Vicki & Dan’s Seaside Wedding Photographs at Durlston Castle

You may remember Vicki and Dan from their Studland beach, Corfe castle and Durlston castle engagement photographs. Since then we have got to know our local fish mongers very well, sourcing scallop shells for table settings and co-ordinating with the wonderful wedding organiser Polly Smith from Blue Bay Events.

Seaside Wedding Bridal Morning Photographs

We were treated to sunny skies and arrived at Morton’s House Hotel to find Vicki and her bridesmaids busying themselves with the wedding preparations. We got to work collecting these seaside wedding photographs.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-004
Seaside Wedding Photographs-006

In the grand four poster bridal suite we knew the girls were in safe and experienced hands. Tracy from Brideshair was skilfully styling hair and Jess from Model Makeovers arrived for Vicki’s makeup.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-010
Seaside Wedding Photographs-013
Seaside Wedding Photographs-011

The bridesmaid was wearing a custom dressing gown, a fluffy version had even been made for Vicki’s flower girl. The personal touches to the wedding didn’t stop here. Each bridesmaid had their own wedding morning box, containing diamanté Converse ‘All Star’ shoes and wedding jewellery.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-018

Speaking of wedding jewellery; Dan had the foresight to score some serious brownie points with a lovely gift of a designer watch.

Vicki’s stunning dress hung in its full glory next to the flowers on the four poster bed. The girls merrily whizzed about, having their hair styled and applying their makeup in the room’s many dressing table mirrors.

We love working in natural lighting. The directional light coming from the windows overlooking the ancient village of Corfe provided wonderful soft seaside wedding photographs of the girls enjoying themselves.

With the hour of wedding service now approaching the bridesmaids looked particularly beautiful in their matching dresses. Vicki was helped into her dress and excitedly twirled about the room as her father arrived to walk with her to the church.

All morning we had been working alongside a wedding videographer – Matt from Teardrop films.

Now, I know I have mentioned before the challenges of shooting a wedding with a videographer present. Matt was fantastic, striking a balance of activity that allowed both of us to capture the beautiful moments in an unobtrusive manner. He is in fact the first ever videographer that has made an effort to constructively work with us and even apologised for ending up in shot!

Seaside Wedding Photographs-002
Seaside Wedding Photographs-021
Seaside Wedding Photographs-015
Seaside Wedding Photographs-017
Seaside Wedding Photographs-016

Seaside Wedding Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile, across town Dan and the chaps were already at work preparing the wedding rooms at Durlston Castle. After our last Durlston Castle Wedding photographs I cannot rave enough about Durlston Castle wedding venue. Its grand stone design, it’s panoramic positioning above the sea and the feature grounds make it a pleasure to photograph.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-007
Seaside Wedding Photographs-009
Seaside Wedding Photographs-008

Now the chaps were stressing a little with making sure the wedding bunting was perfect. First they didn’t appear to have enough then they discovered they had too much! After a time of trial and error hit the nail on the head.

Being a ‘people person’ Polly Smith knew exactly what would help the chaps out in their morning preparations. After a bacon sandwich or two they left to don their suits at the family home in Swanage town. By the time they had finished with the table decorations, photo-boards, flowers and bunting the space had been transformed into the country/sea side venue Vicki and Dan had been dreaming about for so long.

The family’s gorgeous orange type II VW camper arrived to transport them to St Edward’s church in Corfe Castle. Here they greeted guests and waited in nervous anticipation for Vicki and her girls to arrive.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-012

Corfe Castle Church Wedding Ceremony Photographs

St Edwards church on Corfe is another great venue to work. For its age it is a very bright building with access all the way around the central aisle and altar. This allowed us to capture the heart and soul of the ceremony from all angles. Outside Vicki and Dan emerged into the warming sun and a shower of confetti. Before departing for Corfe Castle we had time to take some group shots with the village and Castle of Corfe in the background.


Seaside Wedding Photographs-022
Seaside Wedding Photographs-023
Seaside Wedding Photographs-024
Seaside Wedding Photographs-025
Seaside Wedding Photographs-026
Seaside Wedding Photographs-027
Seaside Wedding Photographs-028
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Seaside Wedding Photographs-030
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Seaside Wedding Photographs-036
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Seaside Wedding Photographs-040
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Seaside Wedding Photographs-043
Seaside Wedding Photographs-044

Seaside Wedding Couple Photographs on Swanage Beach

Vicki and Dan had hired Lizzie, a beautiful lotus white 1970 type II VW camper van from Dorset Dub Hire. We took advantage of the open barriers on the beach road in Swanage to capture the happy couple with the wedding van on an empty road and beach. Something that is unheard of in Dorset.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-046
Seaside Wedding Photographs-047
Seaside Wedding Photographs-048

Back at Durlston Castle wedding drinks were served. Guests enjoying the views and tasty treats from Doris the Ice Cream Van!

Seaside Wedding Photographs-049
Seaside Wedding Photographs-050
Seaside Wedding Photographs-051
Seaside Wedding Photographs-052
Seaside Wedding Photographs-053
Seaside Wedding Photographs-054
Seaside Wedding Photographs-055
Seaside Wedding Photographs-056
Seaside Wedding Photographs-057
Seaside Wedding Photographs-058
Seaside Wedding Photographs-059
Seaside Wedding Photographs-060

Seaside Wedding Breakfast Photographs at Durlston Castle

The sun gently set, turning the sky and sea the same shade of salmon blue. Polly and her catering team from Seventh Wave Catering expertly delivered the wedding breakfast of locally caught fish and chips.

With the hilarious speeches and coffee and tea out of the way Vicki took to the dance floor to part with her bouquet. An over the shoulder throw and the well fed guests were now whooping with laughter.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-061
Seaside Wedding Photographs-062
Seaside Wedding Photographs-063
Seaside Wedding Photographs-064
Seaside Wedding Photographs-065
Seaside Wedding Photographs-066
Seaside Wedding Photographs-071

Seaside Wedding Evening Photographs at Durlston Castle

Mark from Pegasus disco (one of our recommended Dorset wedding suppliers) took to the wheels and the wedding cake was cut. Vicki and Dan whirled about the dance floor for their first dance. He changed gear from romantic to dance. The wedding guests needed absolutely no encouragement to join the happy couple. They danced the night away with inflatable instruments and microphones.

Outside in the cold sea air the moon rose. The castle stood proud in silhouette against the clear star speckled night sky. A multi-colour glow emanated from the downstairs venue space. In the shadow of the famous Victorian stone globe the muffled sounds of music and laughter mixed with the sounds of the sea.

Seaside Wedding Photographs-068
Seaside Wedding Photographs-070
Seaside Wedding Photographs-067

You can see what Vicki and Dan thought of our documentary wedding photography services in their Durlston Castle Wedding Photographers Review.

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