As soon as we got engaged, we knew that we wanted one thousand words as our photographers.

They offer something so different and special that others don’t- first off all they make you feel so at ease on your wedding day that you don’t have time to feel nervous, secondly they’re very handy extra bridesmaids.
Tom and Murray were so kind and fun to work with and we can’t rate them enough, having two of them meant that you had pictures from different angles.
Tom and Murray were considerate to us when we needed time to ourselves and whisked us away to the beach for an hour to have some time to ourselves and reflect on our day. They slotted into everything so well, especially when they arrived at my parents house and began photographing us.
I seriously can’t recommend them enough, they were one of the best bits of our wedding day and our photos were just incredible.

You guys really are amazing and daaam’ they can work a camera and find a good angle- especially if you’re not a fan of photos yourselves!