Weddings In The Wood Photographs with Charlie & Laurie

Charlie & Laurie are such a sweet couple and we are so proud to have been asked to capture their weddings in the wood photographs at such a beautiful New Forest Wedding Venue.

Crown Hotel, Lyndhurst Wedding Morning Photographs

We arrived in the bright sunshine at the Crown Manor House Hotel, Lyndhurst. Charlie and her bridesmaids were hidden away in a cosy room cheerily preparing for the day ahead. The girls seemed to be a slow-motion version of musical chairs, rotating between sitting on the beds, for the Makeup Artist and Hairdresser!

I asked Charlie if she had had any contact with Laurie that morning. She hadn’t but knew he was awake as their hairdryer had set the fire alarm off earlier that morning!

The light was beaming into the room through the window The sounds of the church bells chiming from outside gave a taste of things to come. I was amazed at how relaxed everyone was. No nerves or panics. Charlie was a picture of tranquillity.

The wedding flowers arrived. Blues and greens with lovely splashes of colour and the purr of the Mustang 320 wedding car engine grizzled on the street below.

White Wedding shoes on pillow with damask wall paper
Multiple reflections of bride in the mirror
White wedding dress hanging on antique wardrobe
Bride and Bridesmaids at The Crown Manor House Hotel Lyndhurst
Wedding hairdresser at The Crown Manor House Hotel Lyndhurst
Black and white wedding photograph of bride adding veil
Purple, red and blue wedding flowers
Bride with wedding bouqet in mirror at The Crown Manor House Hotel Lyndhurst
Bride in Long veil at The Crown Manor House Hotel Lyndhurst

Charlie was helped into her dress and all of the girls gathered around for a morning champagne toast. Before her father arrived Charlie revealed ‘the Moomin face’. This apparently appears in many photos people take of her. Think of a pose pulled out with ’blue steel’ speed but with a Moominesque appearance.

Weddings in the Wood Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile, the chaps confirmed their unusual wakeup call! After suiting and booting a small Jack Daniels in the garden was required to prepare for the wedding service!

Groom adjusts his speech in hotel on wedding morning
Best man practicing wedding speech

New Forest Church Wedding Ceremony Photographs

The Mustang revved into the church yard at St Edward the Confessor Church, Lyndhurst just after I had sprinted into the church. We love this small friendly church and having worked there previously know the vicar for his upbeat and humorous services.

When Charlie and Laurie first took a look at each other at the front of the aisle I could have cried. Charlie’s eyes were welling up and Laurie had a grin from ear to ear. The vicar didn’t disappoint and the service was full of laughter, tear jerking vows and readings from friends.

Mustand wedding car outside church in Lyndhurst
Black and white wedding photograph of bride arriving at church
Father of the bride gives bride away in church wedding ceremony
Bride portrait during Lyndhurst church wedding ceremony
Bride and groom kiss at Lyndhurst church wedding ceremony

As the newly wedded couple left the church the vicar jumped into his cupboard in the entrance. Like a life-size string puppet rang all three bells by himself!

The old English church was the perfect backdrop for some confetti and group photographs before we left for the wedding reception.

Black and white wedding photography of Lyndhurst church wedding ceremony
Bride and groom walk down the aisle at St Edward the Confessor Church, Lyndhurst
Vicar rings wedding bells at St Edward the Confessor Church, Lyndhurst
Bride and groom outside St Edward the Confessor Church, Lyndhurst
Wedding Confetti thrown outside St Edward the Confessor Church, Lyndhurst

Weddings In The Wood Photographs at The Carpenters Barn

The happy couple had chosen the Carpenters barn at Weddings in the wood- New Forest Outdoor Center, which is an incredible venue. The site is almost beyond belief. A wooden barn with log fire adjoining a bar and marquee overlooking the woods. The decking sun terrace stretches into a woodland clearing surrounded by shepherd’s huts and a fire circle.

Before joining their guests Charlie and Laure were keen for some weddings in the wood photographs together overlooking a woodland valley and lake with their Mustang. We also popped into the archery range as it was entirely built out of logs and made for a wonderfully textured background.

Mustang wedding car at weddings in the wood, New Forest
weddings in the wood photographs - Bride and groom in countryside
weddings in the wood photographs - Bride and groom with tree house
weddings in the wood photographs of bride and groom with woodpile

Weddings in the Wood Wedding Reception Photographs

The guests enjoyed the drinks reception out on the sun-baked terrace with an incredible spread of antipasti. The sounds of woodland creatures and the smells of flowers and pine trees on the warm breeze.

wedding antipasti photograph
Wedding catering at weddings in the wood
Wedding desert in jam jars at weddings in the wood

The wedding marquee had been decorated with wooden hearts, straw bales, candles and flowers and I noticed a couple of barrels of Laurie’s favourite real ales on the bar. Some of the braver guests who weren’t staying in the shepherd’s huts pitched their tents on the field.

In the background the noise of woodland birds mixed with the sound of the center’s staff chopping wood ready for the evenings’ fire. Before they knew it, it was time to come into the marquee for the wedding breakfast.

wedding guests at weddings in the wood, New Forest
wedding guests laughing during group photographs
Wedding guests on Straw bales at weddings in the wood
Elderly wedding guests takes photographs with disposable camera
Silouette of bride in Carpenters Barn, Weddings in the wood
wedding guest portrait during wedding speeches

Weddings In The Wood Wedding Breakfast

As Charlie and Laurie were waiting to be announced into the room I couldn’t help but smile. I could see their back-lit silhouettes laughing, hugging and kissing behind the barn’s obscure glass

The speeches were hilarious and included a couple of ‘in-jokes’ that made Laurie cringe. A story about a phone call gone wrong that no one would elaborate upon made Laurie go a certain shade of red.

After an incredibly tasty buffet (involving a hog roast) it was ‘chill time’ for the guests.

Weddings in the Wood Evening Photographs

The sun began to set behind the tree line. The log fire was lit and the chatter/ laughter of guests steadily increased inside the wedding marquee. Throughout the day I felt like a ‘dealer’ as I was constantly supplying Charlie with hair clips. It was now my duty to fix the wedding dress ready for dancing.

wedding guests sit on log by campfire at weddings in the wood
Bride and bridesmaid laugh in shepherds hut at weddigns in the wood
Bride lifts dress in sheperds hut at weddings in the wood
wedding guest at Carpenters Barn, New Forest
Wedding guest erects tent for wedding camping at weddings in the wood

The Carpenters Barn, New Forest Wedding Venue

Inside the Carpenter’s Barn childhood photos of Charlie and Laurie hung above a table. Guest book LPs were for signing and bunting lined the wood beams. The log burner had been lit, not that it was needed. The band then whipped the guests into such a barn dancing frenzy that they were generating enough heat!

Every now and again I could visualise the perfect image of the guests dancing. However, this required me to stand in the middle of the room. I was surprised by how small I could make myself as the guests stomped towards me in a circle or whirled each other around, inches from my lens.

There came time for a drink break with more ales poured. Guests who weren’t dancing now sat about the marquee, on the straw bales or by the now huge log fire. Lanterns and fairy lights were lit about the clearing. The guys cut their wedding cake with a huge hunting knife (when in the woods do as the woods people do!).

Wedding Dancing at New Forest Outdoor Center

After another bout of incredibly enthusiastic barn dancing the DJ had set up and Charlie and Laurie danced their first dance. They looked lovely in each other’s arms, gazing into each other’s eyes as they moved about the dance floor. Next, the wedding guests needed no encouragement to join in.

It must have been all the good food and fresh forest air. It seemed the whole wedding party had some serious levels of energy. Even the older ladies were ‘raving the night away’ on the dance floor.

Cutting the wedding cake in the marquee at weddings in the wood
Wedding guest laughs at Weddings in the wood evening reception
Bride throws wedding bouquet at Carpenters Barn, New Forest
Bridesmaid catches wedding bouquet at Carpenters Barn wedding
Barn dance at weddings in the wood New Forest wedding venue
Barn dance in Carpenters Barn, weddings in the wood

As we drove away we had completely forgotten where we were. In conclusion, we had happily spent the day in a wonderland dream creating Charlie and Laurie’s weddings in the wood photographs.

weddings in the wood photographs of wedding campfire in New Forest

You can see what Charlie and Laurie thought of our New Forest wedding photography services in their Wedding in the Woods Wedding Photographer Review.

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