Lifeboat Station Engagement Photographs in Swanage

We first met Fiona and Adrian at their chosen wedding venue of Purbeck House Hotel to chat through their plans for their big day. Without revealing too much a sea-side theme was mentioned. Instead of traditional wedding favours Fiona and Adrian have kindly chosen to donate to the local lifeboat. So it seemed apt that we book in for some Swanage Lifeboat Engagement Photographs.

RNLI Swanage Lifeboat Station in Dorset with lifeboat moored in the sea

Swanage lifeboat is one of our chosen charities and has been saving lives in the seas around Swanage since 1875, 888 at the time of writing. We are often over in Poole creating RNLI College wedding photographs. In Swanage the new boat has recently moved into the impressive new lifeboat station in May this year. Now crewed by 37 local volunteers. So we recently joined the guys for a look around and to take some Swanage Lifeboat Engagement Photographs.

The station is well worth a visit, packed full of interesting history. The volunteers will guide you around, answering questions all against the incredible view back across Swanage bay.

Groom to be looks at Swanage Lifeboat medals and history during engagement photo shoot Engagement Photo shoot couple have guided tour of Swanage Lifeboat Station in Dorset Shannon Class new Swanage Lifeboat with Engagement Photographs of happy couple Old lifeboat moored outside Swanage Lifeboat Station during Engagement Photo shoot Engagement photo shoot couple look at Swanage Lifeboat and new lifeboat station

As you can see it didn’t take long for Fiona to succumb to a case of the ‘chufties’. They were allowed to board the new lifeboat itself and explore below decks. These Swanage Engagement Photographs were a ‘dream realised’ for this fun-loving couple.

Engagement photo shoot couple look out from Swanage RNLI Lifeboat Station Black and white engagement photograph of couple replicating titanic film on lifeboat Engagement photo shoot couple on front of Swanage Lifeboat in new station in Dorset Swanage Lifeboat and Swanage lifeboat station with couple onboard during photo shoot Swanage Lifeboat Engagement Photograph of couple in RNLI Swanage lifeboat Bride and groom to be sit in cabin of Swanage Lifeboat RNLI engagement photographs Bride to be sits in Skippers seat on Swanage lifeboat during engagement photo shoot Engaged couple pose with Swanage Lifeboat crewman on lifeboat Swanage Lifeboat Station sign from Swanage Lifeboat Engagement Photographs

We then left through the holiday traffic for a walk around Corfe Castle where the happy pair were getting more excited the more they talked about their big day. They could barely keep their hands off each other. It looked like Adrian was doing his best to control himself to behave in public!

Engaged couple walk through Corfe Caste Village with tilt shift lens Engagement photo shoot couple at entrance to Corfe Castle Wedding venue in Dorset Corfe Castle wedding venue in Dorset engagement photo shoot by one thousand words groom to be laughs as he is hugged by his fiancée during Corfe Caste engagement photo shoot Engagement Photograph of couple laughing with view from Corfe Castle in Dorset Bride to be covers laughter in front of green stone wall at Corfe Castle engagement shoot Engagement Photograph of groom to be getting carried away at Corfe Castle Engagement Photograph of couple in window of Corfe Castle Dorset wedding venue Groom to be poses on his own against Corfe Castle grey stone wall Engaged couple pose in front of ruined stone castle wall at Corfe Castle in Dorset Engaged couple enjoy view over Purbeck from Corfe Castle engagement photo shoot Corfe Castle Engagement Photographs of happy couple Engagement Photograph of couple hugging in Corfe Castle wedding venue in Dorset

We finally descended onto the Swanage Steam Railway station with the beautiful view of the castle in the background.

Corfe Castle Steam Railway Station Signal Box Engagement Photograph Engagement photo shoot with train and ruined castle at Corfe Castle steam railway station Engaged couple board steam train carriage at Corfe Castle steam railway station Engagement Photograph of bride and groom to be with Corfe Castle railway sign Groom to be wheels fiancée on luggage carrier at Steam Railway station

We can’t wait to capture Adrian & Fiona’s wedding, which we anticipate will be a fun packed seaside adventure complete with beach buggies!

A big thanks to Dave Turnbull and all of the staff at Swanage Lifeboat Station. without them these Swanage Lifeboat Engagement Photographs wouldn’t be possible.

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