Dorset Wedding Photographs of a Home Wedding

We originally met George and Lydia for a civilised cup of tea and cake to go through their wonderful Swanage wedding plans. After seeing the locations and suppliers they had chosen for their Dorset wedding photographs we couldn’t wait to shoot their big day. On the day of the Swanage Folk Festival the town was filled with Morris dancers, people sporting feathered hats and bell laden walking sticks. As I parked my car I witnessed an event photographer snapping the gorgeous floral archway and sign pointing to the real event of the day, the wedding!

FLower arch and home made wedding sign

Dorset Wedding Photographs of Wedding Morning Preparations

I arrived at Lydia’s family home, through a garden of colourful pom-poms and fans to witness the incredible transformation. The sloped garden with its sea views had been completely changed into a garden wedding reception and wedding breakfast venue. Where there once lay a steep slope of lawn and flower beds there now stood an incredibly huge marquee, gorgeously decorated for the day ahead. At one end level with the ground, at the other raised some ten feet or more from terra. A truly impressive feat of engineering from Camelot Marquees. Dorset Wedding Photographs of garden marqueeTor from Bloom Floristry was adding to the masses of stunning countryside wedding flowers on display. Pinks, purples and blue shades wonderfully complimented the colourful Chinese lanterns and contrasted the cream interior of the marquee. British Bulldog bag and wedding flowersAs her parents buzzed about the garden seeing to the finishing touches I followed the ethereal sound of a harp emanating from the house and Lydia was to be found calmly having her hair styled inside. I knew Lydia was in safe hands when I found Claire Bowring wedding Makeup Artist setting up downstairs. Lydia sat to have her makeup expertly styled. Now adorning a wonderful hair style and floral diamanté headpiece Lydia looked more like a serene elven princess than a bride to be! Dorset Wedding Photographs of wedding make up

In an adjacent bedroom, the excited chatter and laughter of bridesmaids drew my attention. They were busily preparing themselves and donning their pastel blue bridesmaids dresses.

Carla Daniels from Cherry Catering had taken up residence in the family kitchen, already preparing the wedding food. The air was now a mixture of scrumptious food and floral scents. With these local suppliers, I knew that we were in for an amazing day with equally amazing Dorset wedding photographs.

Wedding Caterign in Dorset with Cherry Catering

Lydia, sat still in a state of serenity with a wonderful bouquet of rustic country flowers on the bed next to her. In the background hung her elegant ivory wedding dress adorned with a blue sash. Once all of the bridesmaids were ready and her cheeky flower girl had arrived it was time for Lydia’s mother to help her into her dress. She emerged to huge grins and I couldn’t blame her for spending a couple of minutes ‘checking herself out’ in a mirror. She looked breathtakingly beautiful.

Bloom Florist Swanage Wedding Bouquet Dorset Wedding Photographs of bridesmaids reactionDorset Wedding Photographs of flower girl arriving Dorset Wedding Photographs of bride on morning

Outside, Weddingwagens’ (one of our recommended Dorset wedding suppliers) “Betty” a gorgeous brown and yellow 1965 split-screen VW wedding van waited to take Lydia and her father to church. A perfect addition to their Dorset wedding photographs.

Bride looks at VW Splitscreen wedding van

Wedding Morning Photographs in Swanage with The Groom

Meanwhile, Murray joined George, his best man, brother Will and Ushers at St Mary’s church in Swanage. Looking particularly dapper in tailed suits they had arrived in Will’s green Morris minor. They now stood welcomed wedding guests (once they had posed for photographs with the car!).

Groomsmen at Church on wedding morning in Swanage Dorset Wedding Photographs of guest arriving Dorset Wedding Photographs of Groom and Best man Dorset Wedding Photographs of waiting BridesmaidsIn the glorious sunshine the guests filtered in to the historic stone church. Before he knew it George was summoned to the front of the aisle.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of flower girl Dorset Wedding Photographs of bride and father

Church Wedding Photographs in Swanage Dorset

Lydia and her father were greeted by the Bridesmaids. Waiting in anticipation George’s face looked very serious. He broke into a huge tearful grin at the sight of his gorgeous bride beaming back at him.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of father and bride

With wonderful readings from family and friends, the congregation were treated to a tearful yet humorous wedding service with some classic ‘sing-along’ hymns. Never have we taken Dorset wedding photographs of a first kiss that lasted for quite so long.

Dorset Wedding Photographs or church service Dorset Wedding Photographs of reading Dorset Wedding Photographs of first kiss Dorset Wedding Photographs of newlyweds Couple walk down the aisle

The wedding guests gathered to shower the newlyweds (now both grinning from ear to ear) in confetti. After some quick group photographs, George and Lydia departed in the split-screen van to applause.

Dorset Wedding Photographs confetti Bridesmaids look at wedding ring Dorset Wedding Photographs of group Dorset Wedding Photographs of Newlyweds in VW

I joined them for a little time alone in the sunshine and some photographs on ‘The Downs’. As George and Lydia held each other in silence overlooking Swanage bay, Harry’s Rocks and the Bournemouth coastline beyond I could only imagine the amazing mix of emotions they were both feeling. Whatever it was they both looked like they could burst with joy.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of kissing Couple Dorset Wedding Photographs of Couple Dorset Wedding Photographs of couple walking away Dorset Wedding Photographs of Bride and VW

A Family Home Wedding in Swanage, Dorset

Murray Joined the wedding guests, now winding their way up the hill to Lydia’s parents’ house. They were greeted by a drinks reception in the sun accompanied by one of the bridesmaids playing the harp! Carla from Cherry Catering issued forth a plethora of drinks and tasty nibbles, keeping all of the guests happily chatting away and enjoying the sun. Children played, adults joked and laughter sounded from all around, the perfect home setting for Dorset wedding photographs.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of guests hat Dorset Wedding Photographs of Harpist Dorset Wedding Photographs of guest sat on wall  Dorset Wedding Photographs of bride and guests Dorset Wedding Photographs bubbly served Dorset Wedding Photographs of bridesmaid Dorset Wedding Photographs of garden decoration Dorset Wedding Photographs of Guests Dorset Wedding Photographs of Guests

Marquee Wedding Breakfast Photographs

The guests were asked to take their seats in the marquee and the newlyweds were welcomed into a standing ovation. By now the marquee had been adorned with wedding flowers as far as the eye could see. The sun was shining in through the transparent end wall, backlighting the Chinese lanterns and making them look like they were glowing. Picknick baskets of treats and bottles of wine sat ready for the opening. Not a single guest could have entered the marquee without being impressed by the three-tier Victoria sponge wedding cake from Love Cake Catering.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of Place setting Dorset Wedding Photographs of young guest and cake

Carla from Cherry Catering had outdone herself once again and served a scrumptious wedding breakfast. We realised just how good the food was by the incredible silence that accompanied the elated consumption. This broke to riotous chatter and laughter before the amazing desserts from Love Cake Catering again warranted silent attention.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of wedding breakfast

The wedding speeches couldn’t have come at a better time. Happy, well-fed and lubricated guests were treated to heartfelt sentiment, tear-jerking prose and hilarious anecdotes from Lydia’s father, husband and brother-in-law. All stood now backlit against low sunset lighting an unusual effect for Dorset wedding photographs.

Photographs of Wedding Speeches in Garden Marquee

Dorset Wedding Photographs of speech Dorset Wedding Photographs of father of brides toast Dorset Wedding Photographs of Grooms speech Dorset wedding photographs of crying at speeches Guests Kiss Dorset wedding photographs

Wedding Evening Photographs at Home in Dorset

As the sun dipped beyond the horizon and the stars appeared we helped light the outdoor lanterns. The bar from Camelot Marquees opened and the Chinese lanterns lent their colourful glow to those clearing the dance floor.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of lantern

No Go Stop , a 12 piece wedding band from Bristol then took control of the dancing, of which there was plenty.

Dancing with child Dorset wedding photographs Dorset Wedding Photographs of bride and guest Dorset Wedding Photographs of wedding band Dancing Dorset Wedding Photographs

Lydia and George joined their guests on the dance floor. As they swirled about to the funky rhythms surrounded by their nearest and dearest we couldn’t help but join them in grinning from ear to ear.

Dorset Wedding Photographs of first dance Bride on the dance floor Dorset Wedding Photographs of seated guests Dorset Wedding Photographs of lit up marquee

This really had been the most fantastic day for the most fantastic couple for the most fantastic Dorset wedding photographs. You can see what Lydia & George think about our all-inclusive wedding photography services in their Dorset Wedding Photographers Review.

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