Stourhead Wedding Venue Engagement Shoot with Martin & Lucy

On a sunny Sunday afternoon we travelled to Wiltshire to meet Lucy & Martin for their engagement shoot at Stourhead Wedding venue. Martin and Lucy are lovely and the perfect couple for an engagement shoot. Neither of them particularly like having their photographs taken, or how they look in photographs. Our mission for the day was to change this.

The Hoare family have owned Stourhead since the early 1700s, which has been described as ‘a living work of art’. Stourhead Wedding venue and grounds have been a special place for Lucy’s family for generations. Not only did her parents marry there but some of the care of this historic site is due to her family members. Lucy has many fond memories of the house and gardens from childhood through to present day.

Our first challenge was to work around the fact that the stunning landscaped grounds were closed due to high winds.

We opted to work our photographic magic at the house itself and headed up through the huge stone entrance gateway and along the sweeping tree-lined drive.
Stourhead Wedding venue engagement shoot
On the approach the beautiful yet imposing Stourhead Wedding venue rides up on the horizon, drawing the eye and many a National Trust visitor in.

Inside the book-lined Regency library and breakfast rooms there were plenty of fascinating details to distract from the camera. Lucy had become so accustomed to our relaxed attitude to taking her picture that she was comfortable enough to show off her piano skills in the dining room!

Groom to be plays with jigsaw
Piano playing at Stourhead Wedding venue
bride and groom to be at Stourhead Wedding venue
Black and white wedding portrait
Stourhead Wedding venue is famed across the world for its huge art collection. Murray and I could have spent all day examining the artist’s use of lighting, composition, colour and emotion. Turning what could have potentially been an imposing and off-putting scenario into a fun and relaxed one is what we do best. In that vein Lucy and Martin excitedly re-enacted a painting by Anton Raphael Mengs entitled “Octavius Caesar (Later the Emperor Augustus), and Cleopatra”. Not something often witnessed by the staff I’m sure! Our own Ceasar and Cleopatra!

The high contrast lighting lent towards some silhouetted images of the happy couple. By the time we headed back outside Stourhead Wedding venue Lucy and Martin were so happy to have their photographs taken that we were able to create one of our famous ‘clone the bride’ shots.

Happy couple engagment photo shoot at Stourhead
Clone the bride at Stourhead Wedding venue
With a gentle stroll back to the car park we talked excitedly about their plans for the wedding. We can’t wait for their big day at Stourhead Wedding venue.

Engagment shoot at Stourhead Wedding venue
Taller groom at Stourhead Wedding venue
engagment couple portrait at Stourhead Wedding venue
wedding couple kiss at Stourhead Wedding venue
couple leave Stourhead Wedding venue
We are of course hoping for a little less wind! You can see Martin & Lucy’s Stourhead House Wedding Photographs here.


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