Detail Filled Sopley Mill Wedding Photographs

Arriving at a wedding at Sopley Mill, Dorset always brings a smile to our faces. This gorgeous dedicated wedding venue in historic water-mill has a special place in our hearts. Nestled on the water meadows of the river Avon it has such huge potential for stunning wedding photographs. You can see more of our Sopley Mill wedding photographs here.

The Sopley Mill team led by David and Jasmine are amazing. They are rarely seen but always on hand to help and ensure the smooth running of a day. In the past we have taken photographs at all kinds of beautiful weddings here. Including a wedding at Sopley Mill with the red arrows and a gorgeous cosy Christmas wedding.

We met up with Charlie and Carly back in January to go through the exciting plans for their wedding at Sopley Mill. Fortunately their wedding day supplied better weather. Arriving in the warm sunshine the level of personal detail and home made touches was immediately evident.

Wedding Photographers at Sopley Mill

I was greeted to the wedding at Sopley Mill by a retro bicycle bearing flowers in its basket. Spring flowers sat in earthenware pots (collected by Carly’s grandfather). They surrounded a pallet sign that had been branded by Carly’s father with the running of the day. Flowers and dried petals were everywhere. Arcade Flowers had again outdone themselves. meaningful photographs of loved horses and parent’s weddings were tucked into the many nooks and crannies.

Flowers in earthenware and glass bottles wedding at Sopley Mill

Upstairs I could hear the laughter of wedding morning preparations. I think Carly passed me in a blur about five different times on the stairs. Once she had whizzed about the mill another few times she joined us in the bridal suite to prepare with her bridesmaids and mother.

A calm settled into the room as makeup and hair were styled. Only to be broken with the giving and receiving of gifts. Carly’s beautiful sweetheart A-Line wedding dress hung next to the window. The sunshine highlighted its gorgeous lace detailing.

Bridesmaid in mirror before wedding at Sopley Mill
Bridesmaids flowers from wedding at Sopley Mill
Dress hangs in window from wedding at Sopley Mill

Carly’s father calmly finished writing and rehearsing his speech in the bar below. The bridesmaids donned their wonderful navy blue dresses. They helped the twin flower girls into their princess dresses. Everyone joined in helping Carly into her dress. Tears welled in her parent’s eyes seeing their daughter as a beautiful bride for the first time.

Flower girls from wedding at Sopley Mill
Morning preparation from wedding at Sopley Mill
Dress adjustments before wedding at Sopley Mill
Father of the bride before wedding at Sopley Mill
Mother of the bride from wedding at Sopley Mill

Sopley Mill Wedding Detail Photographs

As I captured the proceedings I noticed more and more detail. Carly’s stunning bouquet from Arcade Flowers contained a love heart made from her favourite horse’s mane. Everywhere you looked there seemed to be tastefully presented love signs. Even the table places were cut from wood and branded with the guest’s initials. A fabulous idea for home made wedding favours.

Love heart detail from wedding at Sopley Mill

I joined Carly’s father outside waiting for the horses and carriage. Which stunned us into silence on it’s arrival. Horse Drawn Occasions had not only provided a floral laden classical wooden open carriage but two of the biggest, most beautiful horses I have ever seen. The Suffolk Punches were the perfect transport for a countryside wedding at Sopley Mill.

Bride and Father before wedding at Sopley Mill
Bride and father journey to wedding at Sopley Mill

I decided to leave Carly and her father alone in loving silence for a little time together before the ceremony.

Groom Preparations for Wedding at Sopley Mill

Meanwhile, not so far away Murray found Charlie and the chaps getting ready at the Fisherman’s Haunt in Sopley. Outside sat a stunning black convertible BMW complete with wedding ribbons.

Groom and best men before wedding at Sopley Mill
Groom on phone before wedding at Sopley Mill

The best men were finishing their wedding morning preparations. Styling their custom-made tweed ties matching Charlie’s custom tweed waistcoat. The chaps all looked particularly dapper sporting matching dark blue suits.

A short drive down the road took them to the Woolpack Inn. Here the customary pre wedding drinks were bought and consumed with much laughter in the beer garden.

Pre-wedding drinks before wedding at Sopley Mill
Groom and best men in wedding car before wedding at Sopley Mill

Charlie gave his best men gifts of whiskey tumblers and a personalised money clips. Just before it was time to leave for the church all four of the lads got into the BMW. They did a lap around the pub with the excuse of taking a photograph!

St Michaels All Angels Church Wedding Photographs

Wedding guests were welcomed from afar by the church bell ringers. Arriving under the church archway dressed with flowers and lace. Once the guests had been ushered to their seats the horses and carriage delivered Carly’s mother, bridesmaids and flower girls.

Inside, in front of his friends and family nervous laughter took over Charlie and his best men. Carly didn’t keep him waiting too long. Looking absolutely radiant in the bright sun arrived via the horse-drawn carriage. She joined the rest of the girls in the porch. They caught their breath and calmed before entering her wedding service.

Flower girls and bridesmaids await the bride from wedding at Sopley Mill
Groom awaits his bride from wedding at Sopley Mill

Carly’s eye for detail had extended to the church. Colour coordinated, alternating bunches of flowers lined the aisle. The light streamed in from the altar end of the church. Despite the unnecessary restrictions the vicar placed upon us we captured some wonderful wedding photographs of the proceedings.

Like a scene from a modern fairy tale the flower girls lined the aisle with petals. Both Carly and Charlie had tears of joy in their eyes as they met. A couple of heart-warming readings and hymns later and the couple exchanged their vows.

Bride escorted to groom during wedding at Sopley Mill
Looking down the church aisle
Wedding vows from wedding at Sopley Mill
First kiss from wedding at Sopley Mill

As the witnesses signed the register I couldn’t help but notice the newly weds standing on either side of the vestibule. They were lovingly looking into each other’s eyes.

After the service the guests armed with handfuls of confetti lined each side of the path. They created a confetti tunnel for the happy couple to walk through on route to the horses and carriage.

Once on board and with champagne in hand the (now grinning from ear to ear) happy couple were seen off by all of their guests.

Guest photographers from wedding at Sopley Mill

Sopley Mill Wedding Reception Photographs

We made the short journey back down the road to Sopley Mill wedding venue. The garden had been decorated with flowers hanging from the trees and garden games had been laid out ready to play.

In the afternoon sunshine the guests enjoyed delicious drinks and canapés supplied by Beales Catering team. Joyful chatter filled the gardens as they waited the return of the newly weds.

On their arrival Carly and Charlie enjoyed a welcome drink and we organised group photographs on the lawn overlooking the wetlands.

Groom and friends from wedding at Sopley Mill
Newlyweds kiss in the garden at Sopley mill wedding
Bridal portrait in garden during wedding at Sopley Mill

We had ten minutes before wedding breakfast so took our happy couple for a walk onto a rusty bridge over the river.

Newlyweds and mill during wedding at Sopley Mill
Couple on bridge from wedding at Sopley Mill

Sopley Mill Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Wedding breakfast was called and guests utilised the table plan made from step ladders and horseshoes.

Inside Sopley Mill’s wedding breakfast room the guests enjoyed tear and laugh inducing speeches. The best men included some wonderfully embarrassing music and photographs of a half-naked Charlie!

Guest reaction during speeches from wedding at Sopley Mill
Groom during speech from wedding at Sopley Mill
Grooms speech from wedding at Sopley Mill
Best man speech from wedding at Sopley Mill
Top table reaction from wedding at Sopley Mill
Best man during speeches from wedding at Sopley Mill

While everyone enjoyed the wedding breakfast we took the opportunity to take some exterior shots of the mill. The Bendeicts wedding band were setting up and we readied ourselves for the evening reception.

Flower detail from wedding at Sopley Mill
Love sign and drums from wedding at Sopley Mill

Wedding at Sopley Mill Evening Reception

Jenny from Miss Ingredient had lovingly created a mouth-watering, three-tier, cream coloured floral wedding cake. It sat proud upon a home made slice of wood and was cut using one of Carly’s fathers inherited hunting knives.

Barouche Bars opened the bar and the evening reception kicked off in style. Before they knew it Carly and Charlie found themselves twirling about together on the dance floor surrounded by their on looking family and friends. The guests needed very little prompting to join. The Bendeicts wedding band filled the dance floor with their groovy tunes.

Wedding dancing from wedding at Sopley Mill
Guest dancing from wedding at Sopley Mill
Love letters from wedding at Sopley Mill

Wedding Sparklers Photographs

During a break in between sets we stole Carly and Charlie away for some fresh air and sparkler wedding photographs. The guests joined us and sparklers were twirled about in the dark of the night against the beautifully lit mill.

Couple in garden with sparkler trails from wedding at Sopley Mill
Bride in garden from wedding at Sopley Mill
Newlyweds with love message in garden from wedding at Sopley Mill
Flower girl plays with sparkler from wedding at Sopley Mill
Bride with sparkler from wedding at Sopley Mill

The smell of evening food combined with the sound of the band was so inviting. Everyone was back inside eating and dancing by the time the last sparkler fizzled out.

Mill exterior at night from wedding at Sopley Mill

Our wedding photographs do more justice to what a personal, stunning wedding at Sopley Mill Carly and Charlie had created. We were blown away by the combination of thoughtful details and home-made personalisation and joyful love.

You can see what Carly and Charlie think of our wedding photography services without time limits in their Sopley Mill Wedding Photographer review.


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