on the wedding morning
Marc had scored some serious brownie points by overwhelming Carly with a gorgeous gift of a Swarovski Crystal Cinderella, a bottle of her favourite perfume and a heartfelt card full of Disney love quotes!

Make up on the wedding morning
Bride on the wedding morning
wedding morning make up
Upstairs I shot Carly’s beautiful wedding dress backlit amongst the striking blue bridesmaid’s dresses. The sound of laughter and singing echoed throughout the house. Carly had chosen lovely custom coat hangers marking the girl’s names and wedding date.

I noticed Scarlet, the youngest of Carly’s bridesmaids (who had just arrived after being to school!) admiring the wedding flowers. Carly’s gran had performed a miracle with her stunning ivory silk flower bouquets and button holes.

Silk wedding flowers
With their makeup and hair now looking immaculate Carly’s bridesmaids donned their dresses and waited patiently for Carly to be laced into her beautiful wedding attire.

All of the ladies now looked incredibly stunning, in contrast to Carly’s father who after a morning of running around helping out was still in a towel and shaving foam!

Bride and Bridesmaid in the mirrors
Mother and Father of the bride on wedding morning
Bridesmaids react to bride on wedding morning
Bridesmaid in Blue Dress laughs on wedding morning
With her veil in place and her bridesmaids having recovered from their first sight of the wedding dress the girls were now ready for the Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding.

Rodger from Christchurch Wedding Cars arrived with Jasmine, a hand-built Branford Elite Tourer Deluxe, the most amazing stretched wedding car we have ever seen

Silk Ivory wedding flowers
Black and White Photograph at Brides parents home
Meanwhile Murray joined Marc and the chaps at home preparing for the Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding. A bit of last-minute PlayStation was enjoyed in-between bouts of getting ready. Personalised cufflinks and socks were added to their outfits as was Marc’s shiny new watch (a present from his wife to be).

Usher helps Groom with wedding tie
Groom Usher and Guests prepare for the day
Groom and best man game on wedding morning

Wedding Morning Photographs at Dudsbury Golf Club

The ‘wedding Polaroid’ camera was first utilised for a ‘chaps’ picture before they leaving for the Dudsbury Golf Club wedding. Marc and the boys borrowed a club from the pro shop and headed off to the driving range to whack a few golf balls.

Driving range on Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Morning
Back inside Dudsbury Golf Club-House the wedding ceremony room was beautifully decorated. Stood between the aisles under the huge chandelier with a view across the golf course Marc looked a little nervous. He soon found himself greeting the arriving guests and sipping water on the balcony while he waited for his bride to arrive.

Outside Dudsbury Golf Club the bridesmaids in blue arrived in the wedding car and waited for Carly and her father. Marc and the guests waited upstairs while listening to wedding saxophonist Claire Manners.

Wedding Car arrives at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Guest posted wedding card at reception
Saxophonist at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding reception
Groom awaits his bride
Black and white photograph of groom and best man
Groom waits at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding ceremony
Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Ceremony Photographs

As Carly entered her Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Marc was not the only person dealing with nervous anticipation. The silence in the room was only interrupted by the occasional sobbing guest. As she approached, Carly’s huge infectious smile broke the mood and the room was filled with joyful smiles.

Bride and groom laugh at wedding
Wedding ceremony at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Carly’s grandfather gave a fantastic reading before the ceremony, which flew past with the sunlight beaming through the long windows highlighting the guests laughter and tears.

Black and white photograph of the signing of the register
Wedding guest take photo at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
The guests then descended to gather outside the Club House with handfuls of confetti that then showered the happy couple as they exited into the daylight.

Carly and Mark then boarded a wedding golf buggy, decorated with ribbons and a flower heart and headed off into the golf course. They were shortly followed by myself and videographer clinging on to our own buggy.

Ride in Golf Buggy at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Wedding couple on bridge at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Bride and Groom at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Wedding videographer at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding

Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Reception

On their return they were greeted by applause from their guests. Everyone enjoyed a drinks reception against the green countryside view before headed onto the tee for some quick group photographs.

Flower girl at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Wedding guests in a golf buggy at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Claire Manners saxophonist joined us outside adding to the relaxed, jovial feel of this Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding.

In the meantime the wedding ceremony space upstairs had been transformed for the wedding breakfast. Blue bows decorated the chairs and Lilly’s in water the tables. The gorgeous four-tier  wedding cake stood proud next to the top table, which in turn was adorned with a hand-made wooden ‘Mr and Mrs Dyer’ sign in a Disney themed font.

Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Breakfast

Once wedding breakfast had been called the guests discovered their funny nose clip cards, with which all ages had fun posing for pictures around the tables. Carly and Mark entered to a standing ovation and the wedding speeches began.

Blue and white tiered wedding cake
Black and white photograph of Brides father wearing hat
More Photo card fun at reception
Bride & Groom enter Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Disney style letters at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Mother of the Bride at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Carly’s father led the way with a speech that created more smiles and laughter thought out the room. Marc continued the humour and took a look back to his stag do and the interestingly named ale ‘Dead Pony Club’. He made the stag group drink it for a toast even though he stuck to drinking bubbly!

Father of the bride speech
guest during speeches at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Top table during the speeches
Wedding guest during the speeches
Bride portrait at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
A toast with the stags at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding

Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Evening Reception

After wedding breakfast Carly and Mark cut their cake set against the setting sun. We headed outside back onto the golf buggies. A short drive around the golf course later and we took some sunset images of the happy couple by a lake.

Sunset with Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding Couple
Wedding couple sunset at Dudsbury Golf Club Wedding
Meanwhile Party Dexx wedding DJ had set up in the ceremony room as the golf club staff expertly cleared for the evening ahead.

On our return it was time to perform the first dance. With the glow of disco lighting Marc and Carly gracefully swirled about the dance floor happily gazing into each other’s eyes. At the end of the song all of the guests joined them.

First dance kiss on dance floor
Bride and Groom in the lights at reception
Bride on the dance floor
As well as the music and dancing there was a casino set up in the corner of the room from Absolute Fun Casino complete with roulette wheel and card tables.

We left the happy couple and all the guests dancing and gambling the night away.

Young wedding guest at wedding casino talble


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