Bournemouth Wedding Photography – Tammy & Jon’s Sneak Peek

You may think we have made this Bournemouth wedding photography up! Looking back on it we can understand why…

It does seem a little surreal, unlike typical Bournemouth wedding photography experiences. It was a bit like someone took all of their best wedding ideas (you know the ones you have that usually start “Wouldn’t it be great if we could…”) and actually squeezed them into a wedding day in Bournemouth. We are still not sure how they managed it all.  I have to say that it is a testament to the Bride and Groom, Tammy & Jon that their wedding day turned out like it did. A dream wedding with dream Bournemouth wedding photography.

If we had to describe Tammy & Jon in one word it would be a choice between ‘fun’ and ‘love’. They are truly amazing people, the type of couple that you meet and can’t help but love them. Considering the hard work and creativity they put into their big day they are also the calmest bride and groom we have experienced to date!

Bournemouth Wedding Photography of Bridal Preparation

I worked with Tammy and her beautiful bridesmaids as they prepared for the day ahead, hair was back-combed, ‘croissants’ were applied and make up passed around. I soon found out much to my surprise, that Tammy had designed and made her own bridesmaids dresses and bouquets. She was so very happy and content that an application of facial moisturiser almost sent her purring into sleep!

Documentary wedding photographer in Bournemouth

Bournemouth wedding photographer bridal preparations

bridesmaid in red dress by Bournemouth wedding photography

Looking absolutely stunning Tammy was helped into her dress just in time for the beautiful old Alvis waiting outside to drive her to the church.

Bournemouth Wedding Photography of Groom Preparation

Jon and his best men spent the morning in in Bournemouth’s renowned fry-up cafe, Norwegian wood. The boys, filled by a hearty breakfast then walked to the church.

groom and groomsmen in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Wedding Photography of Wedding Ceremony

St Peter’s Church wedding venue in Bournemouth city centre looked as it has never done and will probably never do again in any Bournemouth wedding photography.

From the outside the red carpet and red flower ball trees were the first indication something was different. The grand interior had been lined with hundreds of meters of bunting made by friends. Floor grates were strip lit, coloured balloons tied to each pew and fairy light love hearts glowing on the choir stalls. This scene combined with the chilled drum and bass being played by the DJ in the pulpit was a feast for the senses.

DJ in pulpit by wedding photographer Bournemouth

Tammy came into the church to her friend’s remix of Chicane’s ‘Poppiholla’ starting an incredibly emotional and uplifting service including readings and prayers from friends and a live band. Whilst the register was being signed guests were given instructions and paper to make origami birds for the huge prayer tree at the back of the church.

Bournemouth church wedding service

St Peters church Bournemouth wedding ceremonywedding messages on birds by Bournemouth wedding photographers

Being typically English it was now time for tea and cakes! Fired up by the sugar from the yummy cup-cakes we now took group shots in the church gardens. This saw me yet again scaling a high top van for a better angle!

After confetti shots and a few sneaky pictures of the groom riding a huge green lion sculpture! We headed off to create some wedding photographs on Bournemouth pier.

bride and groom at St Peters Bournemouth wedding photographyBournemouth wedding photographer group wedding photographBournemouth wedding confetti photograph

Bournemouth Wedding Photography on Bournemouth Pier

The last time we photographed around Bournemouth Beach we had organised some stylised wedding dress photographs on a cold, rainy January day. In contrast on this beautifully warm Saturday in the height of summer meant there were a lot of holiday-makers on Bournemouth pier. A few looked bemused at the sight of a bride and groom carrying a bunch of balloons. Most kindly congratulated them. We had enough time to take photos using deck chairs before walking back across Bournemouth beach to the wedding car.

Bournemouth wedding photography on the pier

Bournemouth wedding photography on Bournemouth Pier

Bournemouth Wedding Photography at Sopley Mill

The wonderful reception venue Sopley Mill wedding venue had been dressed to co-ordinate with the church and was full of colour. After a drinks reception and hog roast speeches were made. The candle lit function room had been beautifully transformed using a bird and bunting theme by the couple’s friends. You can see more of our Sopley Mill wedding photographs here.

Groom documentary wedding photograph

Sopley Mill wedding speech photograph

Red Arrows at wedding by one thousand words wedding photographers

Now this is where Bournemouth wedding photography experience becomes even more unbelievable. I was taking some images of Tammy & Jon in the riverside garden with the sun setting behind them when the Red Arrows started practicing in the background sky! The look of sheer excitement on Tammy & John’s faces will stick with me for a while as the Red Arrows created their signature love heart in the evening sky.

Bournemouth Wedding Evening Reception at Sopley Mill

As the evening guests arrived we set up the photo-booth in the garden. We helped guests with their fancy dress and message choices. Back inside the dancing began. 1950’s rockabilly tunes soon changed into some seriously bouncy dance music from some of Bournemouth’s finest club DJs.  After witnessing a series of dance-offs we left Tammy, John and their wedding guests all happily dancing the night away. A truly beautiful day with wedding photographers in Bournemouth.

Sopley Mill wedding dancing


wedding hats in photo booth

bride in fancy dress in Bournemouth chalkboard message at wedding photo booth