The Priory Wareham Wedding Photographs of Katie and Christopher

We arrived early on the morning of Katie and Christopher’s The Priory Wareham wedding staring at the dark clouds above. We weren’t that worried as Katie’s parents are known locally as the owners of the gorgeous luxury boutique hotel on the banks of the river Frome.
Inside the family home there was a calm buzz of activity. Downstairs parents quietly supplied drinks and double checked the day’s arrangements. Upstairs bridesmaids were making the final touches to their preparations.

Bridesmaids in white and cream dresses on wedding morning in Wareham

The girls circled the bedroom, finishing hair and makeup in the mirrors, applying perfume, adjusting outfits and trying on varying pieces of jewellery. The only stationary piece of  personal ornamentation was a beautiful pearl bracelet Christopher had given to his bride to be.

In the next room Katie’s gorgeous wedding dress hung in a window. This was no ordinary dress. This was a custom-made, floor length A-line silk number. It was fitted with pockets and a high neck long sleeve lace shrug. Next to this hung a monogrammed chapel length veil.

As Katie applied her final touches the bridesmaids waited in anticipation in the living room below. Before she knew it Katie was being laced into her dress. In the combination of soft natural light and down lighting looked absolutely breath-taking. Her Father was at a loss for words upon seeing her for the first time.

Bride being laced into wedding dress with antique handkerchief
Monogram embroidery on wedding veil
Bride on wedding morning looks at her train and wedding veil
Father of bride looks at daughter in wedding dress for first time
Father of bride looks at bride in white wedding dress on wedding morning
Bride at home on The Priory Wareham wedding morning
Bride has wedding garter put on by bridesmaids

It is rare that a bride is early on her wedding morning but with less than 100 meters to walk to the church there was time to kill. The girls spied out on passing wedding guests, sat, relaxed and enjoyed some up-beat music.

Bride laughs with bridesmaids on wedding morning in Wareham, Dorset

From this point on umbrellas were the order of the day. As the heavens opened and the bridal party were escorted to the church under cover of canopies.

Meanwhile Murray found Christopher and the groom’s party round the corner in the bar of The Old Granary in Wareham. They were in good spirits, readying themselves all suited and booted, welcoming guests as they arrived.

Groom in pub on wedding morning in Wareham, Dorset

After a few steadying drinks Christopher, his best man and groomsmen made the short journey to St Mary’s Church in Wareham. Ushers were assigned their welcoming duties and everyone waited in anticipation of Katie’s arrival.

St Mary’s in Wareham is a lovely Church wedding venue to photograph. Not only is the Vicar friendly and welcoming but even called us prior to the wedding to discuss the day’s plans! Inside the white walls reflect a good amount of light and the stained glass windows at either end of the aisle are breath-taking. Today the church was overflowing with the whites and greens of the wedding flowers. The Oak and Owl florists had created a work of art.

Lady St Mary's Church, Wareham flag
Groomsman in St Mary's Church in Wareham, Dorset
Stained glass window at St Mary's Church in Wareham wedding service

Bridesmaid waits for bride to arrive in church doorway

Katie, her father and the girls arrived in from the rain and the wonderful wedding service began. The vicar conducted a wedding ceremony full of laughter and tears (mainly Christopher’s tears of joy!).  

Bride walks down the aisle at St Mary's Church Wareham wedding
Groom waits for bride to come down the aisle at St Mary's Church Wareham
Bride is 'given away' by her father during church wedding service
Bride and groom wedding service in St Marys Church, Wareham
The Oak and The Owl wedding flowers in church
St Mary's Church Stained Glass Window at wedding Ceremony

There was even some noticeable dancing going on amongst the wedding party as the Choir sang ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ during the signing of the register.

Bride and groom walk down the aisle at St Mary's church Wareham

The Priory Wareham Wedding Reception Photos

A quick dash through the rain and the close family shared a moment in the Drawing room of The Priory Wareham wedding venue.

The wedding guests were welcomed into a huge bright marquee in one of the The Priory Wareham wedding venue’s gardens with champagne, canapés and music. Julie Lewis added a timeless air of enjoyment to proceedings with piano and saxophone.

The marquee had been beautifully decorated, some form of magic (the staff were amazing) had transported the flowers from the church. Even the marquee poles were decorated with white roses and green foliage.

At the end of the service table stood an impressive wedding cake from Mark Bennett Artisan Baker. The three-tier iced giant was adorned with fruit and flowers and demanded people’s attention as they walked past.

Julie Lewis wedding musician at marquee wedding

Katie and Christopher entered to a shower of confetti and spent the drinks reception engaging, laughing and catching up with their happy guests.

Bride with confetti at her The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding guest under umbrella at rainy wedding
Bridesmaids kiss during wedding group photographs
Wedding guests enjoy champagne drinks reception at marquee wedding
The Oak and The Owl White rose wedding flowers at The Priory Wareham wedding
Bride shows off her wedding garter to wedding guests

The Priory Wareham Wedding Photographs

Outside the rain had lessened so we stole the happy couple away for a walk around the hotel grounds. Laughter and the happy chatter of the guests set to music from The Priory Wareham wedding could be heard drifting all the way down to the river.

Bride and groom kiss under umbrellas in rain by Wareham river
wedding guests talks with bride at The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding guests at The Priory Wareham wedding drinks reception

The wedding breakfast was called. In time saw guests emerging from the marquee, rubbing their stomachs and complementing the lobster and steak.

The Priory Wareham Wedding Speeches Photographs

Glasses were charged and the traditional wedding speeches were performed from the dance floor. As the rain outside drummed a heavier beat on the marquee canvas the guests encircled the speakers, laughing, crying and cringing and the content delivered. Christopher was even presented with a pair of flip-flops and a huge pair of shorts (he prefers a more ‘relaxed’ dress code) from his now father-in-law.

Wedding speeches at The Priory Wareham wedding
Father of the bride speech in wedding marquee
wedding guests toast speeches in wedding marquee
Grooms speech toasted by bride at Marquee wedding
Mother of the bride portrait at Dorset wedding
Black and White wedding photograph of groom reading speech
Grooms speech at The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding guests laugh at wedding speeches
Bride laughs during speeches at The Priory Wareham wedding
Best Man's Speech at marquee wedding in Wareham

The Priory Wareham Wedding Evening Photographs

Having recovered from the emotional roller coaster of the speeches guests were treated to an interactive photo booth from Magic Mirror. Christopher and Katie called their guests attention for Lemochello toasts and as the rain had ceased we stole them away for some photographs by the river, pod and lake.

Father of the bride portrait in wedding marquee
Wedding guests laugh at Marquee wedding in Wareham, Dorset
Wedding guests at marquee wedding drinks reception
Bride arrives at wedding marquee with umbrellas
Mother of Bride and Bridesmaid talk at The Priory Wareham wedding
Magic mirror photo booth with bride and groom at wedding
Bride with parents at The Priory Wareham wedding
Limoncello Toasts at The Priory Wareham wedding
The Pod at The Priory Wareham wedding in Dorset
Bride and Groom next to Wareham River at The Priory Wareham wedding
Bride and Groom next to lake at The Priory Wareham wedding

Inside the marquee the bar had opened and the wedding band were sound checking. Outside Katie threw her bouquet and the guests enjoyed the soft glow of the sun beginning to set over the church and gardens.

Wedding guest catches the bouquet at The Priory Wareham wedding
wedding guests hug next to Wareham river
The Juebox Jets wedding Band at marquee wedding

The Jukebox Jets announced the first dance and the happy couple wowed their guests with some pretty impressive moves. The guests found the band’s performance so hypnotic we wouldn’t be surprised if the dance floor stayed full all night.

First dance with wedding guests at The Priory Wareham wedding
First dance at The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding guest wears wedding sunglasses at evening reception
Mother of Bride dances at The Priory Wareham wedding
Dancing bridesmaid at The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding guest dances to The Jukebox Jets wedding band
Wedding glitter ball at The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding dancing at The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding guests kiss during dancing at The Priory Wareham wedding
Wedding guests at The Priory Wareham wedding evening reception
Brides grandparent watches first dance at The Priory Wareham wedding
Bride dancing with her friends in evening at The Priory Wareham wedding
Bride hugs her friends at The Priory Wareham wedding
Jukebox Jets retro wedding band at The Priory Wareham wedding
Evening guests sink into grass at wedding evening reception
Wedding guests with boats and pod by Wareham River
Wedding guests and fairy lights at The Priory Wareham wedding
Custom wedding sunglasses with couples name
Sunset at The Priory Wareham wedding photographs

As you can see from the photographs The Priory Wareham wedding venue is gorgeous, the perfect setting for the perfect day, whatever the weather.

You can see what Katie and Chris thought of our documentary wedding photography services in Dorset in their Wareham wedding photography review.


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