Stuart and Katie’s Warwickshire Wedding Photographs

A bright but cold morning saw us arriving at Stuart and Katie’s wedding morning preparations for their Warwickshire wedding photographs.

Katie and her bridesmaid were busying themselves with hair and makeup stylists as her father made last-minute adjustments to his FOB speech. Despite the intensely brisk weather the sun was out in full force. So this gave a very ‘high contrast’ feel to the morning’s preparation’s.

Documentary Bridal Preparation Photographs

Upstairs I found Katie’s stunning wedding dress hanging in the sunlight. Fitting in with the ‘art-deco’ theme, it was a simple yet beautiful looking design entirely hand-made by Katie’s mother! We were blown away by her talent and eye for detail.

Custom made wedding dress with signature label

Katie’s mum had told me that the ‘bride-to-be’ was now quite nervous. So I was aware that I not only had to capture the story of the morning but be an actively calming influence. Even so, you couldn’t openly tell there were nerves beneath. Katie looked beautifully serene in front of a full size mirror, having her make up applied.

Bride putting on wedding dress mirror reflection photograph

As the girls got into their dresses a classic 1960’s Jaguar had pulled up on the driveway. The driver ready to take the bridal party to the venue. I love these old cars, the curves, the old leather and the chrome. They literally “Don’t make ‘em like they used to”.

Happy bride receiving gift on wedding morning

Something very unusual then happened. For about thirty seconds the sun came out from behind a cloud and the heavens opened with snow. Katie looked out of the window, cursed the weather and as if it had heard her the snow stopped as fast as it had begun!

Warwickshire wedding photographs Portrait of bridesmaid

Mallory Court Wedding Venue

Meanwhile a couple of miles across town the chaps were having a very different morning.

Stuart admitted he was ‘surprisingly chilled’ with very little left to do for preparation. Covering the chaps morning preparation’s was one of the most relaxing we have experienced for years!

Mallory Court in Warwickshire (as we mentioned in our last post) is such a stunning venue inside and out. Yes the staff have their own ‘special way’ of doing things. However, the buildings and grounds are to die for Warwickshire wedding photographs.

As Stuart waited with his guests in the ceremony room the classic wedding car pulled up into the courtyard outside like a scene from a film.

Black and white wedding photograph of bride

Civil Ceremony Photographs

We are used to dealing with low lighting conditions in old stately homes. It often adds warmth to wood clad and rooms with dark colour. The ceremony room provided lovely low, warming light for the Warwickshire wedding photographs.

One of the challenges we face as photographers is working synchronously with other wedding suppliers who don’t necessarily put the bride and groom’s wishes first. Unfortunately the Warwickshire registrars working that day had told us ‘no photographs during the ceremony apart from the exchange of rings’. They had even gone as far as to incorporate this into their ‘photographic policy’! Not great for our Warwickshire wedding photographs.

Needless to say our unobtrusive style came into its own. Shooting from a distance and during periods of noise we captured some beautiful moments throughout the ceremony without upsetting the registrars. We are glad we did, capturing readings from their friends, piano playing and the guests smiling faces. Not to forget the looks of love, excitement and joy on Stuart and Katie’s faces.

Black and white wedding photograph of of wedding rings

A lovely addition to the day (once the registrars had left) was a blessing from the couple’s vicar. Next guests were moved to the entrance foyer for a drinks reception.

Warwickshire wedding Photograph of wedding bouquet of lilies

Warwickshire wedding Photographs classic Jaguar wedding car

Mallory Court Wedding Reception Photographs

The guests milled around the glowing open fireplace and huge sofas as the snow started to fall yet again.

This was the time that the guys had scheduled for their group photographs. Which we organised with absolute precision timing. In the cold wind we shot the entire group list of Warwickshire wedding photographs and the happy couple with the car in a total of 15 minutes in order to keep the guests warm and happy.

Katie and Stuart were pleased to be able to take a walk around the grounds on their own. Again it was as if the weather was at her whim as the sun shone down on the happy couple.

Bride and Groom in Gardens Warwickshire wedding photographs

Bride and Groom photograph with corn field

Warwickshire wedding photographs Victorian swimming pool

Back inside the ceremony room was converted to a dining room in a record time. The staff whirled around the room preparing the table decorations, drinks and places.

This was our first chance to take some photographs of the wedding cake. Katie’s sister (and bridesmaid) had lovingly constructed a wonderful three-tier art deco style wedding cake. She had taken such dedicated attention to detail with it that we even caught her brushing it ready for presentation!

Mallory Court Wedding Breakfast Photographs

By now the smell of cooking food had permeated the air and the guests knew that they were in for something special. Mallory Court is known for its amazing food and judging by the guests faces they had not disappointed.

Warwickshire wedding photographs of bridesmaid

Photograph of wedding guests at Mallory Court, Warwickshire

Art deco wedding cake from warwickshire wedding photographs

Photograph of personalised wedding favours M&Ms

Documentary Wedding Evening Photographs

After the speeches the guests moved over to the Knights Suite, which is located in the modern part of the hotel. The band had set up their instruments (including a baby grand piano!). The bar was open, the DJ set up and table games lay ready to play.

Stuart and Katie had decided to do away with a traditional guest book. Instead an old style type writer sat an art deco table for guests to type messages. This was such a fantastic idea. The messages certainly had a retro feel but also some great typos to boot.

Old fashioned typewriter as wedding guest book

After some musical entertainment from the very talented jazz band the happy couple cut the cake. I checked- Katie’s sister was smiling!. They then danced their first dance to ‘Earth Angel’ of Back to the Future fame!

First dance in Warwickshire wedding photographs

As the evening buffet was served the DJ started his set. The guests took to the dance floor, a bit of break dancing and spinning on heels and the night was set.

Bride and groom with silhouette behind umbrella

A wonderful day for a wonderful couple. You can see what Katie and Stuart think of our Warwickshire wedding photography services in their Mallory Court Wedding Photographers Review.


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