Deans Court Wedding Morning Photographs of Bridal Preparation

I arrived at Laura and Luke’s house (that they affectionately call ‘Bubble’) in Bournemouth to find the Deans Court wedding preparations in full swing.

The sounds of laughter and happy chatter drifted down the staircase. Makeup was expertly styled in the natural light of the master bedroom. Downstairs dresses, shoes and flowers had all been expertly arranged in the living room. The pastel pink bridesmaids dresses hung in a row balancing the presence of Laura’s stunning white A-line detailed wedding dress. A pair of Benjamin Adams bridal shoes were in pride of place next to some beautiful soft pastel wedding bouquets from Concept Flowers.

Wedding hair styled in attic bedroom on wedding morning
Bride to be wedding iphone case on wedding morning
Bridal preparation room with dresses, flowers and shoes on wedding morning
Pink and pastel colour wedding bouquets by Concept Flowers wedding florist
A line detailed white wedding dress hanging in window with wedding veil
Benjamin Adams wedding shoes - Preston Designer Ivory Vintage
Bridesmaid with dresses, flowers and shoes on wedding morning in Dorset

Music played in the kitchen while a mist of hair spray enveloped the hairdresser. A familiar popping sound proceeded champagne flowing. Laura’s father was on hand to help all morning, also merrily joking away with the girls. As he donned his suit the bridesmaids decided it was time for them to step up their preparations a gear. In a blurred flurry of activity the bridesmaids changed into their dresses and watched quietly as Laura’s Mother laced her in to her wedding dress.

Soft pink pastel wedding flower bouquets by Concept Flowers in Dorset
Mother of bride reaches for wedding dress in window
Bridesmaids watch bride being laced into wedding dress on wedding morning
Mother of Bride laces bride into white wedding dress on wedding morning
Bride is laced into wedding dress by bridesmaid as she adjusts her fathers cravatte
Black and white wedding photograph of bride being laced into wedding dress
Bride has hair adjusted by wedding hair stylist with sleave tattoos
Bride and Father of the bride wait outside home for wedding cars

With the transformation from beautiful to gorgeous complete the ladies finally departed in not one but two classic wedding cars.

Wedding Morning Photographs of Groom Preparation

Meanwhile Murray arrived at Luke’s parents’ house to find Luke and his groomsmen feeling very relaxed.

Luke’s mum had her makeup styled in the kitchen with one of the flower girls. After a quick cup of coffee the ever joking chaps headed up stairs to get suited and booted. Once the guys were in their wedding suits Luke issued them a list of responsibilities for the day. Luke received a card with message from his bride to be and a gold skeleton pocket watch, which he quickly added to his wedding outfit. Luke’s Mother demonstrated the correct method for tying cravats. Finally buttonholes were correctly fixed.

pink rose wedding corsage and button holes from Concept Flowers
Groom and flower girl bounce on bed on wedding morning
Groom give best men wedding day schedules on wedding morning
Groom reads card from his wife to be on wedding morning
Groom adjusts cravatte in mirror on wedding morning

There was just enough time for Luke and some of the guests to open some bottles of fizz before boarding the coach to The church of Lady St Mary in Wareham. Once all his guests and groomsmen were onboard he took the chance to check his pocket watch before leaving for Wareham.

St Marys Church Wareham Wedding Ceremony Photographs

Murray was first to arrive and had a chance to look around the empty church. Pastel pink flowers and painted white wicker hearts decorated the pew ends. Soon enough Luke appeared and his groomsmen were quick to get to their duties of issuing the orders of service. While the church filled the flower girls were attentively waiting outside for the arrival of the bridal party. Luke sat at the front consulting a bible, possibly looking for some guidance and repeatedly checking his new pocket watch.

Groom smiles at best men as he enters Wareham church wedding
Flower girls looks for bride at Wareham Church wedding
Groom reads Holy Bible before church wedding ceremony in Dorset Church
Golden skeleton wedding pocket watch on grooms hand
Black and White wedding photograph of groom and best men waiting in Church

The bridesmaids arrived in a black and white classic wedding car followed shortly by the bride and her father in a classic white Rolls Royce. After a brief pause outside the flower girls led the bridal party into the church.

Classic wedding cars outside Wareham church wedding in Dorset
Black and white wedding photography of bride and father entering church wedding service

The Reverend Jackie Maw noticed that Luke was looking a little ‘green about the gills’ waiting for his bride to be. As Laura and her father entered the church she shared a private joke dispelling all tension. She conducted a lovely church wedding ceremony with as much laughter as singing. The now married, happy couple exited the church hand in hand with huge smiles on their faces.

Father of bride, bride and groom at church wedding ceremony in Dorset
Double exposure photograph of organ pipes and wedding singing
Bride smiles during exchange of the rings at Wareham church wedding
First kiss at St Marys church wedding in Wareham, Dorset
Wedding party with bride and groom signing the register at church wedding
Bride and Groom walk down the aisle at St Marys Church wedding in Wareham

Outside the ancient stone church the guests showered Laura and Luke with hugs, love and confetti. While we worked through a list of group photographs an ice cream tricycle from Old Crocks Vintage Hire set up in the bright sunshine. The wedding guests enjoyed ice creams on the green before departing for the wedding reception.

Wedding confetti outside St Marys Church wedding in Wareham, Dorset
Wedding bouquet with pink and pastel flowers by Concept Flowers
Ice cream tricycle outside St Marys Church wedding in Wareham, Dorset
Wedding ice cream sprinkles and sauces at Wareham wedding
Bride eats ice cream outside church in Wareham

Deans Court Wedding Reception Photographs

The guests arrived at Deans court wedding venue in Wimborne through the stately home’s woodlands. Emerging into the bright daylight like Alice from the rabbit hole into the stunning grounds. They enjoyed drinks and canapés outside the main house as they awaited the arrival of the newly weds.

Deans Court Wedding Venue in Wimborne, Dorset
Wedding guest arrive through woodland at Deans Court Wedding Venue

The wedding car slowly crunched along the crushed stone driveway to deliver Laura and Luke to their guests. We allowed the wedding party to enjoy themselves and relax before the ‘formal group Photographs’. At Deans Court we utilised the huge stone staircase and wooden doors of house.

Deans Court Wedding Drinks reception infront of the house
Classic Rolls Royce Wedding Car detail at Deans Court wedding reception
Soft Pink bridesmaids dresses and wedding bouquets at Deans Court wedding
Flower girl sticks her tongue out during group photographs at Deans Court
Wedding guest and flower girl clink champagne glasses at Deans Court Wedding
Bride and groom kiss on steps outside Deans Court Wedding venue

Everyone was welcomed onto the lawn at the rear of the house. The guests enjoyed yet more canapés, drinks and lawn games. One of the groomsmen then had a slightly unusual idea that took off. It’s not often we see a wedding party climb a tree but with large low hanging branches our inner children were crying out to join them.

Garden games at Deans Court wedding drinks reception
Father of the bride at drinks reception in the gardens at Deans Court Wedding
Flower girls with croquet mallets and garden games at Deans Court wedding
Wedding guests enjoy a drinks reception in the gardens at Deans Court wedding
Bride, groom and groomsmen in a tree at Deans Court Wedding venue
Bride looks over her shoulder in a tree at Deans court wedding

Deans Court Wedding Breakfast Photos

The guests made the short walk through the formal gardens to the marquee. We should mention the unique setting. A huge marquee on the banks of a lake surrounded by tall grasses and huge trees make for gorgeous Deans Court wedding photographs. This timeless venue is therefore breath-taking. The guests promptly found their places to welcome the new Mrs and Mrs with rapturous applause.

Hessian peg board picture frame table plan at Deans Court wedding
Flower birdcage, bunting, guest book and white postbox at Deans Court wedding
Child wedding guests sleep in prams at Deans Court Wedding
Wedding challk board sign at Deans Court Wedding venue
wedding cake on wood slice with bunting in marquee at Deans Court wedding

The silence that followed was a sure sign that everyone was enjoying the wedding breakfast. While the guests enjoyed their food certain smaller members escaped the marquee gazing in wonder at the beautiful lake, swans and signet. The best men snuck away to have a final read through of their speeches.

Wedding marquee at Deans Court Wedding venue in Wimborne, Dorset
Flower Girl under floral archway with wicker love heart at Deans Court Wedding
Swan and signet in lake at Deans Court Wedding
Best men practice their speeches in gardens at Deans Court Wedding

The father of the bride had the crowd laughing and crying. Luke’s speech included a letter for Laura from her idol John Terry, which had her in floods of tears. The best men then performed a hilarious ‘tag team character assassination’ of Luke. Their speech featured slides and even a video, resulting in everyone crying with fits of laughter.

wedding guests joking in marquee at Deans Court Wedding
Two best men make best mans speeches at Deans Court wedding marquee
Best men's speeches in marquee at Deans Court Wedding
Grooms reaction to best mans speech at Deans Court Wedding
Father of the groom toasts speeches with a beer bottle at Deans Court wedding
Grooms Speech with bride crying at Deans Court Wedding
Bride hugs groom at the end of his wedding speech at Deans Court Wedding

One final toast and standing ovation saw the guests enjoying the outside area and surrounding gardens.

Evening Reception Photographs at Deans Court Wedding

We took the chance to steal Laura and Luke away for ten minutes in order to capture some ‘couple photographs’ in the low sun of the gorgeous gardens. You may remember that at her engagement photo shoot Laura was incredibly camera-shy. So with the whirlwind of her big day around her and the love tangible in the air she had cast all reservations aside. She looked absolutely stunning stood next to Luke on a stone bridge overlooking the swan’s lake.

Bride and Groom walk through the gardens at Deans Court Wedding
Bride and groom on Stone Bridge at Deans Court Wedding
Bride and groom kiss next to lake at Deans Court Wedding
Bride and groom on pontoon next to lake at Deans Court Wedding

The sounds of Teenage Kicks wedding band sound checking told us that first dance was imminent. After cutting their four tier wedding cake in front of a huge love light sign Laura and Luke took to the dance floor. Never have a couple looked so happy as they swirled about the space surrounded by their cheering family and friends.

First dance in marquee at Deans Court Wedding
Black and white wedding photograph of bride and groom with love sign
Bride and groom with love sign and wedding bunting dancing
Teenage Kicks wedding band bass player at Deans Court Wedding

Teenage Kicks played an amazing set, as a result they filled the dance floor for most of the night. The photo-booth opened so the wildly dancing guests wore more and more elaborate fancy dress. As the sun set the festoon lighting gave a festive glow to the proceedings. Finally we couldn’t resist shooting the scene from across the water.

Granny in fancy dress and 'sexy and I know it' sign at Deans Court Wedding
Bridesmaid hugs during dancing at Deans Court Wedding
wedding guests dancing in marquee at Deans Court Wedding
Wedding guest in blue waistcoat dances and sings at Deans Court Wedding
Groomsman and father of the bride share a joke on the dancefloor at Deans Court
Wedding marquee and garden in the evening with festoon lighting
Wedding marquee with lake at night at Deans Court Wedding Venue in Dorset

You can see what Laura and Luke thought of our relaxed wedding photography service in their Deans Court wedding photographers review or our wedding photography blog here.


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